Best Fastpitch Softball Bats Under $200

Are you in the market searching for really good yet cheap softball bats? Buying a softball bat cheap does not mean it will not be comfortable and durable. While there aren’t many difference between the softball and baseball bats there are a few.

In this article, we have a list of some of the best fastpitch softball bats under $200 that you will love. For these softball bats, there will be no need to go above budget as they are crafted with quality and durability. 

Softball bats under $200

As it stands, some of the best fastpitch softball bats under $200 capable of giving you value for your money are: 

The Marucci Echo Alloy

One thing to note about the Marucci Echo Alloy softball bat is that it is among the best-advanced bats you will find for under two hundred dollars. 

Even though the Marucci brand is less famous than Easton or Louisville Slugger, it must be noted that the bats here are made out of high-quality materials. Also, you will indeed find some ex-professional players on its advisory board. 


  • AV2 anti-vibration knob
  • Precision-balanced barrel
  • One piece allot build 

Understand that as one of the best fastpitch softball bats under $200, the Marucci Echo Alloy’s construction gives it a comfortable yet traditional swing.

More so, its AV2 anti-vibration knob comes with a modified and beautifully tuned harmonic dampening system. This gives it a great feel and little to no negative vibrational feedback. 

Interestingly, this bat also has a ring-free barrel build that enables barrel flex and even heightens the bat’s performance. In more straightforward terms, this bat’s design is considered very precise. 

However, the major sufferance between this bat and some others is due to its drop weight of -12. 


  • Easily controlled balanced swing weight 
  • Durable material
  • Great size for most players 


  • Poor design 
  • Quite uncomfortable for some users 

Why We Love It 

I enjoy using this bat because it is one of the perfect bats that any fastpitch player should own. Moreover, it is valuable for generating stiff contracts and more bat sting than composite bats. 

2022 Louisville Slugger Proven

We humbly recommend the Louisville Slugger Proven for those interested in owning a highly affordable softball bat. This bat comes in a -13 length-to-weight ratio. 

It has an ultra-balanced swing and an excellent beginning option for youths enthusiastic about playing softball. In addition, as a one hundred percent composite bat, it is lighter than aluminum alloy bats. 


  • One-piece design 
  • Composite barrel design 
  • Standard fastpitch grip

With composite bats like this one, bat sting is barely an issue as it allows you to swing with all the confidence you need at your desired target; the plate. When it comes to extra performance, this bat has a huge sweet spot you will love. 

If you have kids who cannot bother themselves with those heavy bats, its ultra-balanced swing weight will make them love this bat. It is lightweight, and the significant difference between it and some others is its composite material. 

Due to its material, you should expect a fantastic amount of pop and, as we stated earlier, little to no bat sting. In addition, its barrel is capable enough to generate brutal hits, irrespective of who is holding it. 

It has a cool-looking pattern that everyone will love, and girls especially will be interested in it because of its pink and white color scheme. 


  • Affordable youth bat
  • Sturdy performance 
  • Quite easy to swing 


  • Not advisable for older players
  • Too light for some users

Why We Love It 

One of our best fastpitch softball bats under $200 made our list because it is approved for popular leagues and others like USA/ASA, USSSA, and even ISA. 

More so, its composite construction provides continuous performance. It is a great bat that one should have in their corner. 

The Easton GHOST -11 Youth Fastpitch Softball Bat

We can aptly say that the Easton GHOST-11 softball bat is similar to the Easton Amethyst majorly because it is crafted out of a single piece of military-grade ALX50 aluminum. 

As one of our best fastpitch softball bats under the $200 choice, its construction makes it amazing for additional durability. More so, younger players will love it because it is very light. 


  • Ultra-thin handle 
  • Ultra lightweight 
  • USA and USSSA certified 

Furthermore, this bat has been crafted for youth players that want to perfect their swing. Its material makes it great for long-lasting play, while its ultra thing handle makes for a cushioned grip no matter the weather condition outside. 

If you love lightweight bats, this one will make you have good contact with your ball, plus it is also certified by WBSC, ISA, and NSA. In addition, this bat is capable of breaking the ball way past its warning line. 

And since it has been certified by many major leagues, it is ideal for backyard games and tournaments. 

More so, its military-grade aluminum will assist every youngster in delivering powerful shots without giving any wear signs. It comes in different sizes and has a -11 barrel weight. 


  • Almost zero vibration
  • Unique construction 
  • Ideal for competition and practice 


  • The pop sound barely lasts 
  • Takes some time to infiltrate adequately

Why We Love It 

I enjoy using this bat because it is at a high level when it comes down to comfort. And though a downside to it is that it takes a while to infiltrate properly, once it does, it works wonderfully. 

You will also love the white/blue sleek colors that make it stand out beautifully. 

The Rawlings Ombre Bat

On our list of the best fastpitch softball bats under $200, is the Rawlings Ombre -11 bat which is well known to be amazing for young hitters and those older youth players. 

Refrain from thinking of this bat as end-loaded because it has a balanced swing. Furthermore, as a one-piece all-alloy bat, you will be capable of making sturdy contacts thanks to its bigger sweet spot. 


  • X-tended sweet spot technology 
  • Vibration reduction 
  • Quicker swing speeds

This type of bat will give every player that wields it the needed confidence boost, but we will leave you to watch its performance at the plate. It offers a stiff feel on contact though it can progress to extra bat sting. 

