Best Baseball Bags: Top 11 Picks and Expert Review in 2023

Baseball bags are essential to every player’s arsenal. Hauling all those gears after an exhausting game or practice session can be a drag. Nevertheless, having a good baseball bag suitable to your needs can make the process of going to the field and wrapping up after a game less bothersome. Moreover, if you are looking for the best baseball bags in the market, this article will give you a well-researched list of the most reliable bags along with a comprehensive guide to choosing a baseball bag that suits you the most.

The most primary function of a baseball bag is obviously carrying all your baseball equipment. It makes transportation a lot easier in fact. Of course, a good baseball bag will help you to keep your equipment organized and safe. Of course, they aren’t Jansport backpacks which are used for carrying your books and study materials and Jansport backpacks are easier to clean.

If your gears are organized, you will have to worry less about things outside the field, so you can apply your full concentration to your baseball game. Just like having baseball gloves you also sometimes need the best baseball bags sometimes with wheels and now without wheels.

And a cool baseball equipment bag is also a fashion statement. Who doesn’t want to look cool while hanging out in a dope baseball bag after an exhaustive game?

Top 10 Best Baseball Bags of 2023

Choosing the best baseball bags among so many options can be troublesome. Trust me, I know because I have done the research for you. Here is a list of the 10 best baseball bags for you that provide the greatest functionality.

Easton Traveler Bat & Equipment Wheeled Bag

This wonderful baseball backpack from Easton features heavy-duty wheels so that carrying your baseball equipment becomes conveniently easy. In particular, this wheeled baseball bag has a remarkably stylish design that comes with 8 different color options to choose from.

Not to mention, transporting the Easton wheeled bag is easy with its telescopic handles. Obviously, the wheel section is sturdy and durable.

You won’t have to worry about storage at all if you buy this wheeled bag from Easton. You can store up to four bats in this bag as it has four bat sleeves. Moreover, it has two side zippered pockets, providing easy access to your baseball equipment or personal items.

Aside from the vented main storage compartment, the Easton wheeled bag has a separate compartment that can be removed.

Furthermore, the ventilated shoe compartment will purge your bag from undesirable smells. In addition, you’ll get a convenient fence hook with this bag.

Best Seller


  • Telescopic handle and wheels
  • Vented main compartement
  • Separate vented cleat compartment
  • Bat sleeves that can hold up to 4 bats


  • Not enough storage for catchers gear

Overall, it’s a perfect baseball bag that provides almost all the functionalities you may need.

Louisville Slugger Omaha Rig Wheeled Bag

This convenient wheeled bag comes from the renowned baseball accessories brand Louiseville Slugger. In terms of size, this bag is more like a duffel bag. Obviously, the wheels of this bag provide great mobility.

However, if you don’t want to wheel it around, you can also carry this stylish bag with its convenient duffel like handles. Also, the Omaha Rig wheeled bag features fence hooks.

In any case, there has been no compromise in the design and looks of this bag; it comes with a range of colors for you to choose from and a removable customization panel. Furthermore, Louiseville Slugger has ensured quality materials in the making of this bag.

In addition, the main compartment of this bag can hold your helmet, gear, and glove. Along with the main compartment, there is a zippered side compartment where you can hold up to four bats quite comfortably. Additionally, the Omaha Rig Wheeled bag comes with an interior shelf and pockets for easy organization.

Best Seller


  • Wheeled
  • Sturdy interior L brackets
  • The bat compartment can hold up to 4 bats
  • removable customization panel


  • No vented shoe compartment

Overall, the inline wheels and interior L brackets are sturdy enough to make this bag durable and a lengthy companion for your baseball games.

Easton Walk-off IV Bat & Equipment Backpack Bag

This Easton Walk-off IV is one of the best youth baseball bags in the market. This backpack style bat pack is very convenient to carry around, and it provides adequate storage for your youth equipment such as baseball gloves for 10 year olds.

This baseball backpack has padded back and shoulder straps for extra comfort while you are carrying it around.

Along with the main storage compartment, this equipment bag features a separate shoe compartment with adequate ventilation. In another case, the vented shoe compartment will keep your shoes dry and minimize unpleasant odors.

Furthermore, the front of the bag features a unique external helmet holder. As a result, you will get even more space inside the bag for the rest of the baseball equipment.

Speaking of which, you will also get personal zippered pockets along with side sleeves where you can keep two bats. Altogether, the dual zipper design with fence hook provides great dugout functionality.

