Know The Secrets of How To Keep Batting Gloves From Drying Out?

When cleaning or washing your best youth batting gloves, do you know how to keep them from drying out?

You would be surprised that only a few people know what to do in this situation. However, this article will enlighten you on how to keep batting gloves from drying out. Keep reading for more.

Steps to keep your gloves from drying out

In learning how to keep batting gloves from drying out, some of the steps involved in the process are:

Removing the major dirt

Before you think of keeping your glove from getting all dried out, you must remove the dirt on it first. And this will be done by clapping them together to shake off their loose dirt.

Note that you can wait until you want to wash your gloves to do this, as it can be done whenever you finish using them.

Nevertheless, this first step is to decrease your cleaning time so that the dirt will be less when you are ready for deep cleaning.

Brushing off the gloves

With a soft-bristled brush, you need to remove the dried-up mud that you will find stuck on your gloves. You must brush the glove cautiously to avoid damage as you learn how to keep batting gloves from drying out.

If the glove is not cautiously brushed, it can wear out quickly.

Wipe the glove with soap solution

This act is tricky as you are to avoid getting the leather wet when doing this.

In other news, add some drops of dishwashing soap to your bucket of water, then dip a soft cloth into the solution.

The damp cloth should be dabbed on the gloves so that the solution will subtly work its way in. Then, you can begin wiping by starring from the inside before getting to the outside of the glove.

When you rub the solution all over your gloves, quickly wipe off everything with another clean cloth, ensuring the glove has a spotless surface.

Air drying the gloves

We are finally going to talk about what you have been waiting for. In learning how to keep batting gloves from drying out, you should place them in a cool and dry place.

It would help if you did not place them in your dryer as it will badly deform the gloves and result in their damage. Also, you can hang the gloves on your clothesline or towel rack.

As it stands, you should allow your gloves to dry naturally and even remove all the extra moisture by cleaning the glove with a clean rag before air drying.

Once again, do not machine dry or iron the gloves. Even if you wash it with a washing machine, wring it in a dry towel and hang it so that sunlight does not directly hit it.

It is not advisable to place them in a dryer or iron them because it will shrink them.

Conditioning the gloves

Since you have learned how best to dry your gloves without letting them completely dry out and get damaged, you can now apply your conditioner.

Subtly rub the glove conditioner in with a soft cloth to rehydrate them.

How to keep the batting gloves in a good condition

As you have learned how to keep batting gloves from drying out, you must know how to keep them in perfect condition.

And with this, you can begin by storing them in a dry place where they can quickly air out. But, you must avoid keeping them with other fabrics so they do not get contaminated.

Ensure you use hot water and soap when cleaning the gloves but avoid using harsh chemicals even if your gloves are filthy.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Can I wash my batting gloves?

You can wash your batting gloves to prevent them from smelling bad. In our article, we have provided you with steps to do so quickly.

Can I place the gloves in a dryer?

If you do not want your gloves to shrink and get damaged, you better leave natural breeze to do its job by getting it dry.


Have you been searching for how to keep batting gloves from drying out? We have given you all the steps you should take in this article. Make sure you read through to avoid damaging the gloves.

Apply these amazing steps on the best baseball gloves as well.

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