15 Best Wood Baseball Bats for 2022: Expert Review

Here you will find out all about the best wood baseball bats for 2021. There are few things, such as the best t ball bat, fungo bat, or Wiffle ball bat, as satisfying as the pleasant ‘POP!’ of a baseball hitting the sweet spot of a wood bat. 

Without a doubt, choosing the best wood bat might feel cumbersome as they come in many variations for different levels of players. To make the process easy for you, I have created a list of the top 15 wood baseball bats of 2021, along with a guide to choose the best wood bat for you.

Here we will explain some of the major types of Baseball bats and further narrow down the variety of bats on the market.

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Wood Bats vs Metal Bats

If you are not an experienced hitter, chances are you have been playing with a metal bat so far. Frankly, they are great for beginners!

However, those who aspire to become pros in baseball must hone their skills with a wood bat. Whether you are sure why you might need the best wood bat, here is a detailed breakdown of metal bats and wood bats. 

Metal Bats

Metal bats are very beginner-friendly. They are lighter and more durable. Hence, it is easier to swing with a metal bat, and the swings are faster. Most metal bats use aluminum or alloys. Needless to say, these bats are hollow inside.

As a result, they can have a larger barrel without increasing the weight too much. Additionally, they are also more forgiving. Aluminum bats have a bigger sweet spot, which gives you more big hits. 

Miss-hits with aluminum bats are not much of a big deal. Thus, you can swing at more pitches.

Moreover, balls usually bounce back faster off an aluminum bat because of a ‘trampoline effect. The walls of aluminum bats can flex back and transfer most of the contact energy back to the ball. As a consequence, the ball travels back with incredible speed.

However, this apparent advantage of greater speed creates some safety concerns. Every year we encounter numerous grave injuries from balls traveling at exceeding speed after being hit by aluminum bats. 

Hence, many youth leagues have banned the use of aluminum bats. Professional leagues don’t allow metal bats at all since these bats don’t allow for great distinction in accordance with players’ skills.

Wood Baseball Bats

Assuming you want to become a professional Baseball player, there’s no alternative to wood bats.

Despite the weight, a wood bat is more balanced. Batters can have greater control and steadiness in their swings with the best wood bat. In fact, an experienced player can make the ball travel farther with a good hit than they can with a metal bat.

Though wood bats on the market can be either balanced or end-loaded. The barrel is havier for end-loaded bats. Power hitters generally go for bats with an end-load.

As I consider myself a hitter who likes to generate force, slightly end-loaded is the right option. You need to find out whether to go with end-loaded or balanced on your preference and batting style.

Without a doubt, the best wood bats are the most reliable way to improve the skills of a batter. However, wooden bats are not as forgiving as aluminum bats. You have to hit the sweet spot. 

Therefore hitters can perfect their strategy by learning to always aim for that spot. In fact, there isn’t much room for miss-hits in Baseball. This enforces to create better pitch discipline in hitters.

Furthermore, the best wood bats provide more feedback with contact. You can feel the quality of a hit through the vibration of the best wood bat. Similarly, suppose you miss the sweet spot. In that case, your hands will immediately feel that.

You will correct your strategy until you feel the gratifying feedback from a good hit. Last but not least, professional Baseball leagues only allow wood Baseball bats. 

Thus you need to practice your hits with a wood bat if you aspire to become a pro player. We have compiled a list of top wood bats for 2021.

Turn Models

Now that you know why you should buy the best wood bats, you need to first decide on a turn model. Turn model is similar to what you might look for in the best baseball gloves when buying them but for bats. 

In general, Turn Models are unquestionably one of the top wood bats for 2021. Turn models give you an overall idea of the swing profile of the wood bat. 

Here’s a clarification of what the most popular turn models mean and which will suit you the most for selecting the best wood bat.

110 Turn Model

110 turn models have a thicker handle with a long barrel. So these wooden bats have a balanced swing weight, and they are lighter than most turn models. They also have a larger contact surface. This model is usually used by contact hitters.

On the other hand, if you are new to baseball or someone transitioning from aluminum bats to wood Baseball bats, the balanced swing weight of  110 turn models will be the most suitable for you while choosing wood bats for 2021.

243 Turn Model

243 turn models have a really thin handle with a quick taper ending into a relatively large barrel. As a result, most of the weight is centered in the barrel. Truly, the loaded barrel provides a power-packed swing if you can swing it right. As you can guess, 243 models are loved by power hitters.

