Know What Is A Corked Baseball Bat With Expert’s Explanation

Baseball is one of the most popular sports in this era. Yet players have figured out how to cheat in this sport. By learning what a corked baseball bat is, you will learn how they cheat.

According to MLB, using a corked baseball bat is illegal. The player using a corked bat can be ejected and punished. 

Many players think corked baseball bats will help them to improve their performance or slow down the other team’s performance. Because when you hollow a bat, it’s no longer sturdy.

This will result in a minor natural frequency and less efficient energy demise to the bat. The cork stores all the energy, so the baseball swings off faster. 

The stuffed cork numbs the sound of a hollow bat. But physics says it can’t swing the ball quicker, and the ball doesn’t go away.

What is a corked baseball bat? 

A “corked baseball bat” is a hollowed bat packed with light stuff. The blank space seems to be filled with compressed cork, small bouncy balls, sawdust, etc., to make it lighter. 

The corked bats are created by drilling a hole in the end, half an inch in diameter and six inches deep.

What does a corked baseball bat do?

A corked baseball bat looks similar to a standard baseball bat though many MLB players use corked baseball in the play. Using a corked bat is illegal; they have risked their career and used a corked baseball bat.

Here is some reason why they used corked baseball bat:

● When you hollow the bat, it lessens its sturdiness. The cork which is stuffed in the bat makes it like a sponge. Some of the force has been exploited by the stuffed cork. So, it cannot forcefully hit the ball because the weight diminishes. 

● When we drill the bat, we make a hole in the middle of the bat. So, the center of mass changes to the bat’s handle. Therefore, the bat will be easier to swing. 

● The ball speed will be very high if the bat swings well. As the bat’s weight is significantly reduced due to the use of cork, the bat can swing very well. If you knew how much a baseball weighs you should understand how it flies.

What Is A Corked Baseball Bat
What Is A Corked Baseball Bat

Why do MLB players use corked baseball bats? 

Players who use corked bats think that they can swing very quickly with this bat. That gives them more time to gauge the pitched ball’s location before swinging it.

The cork stuff of the bat exploits the kinetic force of the ball. That’s why the ball goes a few more distances than normal. That’s why the players can run for home runs. 

Using cork to reduce the bat’s weight is illegal. There are many other legal ways to minimize baseball bat weight. A lot of baseball bat weight can be reduced by shaving some parts near the handle. 

However, reducing weight from the handle area can cause broken bats during the match. 

Players can use smaller bats than the standard sizes. With the shorter baseball bat, players can make faster swings. 

However, MLB players don’t like to reduce their sweet spot from their favorite bats. They can also use lightweight standard-size baseball bats to create faster swings. 


Even though cheating is strictly prohibited in MLB and other leagues, many players still look for what is a corked baseball bat. Hopefully, we have shared what and why is a corked bat used. But be warned, using a corked bat in matches will get you suspended and penalized.

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