Best Baseball Gloves Under $100:A Budget Friendly Guide 2022

I started playing baseball at the age of 10; yeah, my sports career started quite late. During that time, I was scared about getting a baseball glove. When I first went to the sports store, I saw gloves above $100; some were as much as 200 plus. However, all that I was all looking for the best baseball gloves under 100, but there weren’t any.

So now I am writing this article with the intent of helping new and old players find the best cheap baseball gloves. Our list of cheap baseball gloves includes gloves from respectable brands that are well known and provide players with great support. 

Moreover, we will also tell you how you can find baseball gloves that are under 100, maybe even under 50.

Best baseball gloves under 100

Our review of these cheap baseball gloves costing under 100 will include our honest opinion and what makes the best. We will also be including their features and the pros and cons of these gloves. Here are the 10 best cheap baseball gloves for 2022:

Easton FUTURE ELITE Youth Baseball Glove Series [Utility]


  • Mixture of Select Cowhide and Rawhide
  • Ideal Fit System design
  • Game ready model

The first glove under 100 on our list of best baseball gloves is usable by all positions in the field, Including infield and outfield. The brand Easton has been known to make quality baseball gloves that are both affordable and durable. The mixture of Select cowhide for the web and palm with the rawhide laces results in a glove that fits like well a glove.

This glove is meant for those below 14 years old, so the glove has a comfortable and soft feel. Also, the glove has a super soft lining, allowing youth players to catch baseballs easily. Overall, this is a really good glove that can be one of the best baseball gifts.


  • Durable
  • Multiple colors
  • Many sizes
  • Adjustable custom fit
  • 70% factory break-in


  • Only for youths

Rawlings Select PRO LITE Glove Series [Infield]


  • Youth pro taper fit
  • Shock reduction palm pads
  • Pro player models

A great choice for infield baseball gloves that are the best while under 100 comes from one of the beloved baseball manufacturers, Rawlings. Their Select Pro Lite series has many versions modeled after MLB pro players such as Kris Bryant and Corey Seager. 

The soft all-leather shell with the cushioned fingerback lining helps make wearing this glove much easier as far as I saw. Also, this glove requires only 10% player break-in meaning you could start playing as soon as it’s out of the box. The palm and index finger are also padded to absorb many shocks. We tested this out, and it absorbs shock from some really fast pitches.


  • 90% factory break-in
  • Open back design
  • Maximum durability
  • Retains shape longer
  • Multiple models and colors


  • Smaller hand opening

Rawlings Player Preferred Glove Series [First Base]


  • Game ready
  • Zero shock palm padding
  • Adjustable wrist strap
  • Full-grain leather shell

Finding the best baseball gloves under 100 can be hard but finding a glove that is usable for both baseball and softball is even harder. In fact, the number of gloves you can use for both ball sports can be counted in one hand with fingers left over. However, Rawlings was able to make their Player Preferred glove good enough for recreational baseball and slowpitch softball.

In baseball, you will have a hard time finding a glove for the first base that is as good as this one. The flex-loop conventional back design and a support strap system give you a very good secure fit. Additionally, the glove has a single post double bar web design which helps you close the glove really fast. 


  • Customizable fit with velcro strap
  • Soft and flexible fit
  • 80% factory break-in
  • Good for baseball and softball
  • Dual hand variant


  • Single color choice

WILSON 2021 A500 Youth Baseball Glove [Outfield]


  • Pro Stock leather
  • Dual welting
  • Double palm construction

Rawlings might be one of the most well liked glove brands in baseball, but a close second that MLB pro players choose is Wilson gloves. The 2021 A500 model is a good choice if you are looking for outfield gloves for youths below 7. The glove has really good shape retention thanks to its dual welting. 

I saw one that a friend’s kid has owned for the last year, and it has been used extensively yet has kept its original look and shape. Thanks to the hard work of the Wilson glove makers this all-leather constructed glove has top-notch durability. Even though this glove doesn’t come with SuperSkin or Spin Control, its double palm construction gives its superior pocket stability.


