Best Baseball Gloves Under 100: Top 10 Choice picks in 2022

Don’t you just feel fantastic when you buy something good for less than it’s worth? Well, I do, and I am not the only one in the world. In fact, we are all looking for deals so that we pay less. Unfortunately, it is very much the truth when it comes to sports equipment like baseball gloves under 100.

To be honest, maintaining quality at a lower price point is hard to do but not impossible. At took it upon ourselves to get you the best choice deals at the highest quality possible. So we have compiled the seven best gloves in the market that are reasonably priced. 

Each of the gloves we will talk about has undergone testing by many other baseball enthusiasts and us. So rest assured that we will not fail you as other places have. So let us now talk about what are the best baseball gloves for the money under 100.

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Best Baseball Gloves Under 100 of 2022

#1 Wilson A900


  • Dual-color option
  • Top-quality leather
  • Specific web pattern
  • Double palm construction
  • Low profile heel

Wilson company is one of the most trusted and competent baseball equipment manufacturers in the community. Their A900 series gloves are the choice for both beginners and professionals in the field. For instance, it has the perfect mixture of durability, comfort and is budget-priced at the same time. 

Let’s get into its specifics. The A900 comes with a full grain leather design from specially chosen cows from New Zealand. Alongside the leather design Wilson also added the double palm construction for better protection. In addition, the H-web built into A900 allows for easy ball catching. 

This series goes for either right and left hand variation and multiple field position, such as first base, in mind. With a variety of glove sizes such as 12 inches, the A900 is ideal for any level of player. Although the Wilson A900 came out in 2018, it is still a good pick in 2021.

Moreover, Double bonus in Padoria Fit for an added tighter fit for smaller hands and 50% break-in option directly from the manufacturers.

Should you buy this?

Due to all the features built into the leather glove wearing it feels rather natural. The Pedroia Fit feature makes it so that I can wear the glove as tightly and as loosely as I want.

Therefore when you go to the field with this glove, you won’t have any issues as you are moving about constantly. The optional break-in of 50% is something I would choose every time because that takes a lot of hassle away from you and lets you get in more practice with the glove.

Also, The old fashion look that Wilson is going with this design is something I very much like. In my personal preference, a glove can look a bit old fashion as long as it performs amazingly.

Best Seller


  • Optimal for both adults and youth
  • Come broken-in directly from manufacturers
  • Longer lasting 
  • High-quality leather design
  • Classic old-time look
  • Performs well
  • Left and right hand variant
  • Multiple hand size; 12 inches and smaller


  • Limited options in the series

#2 Wilson 2022 A700 Baseball Glove


  • Specific web pattern
  • Updated design
  • Rolled dual welting
  • Drawstring waist closure

Like the other Wilson baseball products, it’s one of the best glove out there at best value. Presently, Wilson 2022 A700 comes with elements that drastically improve anyone’s catching game. 

Like the A900, the A700 is built using full-grain cowhide leather for a robust and durable glove design. In addition, the glove has a single post with a half-moon reinforce web pattern that helps to ease players’ experience, especially the outfielders. The overall design of the glove shields the player’s eyes from the sun and see fly balls more clearly. 

With its durable design, the glove can absorb many punishments from fastballs over a long period. For the most part, we have put the glove through its paces in several exercises and games and can assure you of its capabilities. 

Unlike the Wilson A900, Wilson 2022 A700 comes already broke-in. In fact, works mainly for the right hand and is available for use for pitchers on the field as well.

Should you buy this?

The 2022 A700 has some series design features that will make playing with this glove as simple as putting it on. The dual welting feature did more than just give the glove a cooler look it gave it better support and better shape retention capabilities.

The additional support made it so that when I took it to the field I was able to play ball with more control and a better ball catching experience. Also, I read online that the glove can hold its shape over a longer period of time than most other gloves under 100.

