Mizuno Softball Catchers Gear: Best NPF Chosen Choices 2023

Any softball catchers out there will want to wear the best softball catchers gear for protection. For those players, one of our top recommendations will be the Mizuno softball catchers gear, specifically the Mizuno Samurai Women’s Catcher’s Gear Box Set.

This Mizuno catcher’s gear model is our top choice because of its features and builds quality. From the material used to the level of protection and comfort will surprise you.

For additional details on this best catchers gear, we will review the product and its components. While designing this product for females, Mizuno didn’t spare anything because they knew that fastpitch and slowpitch softball catchers need protection.

Features of Mizuno Softball Catchers Gear


Mizuno Softball Catchers Gear



  Samurai Womens Boxed Set


  13-15" / 14-16"

Age range




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Specifications of the Mizuno Softball Catchers Gear


We need to first talk about one of the critical components of a quality catcher’s gear, the helmet. According to the complete pitcher, the average speed of a Varsity pitcher is around 75-85 mph, and a college or pro pitch has a speed of 90-100 mph.

So can you imagine the amount of damage one of those pitches would do to your face if you didn’t have any protection? We will tell you it wouldn’t be pretty if you didn’t know! A hardball such as a baseball to the face at that speed will do tremendous damage.

Therefore you need a sturdy and well-designed helmet such as the one from the Mizuno samurai softball catcher’s gear set. Firstly the helmet is extremely comfortable and breathable due to strategic ventilation.

Next, this samurai softball helmet comes with EVA foam padding, which includes 3 distinct internal layers of paddings and cushions. All of these layers work together to lessen the potential impact to keep you protected.

This helmet includes strong steel framed mask for superb durability and protection to protect your face from any wild pitch. Finally, we have the size of the mask, which is between 6½” – 7¼”.

Chest Protector

Alongside a durable helmet, a baseball or softball catcher will need a rugged chest protector. More often than not, a wild pitch will hit your chest area more than any other area. A good chest protector needs to be comfortable and fit perfectly while providing robust protection.

Mizuno softball catchers gear model samurai has one of the best chest protectors in the market in 2022. The design of this protector keeps in mind all the requirements that catchers asked for. That includes being able to clean catchers gear easily.

Firstly the samurai chest protector has low rebound foam. This is a type of foam that helps with absorbing high-speed impact. Furthermore, this foam impact absorbs without the ball deflecting out of a catcher’s fielding range.

An added benefit of this chest protector is that it comes with built-in shoulder pads for protection and stability. The chest protector is built with the female body in mind. This protector is anatomically cut to perfectly fit the curves of a female body.

The protector has an air-mesh lining that accelerates wind flow for better breathability and comfort. This will keep you chilled even during the hottest summer days. Finally, we will mention the size of the protector; 13″ for small and medium sized players and 14″ for medium and large female softball players.

Shin Guards

The final piece of a Mizuno softball catchers gear model samurai is a pair of shin guards. A pair of shin guards is necessary for catchers because protecting the ankles, shins, and knees will provide comfort. This comfort is needed as they kneel during the entire game.

Leg guards go over the knee to the top of the cleats. These guards use soft padding on the inside and a hard external shell on the outside. In addition, there are a bunch of unique features with these leg guards.

The first feature is the integration of air-mesh, which increases airflow to keep you cool. Additionally, you will feel light on your feet since you will be so comfortable. Mizuno also includes their patented K-Pad support. 

This support provides softball players with superior comfort and knee protection. On top of those features, these shin guards also include DryLite inner lining. These linings help with moisture-wicking and keeping you dry during those summer games.

Similar to chest protectors, leg guards are also built to fit the shape and curve of the female thighs and legs. Female softball players have different shaped legs and things, and these guards will fit all of them.

Finally, we have the sizes of these leg guards. We have the 15″ leg guards for small to medium-sized players, and for the medium to large female softball players, we have the 16″ shin guards.

Pros of Mizuno Softball Catchers Gear

  • Complete catcher gear package
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Gear set is imported
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Many color combinations
  • Fits every female curves
  • Long-lasting
  • Extremely durable
  • Fully ventilated
  • Absorbs high speed impacts
  • Full body protection

Cons of Mizuno Softball Catchers Gear

  • Wide price range
  • Best for intermediate and expert players
  • Only female softball players
  • Only for fastpitch softball players

Is this the best choice for softball catchers gear?

There are many softball catchers gear available in the market. Out of all of them, the Mizuno softball catchers gear is one of the best catchers gear for youth and adults. The reason for us saying that is because this catchers gear provides complete protection without compromising anything.

While this catchers gear might not be the most budget-friendly option, it is one of the less expensive options. All of the features included in this softball catchers gear to aid in protecting the player while keeping them comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How to measure catchers gear size?

Catchers gear helmets are one size fits all because of the straps you can loosen or tighten. For the chest protector, you need to measure from the base of your neck to the waist. Finally, for the leg guards, you need to measure from the ankle to the middle of the knee.

How do I wear my catchers gear?

When you want to wear your catchers gear, you need to start from the bottom up. This means you need to wear your leg guards than your chest protector, and finally, wear your helmet.

Are this Mizuno catchers gear set NOCSAE certified?

Softball catchers gear does not have NOCSAE certified other than the helmet. Baseball chest protectors only have NOCSAE certified. Remember, women’s softball catchers gear doesn’t have NOCSAE certified.

What is the warranty period of this catchers gear set?

This Mizuno softball catchers gear comes with 1 year warranty.


This samurai Mizuno softball catchers gear come is one of your top suggestions for softball catchers gear. Multiple features work together for a comfortable and protective fit, as we have explained above. With multiple size options and numerous color combinations, you will find one that exceeds your expectations.

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