Best Fastpitch Softball Gloves: MLB Choices & Guide 2023

Finding the latest best fastpitch softball gloves of 2022 in the market is troublesome nowadays. I think that I can help you with this matter a bit. Here, I’ve gathered the top 10 best fastpitch softball gloves. Taking a look at them wouldn’t hurt, would it?

Have you seen anyone playing fastpitch softball without gloves? No! Right? The reason is that a glove is invaluable to a softball player fielding in the outfield or infield. 

Players started to wear gloves around the time when Walter Hakanson coined the term ‘softball’ in 1926. Later on, after setting the standard rule set in 1934, players started to wear gloves according to their field positions.

After so many years of playing softball, I know a significant amount about it; got recognition and coaching sessions from famous coaches like Kristen Butler as well. The glove department is my favorite, though.

Though softball is similar to baseball in many ways, they differentiate itself from baseball in a significant number regarding rules, equipment, and styles. Nevertheless, being a girl, I love playing softball. Yet, watching baseball matches are pleasant too.

Lucky you! You’ll get all the insights about my journey with softball and softball gloves here. So allow me to amaze you with the best fastpitch softball gloves for 2022!!

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Why Do You Need The Best Fastpitch Softball Glove?

Every Pro & amateur player wears the best fastpitch glove according to their choice. The right fastpitch softball glove is beneficial for your game. Along with that, your softball glove should feel comfortable while wearing.

One of my friends once bought a highly expensive fastpitch softball glove just because she felt comfortable wearing it.

She said, and I quote,

I’ve never felt so comfortable wearing a softball glove. I feel like the model has been made for me and only ME! 

Yeah, she emphasized the last ‘ME’.

Again, buying a fastpitch glove that is unique and matches your personality is a definite recommendation. Professionals make their used models like their own flagship models.

Wanna be like a professional? Then use the best of the bests!

An Overview Of The 10 Best Fastpitch Softball Gloves In 2022

Now, let’s show you 10 of the top fastpitch softball gloves in one overview below. That will allow you to scan and compare them side by side.

Following that, there will be a part analyzing them by their various features, pros, cons, why you should choose them, and much more. So, without further adieu, let’s jump into the brief overview first.

Best Fastpitch Softball Gloves Review

1. Rawlings Liberty Advanced Fastpitch Softball Glove Series

Glove Features:

  • Glove Size – 13 inch
  • Web structure – Single Post Web
  • Strap type – Dual Pull Strap
  • Color – White Base, Gold Piping
  • Fit for player positioned in – Pitcher / First Base (varieties available)
  • Build material – Full Grain Leather
  • Lining type – Leather Lining

If the brand’s name is enough for buying the softball glove of Rawlings Liberty Advanced Glove Series, then hear it out! Rawlings Liberty Advanced is, in fact, the game model of USA national team pitcher Kalani Rickets.

This model only requires a 30% break-in time as it’s already 70% broken in from the factory. However, after the break-in, it is a definite keeper! Its distinctive Poron XRD index finger padding absorbs the hard-hitting balls.

After breaking its remaining, it will mold into your hand. Ladies feel super comfortable and confident wearing it because of its dual pull strap! It also helps to adjust the glove comfortably.

Best Seller


  • Durable glove with durable leather
  • Fastpitch gloves for all player positions
  • Attractive Design
  • Provides comfortable fitting
  • Can be cleaned and maintained easily
  • Trusted brand


  • Lesser color variation

2. Wilson A2000 Fastpitch Glove Series (FP75 Superskin Model)

Glove Features:

  • Glove Size – 11.75 inch
  • Web type – Single-Post Triple X-Webbing
  • Strap style – Dual-Pull Wrist Adjustment
  • Color variations – White & Light Brown (varieties available)
  • Fit for player positioned in – Infield
  • Build material – Superskin Leather
  • Lining – Leather Lining

The Wilson A2000 Fastpitch Glove Series’s FP75 Superskin Model comes with a new superskin technology. Firstly, it helps the glove to repel moisture, reduce extra weight. This technology also makes the glove two times stronger than normal leather. It is snug but not too much that it’ll fall off your hand. So, it’s cozy in your hand. Secondly, the dual-pull closure system ensures a balanced fitting. Finally, Wilson A2000 FP75 Superskin Model’s flat-finger-binding technology gives extra support for players who like to wear their gloves with their index finger out.

