Best Baseball Bags with Wheels: Top 10 Reviews(2023)

Isn’t it a hassle to carry all your baseball gear across campus in your regular school bag? Actually, can you even fit all that stuff in your school bag? For me, it was impossible since I played a catcher. Until I found the best baseball bags with wheels, I suffered terrible back pains from carrying all my baseball stuff.

However, after much research and shop visits, I was able to find one that worked well enough. But that one didn’t last as long I hoped, which is unacceptable to me. Therefore this time, I resolved with finding the best baseball bag with or without wheels. With wheels provides an additional benefit without too much extra cost in fact.

On the other hand, without wheels gives designers more area for various features. Either way, these baseball bags will work wonders for us since we will be able to store all of our gear in one place.

We at bestbaseballreviews especially believe in giving our readers the best possible choices. So we scoured the internet retail stores and other avenues. To find the ten best baseball bags, especially those with wheels. 

Top Rated Baseball Bags of 2023

By seeing the table, you might not know that we did our research meticulously. In fact to give you the best baseball bag with wheels, we spared no expense. I almost didn’t include any Rawlings products since nearly none of their bags interested me.

At any rate, we have included bags from every criterion like cheap, expensive, adult, and youth. But all our bags are with wheels, not baseball bat bag. Also, the reviews will be including features for a simple overview and pros, and cons added benefits. I also added a section called why I chose it to show you my opinions for a more personal touch.

Through my research in multiple brands for the top-rated baseball bags, I was able to learn much. While the criteria I used to buy my first baseball bag wasn’t the worst, it wasn’t the best either.

However, I have become more knowledgeable to teach others like you readers what to look for. Some of these are somewhat simple, while others might be something you didn’t consider beforehand. But in the end, I hope I can help you to buy the bag that matches you the best.

Before the Reviews 

After having a good look at the table, you should be able to know which type of bag catches your attention. If you aren’t sure, continue reading ahead, where we will review each of the bags mentioned above. 

Best Wheeled Baseball Bags with Review

All in all, reading the reviews and checking out the features, pros, and cons will better help you understand your preferences. 

Top 10 Wheeled Baseball Bag Reviews:

Before I get into the reviews of the top ten best baseball bags with wheels there are some things that need to be said. First of all, each of the bags reviewed below is without any bias. To clarify that point I have opted out from mentioning any Rawlings products which were my favorite in fact.

Below are all the ten-wheeled baseball bags with their features, my review, pros, and cons. If you want to know where made my personal choices read until the end of the reviews.

Boombah Superpack Bat Pack


  • Bag Dimension:  23.5″ x 13.5″ x 9.5”
  • Reinforced J-Hook
  • Can Store 4 Bats
  • Heavy duty wheels
  • Telescopic handle
  • Ventilated shoe compartment
  • From a Trusted Company

Currently, it is the best baseball equipment bag with wheels in the market and not is not a traditional bat bag. The reason why it is the overall best is simply because of its design and functionality. While the product may seem simple to look at, the design is rather well made. The design of the bag is quite symmetrical, but that works in our favor. 

When I was in the shop looking and inspecting the bag, the symmetrical design made sense. In general, the more balanced the design is, the more space will be available for storage. To prove this point, I had the salesperson demonstrate it, and the result was quite interesting in fact. As far as I could tell, the Boombah Superpack bat pack has enough space to store both my catcher’s gear and more. You could squeeze another hitter gear.   

Best Seller


  • Durable design
  • Easy to carry around
  • Ample storage
  • Colorful design
  • Can store multiple bats
  • Symmetrical body
  • Can go over rough terrain
  • Long handle


  • Not for every position

With the wheels carrying around, all those gears become pretty manageable and back pain-free, much to my relief in particular. Overall the Boombah Superpack is worthy of being in the top part of our baseball bag with wheels list.  

Boombah Superpack Bat Pack

DeMarini Special Ops (Wheeled)


  • Bag Dimensions: 38.5” x 15” W x 12” H
  • Armored bat compartment
  • Durable
  • Amazing Shielding
  • Multiple color options
  • Extremely customizable
  • Removable name panel
  • Separate shoe compartment

For those with a bigger budget and who are actively playing baseball, this is the one. While it’s a bit outside my price range for me, others might be able to afford it. By all means, checking it online and seeing it in the store quickly convinced me that it’s worth it if you got the money. From its design specs to its storage and feel, the Special Ops lives up to the name Special. 

