How To Throw A Changeup In Softball?

Have you been in a position of throwing a changeup while playing a softball game? Did you get it right, or did you get lost in throwing a changeup? Well, this article will provide you with the desired steps on how to throw a changeup in softball. 

But first, keep in mind that one of the primary reasons players throw changeups is to get into the heads of their opponents. The aim is to make the opponent think it is a regular fastball. 

Throwing a changeup in softball

You can learn how to throw a changeup in softball by following the steps we will be provided below. It goes thus: 

Step One: Create a circle using your first finger and thumb

To get started, you must create a circle at the U-shape or horseshoe of the stitches on the softball. You must get a visual point that you can create the circle around. 

You can create this circle on the last or first letter in the branding label of your ball if it has one. Doing this lets you quickly form a grip on the same spot whenever you want to throw. 

Nevertheless, it must be noted that the smaller your circle, the more downward movement you will have on your pitch. 

For those recently learning how to throw a changeup in softball and want to begin with the circle changeup, you can try to form a C using your first finger and thumb. You don’t need to start creating a full circle from the beginning.

Step Two: Spreading the remaining fingers evenly 

Since your first finger and thumb are busy with step one, you must use the remaining three fingers. Here, you will spread your pinky, middle, and ring fingers all over the top of your ball. 

However, your concentration should be squeezing the ball with your thumb and pinky fingers. Throwing your ball with just the two of them is possible, so ensure you can do so. 

Understand that the grip here is highly essential as it will assist you in controlling the speed of your ball while placing lots of other movements till it gets to the player. 

If you need help positioning the pinky and thumb, place them under the soft leather section of your ball. 

Step Three: Turning your hand at the release point 

We are at the third and final step of how to throw a changeup in softball. You must turn your hand at the specific release point at this step. This is done so that your circle will face the catcher. 

Once it is done, you will need to try swinging your arm around, and while your hand gets closer to the release point, swiftly turn the hand around. When it is turned around, the circle will be facing the catcher. 

You can now release the ball by simply popping your fingers outwards. To do this, your arm needs to reach full extension nowhere but your hip.

Some people may get this right by imagining a dot at the circle’s center, and you need to throw it at the catcher. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Can I know the meaning of the changeup?

Yes, you can. To throw a changeup in softball is when you feel the ball is coming at you first, but it is approaching slowly. It is done to mess up the mind of hitters and their timing. 

Do I need to see the changeup as necessary?

A changeup is necessary because it keeps the hitter off balance. It is highly effective when a pitcher can sell the motion to make it look like a fastball. 


Since changeups focus on altering one’s arm position, you must learn how to throw a changeup in softball. We have successfully provided all you need to know; you must begin practicing. A changeup in softball can be a pretty useful pitch but you need to remember when to throw it and when not to.

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