Best Seller


  • Immense sustainability
  • The design is mind-boggling
  • Fascinating color-combination
  • Premium look
  • Playing feels natural
  • Dual welting
  • Durable deep pocket
  • Well-known brand
  • Very lightweight


  • Not for regular practice

3. Mizuno Prime Elite Softball Glove (Outfield, 13 inches)

Glove Features:

  • Size – 13 inch
  • Glove structure – Professional Semi-Open Web
  • Welting type – Roll Welting
  • Color – White & Grey Color Combination
  • Fit for player positioned in – Outfield Players
  • Build material – Oil Soft Plus Leather
  • Lining style – Ultrasoft Pro Palm Liner
  • Strap type – Velcro Wrist Strap
  • Specialty – Finger-Core Technology

Mizuno Prime Elite Outfield Softball Glove is one of the best softball gloves of the Mizuno Franchise. In the first place, it comes with a new finger stall-shaped design for quick finger shift. It also possesses the latest finger-core technology. This tech helps players to quick-shift their ring finger to the pinky slot when needed.

You should use these softball gloves mainly in professional games rather than using them as youth softball gloves or youth gloves. In fact, my best friend, Flora, uses this glove in her important matches as her lucky glove.

Best Seller


  • Professional look and feel
  • Balance between control and softness
  • Stability while playing
  • Quick-shift tech
  • Perfect fit overall
  • Classy and quality glove


  • Not ideal for youths
  • Glove oil is needed for cleaning

4. Louisville Slugger 2019 Diva Fastpitch Glove Series

Glove Features:

  • Size – 10.5 inch
  • Web type – Solid & Fully Closed Web Design
  • Strap style – Velcro Wrist Closure
  • Color variations – Black, Berry, & Gunmetal
  • Fit for player positioned in – Infielder’s Glove
  • Build material – Pig Skin Leather
  • Lining – Soft Leather Lining

Louisville Slugger 2019 Diva Fastpitch Glove Series stands out among the crowd because it makes you look and feel like a diva among all other players. Moreover, it is known to catch immediate attention with an eccentric design. It’s was the best glove of 2019 among budget-friendly gloves and been a constant blockbuster glove since 2019. Furthermore, being a fastpitch softball glove, it is in demand in the slow pitch softball glove market too. Also, slowpitch softball players buy this to put it in their collection set.

Best Seller


  • Perfectly fits the ladies’ hands
  • Makes ladies feel like a diva
  • Very comfortable
  • Used by pro players and coaches


  • Not ideal as youth softball glove
  • Not a versatile glove

5. Nokona X2 Buckaroo Outfield Fastpitch Glove

Glove Features:

  • Size of the Glove – 13 inch
  • Glove structure – Closed Web Back
  • Welting type – Roll Welting
  • Color – Brown
  • Fit for player positioned in – Outfield Players
  • Build material – Stampede Steerhide & Kangaroo Leather
  • Lining style – Leather Liner
  • Strap type – Velcro Wrist Strap

Nokona brand is famous in both the softball and the baseball glove market. In particular, MLB players like Cody Anderson use Nokona gloves. Nokona X2 Buckaroo is, in general, made from stampede steer hide and kangaroo leather that makes it a long-lasting & one-of-a-kind glove. On top of that, it falls under the bio soft leather category that is exclusive and rare.

Best Seller


  • Ideal for pro players
  • Stable grip
  • Lightweight
  • Handmade glove
  • Premium glove


  • On the higher price range

6. Easton Ghost Tournament Elite Fastpitch Softball Glove

Glove Features:

  • Size of the Glove – 11.75 inch
  • Web type – H-Styled Semi-Open Back Web Design
  • Strap style – Quantum System
  • Color variation – Black & Light Blue
  • Fit for player positioned in – Infielders.
  • Build material – Leather
  • Lining – Leather Lining

The Easton Ghost Tournament Elite Softball Glove is a prodigy for young players. It is, in fact, considered one of the bests among all the youth glove series in the market. The glove is specifically designed to perfectly fit in a female player’s hand. Furthermore, it is pre-softened.

