How To Clean A Wood Bat?

Do you know how to clean a wood bat? Or have you never made a move to clean one? Once you start using one regularly, you will see that it can get really dirty really fast. 

By cleaning a wooden bat, you will not only make it look good but also help improve its performance in the field. 

Cleaning a wood bat 

There are various steps involved in learning how to clean a wood bat. And we will be providing you with all you need to know below. We will show you the four best ways to clean a wooden baseball bat. The four methods are: 

Using a dishwashing liquid 

If you never knew, using a dishwashing liquid to clean the wood bat is one of the best ways to get it looking brand new again. 

One primary reason for dishwashing liquid is that it does not contain harsh chemicals that can damage the bat. All you need to prepare for this job is your bowl, sponge, warm water, and a microfiber cloth. 

You can begin by adding some drips of dishwashing liquid to your bowl and ensure you mix it well with your warm water. The next thing to do is dip the sponge in your mixture and scrub the bat. 

After scrubbing from one point to the next, rinse the bat using plain water, and wipe it dry with the microfiber cloth. 

Using rubbing alcohol

In learning how to clean a wood bat, you can use rubbing alcohol, especially if your bat is made with pine tar. People do this daily after each game, which is okay. 

Using a soft cloth or paper towel, wet it with rubbing alcohol. Next, quickly wipe the bat down from the top of its barrel to its handle. Understand that you need to pay specific attention to the handle. 

This is because the handle is where pine tar, grime, and sweat swiftly accumulate. And if you need to clean off scratches and dings, you must rub it with another wood bat or a piece of bone. 

It should be noted that this is to smoothen out the rough spots and keep the surface of your bat unblemished. 

Using Castile liquid soap

Another method to follow when learning how to clean a wood bat is Castile liquid soap. It is used because the natural ingredients within it make for a fantastic cleaning solution for the wood bat. 

This soap does not leave residues on wood and will quickly eliminate dirt. Like dishwashing liquid, you only need to add a few drops of Castile soap into your water-filled bowl. 

Then, after mixing it to get your smooth mixture, dip your sponge in it and rub it all over the bat’s surface. Ensure you scrub it well enough, mainly down to its handle, and rinse with running water until the soap leaves. 

You are expected to use a dry cloth to wipe it when done. 

Using baking soda

As a fantastic cleaning agent, baking soda can be used in cleaning wood bats. The reason is that it is subtle on the wood and will eliminate all mold and rust. 

All you have to do is to mix two tablespoons of baking soda inside a bowl of warm water. When done, place your sponge in it and use it to scrub the bat. Please pay close attention to detail before rinsing it with plain water as you scrub. 

You should wipe the bat with clean water and ensure it fully dries before using it again. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Do I need to clean my wood bat?

Yes, you do. Constant gameplay and practice will have the bat getting dirty. It is not advisable to have a dirty bat as it can affect your game. 

Is it expensive to clean the wood bat?

If you have your cleaning solution with you, it is not an expensive job. The cleaning solutions are household items that are usually kept around the house. And even if you have to buy them, they are not costly. 


We have provided you with the necessary tips you need when learning how to clean a wood bat. Ensure you read through this article so that you do not cause any damage just because you decided to wash your wood bat.

Here are some other methods on how to clean a baseball bat from us.

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