However, this model is difficult to swing. So only experienced hitters use a 243 turn model. Otherwise, they are great wood bats for 2021.

271 Turn Model

271 turn models find a middle ground between the 110s and 243s. They have a long barrel similar to a 110 model, but the handle is slightly thinner. This makes the bat slightly end-loaded.

No surprise, 110 turn models are very popular as both power hitters, and contact hitters can feel comfortable with them. 271 turn models are an excellent choice for any wood bats for 2021.

Types of Wood are the Key to Find The Best Wood Baseball Bats

By now, you should have a fairly good idea of what type of wood bat to choose. However, suppose you are a perfectionist like me. In that case, you will want to know more about the factors surrounding a wood bat before you make your purchasing decision for the best wood bats for 2021.

Another such factor is the wood used to make a wood bat. Most wooden baseball bats are made of one of these four types of wood – maple, birch, yellow birch, and ash; you can play with the best wood bats made from one of these woods in any wood bat game.

Apart from that, other popular wood bats, such as bamboo bats and composite wood bats. Still, they are not legal in some professional leagues.


Maple is one of the best wood there; it is also the densest wood used to make Baseball bats. So best wood bats made out of maple wood are very hard and durable. Although maple wood bats are quite expensive, they provide the best ‘pop’.

First of all, the unique sound and the satisfying solid feel of a hit make maple wood bats the preferred choice of most MLB players.

Secondly, Maple is a closed-grain wood. Close-grain woods can withstand forceful impacts. So, instead of flaking apart, a wood bat made out of maple wood will actually get harder in the region of impact. As a result, maple bats have the hardest surfaces.

On the flip side, the rigidness of maple wood makes a maple bat less forgiving. Therefore, you need to make sure you perfectly hit the sweet spot with a maple wood bat. 

A hit slightly off the sweet spot might not get you favorable results. Another hurdle of maple wood bats is that they are prone to gaining moisture over time. 

Maple bats are usually quite heavy. Therefore, the gain of moisture over time can further increase the weight of the bat.

Significantly, Maple bats are allowed at the major league level. As a result, they are often the preferred bat of choice for major league baseball players.


The most popularly used wood to make the best wood bats is Ash. Bats made out of Ash are also the least expensive. Although Ash is one of the best wood available for Baseball bats. 

Especially, the Ash bats are softer than maple and birch bats. The softer wood makes ash wood bats slightly flexible, which results in some increased bat speed. The flexibility and the lightness of an ash wood bat make it very easy to swing for young players.

Specifically, bats made out of Ash are also the most forgiving of mishits, allowing a wider range of pitches to hit. Best of all, they have the largest sweet spots.

However, ash wood is not as durable as maple or birch. As you know, Ash is an open-grain wood, which means they lose moisture and become dry over time. As a result, an ash bat flakes more easily.

Above all, every major league-level game allows the use of Ash bats.


A Birch wood bat has a good combination of the properties of both maple and ash bats. Most importantly, Birchwood bats are softer and more flexible than maple bats. This allows a birch bat to generate good bat speed. Birch bats are also quite forgiving of mishits.

On top of that, Birchwood is more durable than ash. As a result, birch bats don’t flake as easily as ash bats.

However, birch bats tend to dent slightly when they are new. As a result, they often require a “break-in period” to reach optimal hardness after repetitive impacts.

Ultimately, Birch bats are legal in all professional Baseball and youth leagues.


Bamboo bats are amazingly durable and lighter. The overall experience of batting with bamboo wood bats is amazing.

Usually, bamboo bats have great weight distribution. It feels awesome to swing with a bamboo bat.  Meanwhile, these bats have larger sweet spots and great pop. They also have better shock absorption. 

Overall, bats made out of Bamboo are easier to bat with than other wood bats for most average players. However, Bamboo bats have a break-in period. 

Therefore, you will need to practice a while with your bamboo bat before you get the best performance from it.

Nevertheless, the biggest drawback of bamboo bats is that they are not allowed in some leagues, including major league baseball.

In fact, Major league level bats must be carved out of a single block of wood. Since Bamboo is technically grass. 

Separate bamboo sheets are pressed together to make a bamboo bat. Therefore, Bamboo bats are not qualified for MLB. Despite the fact, this process makes bamboo bats amazingly durable and great for practice.