This glove is also used as slowpitch softball gloves even in matches. This is because you can rarely find a good glove in this price range that can be used as a slowpitch glove or even a catcher’s mitt once in a while.

Best Seller


  • Can be used as slowpitch softball glove
  •  youth softball glove is optional
  • Specifically designed for ladies’ hand
  • Day-to-day glove
  • For youth players
  • Versatile glove
  • Best as brand new softball glove


  • Not for professionals

7. Mizuno Franchise Fastpitch Softball Glove Series

Glove Features:

  • Size – 12.5 inch
  • Web type – Trident Web Design
  • Strap style – Adjustable Wrist Closure
  • Color variations – Coffee & Silver
  • Fit for player positioned in – Available for all positions (Catcher’s mitt is the most popular)
  • Build material – Java Leather
  • Lining – Lining with a HiLo lacing pattern

Mizuno Franchise Fastpitch Softball Glove Series is the second Mizuno glove on the list. Well, what is the reason?  It’s like when the food is excellent; you basically become a restaurant’s regular customer. That is precisely the reason why Mizuno is listed here again. The batter would occasionally not see your curveball coming well-hidden behind this glove’s closed style web. This, in fact, gives you the advantage to strike the batters out with ease. The V-flex style of this glove helps to open and close your glove hand easily while catching the fly ball.

Best Seller


  • Customized for female players
  • Pre-oiled and game-ready
  • Premium impression
  • Young player’s favorite
  • Budget-friendly


  • Not ideal for league matches

8. Mizuno Women’s MMX1205 Ball Park Softball Glove

Glove Features:

  • Size – 12 inch
  • Web type – Solid & Fully Closed
  • Strap style – Power Lock
  • Color variations – Black & Green
  • Fit for player positioned in – Infielder’s
  • Build material – Pig Skin Full Grain Leather
  • Lining – Butter-Soft Lining

As promised before, I bring to you the third model of the Mizuno Franchise series called Mizuno Women’s MMX1205 Ball Park Softball Glove. Well, this particular model has one of its features in the name and that is it is for females.

Also, it has a closed-back and specialized lining assist to secure the catches and to be honest, it feels great! Additionally, the curve in its heel aids to break in easier and the closing much more simple! Even though the ball can come from any angle; you can, in fact, catch it effortlessly.

The cheapest product of a good brand gives you better service than most of the mediocre branded high-priced kinds of stuff. Branded products have the reputation to do so. At any rate, its full grain leather shell provides a professional look!

Best Seller


  • Budget-friendly glove
  • Ideal for young and beginner players
  • Comfortable and secure fit


  • Not for the league or state-level players

9. Franklin Sports Windmill Series Fastpitch Pro Softball Gloves


  • Size – 11 and 12-inch variation
  • Web type – Customized Closed Mesh Designed Web with Lacing
  • Strap style – Adjustable
  • Color variations – Black & Lime
  • Fit for player positioned in – Infield
  • Build material – Polyvinyl Chloride
  • Lining – Mesh Lining 

I picked this glove for our 9th place list from this particular brand because it caught my attention at a first glance. Additionally, some unique features made it to the spot on our list. The eccentric design of the Franklin Sports Windmill Series was also a reason for its list-making chance.

In the first place, Franklin Sports Windmill Series’s unusual mesh lining hybrid design produces a soft pocket and very lightweight glove.

All things considered, it is a wild horse of all the gloves in this list. Due to it is of low price and can be used quite often. Whether it is a practice session or a high school match, you can wear the Windmill Series of Franklin Sports any time, every time.

Best Seller


  • Attractive
  • Budget-friendly
  • Good for youngsters
  • Fast break-in process
  • Lightweight glove


  • Less protection against close-range balls

10. Rawlings Heart of the Hide Dual Core Youth


  • Size – 12.5-inch
  • Web type – Closed
  • Strap style – Adjustable Buckle
  • Color variations – Grey, White, & Black
  • Fit for player positioned in – All positions
  • Build material – Leather

Last but definitely not least, I chose Rawlings Heart of the Hide Dual Core Youth in our last spot. Also, this is a glove for players who means serious business. In fact, this model can be pro players’ top choice as it serves a multi-positional purpose. As the name suggests, it, in particular, brings up dual-core technology. Also, Dual-core is placed inside the glove to absorb the hit. Additionally, the cowhide leather material will make your piece everlasting and heavy-duty after I used it for a couple of practice sessions. Moreover, it is a must-have glove for intermediate to pro-level players.

