How To Throw A Fastball In Baseball

One thing about baseball you need to know is that fastballs are among the most vital pitches in the game. This move or pitch must be practically carried out accurately and quickly. 

As a person vying to be a successful pitcher, you will need to learn how to throw a fastball in baseball else; what are you planning on being successful at exactly?

Keep reading to learn how to throw a fastball in baseball. 

Throwing a fastball in baseball

As you get ready to throw a baseball fastball, you must ensure your grip is solid. You need to choose between either two-seam or a four-seam. Along with your grip, your stride also needs to be proper. As you move forward, build up all the speed and power. Follow-through needs to be done perfectly for the best result. Finally, take care not to overthink and do both aiming and delivery simultaneously. 

You should be able to understand the process of throwing a fastball in baseball by reading above. But let’s now get into all the details of how to throw a fastball:

Ensure your grip is perfect 

Pitchers that want to throw a fastball first need to learn about the two grips crucial in fastball pitch; two-seam and four-seam.

While the four-seam gathers more velocity, some pitchers believe the two-seam is simpler to command and more comfortable. 

Some others prefer to switch between the two, but we advise that you stick to one. This is crucial in learning how to throw a baseball.

It would be best to position your middle and index fingers across the seams to perfect the four-seam grip while learning to throw a fastball. 

You must place your fingers in the seam where they create a shape like a horseshoe. Plus, there should be a good amount of space between the fingers. 

As for your pinky and ring fingers, have them close together while your thumb subtly rests under the ball. 

And when it comes down to the two-seam grip, it entails the exact configuration of the fingers, but this time, your middle and index fingers follow the seams till they are close together. 

When you master the two-seam grip , the fastball will have some form of movement toward the side of the plate of your pitching hand. 

Perfecting your stride

Regarding stride perfection, understand that you will need to produce most of the power from your lunging motion while heading toward the plate. So now you know why they elevate the pitching mound. It aids when you are throwing a fastball in baseball.

Remember that once you lift that step leg, you are to use the body’s momentum falling forward to produce power for the pitch. So, for all these to work out, you will need to find the exact spot for the step foot to land. 

It would help if you did this so that you would be capable of maximizing the forward momentum without any issue of overextending. Also, it would help if you kept practicing hitting the exact spot with your foot until you got used to it. 

Some people may practice their lunge motion without having to pitch the ball. They do this so they can stay focused on it. 

Make sure you follow through with your motion 

Beginner-level pitchers usually stop their pitching motion once they have released the ball. However, you will find that this leads to losing accuracy and velocity.

In other words, your pitching hand must be close to your hip and on the opposite side of your body. 

Embark on commanding the pitch without aiming when throwing a fastball in baseball.

Understand that it does not mean you should not bother with whatever your pitch will land. 

It only means that if you are over-focused on guiding your pitch to a certain spot, it will compromise the velocity and overall effectiveness of the given pitch. 

So, the term command means using the delivery motion to find pitches and not only aiming your ball. As you work on your technique, you get the hang of all these. 

Furthermore, you are to point out your step foot towards the outer and inner part of the plate as you try to command the ball. 

Note that while you develop your delivery, you must visualize the ball landing in a specific spot. Therefore, you will have to practice this until it finally works. 


As it stands, we have provided you with the technique to use when learning how to throw a fastball in baseball. Ensure you do not only read but keep practicing until you get it right.

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