How To Break In A Baseball Glove With Hot Water

Have you tried break in baseball glove in hot water? If you have never tried to do so, you must know that doing so is needed to get the glove ready for the next baseball season. 

Interestingly, there are various techniques used in getting this break-in done. While some use wooden mallets, their freezers, shaving creams, and some private methods, others use hot water. 

This article will teach you how to break in a baseball glove with hot water. It would help if you learned it as it is among the most effective methods. 

Breaking in a baseball glove with hot water 

If you are interested in learning how to break in a baseball glove with hot water, a simple method you can follow entails: 

  • Please fill up your basin or sink with hot water though you have to ensure it is not boiling or so hot. 
  • The glove must be submerged in the water for roughly fifteen minutes. Then, you can use your hands to place water in the glove’s nooks and crannies.
  • After the above is done, take the glove out of the water and wring it. Get the wringing done so that the glove ends up damp and not wet. 
  • With your non-dominant hand, work on the glove back and forth while stretching it out as much as you can 

Note that you can repeat the entire process if the glove feels not break. Some people will use leather conditioner or tiny saddle soap on the outside of their gloves. 

Nevertheless, another do-it-yourself method to try is: 

Step One: Application of warm water to the glove 

In learning how to break in a baseball glove with hot water, you will need to moisten your glove first. So, make hot water of roughly 150 to 170 degrees Fahrenheit. 

With your sponge, soak water and rub them on the glove. It would help if you used this sponge on every finger and part of your glove. When you are done, leave the glove open to dry out throughout the night. 

Step Two: Using glove mallet to male the leather soft 

When the glove is dry, search for something hard, like a dumbbell or glove mallet. Use this equipment to hit the surface of your glove by first hitting the pocket area before heading to other finger parts. 

Once your pounding is over, hold up the glove-like it is in two parts and rub them against one another. Next, subtly hold up two fingers each and carry out the same. Repeat this in about three to four days if you want the best results. 

This process is needed as it will conform to the internal and external surfaces of the glove. This step is quite important if you want to break in an outfield glove since you need a deep pocket.

Step Three: Alternative option for the application of hot water

Rather than use a sponge, some people will pour a glass of hot water on the glove. When done, they will position the glove on a cushion or soft surface to knead it barefaced. 

The knead will have to be soft else the leather will get damaged. As you knead, you can follow any technique, whether personal or not. After three to five minutes, rub the glove and use the mallet or any other hard material to hit it. 

Understand that you have to be careful when doing this break-in so that you do not pound your hand. While hitting the glove, it is possible to stretch out the webs and fingers so that the process will be effective. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Does tap water damage baseball gloves?

Small splashes of water landing on a baseball glove are no issue since you will be wiping them off when cleaning them. Most tap waters in the US are filtered, so they don’t have any bad chemicals that can damage the glove leather.

However, you need to remember to not leave a wet baseball glove in damp places, as that can damage your glove badly.

What is the quickest way to break in a glove?

According to Wilson Sporting Goods’ Shigeaki Aso, the fastest way to break in any glove would be to use hot water to soften it, then use a mallet to break it in and shape a pocket. There are other ways, such as heating it in an oven, but those methods are more likely to damage it.


We have provided you with the necessary do-it-yourself steps to help you learn how to break in a baseball glove with hot water. Ensure you read through so you do not damage the entire glove or its leather.

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