Nevertheless, bamboo bats are still qualified as wooden bats, and they are allowed in many professional Baseball games.

Composite Wood

Baseball bats made out of composite wood are getting increasingly popular due to their durability and exceptional performance. Composite wooden bats are made by mixing several types of wood materials to get an optimal wooden bat.

Indeed, you can have an outstanding performance with a composite wood bat by selectively choosing the best features from different woods. Actually, this allows composite bats to have the best-desired features.

As a result, composite wooden bats are surprisingly stronger and enduring. This makes a composite bat ideal for practice. But, in all honesty, those who are new to wood bats can start with a composite bat without worrying about durability. 

At the same time, you might wonder how long do they last? On the other hand, composite bats are costlier than other wood bats. However, the performance and durability unquestionably make up for the price.

Because composite wood bats are not made from a single piece of wood, they are not allowed in MLB and many other leagues.

Next, we are putting forward the top 15 best wood bats for 2021, according to our investigation.

Best 15 Wood Baseball Bats

I hope my guide has given you a clear idea of choosing the best wood bat for you. Nevertheless, many baseball bat producers produce wooden bats of excellent quality. These companies have a plethora of models to choose from.

It is worth mentioning that, through extensive research and hands-on experience, I have arranged a list of the top 15 of the best wood bats in 2021. 

Undoubtedly, these are the favorite and best wood bats of major league baseball players. So, let’s find the perfect wood bat for you on this list.

Best Seller


  • Durable
  • Bone rubbed
  • End-loaded
  • Large sweet spot


  • Not ideal for contact hitters

Marucci bats were the most used and best wood bats in 2019 and 2021 among MLB players, and the AP5 Pro model is one of their best sellers. After all, the AP5 is named after Albert Pujols, Leftfielder(outfielder).

The Marucci AP5 Pro is a hard and durable bat made from premium quality maple wood bat. Another key point, AP5 Pro is a 271 turn model. As a matter of fact, AP5 Pro is ink dot certified and can be used in the big leagues.

In addition, its tapered knob and handle make the bat easier to control. However, despite the good control, the large barrel of the AP5 procreates a power-packed heavy swing weight. 

Moreover, it offers a fairly large sweet spot. Finally, of course, the end-loaded potent feel makes it a superb bat for power hitters who loves mashing the ball with an explosive hit.

Extraordinarily, each and every Marucci AP5 Pro is 100% handcrafted. As expected from a maple wood bat, it is quite durable. On top of that, the Marucci AP5 Pro is bone rubbed for long-lasting performance. 

Additionally, the bone rubbing process minimizes pores and compresses the fibers, which results in a denser wood and increased durability. Amazingly, the hand-carved finishing produces a slick and premium look on the Marucci AP5 Pro. 

If you are looking for an end-loaded bat, the AP5 Pro is the most reliable bat on the market for you. Finally, This bat comes in two variants – black/neutral and brown/black. Choose your pick from here to get the best swing weight balance. Together with the Marucci AP5 Pro, you can also try out Marucci 2019 Youth Signature Batting Gloves.

2. Louisville Slugger MLB Prime Bellinger – Maple Cb35

Best Seller


  • End – loaded
  • Hard and strong surface
  • Bone rubbed
  • EXOPRO finish


  • Not ideal for contact hitters

One of the best wooden bats from the popular Louisville Slugger MLB Prime Signature series, the CB35 is specially made for the World Series Champion Dodgers superstar Cody Bellinger

Especially, the cb35 has a thin handle and an uncapped barrel. Plus, it has some added swing weight near the end to help you unleash explosive power with each hit. Crucially, the barrel is fairly large with an end-loaded feel. 

Mainly, the swing’s weight and the large barrel give you extra leverage on each swing, making it an ideal wood bat for power hitters.

MLB Grade Maple Wood Baseball Bat:

Essentially, this maple bat is made from prime MLB-grade wood, which ensures the finest quality. Most notably, this wood bat has incredible surface strength along with the durability and stiffness of prime quality maple.

Delightfully, the already dense wood is bone rubbed to constrict the pores and make the wood bat denser and more durable. Particularly, this Louisville Slugger has a simple yet elegant look. 

In addition, there is an embedded medallion in the knob that clearly features all the characteristics of a wood bat, giving it a premium feel. Further, the natural-looking CB35 prides an ExoPro finish simply captivating. 