Understand that its sweet spot technology builds enhanced plate coverage, and its quick swing speeds give it a lightweight, balanced profile. In addition, this bat can deliver a constant performance each season thanks to its alloy design.

You will love its high tack grip, and more importantly, it has been certified by USSSA, ISF, NSA, ASA, and even ISA. It has also been approved by some other associations that use 98MPH. 


  • A stiff yet heavier bat
  • Continuous hitting performance 
  • Highly durable material 


  • Too heavy for some players 
  • Not recommended for child players

Why We Love It 

The Rawlings Ombre is very much loved because it is a great choice for players; it fulfills one’s size needs with its bigger barrel. 

Understand that its sweet spot has been crafted specifically to provide young players with plenty of pop whenever it makes contact with the ball. In addition, its ultralight weight allows me to heighten my bat speed for all fastpitch games. 

The Mizuno F20-Finch Bat

Mizuno F20-Finch is among the best fastpitch softball bats under $200 that you should keep on your list when seeking a softball bat within your budget. 

It has all the amazing features one can ask for, while its weighted end provides a highly comfortable grip. In addition, it comes in diverse sizes and models that you will find in the Mizuno line. 


  • Anti-shock 
  • Cylinder seaming construction 
  • ASA Certified 

As you use this bat, rest assured that you will be capable of feeling your hands on its handle. This is because it has been designed with an advanced floating finger groove. 

This means that you will have the most incredible control over each swing, and to top it off, you will barely feel like your fingers want to slip out of their grooves. Adjusting composite angles in ten unique zones will give you a sweet spot. 

All these zones are across its barrel, providing longer bombs. It features a black array of carbon that builds a short break in time to the highest performance. This bat was made to decrease vibrations that are felt in your hands. 


  • Lightweight bat
  • Highly durable 
  • Affordable price


  • Not much pop

Why We Love It 

Aside from the fact that it barely has many disadvantages, I love that the design of its handle fits the hands of all buyers and matches the style of every club in the brand’s line. 

Buying consideration when getting a softball bat under $200

As always, when getting sporting equipment, there are things you should consider, irrespective of the price you have in mind. Some of these buying considerations are: 

Buying Consideration For Best Fastpitch Softball Bats Under $200
Buying Consideration For Best Fastpitch Softball Bats Under $200

Bat speed

Every softball hitter knows that speed is important, especially when playing fastpitch. The pitchers you will find today are certainly getting faster, more powerful, and bigger. 

In other news, a player must be faster or carry shorter swings. The players with faster bats had the time to wait longer if they wanted to see the ball better. Note that this enables them to make better decisions. 

Nevertheless, when players increase the speed of their bat, it boosts their hand-eye coordination, promotes their mechanics, and allows them to hit greater distances. 

As you pick the best fastpitch bat today, ensure you pick the one that will enable you to get the best input out of its speed. 


Regarding the materials, these best fastpitch softball bats under $200 are made of; note that they can be an alloy, hybrid, composite, or even aluminum. Notice we did not mention wooden bats. 

This is because they are majorly ignored in competitive fastpitch softball. However, you may have yet to realize that the material is essential and is one of the most significant influences on your bat’s performance. 

You may decide to use composite bats, and that will be because they are crafted out of layered materials, which the material is mainly carbon fiber, as it is easier to distribute. 

The composite bat will enable you to create racquets with diverse swing weights that range from balance down to end load. Nevertheless, people choose this type of bat because it reduces stinging by decreasing hand vibration. 

Plus, its sweet spot is more extensive than that of the alloy bat. Meanwhile, some others will pick the alloy bat as it has a stiffer feel through its swing area and it has a highly durable material. 

Note that alloys are obtained from the mixture of two or more metals. So, consider the material you want your bat to be made of. 


Everyone will want to buy a bat that offers the best performance, although this is more challenging than you think. The requirements that surfaced years ago suggested that there was a regulation parameter known as the bat performance factor. 

However, the bat performance factor will not limit the speed of your ball upon hit. But, it will heighten the liveliness of one’sone’s ball hitting the bat compared to throwing the ball against a sturdy wall. 

Lately, bats do not exceed a 1.20 bat performance factor. It means that as you shop around, ensure you check if the bat has the BPF stamp so that you can confirm its legality for gameplay. 


You may go for a one-piece bat because they are less likely to bend upon contact with the ball. Or, you can pick the multipiece bats that comprise two different parts, which are the handle and barrel. 

Here, the handle is generally linked to the barrel through a transition piece in its taper area. This type of construction will reduce vibration when you hit the ball. 

It is your choice of the construction you want, as the two-part structure generates great swing speed without having to sting on contact. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Is there any fastpitch softball bat with the biggest sweet spot?

Yes. We will have you pick the Louisville Slugger Proven. This brand is known for its sweet spots, and the Proven model does not fail to deliver that.

Should I purchase a light bat or a heavy one?

You can maintain your bat swing speed when holding a heavy bat. In that case, you will notice that heavy bats generate increased ball velocity and distance. However, it is easier to swing the light bat than the heavy one. 

Either way, you can try both to see the one you prefer the most.


If you have been searching for the best fastpitch softball bats under $200, we have compiled a list of some of the best out there. It is up to you to read through this article to make an informed decision.

Additionally, we have created a list of the best fastpitch softball gloves so that you can takeover both the mound and the at bat together.

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