  • Maximum durability
  • Superior shape retention
  • All-leather shell
  • Ideal for youth players
  • Faster break-in


  • Smaller hand opening

Franklin Sports Baseball Glove [Pitcher]


  • Hybrid construction
  • Adjustable wrist strap
  • Right hand throw glove

Franklin’s ProFlex 11.5” baseball glove uses a hybrid construction where the PU-Laminated PVC hybrid shell is combined with premium cowhide palm. This combo allows youth players to wear the glove comfortably and pitch baseballs smoothly. The glove is a killer pitcher’s glove usable for both baseball and fastpitch softball. 

It comes game-ready, meaning pitchers don’t require breaking in the glove and can take it directly to the pitchers’ mound out of the box. Sometimes you will find certain gloves don’t fit securely even though you get the right-sized one. At those times, you will need something to custom fit the glove.

For those times, Franklin has added a custom fitting wrist strap which works amazingly well, as I found out when testing the adult model of ProFlex.


  • Lasts season after season
  • Ready to play
  • Adjustable fitting
  • Ideal for baseball and softball
  • Has youth and adult models


  • Singular color
  • Older model

Rawlings Renegade Glove Series [Catcher]


  • Cushioned palm pad
  • Pro Micro lining
  • All-leather shell

You might know this but finding the best catcher’s mitt for under 100 is nearly impossible. As a catcher, this was one of the biggest challenges for me when I first started out. Unlike back then, youth catchers now have the option of buying an amazing baseball catcher glove for under 100, thanks to the Rawlings Renegade catcher mitt.

One of the best things I learned about this catcher mitt is that it’s great for baseball and slowpitch softball. Also, the Sure Catch heel and padded palm make using this mitt really easy for the 8 to 14 years old. The full-grain leather catchers mitt has a CM 1-piece web that ensures you catch even the fastest fastballs. Overall, one of my top three baseball catchers mitts and my top best baseball gloves under 100 for catchers.


  • Easy closing with Speed Traps
  • High durability and shape retention
  • Index finger padding
  • 90% factory break-in


  • NONE

All-Star CM100TM Training Catchers Mitt [Training]


  • 27 inch pattern
  • Easy break-in
  • Genuine steerhide leather construction

Players aren’t the only ones who need baseball gloves under 100 that are the best. Both coaches and trainers will look for the best deals on quality baseball gloves and gear, especially for the little leagues and recreational baseball teams. The All-Star CM100TM, nicknamed “The Pocket,” is one of the best choices for training catcher mitts I would choose. 

The glove as a whole comes with very few features since it’s only meant for training purposes. One of the key features that are most useful is that it has a smaller circumference which aids in catching drills. This feature is guaranteed to improve your or your catcher’s hand-eye coordination, catching location, blocking, and ball transfer speed. However, this glove has less padding than “The Focus” so it’s best for low velocity catchers training.


  • Adjustable hook and loop wrist strap
  • Improves catchers skill set
  • Quick break-in
  • Open backing


  • Smaller circumference
  • Only for catcher training

Mizuno Prospect PowerClose Youth Baseball Glove Series


  • ButterSoft palm liner
  • MZO lining
  • PowerClose™ technology

For the best baseball gloves under 100, one brand you need to look at other than Rawlings and Wilson must be Mizuno. Personally speaking, I love the Mizuno Samurai catchers gear more than their gloves, but they do make some good ones. First of all, the pigskin leather construction makes for a really comfortable glove. 

Additionally, the glove has multiple padding areas such as parashock palm padding and ButterSoft PU palm lining. These paddings help to make the glove more durable and comfortable and protect against impacts. The glove has PowerLock straps which let you make small adjustments for a custom fit. The glove has Less 2 lacing, which reduces the lace numbers by 2 for greater flexibility around the closing axis.


  • Ideal for youths
  • Best for all positions
  • Multiple sizes
  • Many color options
  • Dual hand variants


  • Not for adults

Marucci Oxbow M Type Baseball Glove


  • Full-grain cowhide leather shell
  • Supple leather palm lining
  • Smooth microfiber wrist lining

The main point of the Oxbow M type is that it comes with integrated thumb and pinky sleeves which helps to increase comfort and feel. Additionally, the glove has a high quality leather shell that improves the glove’s durability and comfort. Overall this glove is a great piece of baseball gear geared towards comfort.


