How To Throw A Vulcan Changeup?

Have you tried throwing a Vulcan changeup or decided to learn how to go about it? This article will give you a detailed outline of how to throw a Vulcan changeup without any hiccups. So keep reading to find out how. 

Throwing a Vulcan changeup with easy steps

In learning how to throw a Vulcan changeup, you must understand that the Vulcan changeup is an exquisite type of changeup, which makes learning it pretty challenging compared to others. 

You should know that it is a variation of the circle changeup. But rather than using your index finger and thumb to make a circle, you will rest them on the side of your baseball. 

Note that the pitcher holds this changeup grip even though it has been stated that it is quite similar to the split-finger fastball. However, the difference between them lies in the finger holding the ball. 

Without much ado, you can learn how to throw a Vulcan changeup using your middle finger. But first, you must place your middle and ring fingers around your baseball. 

Meanwhile, your middle finger and pointer finger are wrapped around the baseball when you want to throw the split-finger fastball. 

Nevertheless, the Vulcan changeup is considered filthy, especially when you learn to throw it appropriately. 

How to throw a Vulcan changeup? In 5 steps!

  1. You will need to grip the baseball deeply if you are learning how to throw a Vulcan changeup.
    • Position the ball between the ring and the middle fingers.
      • They will be positioned close to the outer seams on the ball’s upper end. 
  2. Your index finger must be under the middle finger, while the pinky finger rests below the ring finger.
    • You are to use your thumb to support the baseball’s lower end. 
  3. Make sure you are gripping the ball firmly so it is tucked into your hand right above your palm. 
  4. You are to throw your pitch with fastball arm speed, but you must pronate your hand first.
    • You will turn the thumb to get a good downward movement.
      • Your palm will need to face upward once the ball is released.
  5. You must ensure that the V shape of your fingers points toward the catcher once the pitch is released. 

Do not guide the pitch with variations in elbow movement or arm speed. Instead, it would be best to throw the Vulcan changeup like a fastball while the grip gets the job done. 

We want you to understand that changeups are done because they are the ideal off-speed pitch needed to disrupt the hitter’s timing at the plate.

As a result, a changeup will break down and usually is ten to twenty mph slower. Check out how to throw a sinker in baseball for more variety. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How fast is the Vulcan changeup?

It is fast because you will throw it with fastball arm speed, although your hand will be pronated as you turn your thumb down for the ideal downward movement. 

Can anyone throw a Vulcan changeup?

Like all other changeups in the game, you can throw the Vulcan changeup. And we have shown you steps to get it done in this article. 


Now you know how to throw a Vulcan changeup. Our instructions on throwing this changeup are perfect for newbies and experienced pitchers wanting to expand their pitches.

Ensure you have read the article properly and go out on the pitch confidently. Learn how to throw a fastball in baseball and more from bestbaseballreviews.

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