What Is Kip Leather?

What is kip leather, and why is it becoming so popular in 2023? It is a question that many baseball fans asked recently. And to answer this question, we need to inform you all readers on this leather and all the other available choices when it comes to baseball gloves. 

In general, baseball gloves are typically made using a few select choices. The choice for baseball gloves is made between kip leather, cowhide, full-grain leather, and premium steerhide. 

Each of these is common and has its advantages and disadvantages depending on various factors. Therefore let us go and explore each of these leathers in further detail and the impact they have on a player’s gloves.

What is kip leather? Baseball glove leather types 

While a baseball can and has been made using various animal hides such as buffalo skin, there is a census however that only four of the leather grades are the best choices. The four types of baseball glove leather grades are the leading choices for baseball glove manufacture are kip leather, cowhide, full-grain leather, and premium steerhide.

Since the type of leather you use will affect the feel, durability, break-in time, and price, you mustn’t choose a low-quality hide for your glove. Thus we have written a comprehensive description of each of the leathers so that you can make the appropriate choice. 

What is Kip leather Baseball Glove Leather Types
What is Kip leather Baseball Glove Leather Types

Kip Leather

What is Kip leather? Presently it is the leather all the baseball glove manufacturing companies are talking about. This high end baseball gloves making material is taken from young cows/calves ages between six to twelve months. Therefore it is treated as a soft and luxurious cowhide. 

Due to the animal’s young age, the leather is lighter, thinner, and softer than other leathers like cowhide. Kip leather gloves are, in many cases, smoother than even steerhide gloves.

In fact, the softness of the leather makes it so that you can play using the fresh factory gloves without break-in. But if you think a break in is necessary, then the time needed to break in is concise.  

As a result of Kip Leathers’s impressive capabilities, many assume that it’s pretty expensive. Those people are wrong. While the price of kip leather gloves isn’t cheap, it is still relatively affordable for most baseball players. 

Coupled with its price tag, the gloves made with kip leather are meant for everyone. Baseball professional players of all ages and genders will be comfortable wearing kip leather baseball softball gloves. 

Overall, gloves made from Kip leather are the best. More and more manufacturers of baseball gloves and softball gloves are making their products using kip leather. This might be a cruel practice for animal lovers, but there isn’t much that can be said about it.  


  • One of the top choices for baseball gloves
  • Suitable for all ages


It is the common choice of all baseball gloves manufacturer. Whenever someone talks about leather, they are usually talking about cowhides. Since most manufacturers’ standard options, there isn’t too much about this leather that stands out. 

In general, most of the cowhide leather that is used for glove manufacturing comes from usually medium weight cows. Some heavier weight cows are used, but that’s infrequent. usually, medium weight is picked.

As the primary choice for glove making, cowhide does an ok job. There isn’t much to write home about. The cowhide glove works well and the break-in time is short. Also, most manufacturers of cowhide baseball gloves include pre oiling. 

But the problem with cowhide gloves is that they wear out too quickly.     


  • Best all-rounder
  • Has reduced break-in time

Full Grain Leather

Full-grain leather means that the leather’s natural grain remains and is harvested from cowhide or steerhide. Coupled with natural grain remains, most full-grain leather will be stiffer and weigh more.  

The added weight of high-quality full-grain leather gloves leads to longer break-in periods. Along with the longer break-in periods, these cowhide gloves made with this leather are rarely pre-oiled by manufacturers. 

However, after break-in, gloves made with full-grain leather are entirely different. The performance and durability of broken-in full-grain leather gloves are top-notch and hard to beat. Also after the glove is broken in the leather texture becomes soft.


  • Better Durability and Performance after break-in

Premium Steerhide 

As the name suggests, it comes from high-quality steers. As a result of testing and comparison, we can conclude that the premium steerhide is stronger than the cowhide and has additional benefits. 

The steers from which this leather is taken are older than two years. The premium steerhide is harvested from the back shoulder of steers, which is known to be rather tricky. 

This type of leather is quite readily available and often used by manufacturers. The higher the quality of the hide, the better the sheen after tannings. Also, the weight and grain of the premium steerhide stay consistent even after the tanning. 

This toughness makes the hide stiffer, heavier, and more durable—the stiffness results in a longer break-in time. Yet gloves made from this leather are popular amongst the pros. 


  • Better than cowhide
  • Popular choice of baseball professional players

Choose kip leather baseball gloves web pattern

When it comes to baseball paraphernalia, we here at bestballreviews.com strive to give you the best and latest information. In fact, we do this so that you can make a definitive decision. 

In the first place, deciding what type of new baseball gloves you want to buy depends on multiple factors. Some of these factors are price, brand, position, and lastly, web type. If you are a halfway decent baseball player, then don’t miss the importance of web type. 

In detail, I have listed some of the more common web types when it comes to baseball gloves. Read them thoroughly so that you will pick the one that matches your position and preference, both of which are crucial. 

Baseball Gloves Web Pattern
Baseball Gloves Web Pattern

Basket web

Notably favored choice of pitchers on many baseball teams, MLB and others. The feature that makes it an attractive option is the tiny interlocking laces that attach to the webs. 

This makes it so that the pitchers can close their hands on the ball faster. Also, the flexibility of the webs helps anchor it more. 

However, the main point of this web pattern is to hide both the ball and the pitching hand from the batter. Can’t have the batter be able to guess the pitch too easily?

