Best Youth Batting Gloves: Top 12 Ranking in 2022 (Updated)

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What Is The Purpose of Baseball Batting Gloves?

Batting gloves provide more enhanced grip and protection at the plate for batters. At the highest level, the majority of batters consider them to be crucial components of baseball and softball games. We are delighted to put together a great list for you of the best youth batting gloves, which are simply the top rank for the year 2022.

Great batting gloves can prevent the batter’s hands from slipping or shifting throughout the swing. A decent pair of gloves manage to minimize the discomfort of being hit too low near the bat’s taper. Batting gloves can also assist drain moisture away from the hands and preventing blisters of the baseball players.

Youth batting gloves assist baseball and softball players in having a firm grip on the bat. Maximum grip on the bat can play a vital role in successful batting. In addition, youth batting gloves can prevent blisters on the hands of the players. Blisters can form during a long batting practice session. Therefore, it’s critical to have the right size batting gloves. If the batting gloves are too bulky, the fabric could wrinkle, which can lead to blisters. On the other hand, a youth batting glove, which has a smaller size, could rip.

Batting gloves consist of leather or synthetic materials. Though, you can find both materials in some gloves. On one hand, leather gloves give more sturdiness and an enhanced grip like kip leather. On the other hand, synthetic materials present elasticity and breathability.

Buying Guide For The Best Baseball Batting Gloves:

If you’re looking for the best youth batting gloves for the first time, you’re sure to have a few queries. This article is a guide for finding the right youth batting gloves. To find the best batting gloves, you must consider some qualities.

Must Have Qualities In a Youth Batting Glove

When searching for batting gloves, there are a lot of attributes and features to consider. However, the best quality glove characteristics are determined mainly by the needs of the player. For example, some batters are only interested in grip, while others seek the best batting gloves to avoid blisters or provide wrist support, among other things. As such not every baseball batting glove are created equal.


The majority of athletes look for grip as the most critical feature in their batting gloves. A comfortable grip gives players a competitive advantage. Which in turn allows them to have greater control over their bat and swing. As a matter of fact, batting gloves nearly always feature a tacky substance across the palm. That provides a better grip and helps the batter maintain a firm grasp on the bat handle.


Batting gloves protect a batter’s hand from balls that come in too close. Even if they’re merely made of thin, porous leather, they’re still better than bare hands. Moreover, some of the best cushioned batting gloves go a step further by including plastic inserts. This protective padding provides an additional layer of protection against wild pitches. The material used sometimes also provides protection from sweaty hands.


Most players buy gloves considering their durability. Players expect the gloves to last at least for a season. The durability of the gloves depends on the stitching employed by the manufacturer, which has a significant impact on this. Generally, expensive and top products like batting gloves are more sturdy and durable than cheap batting gloves.


One of the most vital features of baseball batting gloves is their comfort. If players don’t feel comfortable when they wear batting gloves, it will definitely affect their performance. The most crucial factors are softness, fit, and feel. Some gloves are designed for hot weather conditions, which should keep your extra large or little hands cool and free from sweaty hands. On the other hand, some gloves are specifically designed for cold weather conditions to keep the hands warm.


Unless you’re buying an extra pair of batting gloves for winter conditions, there’s no reason to have large softball batting gloves. For normal weather conditions, the batting gloves must be lightweight for better performance of the youth players. Youth batting glove needs to be lightweight for the optimum performance of the young players.


The materials used in the batting gloves are the last but not the minor quality to think of. Materials not only influence price but also influence the durability and comfort of a batting glove. Cheap batting gloves employ lower-quality materials, whereas quality glove uses expensive materials. Most high-quality products use some quality materials like premium leather, mesh material, or sheepskin leather. On the other hand, cheap gloves use cheaper materials, which affects the quality of the product.


Your batting glove should fit snugly on your hand, neither too loosely nor too firmly. Gloves that are too tight may restrict your range of motion and may even prevent blood supply, whereas gloves that are too loose will swing around and perhaps fall off. So, sizing is also an important factor for batting gloves. The best way to find your glove size is to measure it from the tip of the middle finger to the palm.

How Much Should You Pay for a Pair of Batting Gloves?

The price of the top picks batting gloves varies according to the best size. You can get affordable youth batting gloves for as little as $10 for younger players. However, if you want the best youth batting gloves, expect to pay between $25 and $30.