Best Seller


  • Durable
  • Pro-level glove
  • Trusted brand
  • Available for all positions
  • Comfortable glove


  • Not for rookies
  • Expensive

What Are Some Factors To Keep In Mind Buying A Fastpitch Glove?

The first thing Lexa, one of my softball fanatic group members, told me was, “Match the factorials properly to your personality, and you’ll have your perfect and best softball glove.

Since then, I have kept the factorials in mind and tried to match them with my playing profile. That is one of the reasons why I get suitable fastpitch gloves every time. Thus you should try this method too!

Well, this is, in fact, not mandatory to buy pro stock leather glove or full grain leather gloves. What is more important than an expensive leather glove is to match the different factors with you.

In fact, Factors like build materials, positional advantages, and several structural properties. Furthermore, these are not as minor as you think. In fact, it is the opposite. As they say, “The devil is in the details”. Like that, these details will prove to be fruitful for you in the end.

Factor according to materials

Most beginners, including me years ago, tend to go for premium leather at first. But what they don’t know is that leather glove is best for intermediate to professional levels. They are certainly not for rookies. From that day forward, I never made that same mistake again.

Also, leather gloves need break-in times. But let the practice session handle the matter. In fact, if you are a beginner, it’s highly recommended that you go for synthetic gloves and game ready gloves, or budget-friendly leather gloves.

Factors according to player position

As a softball enthusiast, you must, in general, know that there are several player positions on the softball fielding side. In addition, every position’s player requires different types of softball gloves.

Catchers mitts

Obviously, most of my readers know that I am a catcher. So, I wear catcher’s mitts. A catcher’s mitt will, in general, have a deep pocket. All in all Catcher’s mitt is the most oversized softball glove of all other gloves. It is also the most customized one as its fingers are not separated like all other softball gloves.

For the most part, my mitts are closed-web and extra-padded. I like to buy 2-3 gloves at a time to give them enough break-in time. The stiffness would generally purge away if you followed this technique. Since my hands are smaller I wear a 31.5 inches mitt. Nonetheless, these mitts can range up to 35 inches tops.

Infielder’s glove

Infielders often play a bit more to the outfield as middle infielders and vice-versa. For that reason, the length of the infielder’s gloves usually varies. However, most of the time, they are a bit longer than usual gloves. 

The pocket is shallow in all such gloves, and that is a must-to-have! The shallowness of the infielder’s gloves, in particular, allows a quick exchange time from the glove to the throwing hand.

Outfielder’s glove

An outfield glove can be easily recognized by its deep pocket and web patterns. In general, the length is usually between 11 to 15 inches. Moreover, the web pattern is the most unique and exciting feature of an outfielder’s glove.

The outfielders want gloves that will provide them with shade as well as follow-through. That’s, in fact, why the trapeze and uniquely designed semi-open webs are used in the outfielder’s gloves to provide both facilities.

First baseman’s glove

In general, a fastpitch glove for first basemen is an excellent mix between softball mitts, infielders gloves, and outfielder’s gloves. Thus these gloves must be easy-to-return gloves. Hence the length varies between 11 to 14 inches. The extra palm and finger pad allows me to absorb hard-hit balls because sometimes I also play as the first baseman.

Pitcher’s glove

Finally, pitchers don’t usually need any kind of customized gloves. However, one thing must be there in a pitcher’s glove. That feature is, in fact, a fully-closed web to hide the ball holding style. Give a pitcher a closed-web glove, and they are more than happy! They care more for their pitching sweet-spot and speed improvement than the glove type. Mastering accurate pitching is, in fact, their prime goal.

Factors according to structural properties

The structural properties are, in fact, the most important of all the factorials for the best fastpitch softball glove. Therefore, I, like most fastpitch players, consider the following features while buying a new fastpitch glove.


Match the size according to your position as well as age. Size according to position and age –

  • Catcher’s mitt – 29.5-35 inch
  • Infielder – 9-12.5 inch
  • Outfielder – 11-15 inch
  • First Base – 11-14 inch
  • Pitcher – 9-12.5 inch

Generally, players aged under 12 should go with the starting size range. Then, as their hands grow in size with time, the size should increase with them. Also, pro players play according to their own size preferences.


