Learn Excellent Tips From Experts On How To Clean A Baseball Bat

Baseball players like yourself need to know how to clean a baseball bat. We are here to show you the best steps to get it done quickly and without making a mess.

A clean means a clean game is something many pros or MLB players have said. This is because a dirty baseball bat hampers your batting performance. Sometimes, your bats get dust, ball debris, and scuff marks.

Wipe away all the bat marks and make them shine like new again. When you are playing in cold weather, the bat’s dirt freezes inside it and makes it very difficult to grip the baseball bat. It is unfortunate when your bat gets damaged due to dirt accumulation. 

Cleaning your bat is a very straightforward process. There are various ways how to clean a baseball bat. But cleaning in the wrong way can cause more scratches. So, I will guide you properly to clean your favorite bat. You only need some straight supplies and tools.

How to clean a baseball bat

Figure out which type of bat you are cleaning before we start the process. There are mainly two types of baseball bats that are widely used; aluminum and wood. 

Both types of baseball bats are cleaned with different methods. We will be informing you about both types. So, let’s start to read about how to clean a baseball bat.

Wooden bats

First, we will see how to clean a wooden baseball bat. You cannot apply water as a cleaning element for wooden bats because wood consumes water. You can use rubbing alcohol to clean the best wooden baseball bat.

Take the wooden bat and start rubbing it properly with a cloth soaked in rubbing alcohol. Then wait for the wooden baseball bat to dry. Again, rub the bat to clean the baseball bat. 

Now by a wood rolling pin, smoothen the bat. Make sure that the bat’s handle is entirely clean. Now let the bat dry but avoid sunray. 

Aluminum bats

Cleaning an Aluminium baseball bat is easy. Firstly, wipe off all the dust with a clean, dry cloth. We will use dish soap/wash soap to clean our aluminum bat. 

Make soap water and wet your fabric in it. Then carefully wipe the hole bat to remove stains and marks.

There is another way to remove the dirt from an aluminum baseball bat. Hold your bat in flowing water and start cleaning it with a brush. 

For difficult marks, use a big brush, and for light stains, use a toothbrush. Then wipe your aluminum baseball bat with a dry cloth and let it dry.

Magic Eraser

According to the bat manufacturer, Magic Eraser is the best way to remove marks and clean your baseball bat. It is also a much better way to clean bats than soapy water. 

Using it in a wet situation will provide a better result. It vanishes all the stains and gives the bat a glossy look. Magic Eraser looks like thin sandpaper which has microfiber in it. 

Rubbing too often may get scratched by your baseball bat. Only rub it for 10 to 15 seconds for each mark. 

You can rub it vigorously with a bit of pressure on your baseball bat. It is the best way to clean a baseball bat. 


Since we are at the end of our article, you should now know how to clean a baseball bat. We have informed you how to thoroughly clean different baseball bats. 

Each bat type has its own way of cleaning them, and you should take care to clean them.

Follow our steps to clean your baseball bat. Afterward, use a bat cover to protect your baseball bat from dirt.

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