True Temper Baseball Bats Review

In this TRUE Temper baseball bats review, we will show you why you should choose one of their bats. TRUE has innovated bat manufacturing that creates bats with the highest level of play on the field. 

Although you are used to all other brands of baseball bats, this review will give you a vast look into the world of TRUE Temper and all you can find within it. Keep reading. 

Review of TRUE temper bats 

Some of the ideal true temper bats that you are going to love are: 

The True Temper Dynamic 2-5/8

We start our TRUE Temper baseball bats reviews with the Dynamic extra-speed bat. It has a big sweet sport and the perfect feel on the field.

This bat provides comfortable play and gives you all the goodies you can never resist. Note that this brand crafted this bat with a one-piece alloy making it great for power hitters that need speed. 

With your increased energy, you can use this bat to take the ball away. More so, it comes with extreme stiffness plus achievable optimal energy transfer. 


  • Maximum consistency 
  • Good feel on contact 
  • Quake technology 

As it stands, it uses the quake technology that gives you a good vibration in contact with the ball. This technology offers a vibration-dampening system with zero stings when the ball is missed. 

Since it is created with a one-piece alloy, expect additional stiffness when energy transfer is maximized. Note that the alloy is capable of maintaining the highest performance all through the life of this bat. 

Another thing to note about the true temper dynamic bat is that it comes with plenty of size options than all other brands in the market. But, again, this has to do with the fact that it is a good-fitting bat. 

With this bat, you will barely encounter mishits thanks to its sweet spot, and it provides the highest performance all over its barrel. 

Its huge barrel gives the bat an ideal balance while offering great control with the swing speed. 


  • Great power and performance 
  • Good vibration 
  • Highly durable material 


  • It has no pop 

Why we love it 

I love using the True temper dynamic bat because I adore its end cap design and enjoy how speed is transferred flawlessly to the ball. In addition, it comes in plenty of sizes and can be referred to as the bat of the future. 

The True Temper HZRDUS Bat

The true temper HZRDUS baseball bat has made it to our true temper baseball bats review as one bat swiftly gaining traction amongst players. It has a sleek look and can undoubtedly be tagged as a high-quality bat. 

Like the Dynamic above, HZRDUS has endless sizing options and unique features. 


  • One-piece hybrid bat
  • Composite handle 
  • Axenic technology 

It should be noted that the HZRDUS bat uses axenic technology to sharply link its SmartPly handle to the EVmax alloy barrel. It does this without making use of the normal connection joint. 

When the joint is removed, this bat will improve its durability and disrupt unnecessary bonding weight. 

As mentioned earlier, this bat uses SmartPly composite layup, which helps it optimize all the carbon fiber angles. It does this to create the ideal blend between vibration dampening, impact strength, and balance. 

With such a design, there is less mass in its taper area and plenty of mass in its barrel for momentum & distance when the bat hits the ball. Additionally, as we mentioned, this bat comes in diverse half-size options. 


  • Highly durable 
  • Stiff feel
  • Huge sweet spot 


  • Users claim it scratches easily. 

Why do we love it?

I enjoy using it because it gives a seamless connection with its slight end load that assists in driving the swing all players need. In addition, its half-size option that people can choose from makes it appealing. 

The True Temper T2-10 Bat

The final TRUE Temper baseball bat we will be reviewing is the T2-10 bat. While this bat is slightly expensive, it has high-quality material and technology that increases its power and durability.

The T2-10 bat uses an alloy barrel build and has a swing weight capable of generating plenty of power. It is recommended for high school baseball players because of its strength, weight, and size. 


  • Maxload end cap
  • XL grip
  • Balanced swing weight 

The intriguing thing to note about this bat is that it uses an end cap made of Maxload material. This enables it to dampen the vibration one is meant to feel when the bat makes contact with the ball. 

This feature will protect your hands, and it will also elongate the life of your bat. In addition, its balanced swing weight allows for easier control of all areas of your swing. And with this, the bat neither feels too light nor too heavy. 

Most people may be concerned about the moment of inertia, and we can fully tell you in this true temper baseball bats review that it remains stable all over the bat. The swing weight of this bat is -8. 

Its weight and size have given high school batters the edge they have always wanted when they play against people using cheap bats. An experienced high school player is expected to be capable of handling this slightly heavy bat. 

But if the player feels too heavy, they can get the drop 8 versions on amazon. However, ensure your hands are correctly measured, as these bats differ from person to person.


  • Uses alloy technology 
  • Money back guarantee 
  • Highly durable 


  • Available in only one size. 

Why do we love it?

I love using this bat because its balanced swing weight shows that it is neither too light nor too heavy. No matter the skills you think you have, you will be capable of making contact with the ball while holding this bat. 

All about TRUE Temper baseball bat 

Since we are talking about the TRUE Temper baseball bats review, we need to discuss who they are. This brand uses universal data analytics to get the ideal bat to make a difference in your gameplay. 

All About True Temper Baseball Bats
All About True Temper Baseball Bats

TRUE Temper is developing proprietary technology that includes batting analysis stations and launch monitors. And even custom algorithms will help give the ideal fitting experience to all youth players. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Is True Temper a good bat brand?

While you may likely not be used to it as you do other brands, we must confess that this brand is good and even slated to manufacture the bats of the future. 

Are True Temper bats expensive?

Like all other bat brands, they manufacture both expensive and cheaper bats for all budgets. 


If you need to know more about the True temper brand, we implore that you read through our true temper baseball bats review. We have outlined some of the bats that will allow you to perform significantly on the field.

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