How To Hit A Rise Ball In Softball?

As a softball player you will need to know how to hit a rise ball in softball. Why you might ask? Simply becuase its a pitch that’s quite common.

There are techniques you can use to learn how to hit the rise ball, and we will provide you with everything you need to know. 

Hitting the rise ball

You should know some basics when learning how to hit a rise ball in softball. And the basic approach is: 

  1. You need to set your hands on top of the hitting zone and let the things that appear to be traveling higher than your set hands go. 
  2. You must learn to pick up the pitch’s rotation to have ideas of the movement when it approaches the plate. 
  3. Your hands will control the beginning of the swing and the swing plate of your bat. Thus, you must take the bat knob down and right into the inside half of your ball. 

Nevertheless, you can learn how to hit a rise ball in softball by knowing that the path a good rise will follow to arrive at the plate is slightly upward.

For those who want to boost the chances of hard-hit balls, there are three methods to follow. They are: 

Using a similar swing route as the fastball 

Even though you must use a similar swing route, your aim must be very high. And while the results may not be consistent, the person that hits will not swing in the plane of the pitch. 

The hitter begins with his hands high 

Here the hitter will begin with his hands positioned high and make a swing that is a bit down so that they will be on the correct path with the pitch. Again, this is an option one might consider when they have not one but two strikes against the pitcher. 

Developing top hands over swing pattern 

Here, your swinging hands will move from the back of the hitter’s shoulder so that he or she can throw a punch using the hand on top. However, the hand at the bottom must remain backward while this happens. 

Understand that this mechanic is done to push the barrel over, up, and in a tiny swing route downward. All these will happen when a barrel gets into the zone for hitting.  

Note that the hitter that has mastered the top hand over swing will heighten HHB%. The HHB% is the hard-hit ball percentage. Again, he would have mastered this against a great rise ball pitcher. 

Some other ways to learn how to hit a rise ball in softball are: 

Knowing the tendencies of the pitcher 

Before going up towards the plate, one should know if the pitcher’s rise ball is reasonable. Ensure you watch while in the dugout so that you will know when and what counts when the pitcher throws her rise. 

It is also vital that you know how frequently she depends on it. 

Ensure you recognize the spin on time 

It must be noted that the rise ball’s spin is very rapid, and it will go straight underneath the ball and up. The spin here will not happen sideways like the screw or curve ball. 

Plus, it will not go over the top of the ball like the drop curve or drop the ball. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Is there a position to take when I want to hit the rise ball?

Yes. Most people prefer to stand in the back or front of the box. Standing in the front, you can hit the ball before it breaks. And if you stand in the back, the pitcher will be challenged to keep the rise ball under reasonable control. 

Can I swing upward at the rise ball?

It is advisable to swing downward or at a linear plane. If you turn upward, your back shoulder will drop, getting you under the ball. 


Did you ever think hitting the rise ball was impossible? We have provided ways to learn how to hit a rise ball in softball. Ensure you understand to avoid getting under the ball during the game. The process of hitting a rise ball in softball is vastly different from hitting a home run in softball, just so you know.

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