Best Seller


  • Ideal for rigorous training use
  • Built to last
  • Good outfielders and pitchers
  • Customize tightness
  • Affordable design
  • Can absorb lots of punishment
  • Game-ready out of box


  • Somewhat stiff but soften overtime
  • Singular color(brown tint) only

#3 Wilson A2K  Baseball Glove


  • Clayton Kershaw model
  • 2 piece web
  • Dual welting
  • Quality leather design
  • Drilex Wrist lining

Need something light and consistent for those hot weather games. Then look no further than the Wilson A2K series pro leather gloves. In particular, it’s a glove made for professionals to be flawless and compatible with them. 

The pro soft leather material makes the glove longer-lasting while being light. On one hand, the dual post web design allows for outfielders to catch those pesky fly balls without the sun in their eyes. 

Besides, the A2K also comes with an in-depth pocket for easy ground ball catching and fly ball securing. Altogether the Wilson A2K is a very fleshed-out glove that delivers what any baseball glove purchaser wants. 

Best Seller


  • Durable leather shell
  • Lighter than the most market available glove
  • Various sizes for adults and youths
  • Multiple color options
  • Can take punishment
  • Easy break-in


  • Not desirable for someone
  • No flex loop velcro wrap

#4 Rawlings Select Pro Lit glove


  • Aaron Judge Model
  • Game ready
  • Lightweight
  • Right and left hand

Cheap Rawlings gloves have always made user-friendly, affordable, easy to master gloves. The Rawlings Select Pro Lit is no different. In addition, the overall quality of the product is hard to beat due to its improved aesthetics and performance. 

Surprisingly, the Select Pro Lit’s specs are on the higher end of the spectrum, like all the gloves we are talking about. For one thing, it has an all-leather structure meant for both recreational baseball and daily usage. Additionally, it comes with a pro H web design and leather lacing for short tops, second, third, and first base. 

In regards to comfort, Pro Lit works by installing cushioned finger back lining. A combination of the index finger and palm padding delivers excellent ball control. In addition, the Rawlings Select Pro Lit includes a 90% broken-in glove lesser more give. 

Along with this modern and comfortable glove, Rawlings stepped up their game and created a conditioner to keep you catching game on point. Basically, the Rawlings Gold Butter is an all-rounder that makes sure that your old glove is restored and the new glove is fully broken in.

Should you buy this?

Rawlings went all in while designing this baseball glove that is under 100 since it is still popular in 2022. While the glove might be lightweight, it has multiple features such as textured vinyl design which provides it with better balance and easier opening and closing. While some might say that the Rawlings Pro Preferred is the better choice by for a glove under 100 the Pro Lite is the best.

As a matter of fact, the time I had a kid test it out for me I knew that this is a glove any entry-level baseball player would enjoy. In fact, the glove performs well for its price point with palm and index finger lining for more comfort. Also, the cushioned finger back lining will lessen the force even the fastest of fastballs for youths. 

If you are a parent, this is one of the best baseball gloves under 100 for your kids right now in the market.

Best Seller


  • Modern aesthetic and feel
  • Greater control and more flexible
  • Very affordable
  • Lighter model
  • Durable
  • Best choice for youths
  • Easy to break-in


  • Feels too smooth for some

#5 Rawling Sandlot Baseball glove


  • Multiset patterns
  • Zero shock palm pads
  • Game ready
  • Vintage look

It’s top of the line with an old-aged look. This glove is one of the most well-made gloves we have on the list. Like all the other Rawling gloves, Wilson A2K is also made using oiled full-grain leather to give it extra durability. Also, it’s pull up for the vintage look.  

The glove can go through years of use or abuse with its soft leather shell and I-web design. Alongside those, the Sandlot also has zero shock palm pads for total comfort and excellent ball-catching capabilities. 

All in all, the Sandlot deserves its best value, which, keep in mind, is very affordable. Moreover, it has the best of both worlds in looks, vintage brown and function, zero shock padding. 

Like a glove that is convenient for both fastpitch softball and baseball, it needs an equally good glove oil to keep it in tip-top condition. The Rawlings Glove Oil Conditioning Kit does an amazing job at that.

Should you buy this?

The design of the sandlot is both simple and complex at the same time due to how the glove performs. Rawlings built the glove with the minimal number of features, yet each one of them worked so well together that it playing with it was a blast. 