Superbly, this transformative finish secures a clean and high-end look that elevates the color and grain of the wood bat. Surely, you will be able to appreciate the mirror-like shine of the finish after numerous journeys to the arena.

Besides, the pristine look is not even the best part of the ExoPro finish. Distinctly, the ExoPro finish creates a durable topcoat that makes the surface of the wood bat even harder. 

Above all, everything about the MLB Prime Cody Bellinger model screams functionality. As a result, it is easily among the top 3 bats on the best wood Baseball bats list.

3. Old Hickory MT27

Best Seller


  • Highly customizable
  • Durable
  • Pro-cupped
  • Balanced swing weight


  • Customized bats might take some time to get delivered

Old Hickory is one of the best wood bat brands. Basically, their name roots from hickory wood bats, which used to be quite famous among traditional wood bats. 

Ironically, the best wood bats of Old Hickory do not feature Hickory. Thankfully, they are made out of better quality wood that provides maximum performance at the plate.

Old Hickory presents you with the bat that the renowned Mike Trout swings in the leagues with this model. Well, not the very exact same bat. 

I am telling you a secret, you can order the MT27 with the exact configuration and quality that Mike Trout’s MT27 has and his name engraved in it. Absolutely, no one can tell them apart.

Personalization on the Wood Baseball Bat:

If you fancy a more personalized bat, you can configure it to your heart’s desire too! This is the best thing about this bat. You can customize almost everything, including the color, logo, inscription, barrel, handle, wood type, and even the weight!

Furthermore, you can never go wrong with their custom options since all the available options ensure that no quality is being compromised. The additional customization options and quality control makes it the best wood bat for me.

The standard version of the MT27 is made out of rock maple. The other available options are northern white ash and yellow birch.

The MT27 doesn’t make any compromise regarding performance. The rock maple version of the wood bat is extremely durable, and the dense wood has great pop. 

Old Hickory MT27 has a long barrel, which is pro-cupped at the end. The handle is thin with a standard knob. Despite the thin handle and long barrel, it has an amazingly balanced swing weight.

4. Marucci Francisco Lindor LINDY12 Custom Pro Model

Best Seller


  • Available in both maple and ash
  • Well-balanced
  • Bone rubbed
  • Good for both contact hitters and power hitters


  • Experienced power hitters might prefer heavier swing weight

The Lindy12 Custom Pro, inspired by Marucci partner Francisco Lindor, exceeds our expectations from the consistent quality wood bat producer Marucci. This elegant bat is designed with superior craftsmanship from quality maple wood.

The Lindy12 is the perfect bat for contact hitters who like to consistently spray the ball between the gaps. It’s a reliable bat with amazing balance.

This bat has a medium barrel with a thin handle that features a unique bell knob slightly flared and rounded at the end. The well-crafted combination provides good balance and control to players.

The bat is slightly end-loaded and provides enough power for it to be of good use in the hands of a power hitter too.

The Lindy12 is bone rubbed, so you will get good pop from the increased hardness of the bat.

Marucci also provides a version of this wood bat made from ash. So you can get a lighter bat of this high-quality model.

5. Victus JC24 Grit Matte Maple Wood Baseball Bat

Best Seller


  • Balanced swing weight
  • Large sweet spot
  • Good for contact hitters


  • Not ideal for power hitters

The JC24 Grit Matte model is the most durable and well-balanced model Victus produces. This bat checks all the right boxes in looks and performance.

The handle of the JC24 is medium-sized. It has a slightly flared handle that creates a comfortable resting position for your arm. The barrel also has a fairly medium size. Overall, the wood bat provides a very balanced swing weight. Additionally, it has quite a satisfactory hitting zone.

In a nutshell, the JC24 is ideal for contact hitters who want to make the best out of most pitches. Those who are new to wood bats will also feel comfortable with the JC24.

The quality of the maple wood is seconded by the loud sound and pop of the bat. Users of this bat have reported this bat to be fairly long-lasting.

The textured matte finish of the JC24 gives it a uniquely captivating look. Furthermore, the friction on the matte texture produces a backspin on the ball.

6. Old Hickory 28NA

Best Seller


  • Durable
  • Highly customizable
  • Well-balanced
  • Good for both power hitters and contact hitters


  • Not end-loaded

The 28NA is another great pick among the awesome Old Hickory bats. This one is named after the great Nolan Arenado; this is, in fact, his bat of choice. 