12 Top Picks Youth Batting Gloves of 2022 In The Market:

Franklin Sports MLB Digitek Baseball Batting Gloves

When you think about batting gloves, the first brand that pops up in your mind is Franklin because of its high-quality products. Franklin is producing batting gloves for a very long period. Franklin’s batting gloves offer the best features at an affordable price comparing to other gloves brands. It is the main reason for their huge popularity. With the Franklin Sports Digitek Batting Gloves, you can confidently take the field. It is one of the coolest batting gloves because of its comfort and protection. The glove incorporates some of Franklin’s most advanced technologies. A high-quality genuine leather heel pad cushions and guards the hand, while the microfiber palm delivers excellent grip and durability. The palm grips are abrasion-resistant and retain their grip over time.

Furthermore, the tri-Curve technology helps the batting glove hold its shape for a secure fit without compromising flexibility. Perforations are also present on the fingers to aid ventilation. Its sturdy stitching ensures that it will survive countless innings. The robust palm gives an enhanced grip, ensuring that young baseball MVPs have a firm grip on the bat. You can easily distinguish Digitek Batting Gloves from the competition by a bit of camo patch on the front of each glove. In addition, you may express yourself on the field with a variety of color options. Moreover, you’ll be able to discover the perfect fit for any baseball player, thanks to the large selection of sizes. Furthermore, Franklin sports MLB are also trendy adult batting gloves.

Best Seller


  • Flexible
  • Multifunctional
  • Athletic feel, fit, and appearance
  • Offers advance protection
  • Gives firm grip


  • Cless durable

Mizuno MVP Baseball Batting Gloves

Mizuno produces quality batting gloves for youth players, which are full of premium features. In addition, Mizuno gloves are affordable and a great value for money. However, the Mizuno MVP is the best gloves offered by Mizuno. The Mizuno MVP gloves are trendy among young players. The gloves feature includes a non-slip palm that will offer excellent grip to bat handle and helps you swing more steadily. In addition, because it features a neoprene wristband, it is more comfortable on the wrist, providing a more secure fit.

Another unique feature of these gloves is Air Mesh Back. Each pair of batting gloves is designed with AirMesh back to provide additional comfort and optimum breathability. Furthermore, the QuickAdjust strap ensures a comfortable and secure fit. It’s also simple to put on and take off, thanks to the QuickAdjust straps. Moreover, If you are prone to sweaty hands, particularly during batting practice, these gloves will keep your big or little hands cool and prevent you from sweating. Finally, these gloves come with five color choices, giving you more versatility. So, if you’re looking for a batting glove that is both high-performing and inexpensive, the Mizuno MVP Baseball Batting Gloves are an excellent choice.

Best Seller


  • It’s easy to put on and take off
  • Guarantees optimum comfort
  • Offers excellent grip
  • Breathable and spacious


  • Size appears to be inaccurate
  • Sometimes it can easily tear off

Under Armour Boys Clean Up 19 Baseball Batting Gloves

Under Armour is another excellent style of youth batting gloves to consider. The Under Armour Boys Youth Clean Up 19 Batting Glove is made entirely of polyester. This material’s shell allows your hands to breathe, making it very simple for the player to maintain a firm grip on dry, wet, or oily materials, making it ideal for any game. Whether it’s sunny or wet, this glove doesn’t seem to mind!

Because it is made of HeatGear fabric, your big or little hands will remain cool, dry, and light during the game. Isn’t it lovely? Its classic design provides a unique level of comfort to anybody who wears it. In addition, the use of synthetic gloves overlays gave the glove a nice finishing touch. It also includes genuine soft leather palms, which offer a wonderfully soft feel and aid in gripping the bat for a more precise swing. In every way, these leather gloves provides us with assurance and durability.

Beneath Armour also incorporated some perforation or holes under the fingers, such as the middle finger, to make it more breathable, resulting in reduced sweating of the palms and fingers and bringing the athlete more comfort. The elastic wrist cuffs, which would secure, lock, and support you during the game and ensuring a snug fit, is another exclusive feature of the product. What else would you expect from a product?

Best Seller


  • The 100% polyester makes the glove more breathable
  • Keep hands cool and dry
  • Has additional support in an appropriate place
  • The synthetic gloves overlay also works as a support


  • Inaccurate colors sometimes

Easton Youth Baseball VRS Power Boost Baseball Batting Gloves

If you want a glove with more comfort, the Eastern VRS (Vibration Reduction System Boost) Batting Series is the glove for you. The VRS padding in the palm was designed to decrease vibration, which occurs when the bat makes a sweet swing and causes trembling in your hands. Because human hands are particularly sensitive to vibrations, this causes discomfort. As a result, this product was designed with this fact in mind. So isn’t it a bit sweet?