The comfort factor was high for me and the zero shock palm made playing for a longer time easier.

Best Seller


  • Suitable as baseball and softball glove
  • Comfortable padding around fingers for easy use
  • Come ready to play with a 90% break-in
  • Durable
  • Long-lasting
  • Multiple options
  • Left and right hand variants


  • Not meant for those with large hands
  • No glove connection

#6 Mizuno MVP Prime Baseball glove under 100


  • Bio soft leather
  • Pro lacing
  • Center pocket design
  • Unisex model

When it comes to reliable and top-of-the-line glove design, Mizuno is a name you have to know. Mizuno MVP Prime baseball glove is a prime(meant to do it!) example of it. Their gloves are a combination of a good feel and impressive ball control something that is hard to find in 2022.

Soft bio leather gives the glove a smoother feel. To increase the glove usability, Mizuno added the Heel Flex Control technology. Also, placing the cord in critical areas such as the thumb and pinky glove has an improvement.

Also, the cords and laces of the glove help the glove build to be more durable. The MVP Prime also has a center pocket to help players pocket their fingers and break in the glove quicker. 

At any rate, it comes in a large variety of sizes for all positions. Also, the glove is easy to clean, needing only some water and a towel. Moreover, by building the glove using anti perspiring, lining players have extra comfort. 

Should you buy this?

The design of the Mizuno gloves is always amazing, but in my humble opinion, the MVP series really takes it to another level. The embroidered logo in each of the gloves really makes it seem more premium than it really is, with its price being less than 100 dollars.

Anyone that wears them to the field with just a bit of breaking in won’t think that they are wearing one of the cheapest gloves. The performance of the glove is even better than its looks. The bio leather makes it so that you can wear them for a really long time. 

The lacing is professional-grade so you have a highly durable glove that can take some harsh punishment while lasting a long time.

Best Seller


  • Bio soft leather makes the glove more durable
  • Quicker breaking in time
  • High-quality glove 
  • Zero defect
  • Left and right hand variant
  • Professional lacing
  • Premium design


  • The durable pinky design makes the glove far less ideal for some.

#7 Franklin Sports Baseball Fielding


  • Full-grain leather
  • Quicker breaking in
  • Soft palm lining
  • Chrome treatment

If you are looking for the best affordable baseball gloves on the market for infielders, like first base, and outfielders, then look no further. Franklin Sports Baseball Fielding gloves are the answer to their search. 

After all, they get made using the best cowhide leather material for the best durability. Particularly, the black color from the leather makes it more desirable. Also, the synthetic leather shell running through the palm and body makes the glove easier to break in. 

For instance, Franklin Sports Baseball Fielding gloves come with contour-fit. In fact, conour-fit means that the palm and back of the hand will get an excellent fit from the get-go. The gloves come in various sizes, so don’t worry; in summary, Franklin Sports will have something for everyone.

In particular, the basket and H web design infield gloves goes best with middle infielders and pitchers. The basket web of the larger size has a more spacious and deep pockets for easier fly ball catching.  

The slightly larger I web open style is also an excellent choice for large-handed infielders. In addition, the I web model efficiently shields players from sunlight, so that’s a bonus. Finally comes the trapeze web that’s ideal as an outfield glove. 

Should you buy this?

The infield gloves from Franklin Sports always have something other than looks and performance that will catch your attention. The Franklin fielding gloves aren’t that different since these gloves are highly customizable from the color choices to the web patterns available.

Having so many choices will help anyone in getting a glove that fits them perfectly without needing to pay outrageous amounts. When I tested out a pair of Frankling fielding catcher’s mitts, I was surprised at how well the gloves performed.

The build of the glove us really solid and the softness of them made wearing them under the brutal summer sun bearable.

Best Seller


  • Comfortable grip
  • Versatile 
  • Customizable size 
  • Varying design
  • Very durable
  • Game-ready quickly
  • Available for different positions, like first base


  • Takes time to break-in

#8 Easton Future Elite Youth Baseball Glove Series


  • 12 color choices
  • Youth patterns
  • Game ready
  • Ideal Fit system

As a devout fan of the Rawlings gloves, I have to say I find it hard to accept another brand being better than them. This is was very much the truth while I played in the youth leagues. But as I grew older and best brands like Easton and All-Star looked better.