And your bat will get the same care and attention that a major league player’s bat gets. But, of course, that includes the quality of wood too!

Old hickory uses the best hand-selected Rock maple from Canada to make this bat. So this is one of the durable and best wood bats you can get. 

The premium quality of the wood also ensures the bat is dense enough to give your great pop with each good hit. Old Hickory also offers the 28NA in norther white ash and yellow birch. Both are the finest quality of wood in their own categories. 

Then, of course, you get all the other great customization options that Old Hickory features as well.

The Old Hickory 28NA has a thin handle with a flared knob. The barrel is of medium size along with a medium taper. This combination results in one of the most balanced wood bats in the market. 

Each swing with this bat will feel amazingly balanced and adroit. Both power hitters and contact hitters will love swinging this bat.

Old Hickory has a long-standing tradition of making bats that perform well at the plate and rock a killer look. The 28NA is no exception. It has a fantastic and elegant look and makes it clear that it means business.

7. Axe Bat Pro Maple Wood Baseball Bat L118

Best Seller


  • Innovative & ergonomic handle
  • Loaded hitting zone


  • d contact hitters
  • Prone to breaking from collision outside the hitting zone

Axe Bats are famous for their avant-garde designs, and their innovative design has done wonders for this maple bat.

Surely, The most distinguished feature of Axe Bats is their patented handle design. Although the Axe handle with its unconventional knob looks pretty sophisticated, it is not aesthetics. 

Powerful, the Axe handle makes your swing more natural and efficient. In effect, it is proven to enhance bat speed and barrel control.

Important to realize, the L118 is a 217 turn model. Following the efficient ergonomics of Axe bats, this model feels comfortable to grip and swing. 

The barrel is engineered to a loaded hitting zone. Along with the dense quality of maple, it provides an unrivaled pop with each hit.

Specifically, the barrel is cupped to provide better balance. Overall, this wooden bat’s ergonomics, balance, and power make it ideal for power hitters.

The Axe pro maple wood bat can generate tremendous power with each hit due to its one-sided hitting surface.

However, this makes the wood bat undesirable for contact hitters and inexperienced players. The same feature also makes this wood bat prone to breaking upon frequent hits outside the hitting zone.

However, it’s a powerful and efficient swinger for experienced power hitters. If you’re one of them, order your Axe bat from here.

8. Mizuno Maple Elite – MZM 271

Best Seller


  • Good value for money
  • Cupped barrel
  • Supra-Helix grip
  • Large Sweet spot


  • Experienced power hitters might want more power from their bat

First of all, a good maple wood bat such as the Mizuno Maple Elite is hard to come by at this price range. Secondly, this is an awesome-looking bat made from hand-selected high-quality rock maple to give the bat endurance and unquestionable performance. The MZM 271 is – in the words of Mizuno – crafted to win!

Notably, the Maple Elite MZM 271 is a 271 turn model. Because it has a long taper with a bigger barrel design. Therefore, you get a big sweet spot to smash that pitch.

Despite the bigger barrel, the MZM 271 is well-designed to make the bat balanced and easy to control. Moreover, the barrel end is cupped to provide more balance to your swing. 

Furthermore, Mizuno wraps each bat with their exclusive Supra-Helix to make your grip on the bat more comfortable.

On top of that, the Supra-Helix also adds to the durability of the bat. Overall, you feel more control through the hitting zone with a Mizuno Maple Elite.Admittedly, Mizuno always comes up the envious designs. Surly, the MZM 271 is no exception.

Unbelievably, it has a rich furniture grade finish over a matte black design. Without a dought, you will definitely have a premium feel when you hold the MZM 271.

9. Rawlings Khris Davis Pro Level Birch Wood Bat

Best Seller


  • Light
  • Well-balanced
  • Doesn’t gain weight


  • Not as durable as maple bats

This dashing wood bat is artfully crafted by Rawlings from the finest birch wood. It is the game day model of the MLB slugger Khris Davis.

The Khris Davis, the Pro level model, has a 2 3/8 inch barrel diameter and 15/16 inch thick handle. Clearly, the barrel is uncupped to increase the swing speed while making your swings more balanced and accurate.

In addition, the drop 3 weight ratio of this model makes it a well-balanced bat. In particular, contact hitters will love the weight distribution of this wooden bat.