Since it’s a wheeled bag, the Special Ops comes with inline inside steel wheels to go over some rough terrains. The rigid body construction makes the bag very durable while also making it rainproof. The bag is also all-weather resistant, so you have no worries about taking it out in the rain.

Next comes the all-important storage space, and DeMarini went all out. For example, they made enough space to four to seven 34″ bats and my catcher’s gear.   

Best Seller


  • Great design
  • Long lasting
  • Easy to personalize
  • Easy to customize
  • Lots of storage
  • Easily traverse rough terrain
  • Long telescopic pull handle
  • Smooth wheels


  • Most Expensive on the list

As I have noted, I don’t have enough budget to buy it for myself. But with all its specs, I was tempted. DeMarini knows how good the Special Ops are, so they are willing to give it a one-year warranty to prove their confidence.

DeMarini Special Ops Wheeled Bag

Easton E610W Wheeled Bag Baseball Bag


  • Bag Dimensions: 37 x 15.5 x 6.5 inches
  • Weighs: 4 pounds
  • Full bottom rails
  • 10mm lockable zipper
  • Bracketed inline wheels
  • Usable for all positions, including catchers
  • Stores up to four bats
  • Removable shoe pocket
  • Vented pockets

When it comes to gloves even batting gloves, I am a Rawlings man through and through but for best baseball bags; I looked elsewhere. When I was on my high school baseball team, I had to find a bag to carry my catcher’s gear with some bats, and Easton was my answer. If you think like me and are looking for a good baseball bag with wheels, give the Easton 610W a look. 

With its solid and durable design, the bag can carry a lot. It has got enough space inside for catcher’s gear, bats, etc. I can store as many as four bats on the backside of the bag, so no worries about spares. Surprisingly, Easton has made a name for itself by producing some reliable wheels. Moreover, these reliable wheels can tread through even rocks and mud.

During my high school baseball career, I had traveled to multiple towns for games, so I wish I had the 610W back then. Coupled with carrying all my catcher’s gear, the bag has enough space for personal items as well.  In addition to the wheeled baseball bag being a carry-on, I would have enough room for all my stuff.        

Best Seller


  • Durable design
  • Customizable 
  • Plenty of storage space
  • It doesn’t wear out too quickly
  • Sturdy body
  • Simple colors
  • Smooth handling
  • Heavy duty wheels


  • It weighs a lot once full

DeMarini Momentum (Wheeled)


  • Bag Dimensions: 36″ L x 11″ W x 10.5″ H
  • Ample storage space
  • Multiple compartments
  • Robust 10mm zippers
  • Rugged wheels
  • Double fence hook
  • Multiple color and style options

DeMarini, by now, is a name that readers should very well know at this point. The DeMarini Momentum is my current baseball bag with wheels in fact. This expansive baseball bag has so much space that sometimes space is left unused! Even after putting all catcher’s gear, including the helmet, chest protector, leg guards, I still find compartments empty. 

Usually, the main compartment of the DeMarini rolling bat bag is where all my main gear goes and is secure due to the reinforced bottom. Alongside the main room is the second largest section where I put my extra gear, and finally is the last internal compartment for any personal effects. 

Around the exterior is another bunch of smaller compartments and the bat storage space that I rarely use since I don’t hit, but you can store up to four bats. DeMarini knows how heavy catcher’s and other gear can be, so they put two instead of one fence hook, which I appreciate. 

Best Seller


  • Lots of space
  • Various styles
  • Secure zippers
  • Sturdy wheeled bag
  • Last for a long time
  • Numerous color option
  • Double hooks
  • Long pull handle
  • Best bag for Catcher’s


  • Not tall enough for some bats

The overall build quality of the baseball bag on wheels ensured that it would be with me for more than one season. In essence my DeMarini Momentum bag has been with me for over three years, and It hasn’t disappointed me yet.