Best Seller


  • External helmet holder
  • Vented shoe compartment
  • Padded back and shoulder straps


  • The shoe compartment is not big enough for large shoes

Louisville Slugger Genuine MLB Stick Pack

The Lousiville Slugger MLB Stick Pack is a very comfortable softball/baseball equipment bag. It is especially ideal for youth players. They can even go to their school without feeling out of space.

The main compartment of this baseball backpack features adequate storage space for all the equipment a player might need for a day at the ballpark. Also, you can easily fit your helmet, gloves, and shoes inside. As for the bats, you can store two bats comfortably in the full sized bat sleeves that come along with this baseball bag. Additionally, you will get a zippered valuables pocket at the front to keep your personal items.

One feature that seems missing from this wonderful baseball equipment bag is a separate shoe compartment. I find a vented shoe compartment really handy in keeping my shoes dry. Louisville Slugger also makes some of the best baseball gloves as well.

The MLB stick pack has a very sleek and elegant design that looks quite fashionable. This baseball backpack also features a durable J style fence hook so that you can hang it on the fence while you focus on the game. In order to buy the cool Louiseville Sliugger MLB Stick Pack, go to Amazon.

Best Seller


  • Looks like an average school bag
  • Padded back and shoulder straps
  • Light


  • No separate compartments

DeMarini Momentum Wheeled Bag 2.0

The DeMarini Momentum Wheeled Bag 2.0 has a tremendous amount of space for your bats, catcher, or outfield gloves, cleats, and protective gears. Moreover, as it is a wheeled bag, you will get a great deal of mobility from it.

The large main compartment of this equipment bag has two interior shelves to isolate and organize your equipment. Furthermore, it has a side accessory pocket to hold your smaller items. Astonishingly, the supportive sleeve of this wheeled baseball bag can hold 4 baseball bats.

In addition, the interior L brackets keep the bag sturdy. And the wheels are inline, allowing you smooth mobility. The bag also features two integrated fence hooks and a removable decoration panel.

The DeMarinin Momentum 2.0 comes with a range of attractive colors.

Best Seller


  • Wheeled
  • Bat sleeves can hold up to 4 bats
  • Interior shelves
  • Interior L brackets


  • No vented compartment

PowerNet Baseball Softball Multi-Bat and Equipment Backpack Bag

PowerNet Sporting Goods is a great brand to be looking at if you are in the market for the best baseball bag to store your baseball equipment. The multi-bat and equipment backpack bag from them is a solid choice if you are looking for bags with wheels that can be carried. The design and support of this baseball bag are geared towards college and adult baseball players.

The bag comes with four baseball bat sleeves that can store most wooden and composite bats. It has mesh pockets and side pockets for all your accessories and water bottles. One of the best features of the PowerNet backpack bag is the ventilated electronics compartment, which is separate from all other storage. The internal storage is more than large enough for all your baseball or softball equipment.

It comes with durable hooks to keep it above the ground. If you are tired of carrying it around, take out the pull handle and pull it around. The wheels are more than durable enough for dirt roads.

Best Seller


  • Works for baseball and softball
  • Seperate shoe compartment
  • Store multiple bats
  • Comfortable


  • Single color

Rawlings Sporting Goods Yadi Wheeled Catcher’s Bag

The Rawlings Yadi Wheeled Catchers bag is one of the best catchers bags out there. It is tremendously huge.

The bag has an extra large main compartment to hold all the equipment a catcher needs. Altogether, it can carry four baseball bats inside its bat compartment. In addition, it has some external pockets for convenient access.

Rawlings has made this humongous bag an easy item to carry with its large wheels along with a reinforced support base which keeps the bag durable. You can easily move around all your gear by pulling on the telescopic handle of this awesome bag.

The Rawlings Yadi catchers bag also features a removable panel. Overall, it’s probably the best catchers bag out there.

Best Seller


  • Extra large main compartment
  • Telescopic pull handle
  • Large wheels with a reinforced support base


  • Might be too large for some players

Wilson Team Gear Bag

This handheld bag is of tremendous size. This is especially made for those who need to carry a ton load of baseball equipment.

The main compartment of the Wilson Team Gear Bag is extra large. It can fit your helmet, batting gloves for youths and adults, cleats, a complete set of catcher’s gear, and many more. On top of that, this bag has a separate ventilated compartment for your shoes, wet gear or a catcher’s helmet.

