Why Are There No Female Players in Baseball?: Still In 2023

Why are there no female players in baseball is a demand that many female ballplayers are demanding even in 2021! Playing baseball is a dream that many girls have while growing up but have to settle for an alternative sport.

While playing softball isn’t a bad thing, it isn’t the sport that many girls dreamed of while they grew up. In fact, looking at the current situation in the baseball world, there is a lot of sexism still present.

Many girls and women who want to be female baseball players still hear “Get off the field!” shouted at them when they reach the field. And honestly, comments like those are entirely inappropriate and unjustified.

If we look into the history of baseball. We will see that females have played and had an essential role in its continuation from as far back as a hundred years. So say or shout what you will, but I believe females should be given a spot in baseball already. 

Look back at females playing baseball

To learn why there are no female players in baseball, you need to read about the female baseball league of the past. Also, you will need to learn what happened to them. The start of a female baseball league dates back to the 1940s, and its decline dates back to the 1950s.

The All-American Girls Professional Baseball League (AAGPBL) had a few good seasons and produced some amazing female baseball players with great stats. However, from 1954 on, the AAGPBL lost all its power due to poor promotions and the widespread television broadcast of MLB games.

Female players can play baseball again

Finally, something is looking up in the field of female baseball players. After something like a decade, America’s All-Female Baseball team will participate in the 8th Women’s Baseball World Cup. As a bonus, the World Cup will be taking place in the birthplace of Baseball, America.

To be more accurate, the World Cup will be held in Viera, Florida, on August 22nd. The chance to participate again is a big honor for the female professional baseball team since the last time they won gold was back in 2015. More embarrassingly, they weren’t even able to pass the “pool play” around in 2016.

Compared to the American female professional baseball teams, the Japanese female baseball team has been crushing it by winning back-to-back five world cups. Seeing the competition did the opposite of discouraging the American team. 

Why Are There No Female Players in Baseball
Why Are There No Female Players in Baseball

Let’s get more females to play baseball

To encourage female baseball players we need to bring female baseball to the mainstream, MLB is pulling out all the stops. MLB supports the team through in-stadium promotions and on social media. Online streaming on YouTube can come to the rescue of the female tournament. While MLB features some of the games on its site.

In fact, the combination of social media, in-stadium promotions will attract an above-average amount of audience of both baseball lovers and curious watchers alike.

According to the executive vice president of baseball and softball development at MLB, as well as the former general manager for the Angels, it is a part of a larger mission. The mission is to bring the younger generation of both genders into baseball both recreationally and as a professional sport.

While the sport and its fans still look at female baseball players as an oddity many like me are hopeful that the World Cup will open their eyes and answer the question Why are there no female players in baseball.

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