How To Fix A Cracked Composite Bat

Everyone in the industry knows how solid and last longer the composite bats are. Still, they got a cracker. However, it doesn’t get damaged only a little use; using it for a long time may cause damage to the bat. Due to its construction, most batters face the same problem; it has become common. Batters are keen to know its reason and want to learn how to fix a cracked composite bat. 

Are you getting restless to know the way? Well, we ensure to let you know the most straightforward way. Nothing to worry about; repairing a damaged bat is that tough, you think. You need to gather the required tools and materials and focus on the process to maintain concentration. 

Learn how long a composite bat lasts before you go ahead and buy one.

7 steps on how to fix a cracked composite bat

Has your bat broken? Usually, composite bats get cracked; it’s not a significant issue, but fixing it timely is necessary. We recommend not investing money immediately. Why should you get a new bat when the slight cracking can be fixed within a few minutes?

Let’s see the steps in detail:

  1. Firstly, You should gather sand. Sand down roughly will help you make your bat smooth. Smoothness is not the only effective result; it even helps any wicker or splinter get out of it so that it won’t get stuck on your finger while playing. 
  2. Secondly, you need to excerpt wood glue. Please find the cracking or hole in the bat and add wood glue to it. Only special wood glue can protect the bat from breaking down again. It ensures the bat’s longevity. 
  3. Thirdly, you need to find the bat’s missing piece once special wood glue is added. The missing piece should be attached to the cracking area again. Press the piece as hard as you can. 

What if you could not gather the missing part of the bat? In such a case, you can pressure the bat’s sides so that the crack’s both sides may get attached. 

4. Fourthly, Take a small piece of cloth and wipe down the area you inserted with the missing piece of bat. 

5. The fifth step is crucial: you must band the place with something to put pressure on the bat. Remember, too much pressure can cause the bat to bend down, so the bat should have enough tolerable pressure. 

  1. Do you want to make your bat stronger? The sixth step is a must-see step. The inserted part should be screwed. They make the screw tighter and make holes with the driller. The last step is the riskiest one. The entire focus should be given here while doing this step. 
  2. It’s the final step of how to fix a cracked composite bat. This is where you need to sand down again. We started the process with sanding down and ending with the same procedure. It’s significant so that you can remove the splinter that existed because of making new holes screwed down. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Why do most composite bats get cracked?

If someone hits faster than its specific designs, then it might cause the composite bat to get cracked easily. So avoid faster hitting or get a bat, depending on your capability. 

Can a broken composite bat be repaired?

We recommend not buying another bat when you already have one. It’s elementary to repair a broken and cracked bat. Holding patience is the only significant thing to do while repairing the bat. 


Do you want to avoid cracks? Honestly, it’s not possible; the possible thing is to let you know how to increase the bat’s durability. So follow our guide on how to fix a cracked composite bat.

With the mentioned steps fixing a cracked composite bat will be easier. So make your favorite bat crack-less with easy and helpful tricks. 

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