On the main opening side, the bag has 8 zippers for better safety and accessibility. Also, this handheld baseball bag features handles on both sides of the bag for easy loading.

The Wilson Team Gear Bag comes in a range of different colors. Additionally, it has a removable decoration panel.

This handheld bag is of tremendous size. This is especially made for those who need to carry a ton load of baseball equipment.

The main compartment of the Wilson Team Gear Bag is extra large. It can fit your helmet, batting gloves, cleats, a complete set of catcher’s gear, and many more. On top of that, this bag has a separate ventilated compartment for your shoes, wet gear or a catcher’s helmet.

On the main opening side, the bag has 8 zippers for better safety and accessibility. Also, this handheld baseball bag features handles on both sides of the bag for easy loading.

The Wilson Team Gear Bag comes in a range of different colors. Additionally, it has a removable decoration panel.

Best Seller


  • Extra large main compartment
  • Separate ventilated compartment
  • Handles on both sides


  • No shoulder straps

Easton Game Ready Youth Bat & Equipment Backpack Bag

This equipment bag from Easton is one of the best youth baseball backpacks that you can find. As the name suggests, this bag was designed to keep the young players game ready with the help of this great baseball bag.

The main compartment of this bag has space for the players batting helmet and ball glove. The two mesh pocket in the sides can hold two bats. Alternatively, you can just put water bottles there to keep yourself hydrated if the mesh pockets are not occupied with bats. This game ready youth bag also has zippered front pockets for easy organization and access to your personal items.

The best part of the bag is, perhaps, how comfortable it is. It has a padded back and padded shoulder straps so that young player can carry their equipment comfortably. This perfect bag for youth players also features a fence hook to hang the bag off the ground.

Best Seller


  • Padded back and shoulder straps
  • Looks like a stylish school bag
  • Vented main compartment
  • Vented shoe pocket


  • Not enough storage for catcher’s gear

Franklin Sports Youth Baseball Bat Bag

Franklin Sports Youth Baseball Bat Bag is one of the best selling baseball bat bags in the market. This bat bag is suitable for any youth baseball or softball players.

This bag is designed like a traditional bat bag. You can store all the baseball or softball equipment you need in the storage compartment of this bag. This bat bag also comes with a separate bat compartment where you can keep up to 3 bats. Furthermore, it has a vented cleat storage compartment. Overall, it’s one of the best bat bags to store all your gears in one place.

Moreover, this  bag is quite comfortable to carry around. It features handle and shoulder straps for easy portability. Also, its fence hook will help you to keep this large bag off ground.

This bat bag has quite a streamlined design that is available in multiple colors. Whichever color you choose, you will definitely look enviable when you approach the field with this awesome tote bag.

Best Seller


  • Ventilated cleat storage compartment
  • Separated bat pocket holds up to 3 bats
  • Handle and shoulder strap


  • This style of bag might not be ideal for carrying around for some players

DeMarini Voodoo Backpack

DeMarini Voodoo Backpack is one of the most stylish baseball equipment bags around. It has a sleek and elegant design with great functionality.

The main compartment of the DeMarini Voodoo backpack has a spacious storage capacity, large enough to easily hold your helmet, gloves and gear. It also features a valuables pockets to make your personal items easily accessible. The mesh bat sleeves on the sides are bat holders which can hold two bats for you altogether; alternatively, you can repurpose them as water bottle holders if you feel like it. Remember kids, staying hydrated is very important.

The DeMarini Voodoo is as comfortable as it looks. The back of the back is padded along with the padded shoulder straps. So the bag won’t bite down into your shoulders when you are carrying your baseball gear. Furthermore, it features a fence hook for hanging the bag inconvenient places.

Best Seller


  • Padded shoulder straps and back
  • External bat sleeves
  • External valuables pocket


  • Might not be big enough to hold the equipment of some adult players
  • No vented compartments

How to Choose Best Baseball Bags?

For instance, there are plenty of baseball bags out there. While I’ll give you a shortlist of some of the best baseball bags in the market, it is still important for you to know how to choose the best baseball bag for you that suits your particular needs as well as meets the standards of a reliable baseball bag.

When you roam the market for a baseball bag befitting you, you need to consider some crucial factors such as size, material, pockets, price, design, manufacture, and type.

This goes without saying, while I have mostly used the term baseball here, this guide is also valid for choosing softball bags.