No Errors NO E2 Wheeled Gear Bag


  • Nine pockets and compartments
  • Three ventilated compartments to help wet items dry
  • A heavy-duty cleat pocket
  • Holds three bats
  • Can store all your catchers gear
  • Four sideway hooks for hanging it outside
  • Custom heavy-duty wheels
  • Durable and reinforced material

What we have here is a baseball equipment storage bag that is for catchers specifically. For the most part, I want to make it clear that this rolling catchers equipment bag can be expensive. But at the same time, the bag’s design makes it so that catchers can have an easier time. In short with multiple storage compartments that have dividers, you can easily store everything you might need. 

The dividers also allow you to separate all your gears without one touching the other. Specifically, you can keep all the dirty or sweaty kits separate from other pieces of equipment so that those don’t get dirty. No Errors thought ahead, and so this bag comes with ventilated pockets on the outside. Inside those ventilated pockets can go your sweaty jerseys and muddy cleats. 

Along the back of the bag, you can store three to four bats. In similar fashion, you can keep some clothes if you are going to some away games. 

Best Seller


  • Made for catchers
  • Various compartments
  • Lubricated zippers
  • Fat wheels
  • Durable materials
  • Compartmentalized storage
  • Fourway hooks
  • Elevated stands


  • It can be a bit expensive

However, the most exciting part of the backside or bottom of this bag is the wheels. No Errors doesn’t mess around when it comes to the wheels and how versatile they are. To make it so that you can take the bag anywhere, they made all-terrain wheels accessible.   

No Errors E2 Catching Baseball Bag

Mizuno MX Equipment Wheel Bag G2


  • Dual J hooks
  • Padded handles
  • Premium material
  • Sturdy wheels

Those in the market for the best baseball bags with wheels should look at the collection from Mizuno. The brand has been in the market for a few decades, and they have constantly released quality baseball equipment.

One of the best things about this wheeled baseball bag is its dimensions. With a length, width, and height of 36, 15, and 15 inches, this bag can hold all your equipment with ease and still have space. The total volume of the bag is 133 liters. The durability of this baseball bag is also high-quality because the running bag is made from premium material.

The structure of the wheeled baseball bag is well made, so you will get proper stability. The retractable handle of the G2 wheel bag has padding, so it’s comfortable to wheel around. Finally, the bag also has ventilated footwear storage, so you can keep it away from all other equipment.

Best Seller


  • Durable
  • Multi color
  • All terrain wheels
  • Large storage


  • Basic design

PowerNet All Gear Transporter


  • Huge main compartment
  • Stores 4 7×7 nets
  • Has dividers
  • Has over 20 pockets or hooks
  • Zippered valuables pocket
  • Hanging hooks system
  • Reinforced material 

For all you coaches out there, this one is a keeper. From all different perspectives, this bag can do it all while being wheeled. Whether you are a coach of a youth league or higher, the bag can and will fit all your needs. In a word with multiple compartments and dividers, you can easily store all the training equipment you might need.

In my old youth league, our coach needed multiple bags to carry all the training equipment. And the worse part was we had to move since he called it training. But if he had this baseball bag with wheels, then we might have missed out on that task. One of the main reasons I love this bag now that I teach baseball sometimes is all the space. Together with over or around 20 pockets and hooks, you can separate everything the way you want it. The valuables pocket also lets me keep the fragile stuff away from the heavy equipment. The durable fabric means no tears from the cleats or other sharp points in fact. 

In conclusion, this is a baseball bag with wheels that makes hauling baseball training equipment a breeze. 

Best Seller


  • Great for coaches
  • Carries everything for the team
  • Decoration panel for the team logo
  • It opens the whole bag for easier access
  • Hidden telescopic pull handle
  • All-terrain wheels 
  • Grab handles everywhere
  • Wear and tear-resistant fabric


  • Heavy when full

Franklin Sports Traveler Roller Wheel Bag


  • Built for all seasons
  • Pro level baseball bag
  • Large & compact storage
  • Heavy duty wheels

A key aspect of why we have picked the Franklin Sports Traveler roller baseball bag as one of the best baseball bags with wheels is that it uses pro-quality 1680D water-resistant polyester. This high-quality and durable material ensures that it won’t tear or break even with rough use. Also, the material is water-resistant, so you can hang it outside the fence in the rain while you train.

