How To Get Sharpie Off A Baseball? Clean Up Your Baseball

It might not happen all the time, but sometimes you will see that sharpie was used to mark your baseball. If it did happen, did you get it removed or not? Those that don’t know how will need to read how to get sharpie off a baseball. 

Getting sharpie off your baseball

In learning how to get sharpie off a baseball, there are a ton of techniques that will get the job done. The methods you can try are: 

Using rubbing alcohol 

You can pour rubbing alcohol into a small container or directly on a clean cloth. Now, using the fabric, rub it on the sharpie stain. And if you pour the alcohol into a container, you can dip a sponge in it and dab it on the stain. 

It would help to leave the rubbing alcohol on the stain before proceeding. For those using a cloth, ensure you change the fabric to a new one so that the sharpie stain does not spread to other parts. 

This also applies to the sponge as you will need to switch the parts you are using, so it does not transfer. When the sponge gets dirty, ensure you rinse it before continuing. All of these should be done until the stain gets eliminated. 

Using WD-40

Since sharpies are challenging to remove, understand that the ideal method carried out will help you restore the baseball to its original condition. As you learn how to get sharpie off a baseball, you can use WD-40. 

If you never knew, WD-40 is an excellent solution for stubborn stains. First, you need to spray a few drops on the sharpie stains. And in no time, the stain will get broken down. 

When it breaks down, remove it by blotting the stain with a clean cloth. For those who use WD-40, you can try other home remedies. Some of them are: 

  • Hand sanitizers
  • Nail polish remover 
  • Non-gel toothpaste 
  • Hairspray 

Nevertheless, you must soak the stained baseball in milk as it removes the sharpie. Though odd, it works. 

Using Vinegar

You can dab Vinegar on a clean cloth and use it to wipe the sharpie stain. You can spray white Vinegar straight on the stain and wipe it with a clean cloth. 

To do this, wipe the baseball’s affected area with a clean, dry cloth. Then, pour a tiny quantity of white Vinegar into a container before using a sponge to dab the stain’s surface. 

As explained, when using rubbing alcohol, you should continue switching the sponge parts so that the stain is not transferred to other parts. 

When the sponge gets dirty, you can rinse it. The step must be done until the stains leave entirely. 

Vinegar isn’t recommended if you want to clean a moldy baseball glove.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Can I get sharpie off my baseball?

You do not need to throw the baseball away hurriedly because of sharpie stains. Instead, you can use Vinegar or rubbing alcohol to remove the sharpie.

Will Mr. Clean magic eraser remove the sharpie?

Yes. People have used it to remove sharpie successfully, and it worked perfectly. 


If sharpie was a problem, you need not worry anymore as we have given you detailed steps to get sharpie off a baseball. Then, you only need to get the cleaning solutions ready.

There are other ways to clean a baseball which you can learn from us.

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