A power boost heel pad is also included to protect the hamate bone and make the swing more pleasant. Indeed, in this type of sport, protection and comfort are critical, and surprisingly this glove provides both, which I appreciate most about it. They use goatskin leather for the equipment’s leather palm. What’s the deal with this particular leather? This kind has a delicate, smooth grain texture, is stronger and milder than cow leather, and weighs far less! This one is water-resistant and pleasant to wear. It also includes a stretchy LYCRA Spandex with silicone added to enhance structure and flexibility. This allows the softball player to move more freely, which is very beneficial during a hot and intense game. Furthermore, a 40mm neoprene wristband molds the wrist strap. Moreover, the branded pull is designed to protect the wrist from unexpected hits.

Best Seller


  • Palm padding decreases vibration and blisters
  • Power boost heel pad for excellent swing
  • Premium quality goatskin leather gloves
  • Molded wrist strap


  • The stitching doesn’t last long

Easton Walk-off Baseball Batting Gloves Series

If you’re searching for youth baseball batting gloves that are both high-quality and long-lasting, go no further than this Easton glove. Baseball and softball players trust this brand, so it’s no surprise that it’s regarded as one of the finest batting gloves for kids. Its silky goatskin leather palm provides a luxuriously comfortable feel. It will undoubtedly provide you with exceptional grip and protection. Moreover, the premium goatskin leather is complimented by HYPERSKIN LYCRA, which adds structure. In addition, the Easton Walk-off Batting Gloves Series is integrated with matte and gloss silicone at the back, which adds structure while preserving mobility. As a result, you may rest assured that you will not get a hand injury due to this, especially during batting practice.

These batting gloves are also recognized for having a flexible molded wrist strap that assures a snug fit on your hand at the same time. Furthermore, the 40mm neoprene pull tab on the LOCKDOWN STRAP helps players get the custom fit for every bat. It has a strong sense of style in addition to its skilled engineering. It comes in various color and pattern combinations so that you may match your backpack and helmet. That is the current batting craze.

Best Seller


  • Premium quality
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • High durability
  • Excellent design


  • Bit expensive

Franklin Sports MLB Shok-Sorb Neo Baseball Batting Gloves

The Franklin Shok-Sorb NEO gloves are meant to be the best youth baseball batting gloves for providing shock absorption, as the name suggests. Apart from minimizing bat sting, these great pair of batting gloves, in fact, offer a few other noteworthy characteristics. The Shok-Sorb NEO gloves normally have a thicker, cushioned palm, which is what gloves are meant to decrease bat sting have. Franklin’s shock-absorbing cushioning, on the other hand, is deliberately shaped and placed in a way that it can easily obtain the greatest potential outcomes. After this delicately engineered shock-absorbing padding, the next notable attribute is the floating thumb technology. This exclusive feature enhances the flexibility and adaptability of the batting glove. In addition, these batting gloves include an ultra-thin, see-through, and ventilated Lycra mesh material for added comfort. Moreover, the tactically placed flex points will give you a great advantage over other gloves for optimum performance.

In addition, the shok-sorb cushioning will eliminate the sting and absorb all impacts. Finally, the smooth leather palm retains its suppleness and tactility in any weather condition, whether hot or cold. Also, these gloves have top-class shock absorption, and other exclusive features in all-weather condition, these pair of batting gloves are multipurpose, reasonable, and noble for any game occasion.

Best Seller


  • Super shock absorption
  • Very comfortable due to lightweight and lycra mesh
  • Floating thumb technology ensures flexibility
  • One can easily use Franklin in all weather conditions


  • Limited color options
  • The thin Lycra may create durability issues

Clutch Sports Apparel Softball and Baseball Batting Gloves

Clutch Sports is a less recognized batting gloves brand compared to Franklin, Nike, Easton. They do, however, manufacture some of the most aesthetic-looking youth baseball gloves on the market. Their gloves have interlocking designs, so you get an entire picture or pattern when you put them all together when you put them together. The Clutch Sports batting gloves look not only stylish but also offer performance-enhancing qualities that make them unique. Surprisingly, the one-piece perforated Sheepskin leather palms provide a superior sense of touch, increased grip, resilience, breathability, and moisture control. This one-piece smooth leather palm ensures a snug fit at hand and bat as well. Each batting glove includes a pre-curved finger design for a more natural fit. It enables these gloves to keep their shape while freely embracing the hand for a great tight fit.

