Best Baseball Caps For Big Heads

When born with a big head, it is sometimes hard to find a baseball cap that will suitably fit. And the truth is, it gets overwhelming constantly testing ill-fitted caps; however, it still does not mean you should give up on your love for baseball caps. 

Now, to help you out, we will provide you with an outline of the best baseball caps for big heads. Do remember that there is a difference between the best baseball helmet for youths and best baseball cap for youths.

So sit back and keep reading. 

Baseball caps for big heads 

Some of the best baseball caps for big heads are: 

The Puma Stretch Fit Cap

One thing to note about the Puma stretch-fit cap is that it is stretchable and provides a minimal yet low-key style you can wear daily. As one of the best baseball caps for big heads, it offers enough comfort thanks to its deep-crowned hat. 

For those unaware, the deep or tall crown allows the cap to be breathable and offers more than enough room to fit a big head. It also provides a snug fit as it can be stretched due to the band at its back. 

The features are: 

  • 100% polyester
  • Six-panel design 
  • Rubber patch front logo

And though it has no adjustable closure, rest assured that it will fit nonetheless because of the elastic band. In all, this is a comfortable cap that you can wear to the next game. 

The Zylioo XXL Cap

As one of the best baseball caps for big heads, this cap will fit, especially with its adjustable metal buckle at the back. It does not matter if you have thick hair; this is one cap that will fit perfectly. 

The features here are: 

  • 100% Cotton
  • DIY cap
  • Low profile cap

This cap is made of cotton material and sports a breathing hole design. And for those who love doing things independently, you can embroider this cap and even sew a patch. 

You can gift it to family and friends since you can personalize it. You can wear this cap anywhere for hiking, running, cycling, golf, or fishing. 

The Under Armour Blitzing Cap 

If finding an XXL or XX cap has been an issue, then you are in for luck, as this Under Armor Cap is one of the best baseball caps for big heads. This cap has a built-in HeatGear sweatband that wicks sweat and will keep you cool. 

The material is stretchy, thus very breathable, ensuring you are focused on the game and comfortable. 

The features here are: 

  • UA Classic Fit 
  • UA micro thread fabric
  • HeatGear sweatband 

More so, its UA fit means it has a pre-curved visor and front panels that make it sit structured to maintain the shape, thus giving it a low profile fit. Interestingly, his front panel is supported with foam padding for your comfort. 

As for its fabric, it uses a Microthread fabric, and this fabric uses re-engineered fibers that have been crafted to provide breathability and give a superior stretch. The stretchy build makes it convenient to wear everywhere. 

This cap has embroidered logos that you will love. 

The Under Armour Iso-Chill Cap 

You should know that the Under Armour Iso-Chill baseball cap is rated as one of the best baseball caps for big heads. 

It sports some amazing features like: 

  • ArmourVent technology 
  • Iso-chill sweatband 
  • UA classic fit 

As it stands, the ArmourVent technology helps to deliver the best breathability in a stretchy yet fast-drying fabric. It is a lightweight cap that has a pre-curved visor and front panels made to maintain its shape. 

It uses a material that can wick sweat and even dry fast. With its Iso-Chill sweatband, body heat is swiftly dispersed, thus making the cap cool to the touch. 

The Zylioo XXL Baseball Camo Cap

The XXL Baseball cap manufactured by the Zylioo brand is rated among the best baseball caps for big heads. It has a high-top crown and six panels enable users to adjust their heads easily. 

It will also interest users to wear a camo-patterned cap to a baseball game. This cap is specially styled and will fit most heads. It comes with an adjustable metal buckle closure positioned at the back. 

You have nothing to worry about if your head size is up to 25.5 inches. 

The features here are: 

  • Moisture absorption
  • Adjustable metal buckle 
  • High crown cap

Furthermore, this cap will protect your skin from the harmful effect of UV rays and keep hair out of your eyes and face when outside. This cap is made of cotton and comes with an internally lined sweatband. 

This sweatband will assist in keeping your head dry all day. It is a highly ventilated cap that provides comfort and durability. 

The XXL Unstructured Dad Cap 

The XXL Unstructured Dad baseball cap is one of the best baseball caps for big heads that will give you all the comfort you need. You will no longer have to search hard for a baseball cap that will fit your head when you have this cap at your disposal. 

The features here are: 

  • Six-panel design 
  • Pre-curved bull 
  • Adjustable metal buckle 

More so, it comes with an Unstructured crown which makes it convenient to wear, and it has more than enough room in its crown that makes it suitable for big head sizes. It is made of one hundred percent cotton. 

And it has an adjustable strap at its back that makes it the perfect fit. It gives the best adjustments as you can take it to the biggest opening. 

Factors to consider before buying baseball caps for big heads

Some of the things you should bear in mind when you want to purchase the best baseball caps for big heads are: 

The brand reputation

Even though branded products may seem expensive, the truth is that they charge additional bucks based on reliability. Trust does not come cheap; seven out of ten times, you can trust a branded product. 

Special features

Before purchasing a baseball cap, you must read through its features. No one wants to end up buying a hat that will not fit. Therefore, check its features, as it will show if the cap rests comfortably on your head. 

The specifications

Like the features, you must check for the proper specifications before purchasing your baseball cap. But specifications will help you know if you are making the correct choice. 

Ratings and reviews

Before buying a baseball cap on a site like Amazon, it is ideal for checking its star ratings, as it will let you know if you are purchasing a good product. The baseball caps that are rated highly will satisfy you. 

The product’s number of reviews will let you know if customers widely accept it. The customer reviews will act as customer feedback and must be considered before you make a choice. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Are baseball caps expensive?

Like all other products, you will find some that are expensive and some that are highly affordable. Your budget will determine the choice you make. 

Can I wash a baseball cap?

Yes, you can. But it is best to read the manufacturer’s instructions to know how to wash some of these caps. 


Do you need the best baseball caps for big heads? We have provided a solution by outlining some of the best in this article. You should read through it and make a decision.

So here is a great idea: learn how to draw a baseball cap along with buying one from us.

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