Easton Ronin Softball Bat Review

Picking the right baseball or softball bat can make or break a player’s streak. Different batters have different ways of playing; it doesn’t matter if they are a baseball or softball player. We present you with the Easton Ronin softball bat review for softball players.

The 2021 Ronin 240 softball bat is among the best choices for batters playing slowpitch softball. Easton has made a name for itself in the sports industry as a solid, reliable choice for all sports needs.

In our article, we will review all the features of the 2021 Easton Ronin 240 softball bat. Additionally, we will look at its advantages and disadvantages to help you figure out if this is the bat for you.

Review of Easton Ronin softball bat

Features of Ronin softball bat

  • 1-piece softball bat
  • 34-inch length
  • 26/27 oz weight
  • ATAC Alloy
  • USA, USSSA, WBSC, ISA and NSA standard

The main purpose of the Easton Ronin softball bat review is to tell you what makes this bat so much different from all others. And the thing that separates this bat from others is its build quality. 

Using only the best alloy blend and with precision design, the Ronin 240 stands above all others in terms of performance and handling.

The bat’s construction ensures that you can swing the bat with full power without losing any control. The optimized balance of the softball bat ensures batters can hit most pitches if they can track it.

The swing’s power is also quite good thanks to the 12 inches long and 2.25-inch diameter barrel. Also, the 29/32″ ultrathin tapered handle comes with a 1.2 mm HyperSkin bat grip.

With all of these features, the softball bat performs with excellence. Now you have read everything we say about our Easton Ronin softball bat review. It’s time to read about its pros and cons, as all bats have some.

Advantages of Ronin softball bat

Excellent handling

Thanks to using proprietary technology from Easton, the handling of the Ronin 240 is by far one the best in the market. A newbie to pro any softball batter will find using the bat extremely comforting. 

The HyperSkin grip ensures no slippage, while the bat’s barrel has a good sweet spot that’s neither too small nor too big. 

This means you will be able to hit those out-the-field home runs with ease.

Top tier performance

The overall build quality of the Easton Ronin makes it so that players can calmly bat even hard to hit pitch consistently. 

We took the bat on the practice field and put it through its paces with pitchers and the best softball pitching machine. The end result we saw convinced us that this is a bat ideal for most softball batters to date.

Your run bat and ERA will improve once you get used to the bat.

Attractive design

Sure, having a well-performing baseball or softball bat is all good, but everyone wants a good-looking one as well. Easton thought of this as well when designing it. 

The bat comes in a deep red and black design that’s eye-catching and confidence-boosting at the same time. 

Any pitcher that sees this bat on the field will know that you mean business. So have fun and show them what you are about.

Affordable pricing

We have reviewed the bat’s features, design, performance, and quality but haven’t discussed its price. But don’t worry because this bat is priced so that both high school and college softball players can afford it. 

Easton has produced and sold baseball and softball gear marketed at all price ranges for years.

Disadvantages of Ronin softball bat

Thin handle

One thing to note is that the Ronin 240 has an ultra-thin handle. This can be a problem for those starting out, but experienced players should be able to get used to it quite easily. The thin handle can mess with hitting a baseball, but that’s nothing some practice can’t fix.

Single size

Another minor issue that we picked up in our Easton Ronin softball bat review is that the bat has only one length size and two weights. This is a problem since it means only some softball batters will be able to pick up this bat. 

Should you buy it?

We have now reached the point where you and I need to ask if this softball bat is for you. If you look at the bat’s features, performance, and price, you can tell that this bat is made for players.

Softball batters interested in the sport and wanting to improve their game will find the bat a worthwhile purchase. Just ensure that the bat length and weight match your preference. 


Our Easton Ronin softball bat review covered all parts of the bat and showed you just how well the bat performs on the field. If you are an interested softball batter who wishes to improve their stats even more, this is a solid choice.

Hope you get this bat and take it to the field soon.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Is the Easton Ronin an alloy softball bat?

The Easton Ronin 240 softball bat is a blended alloy bat made with the ATAC™ Alloy material. It offers thin barrels while increasing its performance.

Where is the sweet spot in the Easton Ronin?

Not all bats are made equal, and different models of baseball or softball bats will have slightly different sweet spots. Since the Easton Ronin 240 is an alloy composite softball bat, its sweet spot should be 4-7 inches from the bat’s end. 

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