Moreover, another outstanding feature of these gloves is Clutch interlocking and superior grip. Gloves are easy to put on and take off, thanks to the anti-slip high grip Velcro closure cuff design. The original interlocking design element will align when you put your hands combinedly at the batting stance. Furthermore, these batting gloves are printed by a sublimation printing process, which ensures permanent effects and prevents them from fading quickly.

Best Seller


  • Flexible
  • Multifunctional
  • Athletic feel, fit, and appearance
  • Offers advance protection
  • Gives firm grip


  • Less durable

Franklin Sports MLB CFX Pro Baseball Batting Gloves

Franklin’s CFX Pro batting gloves have consistently been one of the best softball batting gloves of all time because of their top-notch performance-enhancing features, superb materials, and better craftsmanship. Franklin utilizes quality Pittards Digital sheepskin leather, which provides the right mix of softness and grip, regardless of the conditions. Pittards Digital Sheepskin leather palm delivers world-class comfort and exceptional grip in all circumstances, while the digital leather provides strategically carved grooves to prevent palm bunching and increase grip. Moreover, these high-quality leather gloves are meant to function at their best season after season, with no rips or bunching.

In addition, these gloves are particularly designed to suit the natural contours of the hand, ensuring a comfortable fit and a responsive, mellow vibe. The interior of each batting glove is sculpted to fit the genuine anatomical features of the fingers, the middle finger and others, using the TRI-CURVE technology. This elevates the glove-like fit to a new level. Then, beneath each knuckle, a Dual-Layer Lycra-Flex Bridge forms a flexible ridge to let them move as naturally as possible. Finally, with an adjustable hook and loop wrist strap, you’ll enjoy a completely customized and form-fitting comfort experience. The Tectonic Fit inserts are the last item on the Franklin CFX Pro batting gloves’ list of features. Moreover, it’s difficult to disagree with the MLB’s preferred batting gloves; the Franklin CFX Pro gloves are absolutely exceptional.

Best Seller


  • Most premium leather
  • Dual-Layered Lycra-Flex and TRI-CURVE for best fitting
  • Numerous color options available


  • Expensive compared to others
  • Color options may vary

Franklin Sports MLB Cold Weather Pro Baseball Batting Gloves

Batting gloves that can overcome the difficulties created by low temperatures are crucial for players in colder regions. In the winter, batters experience two main issues: First, the vibrations generated by bats, whether wood or aluminum, are amplified due to the stiffening effect of cold temperatures at-bat. Secondly, freezing temperature stiffens muscles and joints. With various characteristics, the Franklin Cold Weather Pro gloves tackle cold weather and the difficulties that come with it. The insulated neoprene back is another key feature of the gloves, which assist in retaining heat. These batting gloves have other qualities that make them a strong candidate, in addition to cold-weather technology. They’re crafted of quality Pittards digital sheepskin leather for maximum grip and durability. They also have a one-piece palm that prevents bunching near the bat handle.

Furthermore, the wrist lining is made of soft pro-boa, which eliminates friction and increases heat retention. However, the QUAD-FLEX creasing reduces material accumulation amongst your hand and the handle of the bat. Although the Cold Weather batting gloves are reasonably priced, they are only available in black.

Best Seller


  • Insulation system for keeping hands warm
  • Outstanding grip
  • Material accumulation on the bat is reduced using QUAD-FLEX.


  • Only available in three colors

Marucci 2019 Youth Signature Baseball Batting Gloves

Marucci is recognized for its professional-style products. They have a large advisory group of former and current all-star players that provide feedback and MLB-level knowledge to help shape their goods. Marucci youth baseball signature is one of the best youth batting gloves offered by Marucci. These adult batting gloves are manufactured with a combination of digitally embossed Cabretta leather from sheepskin, mesh, and Lycra. The perforated Cabretta leather provides excellent grip and durability over a long period. The Marucci youth baseball gloves’ excellent sheepskin leather provides a terrific grip for exceptional swing control, while the Lycra and mesh elements enable them to bend and breathe freely.

Moreover, the fitting and comfort of these gloves are adjusted through an extended neoprene wrist strap closure. Another cool feature of the gloves is the finger break contours, which reduce bunching and offer a clean and smooth feel. Moreover, the rubberized synthetic thumb layer prevents friction in the high-wearing areas. However, the Marucci youth signature’s tight fit is meant to prevent the cloth from bunching up at any vital areas. These are great batting gloves that can be used by players of all levels and are recognized as the best gloves in terms of fitting.

