What Is A Hold In Baseball? Unique Baseball Stat Just For Relief Pitchers

Baseball fans love stats on their favorite sport. If you are wondering what is a Hold in Baseball? Here is your answer coming up.

The Hold is an unofficial stat for Baseball to assess a relief pitcher’s performance. A Hold can occur when a relief pitcher enters the game with his side leading in a save situation.

Thus, MLB Hold stats created to credit the setup man for the game, not a starter or closer. It also refers to HLD, H, or HD in Baseball. This stat is somewhat similar to WHIP in Baseball, where you measure the performance of a pitcher.

Remarkably, a relief pitcher who is not eligible for a win or a save might get the only recognition of his hard work through a Hold.

Actually, to award a relief pitcher for his performance of handing over a lead to the pitcher enters next in line. In other words, a middle relievers pitcher who does not allow the offense to tie the game or obtain a go ahead run. A pitcher granted Hold, where the lead is three or less in Baseball and manages to records at least one out.

How to get a Hold in Baseball?

Relief pitcher to go out in the middle and get a hold in the middle innings of a Baseball game. Middle relievers must maintain the team’s lead at least for one inning and record at least one out and leaves before the next pitcher participates; this achievement is called a Hold.

Furthermore, One cannot receive a Hold if the base runner he left behind completes the tying run and relinquish the lead. Even though he left the mount while the game is a tie, the relief pitcher is no longer eligible to receive a Hold.

Precisely, Holds measures the performance of the relief pitcher who enters the game in between a stutter and the closer. A pitcher cannot receive a Win or a Save while records as a Hold for that game.

Although, a pitcher can get a Hold and record a loss in the same game. Interestingly, more than one pitcher can be eligible to earn a Hold in a particular game.

Can A Pitcher Get A Hold In Baseball And A Win In The Same Game?

The simple answer is no; well, here are the long ones if you are not pleased with the short answer. As we mentioned before, you can not get a Hold and a Win at the same time. Not being awarded a Win for the relief pitcher is that the previous pitcher is already qualified to earn a Win.

However, a pitcher can earn a Hold in Baseball and a loss in the same game. In the middle of a game, a relief pitcher held the lead until the end of his turn. Thus, he is eligible to earn a Hold for his contribution till the progression of the game.

Although, after his exit, if the next pitcher unable to hold the lead and lost the game. The previous pitcher also receives a loss with his Hold.

What is the difference between A Save and A Hold?

A Hold is very much like the save, but for a relief pitcher. The primary difference relief pitchers get a save if he is ending the game. On the other hand, one is awarded a Hold in its place if another pitcher enters the game after the relief pitcher leaves the game.

What Is Hold in Baseball post-min
What Is Hold in Baseball post-min

What is a Blown Save, and Blown Hold in Baseball?

A blown save award is given when a relief pitcher enters the game in a save situation that allows the tying run. The pitcher does not have to allow a go ahead run to get a blown save.

Subsequently, if a new reliever enters the game while the third base is loaded and lets that runner score the tying run, in this case, the previous relief pitcher obtains a blown save. There is nothing in Baseball called a blown hold.

What are the Rules for A Baseball Hold to occur?

1. The relief pitcher enters the game in a save situation, ideally in the 6th, 7th, or 8th innings. The following three conditions have to happen to awarded as a Hold:

(a) He enters the game to replace the starter pitcher with another relief pitcher. When his team is leading, and the lead is no more than three runs

(b) He is not the closer pitcher or pitching in the 9th innings. He is not the pitcher standing on the mount when the team wins

(c) One of the three following conditions has to apply:

(i) He has to pitch for at least one innings and maintain the lead till the next pitcher the lead is no more than three runs

(ii) He can start pitching comes into a game irrespective of the count, does not give up potential tying, go ahead or advancing run either on base, or at bat, or on deck. If the next pitcher is unable to hold off the tying run, he left behind and completed the run to tie the game; the pitcher in question gets a blown save

(iii) Pitcher has to continue for at least three innings

2. At least record one out for the team;

3. He has to maintain the lead throughout his game during his time as a relief pitcher. Additionally, he does not qualify for the record of a save.

What is the History Behind the Baseball Hold?

Statisticians John Dewan and Mike O’Donnell developed the MLB Hold in the 1980s to measure the effectiveness of relievers who are not starters or closers. The statistic born to credit Hold to setup men who conventionally pitch the eighth inning before the ninth inning closer comes into the mount.

Subsequently, PA SportsTicker, in 1994, came up with a new version for defining a Hold. This alternate version eliminates the requirement for a pitcher to records at least one out to achieve a Hold. However, this alteration is no longer valid since STATS LLC acquired PA SportsTicker in 2009.

What are the Major Records for Holds in Major League Baseball?

Joel Peralta set the best single-season number of Major League Holds, which is 41, and in the year 2015, Tony Watson tied this record later on. However, this year in 2021, Tony Watson broke the record of Arthur Rhodes‘s all-time best 231 Hold (1991–2011) and became the all-time career leader with 235 Hold.

What Is A Hold In Baseball _ Career
What Is A Hold In Baseball _ Career

How is A Hold Used In Fantasy Baseball League?

In the world of fantasy Baseball, to understand the performance of relief pitchers, the statistic of Hold is used. Save+Hold, you are going to see for representing pitcher in MLB Hold stat. In the MLB game, The Show 21, you can get a Hold the same way described above.
Suppose you are talking about a fantasy baseball league. In that case, you have to mention a devoted Red Sox fans Nick Mariano. He was the most accurate fantasy baseball draft ranker in 2018, picking the top 140 Saves+Holds Relief Pitcher. He ranked most accurate D/ST in-season for 2020.

What Is A Hold In Baseball _ MLB
What Is A Hold In Baseball _ MLB

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What are the key points of hold in baseball?

Here’s a quick rundown of what a hold is in baseball, complete with key points. Hold is a baseball statistic that is given to relief pitchers that enter a game while their team is leading. The team needs to be leading by three or more runs and keep the lead before leaving the mound. Starting pitchers aren’t allowed to get holds.

How many outs can a relief pitcher get in a hold?

There really isn’t a limit to how many outs a relief pitcher can get while getting one hold in baseball. This is because all they need to do is keep their 3-run lead while pitching. So they can get one out before retiring from the mound or get 20 outs.

In Conclusion

A Hold is a fascinating stat to keep track of the performance of relievers who might not immediately jump out as a hero for a game. We have to thank Statisticians John Dewan and Mike O’Donnell for this awesome stat. Relief pitchers do their incredible job successfully and silently. Official or unofficial A Hold noteworthy stat for a job well done for me.

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