How To Hang Baseball Bat On Wall? Like A Pro

Do you want to know how to hang baseball bat on wall? A baseball bat is the top piece of equipment in the game. You can collect the best quality bats. Still, it will only go to use if you take care of it. 

You have to hang and store it well. It increases the durability of baseball bats for a long time. You may even want to hang your baseball bats as a prized possession. We can help you with some ideas. Keep reading the article. 

How to hang baseball bat on wall with easy steps

You can use baseball bat racks or hooks according to your choice. You may even keep your baseball bats horizontally or vertically. We have some excellent tips to help you know how to hang baseball bat on wall


Hangers are like hooks on the wall. You can hang your baseball bats easily on them. Secure the hangers with screws. 

You can hang your bat on the wall in two ways. You can hang the bat to the hanger by holding the bat’s barrel upwards. 

Else you may hook the handle of the bat to the hanger. It is a traditional technique to hang baseball bats.

Vertical bat racks

You can display your baseball bats vertically with the help of vertical bar racks. Either keep one baseball bat or multiple at the same time.

You may use plastic or wood bat racks. The wooden bat racks are more popular. They look more beautiful and elegant. Make slots for bats in the racks to hold them easily. 

One bat & ball

You can improve the storage thing. You may keep a ball along with the baseball. Install a holder for the baseball ball in the rack on the wall.

You have many options and ways to hang the baseball and baseball bat. Also, you can easily place the baseball next to the baseball on the horizontal rack. 

You may also keep the baseball bat in a vertical position with the ball above it. This vertical hanging of baseball bats will be a great option if you want to display multiple bats. It will look lovely on your wall.  

Similarly, you can choose a plastic or a wooden rack. It is wise to use wood for baseball bats. They are sturdy and more durable. The wooden racks even look pleasing to the eyes.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Why should you hang your bats?

It would be best if you stored your baseball bats well to take better care of them. Hanging them well will increase the durability and longevity of your bats.

What tools do we need to hang baseball bats on a wall?

You will need a few screws, a wooden rack or plank, a screwdriver and a drill.


Now you know how to hang baseball bat on wall. You may choose whichever option you like. It will take a little time. 

You will need a wooden rack or plank, a screwdriver, a few screws, a drill and a meter. You can easily hang your precious baseball bats on the wall. It will increase the aesthetic value of the wall and your place.

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