Furthermore, the wheeled baseball bag measures 36″x12.5″x12,” so you’ll have plenty of room for all of your baseball equipment, including your catchers gear. The handle and the wheel of the bag are heavy duty, so you can take it anywhere outdoors.

Best Seller


  • One size for all
  • All terrain wheels
  • Dual fence hooks
  • Easy to transport


  • Single color

Tucci Team Bat Holder Bag


  • Simple design 
  • Holds up to 25 bats
  • Individual bat sleeves
  • Three heavy-duty fence hook
  • Reinforced bottom
  • Has scuffs and rails 

Even though this baseball bag with wheels isn’t for storing anything other than baseball bats, it still deserves to be on this list. While only storing baseball bats, it does a great job of being useful. This is since it can keep upwards of 25 baseball bats, which is a lot, and that is more than enough for an entire team to use on more than one game. For the most part, baseball bats use wood of different kinds, so they tend to break. 

I have seen more than one bat breaking when hitting a baseball. Thus I can tell you that having some extra on hand is never a bad thing. At the same time, you need to store these baseball bats properly, especially during away games. To do so, Tucci used top-quality fabrics and reinforced baseball bag bottoms in this wheeled baseball bag. 

In the first place, the reinforced bottom lets you drop this wheeled bag onto any surface without damaging it. In the second place, the rails and scuffs on the bottom will mean that the bats inside won’t be damaged. Together with the two features protect all the bats stored inside and keeps them in tip-top shape. Finally, the fence hook placed in the bag make it so you can hang the bag on any fence if you don’t want it on the ground.

Best Seller


  • Lots of space
  • Durable build
  • Hold many bats
  • Tough bottom
  • Scuff and tear-proof
  • Long handle
  • Grooved wheels
  • Long-lasting


  • Only good to store bats

Easton Dugout Bat and Equipment Wheeled Bag


  • Durably made
  • Stands upright all the time
  • Easy access from the top
  • Zippers are longer lasting
  • It can fit four or more bats
  • Tough inline wheels

Easton is a well-known company that produces excellent quality baseball gear and storage options. The dugout baseball bar with wheels is another one of those superb baseball storing options. From the bag’s design to all the storage space to everything else Easton thought of as much as possible. By working so much there were able to make one of the best rolling softball and baseball bags.

First, the design of this Easton wheeled catchers bag is, in a word, durable. The design allows players to store their baseball equipment in an organized manner safely in particular. Also, the build of the bag allows it to stay upright all the time. From all the other bags we have tested, this is rather hard to do. 

Secondly, we have to take about the access, you can have in this baseball bag. All the access for the bag comes from the top in fact. Now to some, this might sound difficult, but Easton managed to make it easy. With all the space available Easton dugout baseball bag lets you store up to bats which is more than enough. You can even store softball bats.  

Finally, we have the all-important wheels, which in this case are inline. While inline might make it harder for other brands to traverse different areas, they aren’t like that.

Best Seller


  • More than enough storage space
  • Suitable for baseball and softball
  • Ideal for men and women
  • Has reinforced carry or shoulder straps
  • Durable wheels
  • Protected bottom
  • Can be embroidered
  • Valuables pocket


  • It weighs heavy when full

Champion Sports Wheeled Equipment Bag


  • Wheels for easy transport
  • Heavy-duty zippers
  • Big main compartment
  • End and side pockets
  • Rip-proof fabrics
  • Wrapped handles

Here is another example of a team equipment bag that is large enough to store a lot. The bag is meant for the whole team to keep what they need for a training session. Also, the coaches can use this one when they are holding team practices. The bag’s build makes it easier to store a lot since it won’t tear that easily such as baseball and softball bats.

To make the transportation of so much equipment, the wheels were made to be more rigid. While the wheels may look relatively small, they can take a beating on many different terrains. Along with the small wheels on the bottom, this baseball bag with wheels comes with wrapped handles for easier carrying. The pockets on the end and side are an excellent choice for those dirty or sweaty pieces of equipment and jerseys.

In the end, as a team rolling baseball bags it’s cheap thus it isn’t a bad choice. 

