Bownet Commander Catchers Bag Review

Have you been searching for the ideal catcher’s bag to buy? Are you overwhelmed with all the choices in the market? If yes, we recommend you sit tight and read our Bownet Commander catchers bag review.

The Bownet brand is well-known for creating some of the best baseball bags with wheels. The Commander catchers bag is one of their top sellers with many amazing features.

Our Bownet Commander catchers bag review will detail all of them and why you should buy them today.

About Bownet Commander catchers bag 

Baseball catchers, beginners, and pros alike all desire the same thing from their catcher bag; a spacious bag with many pockets and wheels at the bottom. Interestingly enough, you can find all of those in just one bag.

You will find that people need a good bag with plenty of gear to perform their job on the field. 

And what better way to get all your equipment in one piece than with Bownet Commander? In this Bownet Commander catchers bag review, we will tell you how.

Whether traveling to play the game, playing for your high school softball team, or going for an off-season college practice, you can arrange all your equipment in this bag. 

It has roughly fourteen compartments in diverse sizes to hold your game equipment and protective gear. 

Aside from holding your equipment, it will also keep them safe from harm. The Bownet Commander catcher bag is made with rugged, weather-resistant fabrics. 

So your equipment will be dry even if you have to head back home after the game under heavy rain downpours. Did this Bownet Commander catchers bag review mention that it has wheels? 

It comes with the Big Trax rubber wheels and a pull handle, making it easy to carry the heavy bag on sidewalks, grass, dirt, and even gravel without any issues. 

This bag is stated to be a travel-friendly bag that is made with nylon material. As stated earlier, it is water resistant and has pockets that separate your gear and protect them.

It has a semi-hard case that keeps the cleats and helmet safe while the wheels make it move on all surfaces. Finally, if you are up for customizations, this Bownet Commander provides a removable personalization panel. 

This panel will allow you to customize the bag however you like. Bownet Commander is a spacious bag that can carry equipment for other sports. It is available in diverse colors, making users choose a color specific to their team. 

As a sturdy yet durable bag, it is one of the best. It is designed to fit up to three big barrel bats in its distinct side pockets. And it can hold all your gear without any issue because it can handle wear and tear. 

Understand that depending on your demands, this bag can hold diverse equipment. For example, it can hold the batting helmet and chest protector without issues. 

And if you need to access the content of your bag, you can do that all through the game and practice. So you invest in this bag as it can contain all your gear efficiently. 

Features of the Bownet Commander catchers bag 

We are done with the Bownet Commander catchers bag review, but here is some more in-depth information on its features:

Sectioned pockets

As mentioned before, this bag comes with fourteen pockets, making it super easy to organize your equipment. In addition, there is an available semi-hard case to keep your helmet and even drop your cleats.


This bag can fit up to three bats, your baseballs, cleats, and catcher gear, and even have space left for your water bottle. 

More so, it will readily fit into the trunk of your car or the back seat. People claim it is ideal for an athlete that is still growing. 

Big Trax wheels

As a huge bag, carrying it around can be a chore. However, the Bownet company has done justice to this product by incorporating the three-inch, industry-grade big Trax wheels. 

Note that the wheels are made from rubber and will ensure a smooth run as you can use them to pass through different terrain. 


By the time you are set to keep this bag, you only need to undo its zippers, and you will gain access to roughly three hooks. This bag can be hung on the fence using its hooks. 

Removable personalization panel

This is a unique feature of the Bownet Commander because you can write your name, number, or even your team’s name on your bag. 

Bownet Commander catchers bag: Pros & Cons

Some of the pros and cons you need to know about in this Bownet Commander catchers bag review will be outlined shortly. 


  • Huge side pockets 
  • A semi-hard case for helmets 
  • Easily removable shelving 
  • Customizable 
  • Heavy-duty wheels 


  • Too big for younger players
  • Zippers tend to feel stiff 
  • Zippers are not durable 

Why do we love it?

This catcher’s bag is highly loved because it is very durable. It has been crafted with catchers in mind and will not disappoint. 

The bag has been crafted to be extra tough and will measure thirty-eight inches in size. I enjoy using it because it has a pullout carry handle, fence mounts, feet clips, and much more. 

Who would not love this bag with diverse accessory pockets, wheels with rubber tread, and a shelving system? Additionally, it weighs fifteen lbs and can be easily transported everywhere safely. 

If it comes down to storage and organization, the Bownet Commander catcher bag is for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Can you wash the Bowman Commander catchers bag?

Yes, it is. It is advisable to wash it with your hands to avoid causing any damage. Please do not refrain from washing as no one needs to carry a dirty bag with them.

Is the bag worth my money?

Yes, it is. It has many advantages and storage space for every equipment and gear you want to take to the field. Now you do not need to pick what comes with you as the bag can contain everything.


In our Bownet Commander catchers bag review, we have provided you with all you need to know about this fantastic product. Ensure you read through it before you begin the purchase process for it.

We highly recommend this bag as the best baseball bags for catchers in 2023.

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