2 Best Non Composite Softball Bats For 2023

Are you serious about playing softball games and want to purchase the best non composite softball bats? Choosing the best softball bat is challenging as it has several significant factors one must understand well. 

IN 2023, so many pop-up softball bats have been reconstructed. Buying the reconstructed bat is essential to improve your skill with the new technology. They have been designed with ultrathin handles, larger barrels, revolutionary improvements and more.

Are you keen to get suggestions or tips to show that ordinary people can choose the best bat? Wasting more time will be inappropriate, so let’s get into the discussions. 

Best non composite softball bats 

Several manufacturers claim several softball bats as best. However, finding the best one is tricky. Do you want some suggestions? You might get commendation from so many people, but we are different. We suggest not only the product but also why we choose this as the best and why you should pick this up over others. 

We recommend using either Easton | GHOST ADVANCED Fastpitch Softball Bat or Louisville Slugger 2022 LXT Fastpitch Softball Bat Series. Check their advantages, disadvantages and critical features to get the best non composite softball bats

Easton | GHOST ADVANCED Fastpitch Softball Bat

Major Features: 

  • Name of the brand: Easton
  • Sport type: Softball
  • Material Type: Composite
  • Color options: Red, White, and Grey
  • Size of the grip: 2.2mm
  • Connectivity: 2-piece bat
  • Weight: 1.85 ounces
  • Warranty periods: 1 year
  • Grip type: Lizard Skin

Most softball lovers choose the Easton Fastpitch softball bat for its proficiency. The product was certified in several championship leagues, including ISA, ASA, NSA, ISF, and USSA Fastpitch games. Professionals understand its value and worth. 

In 2023, Easton is the best for its innovation, unique construction and many other features. Buyers love the piece for its friendly budget. Players love its performance with balanced weight. Everyone doesn’t have the same balance power, so if everyone can choose any weight they are comfortable with, they provide customized weight options. 


  • One of the best parts of the bat is its construction. It is constructed with two barrels. One is an inner light barrel, and the other is a robust outer barrel. 
  • Most of the fastball pitch leagues use the bat for the championship. 
  • Only Easton offers ultra-thin handles. 
  • It works well in reducing vibration. 
  • They launched the barrel as longer, stronger, and lighter using composite technology. 


  • Get offended easily. 

Louisville Slugger 2022 LXT Fastpitch Softball Bat Series

Major Features: 

  • Available color options: Orange/ black and Red
  • Material of the handle: Wood
  • Overall material type: Composite
  • Brand name of the product: Louisville Slugger 
  • Size option: 28 inches/17 oz (Customizable)
  • Design: Three-piece bat
  • Grip: LS pro comfortable grip

There is nothing wrong in claiming Louisville Slugger LXt as the best Fastpitch softball bat after its upgradation. This is how it has been updated with the latest technology. 

In the new LXT bat, you will have the speed barrel with PFB Technology, a fast swing system, a Vibration system, a three-piece design, an End cap with Copa performance, and more. 

A few beneficiary facts have been discussed in the content that will help players decide whether it is best for them or if they need to find any other softball bat. 


  • The bat is constructed with a vibration system. 
  • Players love the superior grip on the bat, as it feels comfortable and controlled. 
  • Easton Fastpitch Softball Bat creates a pleasing sound and helps to perform well. 
  • It has a more prominent sweet spot, so players can perfectly barrel the ball. 
  • Budget-friendly. 


  • It gets cracked faster than other softball bats.

How to pick the best non composite softball bats?

Is it your first time when you are choosing a non-composite softball bat? Well, beginners need help to pick the worthy one. However, with little guidance, they can do it. Before purchasing one, remember to check the mentioned features. 


The first and most significant consideration is to check the bat’s weight. Non-composite bats are lighter than aluminum or wooden bats. If you never took an aluminum or wooden bat in your hand, you can check them first to measure their weight. 

Lightweight bats are easier to carry to go for it. 


The price tag of the bat is the second significant consideration. Always go with your budget. Remember your budget while visiting a store, and then check the bats that come under your budget. The price of composite bats is undoubtedly lower than aluminum bats. 

If you find the price more than an aluminum bat, the bat is not non composite, or the storekeeper is cheating. 

Player’s type

Check out the features to understand whether you are picking the right bat. If you choose the right one, the sport types will be included as softball players. Composite balls are only specially made for softball batters. Remember to check it before paying for the product. 


While buying a softball bat, buyers should always check its length. Depending on the player’s age, one should choose the bat with the perfect size. For example, if the player is between 5-7 years old, he should choose a bat within 24-26 inches. Players above 17 should always pick a length starting from 34 inches. 

One/ Two/ Three-piece bat

It’s up to you whether one, two or three-piece bats suit you. Every type of bat is available in the market. But we prefer to use two or three-piece softball bats because they come with several attractive features, including better grip and more. 

These are some primary considerations we would like to share with you. If you are interested in learning more vital considerations for buying the best non composite softball bat, go through the mentioned points. 

Remembering your hitting style: 

If you are good at aiming fast and switching faster, try picking the bat with the weight. If you can’t seek more quickly, always go for the middle-weight bat. 

Choose the bat as per your preference.

Choosing a one-piece bat will be ideal if you prefer a bat connecting directly with the ball. What if you like to feel the vibration while hitting the ball? What will be suitable in that case? We recommend choosing a two-piece bat to help you handle the beat. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Why are composite softball bats better than aluminum bats?

Compared to aluminum softball bats, composite bats are lighter. For light, composite bats can have larger barrels and low swing weights than aluminum bats. The sweet spot in the composite bat provides flexibility to perform well. 

Do composite bats get cracked easily?

We can’t deny that most composite bats get stress cracks and fractures after a few months of use. To avoid damage on a composite bat, users must keep the bat safe all the time, including while playing.


Can we expect that finding and picking the best non composite softball bats will become easier for you? The two bats mentioned above are the two best non composite bats.

You will have no problems once you go through the product’s features, pros, and cons and understand the guidance as to how to pick the best non composite softball bats. Improve your playing skill daily with the bats recommended here. 

Pick out the best fastpitch softball bats under $200. These are some of the best bats for softball players.

Want to know the differences between softball and baseball bats?

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