Best Seller


  • Large internal space
  • Durable build
  • Hold multiple bats
  • Strong fabrics
  • Tear-proof
  • Wrapped handle
  • Tough wheels
  • It lasts for a long time


  • Small wheels

Louisville Slugger Omaha Rig Wheeled Bag


  • Main compartment large
  • Holds four bats
  • Interior shelf
  • Valuables pocket
  • Interior L Bracket
  • Inline Wheels
  • Builtin fence hook
  • Customizable panel

Oh, Louisville Slugger is back again! This time they have made baseball roller bags that are truly something else. The biggest attention grabber for this possible youth catchers bag with wheels is the amount of space available to you. 

First of all, we have the main compartment that can store pretty much everything you have. I was able to keep all my catchers gear in it without too many issues. The second point to remember connected to the first is the internal shelves that allow for compartmentalization. By that fancy word, I mean that you have the freedom to store your gear in any way you want. The next big thing we need to talk about is the L bracket that keeps the whole bag in steady form. Also, the bracket is designed into the bag so that it lasts longer. Finally, we have the wheels that are inlined and can transport your bag pretty much anywhere. 

Best Seller


  • Big enough for lots of equipment
  • Zippered bat compartment
  • Can store personal items
  • Divided shelves
  • Durable design
  • Fabric is tough
  • Strong wheels


  • Slightly big

In conclusion, this is yet another fantastic item from the guys making baseball stuff for over a century.   

Louisville Slugger Omaha Rig Wheeled Bag

My Personal Favorites

Out of all the wheeled bat bags, there were two that really caught my eyes. In the first place is the No Errors NO E2 Wheeled Catchers Gear Bag.1It mainly caught my eye because it had so much space for all my catcher’s gear. Coupled with its other features it makes for an amazing catcher’s baseball bag with wheels

No Errors Best Baseball Bag
DeMarini Best Baseball Bag

In the second place is the DeMarini Special Ops Wheeled Bag. For all the other positions on the diamond, this bag is a really good choice. This wheeled bat bag comes with customizable compartments and other nifty features.

Pick Your Preferred Best Rolling Bat Bag

Finding the right baseball bag with wheels or without them is never the easiest thing, is it? For the longest time, I had issues with figuring out which one matched me and my preferences. I spent a hefty amount of time, not to mention money, learning my baseball bag inclination. While some might scoff at this statement and say, “does it matter?” I tell them that yes, it does.

Different baseball bags will have distinct advantages, and some might be made for particular individuals of varying ages or even skills. Another major factor to view regarding bags is how much gear you have or which position you play. For a catcher like me, this factor limits my choices by a considerable amount, whether I like it or not. The first time I bought a baseball bag, I made the worst choice and suffered for it. It wasn’t until a senior saw my bag choice and scolded me for it; I learned where I went wrong.

For you to not suffer shoulder or back pain like me, I have listed the best choices for baseball bags. Included in each of the options are a simple description as well as my personal opinions. Hopefully, a mixture of the two will give you an idea of which one will work for you.

Travel Baseball Bags

Baseball bags are the basic version that everyone should be familiar with. Also, it’s the one that I bought the first time without knowing too much about it. Since it’s a simple duffle bag with a short handle, you can grip or shoulder carry it. Most of the ones in the market have more height than width or length to store more bats than other gears.

For a catcher, that isn’t what you should be looking for, but I did without knowing anything. And for a whole season or so had to deal with shoulder pains. For pitchers or DH’s this style of a baseball equipment bag is more fitting, and there is enough space for their pitching and batting gloves.

Other groups for which the baseball bag is ideal are the t ball and youth baseball players. Since the bags are usually streamlined and lightweight younger players can have an easier time moving around. But carrying the baseball bag around on one shoulder due to the tote handle may cause faster fatigue for some players.

Yet this design is still an all-rounder; thus, it’s the basic version.   


Personally, for me, this style is a solid and practical choice. While the design of these types of bags might not be that fancy, it works rather well. Another plus of storing inside a handheld bag is that you can customize what goes where. Thanks to multiple compartments in and around the bag, you can choose to put certain items in certain places.