Moreover, the pro-grade birch makes this bat softer than most wooden bats. Despite that, this wood provides superb performance with plenty of pop, which is surprising compared to other birchwood bats.

Especially if you are someone who has suffered from your bat’s weight gain because of moisture, you’ll be delighted to know that the Khris Davis Pro model preserves its weight in all types of weather.

Furthermore, the Khris Davis Pro goes through a rigorous selection process by Rawlings. Also, it is packaged using their WoodSaver technology, which ensures your wood bat is delivered in fresh factory condition to your doorstep.

Finally, this Rawlings bat looks really cool with its matte black finish, not to mention the signature of the famed Khrish Davis. In addition, the overall optics and performance of this wood bat will make it the object of envy in high school and college leagues.

10. Louisville Slugger Select Cut Birch C271

Best Seller


  • Balanced swing weight
  • Flexibility
  • Bone rubbed


  • Not as durable as maple bats

As you all know, the C271 is Louisville Slugger’s most popular turning model at the Major League level. Interestingly, it is a clean and classic-looking bat built for performance.

Another key point is that this bat is made of series 7 birch to ensure your bat gets the best quality wood. Additionally, Lousiville Slugger uses their densest starting billet for this bat.

As a result, the bat has a hardness consistent throughout the whole bat, and it has excellent pop. Especially, the quality of the wood gives the bat a good amount of flex, generating a slight whip to increase the bat’s speed.

Although, the Louisville Slugger Birch C271 has a standard handle, standard barrel, and a max knob taper. Yet, the barrel is cupped to balance the swing weight. Overall, this has a balanced weight drop that is sweet to wield.

In addition, the Birch C271 has a burgundy Hornsby finish and a gold branding, giving the bat a classic and elegant look. Moreover, Louisville Slugger’s exclusive and innovative EXOARMOR technology gives the Birch C271 additional hardness.

On top of that, it is also bone rubbed to tighten the pores of the bat, making it denser and harder.

Furthermore, the hardness of this bat is comparable to that of a maple wood bat. And the additional good part is that it’s forgiving of miss-hits on contact outside the sweet zone of the barrel.

Finally, the bat’s power, control, and versatility make the Select Cut Birch C271 a perfect bat both for power hitters and contact hitters.

11. Rawlings Adirondack Ash wood bat

Best Seller


  • Light
  • Easy to control


  • Very durable
  • Not enough power for experienced power hitters

Rawlings Adirondack is one of the best wood bats made out of ash. In particular, the wood for this bat is chosen from the finest Adirondack Ash.

In addition, this ash bat provides surprising durability and performance. It is extremely light and very easy to control. Surely, any young players transitioning to wood bats should definitely start with this baseball bat.

Furthermore, the light and flexible nature of the ash allows stunning swing speed. Even this bat has a trampoline effect, which will help you to drive the ball with an extra boost.

Besides, it is quite forgiving of miss-hits, and what’s more, there are fewer chances of miss-hits due to the precision and swing speed this light bat provides.

Also, the youth model of the bat has a medium-sized barrel, which is cupped at the end to provide superb balance. Likewise, the Rawlings Adirondack also has an adult model with a slightly larger barrel to provide more power and swing weight.

Distinctly, the Rawlings Adirondack Ash bat is crafted with an eye-catching black finish. At the same time, the traditional knob of the bat is engraved with a laser.

Moreover, the bat has a signature style end so that you can personalize it to turn it into your own custom bat.

12. DeMarini DI13 Pro Maple Wood Composite Baseball Bat

Best Seller


  • Durable
  • Easy to swing
  • Good pop


  • Not legal in some major professional leagues

The DeMarini DI13 is designed with maple wood composite to enhance superior performance in the plate.

The DI13 Pro has a large-sized barrel with a single wall. Certainly, it has quite good pop. The incredible sound of a few hits with this bat will make you fall in love with this bat. 

The excellent barrel design provides the trampoline effect to provide additional energy to the ball with a hit. Thus, the bat has a slightly end-loaded swing weight.

However, the hollowed-out end makes it perfectly easy to maneuver.

Additionally, this bat has quite a classy vibe. Especially, the modern design reflected in the logo and inscriptions caters well to the younger population. 

Stunningly, the seamless dark finish looks not only cool but also feels great to touch.