Best Seller


  • Flexible
  • Multifunctional
  • Athletic feel, fit, and appearance
  • Offers advance protection
  • Gives firm grip


  • CLess durable

Mizuno B-303 Baseball Batting Glove

Like the one we talked about above, this is another really good baseball batting glove. Mizuno has never failed me with a defective product. Each and every one of their previous models are homerun hitting gloves. These B-303s’ are truly some of the best batting gloves for 2022. From the moment I wore them to the last pitch I was making contact and I was completely amazed.

To begin with there are a bunch of color options so anyone can find their preferred ones. For myself, I think the Navy/Royal is the best color. Another major plus point that I found while picking one was that there were right size options for both youth and adults. Due to the material used by Mizuno young baseballers will have no issue wearing them. In fact, I think kids aged 11-14 will enjoy wearing them.

In 2022 these Mizuno gloves are a big hit. This may be due to the mix of their FlexMesh fabric with the premium cabretta leather palms. This combination results in a batting glove with a flexible, breathable, and durable grip. So even youth baseball players will be able to perform at peak conditions.

Best Seller


  • Durable
  • Flexible
  • Breathable
  • Peak performance


  • No velcro grip

Nike Huarache Edge Baseball Batting Gloves

Another popular choice for the best 2022 batting gloves for youths can be the Nike Huarache Edge gloves. While they might not look that amazing to some I assure you that they are. From how they are made to their performance you can be sure that you won’t be disappointed one bit. In fact, you will want to wear them again and again.

As I said above these batting gloves are amazing out in the field. From the grip these provide to how well you can grip the bat they excel in every area. I know that some of you young players will be turned when you learn that these Nike batting gloves are made using synthetic leather thinking that proper players wear real leather. But Nike uses only the best so you won’t even be able to tell the difference.

A big plus point of these gloves is that parents will be able to machine wash these gloves and there is an internal player tag for some customization. Due to the way the Huarache Edge is built a player has complete control of the bat while being able to really swing it hard for those amazing out-of-the-field shots.

Best Seller


  • Well reviewed
  • Machine washable
  • Comfortable
  • Peak performance


  • No real leather

Which One Should You Pick?

For those of you who have gone through each review and read the whole buying guide for the best youth baseball batting gloves in 2022. If you are still seeking recommendations, here are some of our recommendations:

  • Overall the best youth baseball batting gloves on the market – Franklin Sports MLB CFX Pro
  • Best budget softball batting gloves -Under Armour Boys Clean Up 19
  • Best gloves for cold weather conditions – Franklin Cold Weather Pro

Let’s watch buying guide video to learn more

Bonus Advice for Batting Glove

Taking a step by step proper care of your batting gloves, you can increase their lifespan. This includes washing them on a regular basis. Because each batting glove is mostly composed of leather, you may use most leather cleaning solutions on them.

The first step in cleaning your batting gloves is to remove any dirt that has accumulated over time. You may get a lot out of the gloves by shaking them vigorously. Next step, you can use a leather brush to remove the microscopic dirt particles caught in the ridges and crevices of the gloves. A normal toothbrush, on the other hand, will suffice. While gloves will remove most of the dirt from the gloves, you can use dishwashing liquid in addition to a sponge.

Once the gloves are dry, add leather conditioner to them for even greater maintenance. The leather conditioner maintains the flexibility and comfort of the gloves. Those products assist in revitalizing the fibers of the leather.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Which youth baseball batting gloves is the best?

My personal best youth batting glove is the Franklin Sports MLB CFX Pro. For the best youth baseball gloves or best baseball outfield gloves, and best baseball gloves in general check out our baseball section.

How much is the price of youth baseball batting gloves?

You shouldn’t be spending more than $60 on your batting gloves.

What do pro MLB players wear on their hand?

Most MLB pro players wear Franklin batting gloves. However, for youth batting gloves others like Under Armour and Easton.

Is there a different between baseball and softball youth batting gloves?

Everything between baseball and softball gloves is, in fact, similar other than their design.


Batting gloves aren’t as vital as your bat or baseball glove. Still, they give a significant advantage at the plate, especially in a sport where the tiniest margins decide success and failure. You are better protected against injury and pain when you use batting gloves. You’ll also have greater grip and swing control, which will help you perform better at the plate.

Batting gloves are also a fashion statement that may be a one-of-a-kind way to express yourself. However, in summary, batting gloves are far more than simply gloves. You might also look into best baseball pitching machines,

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