The Easton Future Elite series is a good compromise and sometimes might be better than some of the youth baseball gloves. Overall, the patterns they have for selection are actually amazing for those around or under the age of 11.

Also, the color choices they have are sure to impress kids of all ages. And them being ready out of the box will make it easier for kids to play with them. The rawhide leather used for the lace made the glove more durable while remaining soft. Also, Franklin used select cowhide leather for the palm and web which made the glove game ready.

Should you buy this?

This Easton glove might not be for adults but as a parent giving this to your kid will mean that they will be able to play better than ever. The design of this series of gloves was made precisely for youths in mind.

In fact, the genuine leather construction of the glove lets kids play at peak performance with its durability and mobility. Additionally, the Ideal Fit system implemented by Easton provides a comfortable and perfect fit for your kids.

Overall the Easton Future Elite is one of the best baseball gloves under 100 for youths of both genders.

Best Seller


  • Durable
  • Colorful
  • Adjustable fit
  • Secure design
  • Right and left hand
  • All leather construction


  • Only for youths

#9 Buckler ‘Hoplite’ Series – Adult Baseball Gloves


  • Java steerhide supple leather
  • Specific web pattern
  • Factory break-in
  • Extra thickness on the finger backs

To some Buckler might not seem all that premium of glove-making company but those that have  used their products know how good they are. The Hoplite series is an affordable choice for a glove that functions as the top-tier ones.

Buckler designed their glove using specific web patterns to perform really well in the field if you are an outfielder or catcher. Additionally, the gloves come 80% factory break-in meaning players only need to break in the last 20%.

The extra thickness that Buckler adds on the back of the fingers adds more durability while also preventing sprains and hyperextension. Buckler also made the thumb and pinky finger close which creates a deeper pocket with the outfield gloves patterns.

Should you buy this?

The brand name of Buckler might not be as well spread out as say Rawlings but you can’t deny that they make some great gloves. The performance of the glove that I used made it seem like a solid choice.

Additionally, if you get the outfield gloves version the pockets of those are really deep making fly ball catching a snitch.

Best Seller


  • Quality leather glove
  • Only need 20% break-in
  • Durable
  • Longer lasting
  • Right and left hand variant
  • Affordable
  • Usable year-round


  • Only as outfield and catcher’s gloves

#10 All-Star Comp CM3031 Baseball Catchers Mitt


  • Softened leather
  • Formed pocket
  • Flex Action crease

I know there are parents or kids that are looking for a cheap and affordable catchers mitt but are only finding those 200 dollars plus ones. Well here is the All-Star Comp baseball catcher’s mitt, which to me is one of the best baseball catchers gloves under 100.

Basically, All-Star is a brand of glove makers that really know what the catchers of 2022 are looking for. They make catchers mitts that are both stylish and peak performing while keeping the cost low. Using pre-softened leather for a well broken-in glove and then forming a deep pocket from the get-go you get a catcher’s glove that is sure to impress.

Should you buy this?

All-Star Comp should be a made choice for most people or catchers, both youth and adult. The glove fits perfectly due to its flex action crease and well-formed pocket. The soft leather ensures ease of use while also being durable.

Best Seller


  • Durable
  • Soft
  • Deep pocket
  • Flexible fit
  • Nice color
  • Right and left hand variant


  • Single color choice

How to Choose Good Cheap Best Baseball Gloves Under $100?

The gloves are the most essential and most challenging piece of accessories to buy for most baseball players. Unfortunately, the market nowadays is overflowing with too many gloves at varying prices. Knowing which one will fit you the best is the hardest thing to find out. 

To help you get the most inexpensive baseball gloves in the market in 2022, we have made a list of rules. Following these rules will allow you to scope out good cheap baseball gloves quickly. 

1. Choose the Best Material For the Cheap Best Baseball Gloves Under 100

Baseball gloves are being made using several materials presently. In particular, the most popular choices of material are cowhides, full-grain, lightweight synthetic leather, and Kip leather. Each of these come with their pros and cons, but all them are durable. 