Again, DeMarini Di13 is mightily durable, as expected from a composite wood bat. Certainly, the DeMarini company will further strengthen your confidence by attaching a one-year warranty with the bat.

13. Mizuno Bamboo Elite Wood Baseball Bat

Best Seller


  • Light
  • Durable
  • Easy to control


  • Maple bats have greater pop
  • Not legal in some major professional leagues

Mizuno is an Asian company that has become a trusted name for bamboo bats. Indescribably, their bats look gorgeous while providing top-notch performance and enhanced bat control.

Bamboo sheets are pressed together to make the barrel of the bat is made. Bamboo already makes it quite light, and the cupped end of the barrel further lightens the swing weight. 

As a result, the Mizuno Bamboo Elite facilitates an easy swing without compromising the pop you would expect from a heavier wood. 

Glass fiber wrap is added to the handle and the taper to increase the strength and durability of the bat. Strikingly, the handle is also sanded to make your grip firm. 

Therefore, the Bamboo Elite is easier to control than most other wood bats.

Amazingly, the matte furniture-grade finish gives the Mizuno Bamboo Elite a sleek and desirable look that is a sight to behold.As this wood bat is made from pressed bamboo sheets, it is not allowed in MLB.

However, it’s BBCOR certified. So it’s approved for NCAA/NFHS play.

14. Rawlings Big Stick Elite Maple/Bamboo Composite Bat

Best Seller


  • AvaDurable
  • Flexible
  • End-loaded


  • Not allowed in some major professional leagues

The Rawlings Big Stick Elite is made from composite wood that blends Maple and Bamboo. Thus, it gets the best-defining features of Maple and Bamboo.

Curiously, this bat is dense and hard, all the while flexible and durable. Therefore, you can swing fast and drive the ball with superb power and speed with the Rawlings Big Stick Elite. 

In addition, it is easy to swing with and has great balance. Also, you get amazing durability without having to swing a heavy bat.

The 243 Turn Model:

The 243 turn model of the Rawlings Big Stick Elite has approximately a drop 3 length to weight ratio. The handle of this model is thin with a conventional knob. The thin handle ends in a short taper and a longer and thicker barrel.

As a result, you get a larger hitting surface and a great sweet spot in the bat to hit the ball with explosive power more frequently.

In addition, this end-loaded or barrel-heavy bat is cupped at the end to give you more control in swings. Despite that, the bat is end-loaded, making it quite a good fit for the power hitters.

The 110 Turn Model:

Nevertheless, if you want a more balanced version, you can pick the 110 turn model of the Rawlings Big Stick Elite. This model has a longer taper with a narrow, cupped end barrel. 

In fact, the comfort and balance that this 110 turn model provides in swings are great for contact hitters.

On the one hand, the 243 model has a design themed after the American flag in red and blue. The wielder of this strong and powerful bat will certainly stand out in the field. 

The 110 turn model, on the other hand, has a sleek black look with a catchy silver logo. This design has a cool vibe to it overall.

15. Easton Pro 271 Ash

Best Seller


  • Flexible
  • Light
  • Forgiving of miss-hits


  • Ash is not very durable

The intriguing design of Easton Pro is carved into the best quality of ash by hand. Easton specializes in metal bats. They have utilized the expertise from that department to wood Baseball bats to produce this highly performing fine specimen.

The professional-grade ash used in this bat is relatively durable. In particular, It’s very light, which makes it ideal for young players.

The softwood of the Easton pro makes it quite flexible. Exceptionally, the large sweet spot is forgiving of miss-hits, increasing the number of pitches you can aim for.

This Easton Pro Ash is a 272 turn model. Altogether, it has a balanced feel. Incredibly, the medium-sized barrel is slightly end-loaded to give more power to your swings. 

However, it’s properly balanced by a medium-sized handle, a pretty long taper, and a large traditional knob.

Overall, the Easton Pro is a beautiful bat. Also, the intricate handcrafted design on this bat is frankly mesmerizing. By all means, holding this bat will give you a premium feel.


We are absolutely delighted to put together a comprehensive guide and the top choices of wood Baseball bats for 2021. I sincerely hope the above information covering the bats on the market will put you in the right direction and assist you in making your successful purchase decision.

Our list of 15 most dependable wood Baseball bats is picked after careful observation and meticulous research and analysis. Some of which girls who play softball instead of baseball can use. 

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