How To Hit Fly Balls With A Fungo Bat?

It’s the same regardless of sport: Practice will make you better at it.

And due to this constant practice, one will need a perfect bat to make it work. The Fungo bat shines among the best bats people recommend for practicing. 

The Fungo bat differs from traditional bats as they are lighter, longer, and made from birch wood. This article will teach you how to hit fly balls with a Fungo bat. 

Hitting fly balls with a fungo bat

For those ready for it, you can learn how to hit fly balls with a Fungo bat by: 

Improve your swing and pathfinding skill 

Once you have bought the best fungo bat, you can learn how to hit the fly and ground balls with a fungo bat from our review article. To hit the ground or fly a ball is the main reason why coaches and players use fungo bats. 

These fungo bats are also a great source of practice equipment for training players’ swing and pathfinding. For the best results, follow our guide.

Before swinging a fungo bat, you must have the correct stance. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart when practicing in the batting cage.

Fungo bats are known for having a distinct barrel shape. Keep the fungo bat’s distinct barrel at an angle parallel to the ground.

At the same time, your back needs to be straight while you extend your arm. The arm must be fully extended and hold the bat’s handle.

How To Hit Fly Balls With A Fungo Bat

So your stance is now perfect, so get ready to swing forward with your fungo bat. Contact the fungo bat barrel with your palm and keep your back straight. As you keep swinging, your arm needs to be fully extended. To complete the swing, release the fungo bat handle and let it swing freely.

To hit fly balls with a fungo bat, you should travel downhill. Finding a good balance between power and speed would be best for the best result. Practice hitting fly balls with different variations to get better at pathfinding. 

The more you practice, the better you will be at accuracy and distance control.

Match your fungo bat with your skill and strength

It’s the same with all sports equipment to get one that matches your style and body shape. Otherwise, you will risk the chance of negatively impacting your performance. You might need a longer or shorter fungo bat, depending on your skill level and strength.

Your bat size might change, but your stance and hitting style must stay the same. It should be as if you have learned to hit a flyball with a fungo bat above.

Keep your back straight and your feet shoulder-width apart. Track the fly ball and measure its path. Your hands must be relaxed while the fungo bat barrel is parallel to the ground. Swing with precision and follow through once you have made contact.

If you practice and be patient, hitting flyballs with a fungo bat outside the park won’t be a dream for long.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How much is a Fungo bat? 

While you will get the homemade broomstick Fungoes at an affordable price, its top-of-the-line composite version can be sold for hundreds of dollars. Nevertheless, a good quality Fungo bat can sell between fifty and seventy dollars. 

Is it compulsory that I use a Fungo bat? 

While some do not see it as compulsory, others do. This is because it comes with a smaller barrel that will give one more precision and control as one hits the ball during practice.


In this article, we have provided steps that you can use to learn how to hit fly balls with a Fungo bat. However, it would help if you took advantage of learning to know what to do when faced with these fly balls.

Here is our guide on the best baseball practice plan to help you get ready for this baseball season.

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