Best Baseball Bags For Catchers: Top 3 Choices

When it comes down to the world of baseball, various pieces of gear are needed for the game. And one such gear is the baseball bags for catchers. Some of the best baseball bags for catchers you will find out there should have plenty of room to hold every one of your equipment. 

Without much ado, we will be taking a good look at them in this article. 

Baseball bags for catchers

Some of the best baseball bags for catchers are: 

The Mizuno MX Wheeled G2 Bag

As one of the best baseball bags for catchers that you will find, it must be noted that the Mizuno MX G2 comes with a bottom made out of solid yet rigid construction. Plus, it has up to two running boards to help stabilize your bag. 


  • Screened run bird logo
  • Dual J hooks 
  • Padded handle 

Meanwhile, this bag has wheels more extensive than the majority and capable of holding up well enough. The wheels here will hold up perfectly when rolled across those non-pavement surfaces. 

More so, it comes with a massive area for embroidery. And this means that you can add any of your personalization. Or, you can place the logo of your team on it. Interestingly, the bag makes use of dual J hooks. 

Here, the dual j hooks make hanging the bag on the fence convenient. In addition, it comes with padded handles for extra comfort. Furthermore, the primary compartment of the Mizuno G2 can hold all the catcher’s core gear. 

It can hold the chest protector, helmet or mask, catcher’s mitt, and leg guards. If needed, this bag can open in a large U shape and widen on the sides. Thus making it a great choice as baseball bag for catchers.

The bag also has another compartment on its front left and can store smaller items. These items range from wrist guards, batting gloves, and even phones. 

It does not have a bat compartment, so keeping the bats in the primary compartment is possible. Note that it comes available in four color options: black, royal blue, navy blue, and red. We have more choices for you if you are looking for the best baseball bags with wheels.

 The pros found here are: 

  • Huge major compartment 
  • A good set of wheels 
  • Hooks for hanging your bag 
  • Diverse handles 

As for the cons: 

  • Cannot sit up by itself 
  • No bat compartment 

Why we love it?

I enjoy using this catcher bag because it has a telescopic pull handle. In addition, you will find some handles on the bag’s sides that have been velcroed with one another. And this makes it easy to be lifted with my hands. 

The Rawlings Covert Duffle Bag 

One thing to note about the Rawlings Covert Duffle Bag is that it is an amazing bag sold at an amazingly affordable price. If you are on a tight budget, luck has smiled in your direction. 

Since it is rated as one of the best baseball bags for catchers, it is large enough to hold your catchers’ gear and other things. In addition, it has the space to store your bats, helmet, mitt, and cleats. 


  • Maximum storage 
  • Moisture protection
  • Over-the-shoulder straps 

If you use youth adult-sized catcher gear, there is nothing to worry about, as this duffle bag can take care of it. It also comes with maximum storage that will hold your bat sleeves. 

It has a huge interior pocket, a breathable shoe compartment, and a mesh valuables pocket. The Covert Duffle bag is made with highly durable vinyl bottom material. The bag also has very solid straps long enough to throw them over your shoulder. 

Understand that this bag has a classic look and is available in diverse colors. However, the pros here are: 

  • Good quality material
  • Diverse color options
  • Great price point 
  • Very big 
  • Highly durable bag

As for the cons: 

  • It is a duffle bag and not wheeled 
  • No hook for hanging 

Why we love it?

I love using this product because it has a unique construction besides its affordability, and it will hold all my gear without any issue. 

The Rawlings Sporting Yadi Wheeled Bag 

If there is one thing that the Rawlings brand is majorly known for, it is manufacturing one of the best baseball bags for catchers amidst its other excellent gear and equipment. 


  • XL main compartment 
  • Wheeled bag 
  • Exterior pockets 

As it stands, its XL primary compartment can hold your complete catcher’s set and all other gear you want. If you’re going to store your valuables, best believe its exterior pockets can do the job. 

You will love its substantial rugged wheels with a reinforced support base and a telescopic pull handle. It must be noted that this bag comes with a removable panel which you can use for customization. 

The pros are: 

  • Highly durable 
  • Very affordable 
  • Huge compartments 
  • Great support base
  • Removable panel 

As for the cons: 

  • Comes in just one color

Why we love it?

Due to its affordability, I enjoy using this bag because it will smoothly be dragged. At the same time, the telescopic handle makes it easy to pull. 

Things to look for when buying catchers bags online 

Since the Internet has made it easy to shop for all you need, there are things you should keep in mind when buying some of the best baseball bags for catchers. They are: 

The customer reviews

It would help if you considered looking at this section because it is filled with feedback and pictures of the bags. It is advisable to browse the reviews as it will enable you to comprehend if the bag will be all you need. 

You should also check the ratings of websites like Amazon to know if the seller will deliver the product. 

The quality 

Irrespective of whatever you buy, you must remember that all brands have different objectives and visions. It would help to examine these brands’ promises by searching whether they align with your desires. 

It is advisable to purchase the bag that has the best quality. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Do I need a specific baseball bag as a catcher?

When you have plenty of equipment needed for the game, you must use a specific bag to store your gear. 

Will my shoes enter the baseball bag?

Since most of these bags’ primary compartment has massive storage to hold the gear, you will find out that some of these bags come with vented boxes for your shoes. 


Generally, we have provided you with some of the best baseball bags for catchers. However, you must read this article to understand what to expect. For more recommedations for best baseball bags read our other bag review article.

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