Every best cheap baseball glove we mentioned uses one of these materials. Before we started reviewing these five gloves, we made sure that the gloves passed the durability tests. So pick one and know that each will last you for years.

2. Pick the Size That Fits the Hand Perfectly

Size matter, there I said it. A good baseball glove needs to fit; otherwise, it will definitely ruin the game. Whether it’s under 50 or under 100, each glove has to account for hand measurement, position, and comfortability. 

A good baseball glove or mitt, as some know it, can’t be too tight or too loose. In that regard, some manufacturers of baseball gloves include adjustable straps or flex loop velcro wrist strap as we have mentioned above.

Before a purchase, hopefully through us, makes sure that the glove matches your hand. If not, then it will lead to an uncomfortable and possibly losing game.   

3. Web of Glove Design Helps With Catching Experience

Perfect webbing doesn’t exist; that is why each manufacturer has its own web design preference. Therefore the best you can hope for are web designs that matches your position. We have made sure to mention which glove has which web. 

Through our research, we have found that the H web pattern is the most common. It is present in both the cheap Rawling and Wilson A700 baseball glove. The benefit of the well-built web is that it drastically raises players catching skills. 

4. Palm Padding Saves From Injuries

Do you know how dangerous of a sport baseball is? According to QuoteWizard, at the high school and college level, baseball ranks seven in injury rank. To reduce this number of gloves, manufacturers need to pay attention to secure and comfortable padding. 

Before any purchase, make sure you research your desired gloves “Impact Absorbing Test” results. So, pick a glove that scores as high as possible. All our best cheap baseball gloves under 100 scored in the top percent.

5. Which Is Better: Warranty or No Warranty

Even a one-year warranty says a lot. In fact, a warranty of any length of time declares just how sure the makers are about their product. Due to how well made the gloves are, the manufacturers know it will last the amount of time in the warranty period. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How much is the price of a right baseball glove?

In general, the price of a right baseball glove is between $25 to $400 but you can get some good quality baseball gloves under 100.

Do MLB pro players buy their own baseball glove?

First thing first, some baseball pro players buy their baseball gloves. But other MLB players have their team buy their equipment such as gloves and bats. This is true for fastpitch softball glove wearing players. Some of the players buy their own softball glove while others get theirs from their team.

Do MLB player need new gloves every season?

Each spring MLB players get two new gloves from their team. During this spring training the players break in the gloves and decide which glove will be their main glove and which will be the back up.

Can MLB pro players' wives travel with them?

Some MLB teams allow wives and kids of their players to travel with them for one or two games. However, other teams only provide the wives and kids with flights home after the last road trip game.

Last Words on Best Cheap Baseball Gloves under 100

There is a dime a dozen baseball gloves in the market saying they are the best so finding the right glove can be hard. Unfortunately, few can back that statement up with a good performance at a low price. Our top 5 best baseball glove for the money are in those few. 

As you get ready to make that purchase, look at quality, durability, material, and price. Some choices may look promising while being too overpriced. Still, I can assure you the good cheap baseball gloves I talked about are definitely below $100. They are the quintessential budget baseball gloves. 

Surprisingly, the team’s favorite affordable baseball glove is the Rawlings Select Pro Lite. The more aesthetically pleasing and durable design won us over. Furthermore, the H web and padding allowed for better catching and easier fielding while playing baseball. 

On the other hand, as a catcher, my personal perference for best baseball glove under 100 is the All-Star Comp. The glove feels amazing on my hand and performed well into the practice. The color choice was a bumper but I was OK with it.

In this article, we only talked about baseball gloves. But baseball has a sister sport called softball. Baseball and softball are similar but different as well. From rules to equipment, both sports have a difference that makes them unique.

In this case, the baseball and softball glove while looking similar but are actually quite different. Therefore, the difference between softball glove and baseball gloves needs to be split between size, pocket, fit and feel.

Which one of the quality baseball gloves under 100 we mentioned won you over? Let us know with a purchase.

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