In the first place, the size of your bag depends on the position you play and the amount of baseball equipment you need to carry to the field. Likewise, make sure your baseball bag is large enough to carry all your required equipment. Check the measurements of the bag before you buy it.


Obviously, you want your baseball bag to stay with you through long years of heavy usage. In order to make sure you are buying a baseball bag that will be durable, choose one which has thick polyester and water-resistant fabric as outer material. Moreover, it’s important that your baseball bag has strong rubber bottoms to protect from tears and wear underneath the bag.

 On the other hand, it’s better if the inside material is made from soft mesh or similar fabric. Lastly, try to find a bag with scratch-resistant materials.


In short, pockets are great for organizing things in small sections. Generally, most baseball bags have several types of pockets for easy organization and access. Presently, some even feature pockets for bat storage. So look for the number and types of pockets you want while you are trying to choose a baseball bag.


This is probably the one thing I don’t need to tell you to consider while you make your purchasing decision. In short, the price ranges for baseball bags can vary a lot, and you might not need the most expensive bag out there. Hence just choose the baseball bag that can hold your necessary equipment within your budget.


Obviously, there are many manufacturers out there that sell good baseball bags. All things considered, brands that have a history of providing quality products are a reliable bet. For example, Louisville Slugger, Rawlings, DeMarini,  Easton, Athletico, etc, are some of the renowned brands known to sell good quality baseball accessories.

Separate Shoe Compartment

At any rate, the best baseball bags feature a separate shoe compartment. Being that shoes can result in an odious odor inside your bag. Ventilated shoe compartments can help your wet gears such as shoes dry faster and keep the rest of the bag separate from the dirt, moisture, and odor.

In a word, if you are anything like me, you’ll make sure that your baseball bag has separate and vented shoe compartments.

Bag Styles

For the most part, baseball bags come in several different categories that have some distinct features. At any rate, you can choose from the various styles of bags the one variety that suits your purposes. Thus I have written an explanation of these types for you below.

Best Baseball Bags Varieties

Bat Bag

By and large, bat bags are somewhat like duffel bags. To summarize they are long and skinny with enough room for you to hold your baseball bats.

Although there is only one method to carry such bat bags, they are streamlined, light, and easy to carry.

Backpack Style Baseball Bags

These types of bags are also called bat packs. As a result of the name, these bags are like school backpacks. As I have noted, a baseball backpack is designed like a traditional backpack that has been designed to store baseball equipment.

In addition, there are mesh pockets along the sides of these bags where you can keep your baseball bats. Even more these bags are very comfortable to carry around. Many baseball backpacks feature shoulder straps with comfy padding. In addition, your equipment will stay quite safe inside the protective material of these bags.

Handheld Baseball Bags

Handheld baseball bags are very similar to duffel bags. These are specially made to provide adequate storage for baseball equipment. Furthermore, you will find compartments in these bags that will help you organize your equipment better.

In essence, handheld bags are very lightweight and convenient to carry. Of course, there are usually two carrying methods for such bags. Along with duffel bag-style handles, you will have convenient shoulder straps to make going to the field and coming back a comfortable trip.

Wheeled Bags

No matter how padded the shoulder straps of your bags are, sometimes carrying baseball bags become too much of a heavy burden, especially if you are in a position that requires the use of too much equipment. For example, a catcher’s equipment is too heavy to carry around all the time. In summary, a wheeled bag is a convenient option for such players.

On top of the mobility they offer, wheeled bags also have sufficient storage and convenient compartments for easy organization.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Which bags do MLB players use?

The best baseball bags used by MLB players are from these brands:

  • Rawlings
  • Wilson
  • Easton
  • Franklin
  • Louisville Slugger

What is used to make the best baseball bags?

The main materials used for the best baseball bags are usually tough polyester.

How do you fly with baseball bags?

You can fly with baseball bags however it needs to be in your checked baggage.

Are the best baseball bags soft?

While tough polyester is used to make the baseball bags there is padding added in the construction for a softer feel when you carry the bag around.


Baseball equipment bags are not a part of the game. However, the focus and preparation of a baseball player for the game depend a lot on baseball equipment bags. Good baseball or softball bags can help you stay organized and prepared and thus, free your mind from unnecessary worries.

As you might have already understood by now, baseball equipment bags vary a lot in their design and functionality. Different bags are made for different types of players. At the end of the day, you have to choose one that suits your needs the best.

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