The pocket of a softball glove is the inside space of the glove. It also includes the palm padding, inside of the fingers, and the web inside.

The pocket size specifically varies depending on the player’s position. For example, I wear gloves with larger pockets to cover a larger area of catching. In particular, the outfielders do the same. On the other hand, infielders’ gloves are shallow for a quick return system.


The back of a softball glove is one of the fundamental must-checks when buying the best fastpitch gloves. In this case, the infielders choose open-back softball gloves for better mobility. On the contrary, the outfielders prefer a closed-back for better ability to catch balls diving all around.

Break-in time

The break-in time for a glove depends on the quality of the glove material meaning quality leather. Full grain leather gloves tend to take more break-in time than usual. Of course, any kind of leather glove does the same. Even the pro stock leather gloves do the same.

However, leather glove have more durability. On top of that, all the players, from intermediate to professionals, use leather glove. When these gloves pass the break-in time, they become your most trustable gloves amongst all.

Web pattern

Fastpitch players always look out for the web pattern and format of any fastpitch glove. Surprisingly most players choose wb patterns according to their positions. Being a catcher, Stacey Nuveman-Deniz goes for closed and semi-closed fastpitch gloves. On the contrary, infield players prefer an open style of web patterns.

Following pro players like Monica C. Abbott, Jordan Taylor, and Stacey Nuveman-Deniz will only improve your games day by day, as they choose their equipment very carefully.

Wrist adjustment style

Fastpitch softball players firstly go for the velcro wrist strap system. Nevertheless, that is not the only option. The second most preferable wrist strap style is the D-Ring. The other two are, in general, rare to find – buckle wrist strap and lace-up wrist strap. At the present time, I buy the velcro wrist strap all the time. You can go with my choice – the velcro wrist closure or the D-Ring; It’s your choice!

A brief comparison between different leather gloves

Firstly, there are two types of gloves in softball – leather gloves and non-leather gloves (synthetic/mixed). You will get a lightweight feeling from the synthetic glove whereas the leather gloves are mostly the opposite.

Stiffness and break-in time are major factors in baseball gloves. The stiffer the glove is, the heavier it feels and the longer it needs to break-in. Full-grain and other leather gloves (pigskin, steer hide, cowhide, etc.) will give you such perimeters. Pigskin is the softest whereas steer hide (kangaroo, stampede, etc.) is the stiffest among the leathers.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Is there any variety among gloves for different position players?

Yes, there are different glove types for different player positions. Such as – catcher’s gloves are different from infielders’ gloves. Again, these two are not the same as the outfielders’ deep pocket gloves.

Does every fielding player have to wear gloves?

Yes, it is a mandatory rule. Since Walter Hakanson coined the term ‘softball’, all fielding players are seen wearing gloves.

I am a lefty. Are there gloves made for lefties?

Yes, there are glove varieties available based on the throwing hand. Hand orientation variety is a major component that glove manufacturers always keep an eye on.

Can I play fastpitch softball with a slowpitch glove?

No, you can’t unfortunately. Due to some minor details, like extra padding, pocket depth, etc., it’s not recommended to play fastpitch softball with slowpitch softball gloves.

Personal Choice

If you ask me for my personal favorite, I’d definitely recommend Rawlings Liberty Advanced Fastpitch Softball Glove Series for the intermediate to pro-level players. It is a long-runner quality glove, in my opinion. However, a beginner should start with synthetic or pre-oiled gloves in their early days. Alongside that, any budget-friendly gloves can be the beginners’ first choice too.

Final Thoughts

For many years since 1926, softball players used many kinds of gloves. In 1934, the set of rules of softball was set and players were assigned to their designated positions like – catcher, pitcher, infielder, etc. Since then, the gloves were designed according to positions and roles by the manufacturing brands. 

Any of these gloves in the list above will give you a good service if you choose the right one keep your age, playing the role, level, and budget in mind. Also, you can pick up any one of these ten. Every one of them is on the list because they have something unique to offer. Here, the list is made to guide you through to the right softball glove for you. From my point of view, that task has been fulfilled.

Now, it’s time to pick the right softball glove for you!

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