Trapeze web

Frequently picked by the outfielders on many teams. The overall design includes a thin leather strap that goes on either side. And it has interlacing laces alongside the thin leather strap.  

Modified Trap web

Made explicitly for baseball pitchers and infielders in mind. Overall build structure is similar to the traditional trap web. The only addition to the conventional design is the leather section along the upper portion of the baseball glove for added stability. 

H/Dual Post & I web

In particular, the glove is made for infielders. The H and I name stands for the shape the leather lacing makes in the glove design. 

Alongside the infielders, the dual and H webs can be used by the outfielders. The H and dual webs are more sturdy, and the holes in the lacing allow the outfielders to see through and catch fly balls. What is Kip leather baseball gloves web pattern? H web is one of them. 

On the other hand, the I web is strictly for infielders. The lacing of the I web allows for players to snag and do a glove to hand transfers at a faster pace. What is Kip leather baseball gloves web pattern? I web another one of them. 

Single & Double Post web

Firstly the single post web design is made with the first baseman in mind. The single post web had both vertical and horizontal strips of kip leather interlinked together. This interlinking helps in providing both flexibility and visibility for the basemen. 

Secondly, the double post web is a regular choice of pitchers and infielders. This web pattern is similar to the single post with its horizontal and vertical leather lacing. The double post also provides flexibility and visibility for its users.

To sum up, choosing either the single post or the double post is entirely up to the buyer’s own preference. 

Two Piece web

Another good choice for the pitchers. It seems like pitchers can choose any web pattern, doesn’t it? 

While on the heavier side of things, the kip leather glove has more material stitched together rather tightly than other gloves. With its additional weight, similar to the solid web pattern, the glove does an excellent job concealing the pitcher’s hand and ball. 

Baseball glove web pattern by position

Baseball Glove Web Pattern by Position
Baseball Glove Web Pattern by Position


In general, the job of a baseball pitcher’s glove is to hide the pitcher’s hand and the ball altogether. The reason for this is so that the batter is not able to guess what the pitcher is going to throw next accurately. 

We recommend a closed web pattern for the best results to do the hand and ball hiding efficiently. For example, a pitcher’s glove should be a basket web, two piece, or closed web pattern kip leather baseball gloves when looking to purchase a pitcher’s gloves. 

Middle Infielder 

To clarify, middle infielders are the shortstops and second basemen. These players are required to catch or attempt to catch every ground ball that makes their way. On top of that, they also need to put the ball in the glove quickly from the hand.

Specifically, middle infielders require gloves that have a shallower pocket along with an open web design. This type of gloves will let them capture the ball more easily while turning and shooting it to the other bases for a single or a double out. For an easier time for soft leather, a glove is needed.   

For the best chance of a double out, middle infielders should look to purchase H/I webs and dual or single post web gloves. As mentioned, these gloves have loose stitching with solid leather strips with large holes. The lighter weight with larger holes will make for a faster reaction which is critical for infielders. Our readers should be asking what is kip leather glove works for middle infielders. 

Third Baseman 

Namely, catching the more shaper ground ball and line drivers is the third basemen’s leading role. To do requires them to wear a baseball glove that has a deeper pocket. 

Alongside the need for a shallower pocket, the third basemen have to quick with the plays and glove to hand transfers. Therefore they need a glove that’s lightweight and shallow pocket.

Our advice for picking a kip leather baseball glove for a third baseman is to look for a modified basket web with a balance of support and speed. 


Their baseball gloves need to deeper with a tightly stitched pocket that provides a significant amount of support for outfielders. This is so that they can handle any kind of ball catching scenario. 

For example, the type of gloves that match the criteria of an outfielder glove are trapeze, I web, large H web, and single post web design. The trapeze and I web are similar in pocket size. Also, both web patterns include a strip of leather that connects the thumb with the forefinger. Our readers should be asking what is kip leather glove works for outfielders. 

In fact, the I web gloves weigh less due to their looser stitching. However, if you are looking for a super lightweight glove with larger holes, you need to be looking for either a large H web or a single post web glove.  

Choose proper kip leather baseball glove size

Regardless of a good web pattern, you are guaranteed to lose the game if you buy the wrong size glove. Since a wrong size glove will firstly be uncomfortable and secondly will not behave correctly. All because it isn’t one of the best gloves for you.

To prevent a losing game on your part, look below at the attached glove size chart and pick the glove that matches your size. bestbaseballreviews.com will always help you make the best decision. We strive to help you guarantee the best of plays, and anything less is a failure on our part. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How durable is kip leather baseball gloves?

The durability of kip leather can’t be questioned, as it provides top-level durability while still retaining premium comfort and fast break-in for baseball gloves. There is a reason why gloves made with kip leather are expensive and loved by professional or elite players.

What are the difference between English and Japaness kip leather?

The main difference between English and Japanese kip leather is that one is best for high school and collegiate players, while the other is best for elite players. The difference comes from one being the highest quality (Japanese) and the other being slightly lower quality (English).


To sum up, my impression of kip leather gloves, the only thing I can say is that it gets the job done. Any kind of high end baseball gloves with kip leather will provide above-average performance. Therefore it’s worth the price you will play.

As a lifelong baseball and Boston Red Sox fan, I know the importance of every piece of baseball equipment. Still, I am also a lover of animals. Thus the idea of killing a young animal and using its hide for a glove seems appalling to me.

In the end, though, the performance of a kipskin glove is hard to deny, so I will bury my dislike and carry on saying that kip leather gloves are truly a soft and luxurious cowhide.  

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