Like me, you could put all your catcher’s gear in the big or main compartment while putting some of the extra gears like gloves or batting gloves and cleats in the side compartments. At the same time, all your personal belongings go to your private pockets. Nowadays, the handheld style of sporting bags isn’t as popular as in my youth days. However, some brands still make them since some players, especially those with a lot of gear, still prefer this bag style.

The handheld version can be carried on your shoulder with padded shoulder straps without causing too much pain. Moreover, the amount of gear it can easily store in this version makes it a practical choice.    

Wheeled Baseball Backpacks

For comfort, while carrying your sports gear, nothing beats baseball bags with wheels or wheeled bags. These bags are usually both big and tall, which helps to carry more gear and multiple bats. Surprisingly some brands make wheeled bags with catchers in mind since we take some much stuff with us.

Since I am currently using a wheeled baseball bag, I can easily say that it makes my life more pleasant. A large enough wheeled bag will have more than enough space for all of my catcher’s gear as well as some extra pieces of equipment. Also, the interior pocket was big enough for more than my smartphone and other personal things.   

The quality of the wheels in these bags is good enough to go over more than rocks and kinds of stuff. In the three-plus years I have been using my DeMarini Momentum wheeled baseball bag, I have not once had any issues with the wheels. Once in a while, I will have to oils them to keep running smoothly, and that is about it.   

Baseball Backpack or Bat Bag

Currently, this is the style of baseball backpack that are trending the most. One of the critical reasons for the popularity, it seems, is the amount of storage space available. Even though the bag is small, it can carry almost everything, even the catcher’s gear. Most of my teammates are bringing all their gear in these bat bags.

The padded straps that are now commonplace for bags carrying all that weight are a non-issue for well-trained athletes. The heavy and high spec materials used in making these bags make them able to take everything without any wear and tear. Also, these bags have tough fence hook built on them for hanging on fences while out on the field. Therefore, you can carry these bags anywhere. Something else that captured my attention was the number of color options and personalization available for most of these bags. The degree of customization makes it so that players can differentiate themselves from others. A factor that seems to interest players in present times, myself included.

Frequently Asked Question(FAQs)

Are there different types of bags?

There are multiple STYLES of baseball equipment bags, like ones with wheels and ones without. Each of the styles has there own benefits and problems, and different players prefer different bags. There in this article, I have mentioned bags from pretty much all the significant types. Here is a short overview for your convenience:

  1. Duffle Bag: The most basic version is preferable for players with a modest amount of gear or younger players. Overall, these bags are all-rounders. 
  2. Handheld:Handheld: Best for those with a lot of gear like catchers. A handheld baseball bag makes it easy to store through multiple compartments.
  3. Wheeled: Best baseball bag for every level of player of every position. Wheeled baseball bags make it very easy to carry a lot of stuff without any issues.
  4. Bat Bag/Baseball Backpack: Bat Bag/Baseball Backpack: Currently one of the best baseball bat bags styles and has a lot of storage space. Padded shoulder straps of baseball backpacks help with carrying everything a player might need. 

Is there any difference between catchers or normal baseball bags?

There isn’t any difference between a catcher’s and a regular player’s baseball bags since there isn’t any bag made especially for a catcher. Some of your teammates may call catchers baseball bags that are just bags with more space for catcher’s gear. Sure bags, such as handheld and wheeled bags have more storage space; thus, some players like me usually call baseball catchers bags. It is the same as baseball bag used by MLB players and beginners they are both the same.  

How and where do I buy the best baseball bags?

Currently, due to the covid situation, it is more likely that you will find the best baseball bags through online retail stores. Some sporting goods stores with positive ratings will also have good quality products. Still, I suggest not going there unless you are vaccinated, or the local health authority lifts the quarantine. 

We have taken the liberty of looking for the best bags online and have linked them in our reviews, so you are more than welcome to check these out.

What best baseball bags with wheels do pros use?

The top baseball bags with wheels brands are:

  • Boombah
  • DeMarini
  • and Easton


At last, we are at the end of our review of the best rolling bat bags. Each of the bags mentioned has been carefully looked over and tested thoroughly to determine how well it stores and carries all essential baseball gear. I have researched and used my personal experiences to create a list that hopefully gives you what you looked for. 

In the end, all I have left to say is I hope I was able to provide you with a baseball bag that does what you need it to do.

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