  • Deep pocket
  • Durable design
  • Best for first basemen
  • Multiple sizes
  • Both hand variant


  • Single color
  • Only for one position

WILSON 2021 A360 Adult Slowpitch Softball Glove


  • Closed V-Laced Web
  • CarbonLite shell
  • Velcro strap

Sure, this article is about the best baseball gloves under 100, but the best softball gloves in the market can be over 100 as well. So here is my recommendation for a utility softball glove that is the best even though it’s under 100. This 2021 version of A360 from Wilson has many benefits that put it ahead of the competitors.

Firstly, the glove comes with a closed v-laced web, which helps fielders catch the baseball and keep it in hand. The ball’s color scheme looked boring to me, but over time I fell in love with it since it’s so simple and timeless. Next, the leather shell of the glove is lightweight, but it doesn’t sacrifice durability one bit. Finally, the glove has a strap that allows you to get a custom fit.


  • Unique design
  • Exclusive web pattern
  • Newest model


  • Monotone color scheme

How to choose the best baseball gloves under 100

We have given you a list of the best baseball gloves under 100, including one for everyone. However, you might likely want to find one yourself, but young baseball players don’t always know how to find a cheap baseball glove. That is where this next section is all about. Here we will be telling you some of the main criteria you should look at when looking for one.


One of the key factors of any baseball glove is the material manufacturers use to make it. There are many materials to choose from, but the leather will always be the best. Moreover, different kinds of leather have different benefits, so when choosing a glove, you will also need to choose a type of leather. 

In recent years, synthetic leathers have become more and more popular due to being cheaper and just as durable. But synthetic leather doesn’t provide the performance experienced players require, so they are ideal for youth baseball players.

Our research has narrowed down the most prominent leather kinds and ranked them for you.

TypeIdeal For
Best baseball gloves under $100: Materials

There might be some other types, but those are usually proprietary blends. As such, we didn’t include them in our list. For the most part, we have kept the list vague and only listed the most common ones.


Just after material, the next biggest factor that you will need to keep in mind as you look for the best baseball gloves of any price will be glove size. Size is a factor that is very important for all kinds of gear, sports or otherwise. To measure the size of your baseball glove, you need to measure your dominant hand. 

Start from the middle finger, go to the base of your palm, and measure in inches.


There are many web design types, each of which works for a different type of baseball glove. There are some for catchers, just as there are for fielders. In general, there are six to eight types of webs. Some are trademarked by certain brands, and you will see one or two new variations each year.


Not every glove will fit every position; those that do are called utility gloves. However, for positions such as outfielders and catchers, it is generally thought that you should get a glove meant for that position. Alongside getting the glove for your position, you should also remember which hand you will throw with. 

This is because you need to get a glove that will fit the hand opposite of your throwing hand.


How long do you want to before you can take your glove to the field? A few days, a few weeks, or do you want to start playing with it right away. At the same time, how well do you want your glove to fit your hand, and what kind of a pocket do you want it to have? These are all excellent questions, and they are all related to breaking in a baseball glove.

There are different ways to break in a baseball glove. Still, playing catch is one of the most reliable and effective manners. The more you play, the better the glove break-in and molds to your hand. However, this process takes a really long time.

Padding & pocket

Another important factor related to choosing a baseball glove is getting one with the right amount of padding and pocket. According to healthcare, baseball is one of the top ten sports to cause injuries. And one way to decrease or lessen injuries is to wear gloves with adequate padding and a pocket with good depth.

Keep in mind pocket depth is dependent on the player’s position. Infielders and basemen will require shallow pocket gloves because they usually scoop baseballs. On the other hand, outfields and catchers require deep pockets to lessen the sting when catching flyballs and fast pitches.


This might seem like something you wouldn’t need to worry about if you are getting the best baseball gloves for under 100, but you do. Sure, if you’re getting cheap baseball gloves, you could just change them if something breaks but the warranty serves a purpose other than getting a free glove.

If a brand puts a warranty on a glove, it speaks of their trust in that product. It means that they are sure of the quality of the product and how well it will serve you.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Which brand makes the best cheap baseball gloves?

Figuring out the best baseball gloves brand under 100 can be tricky because most brands have gloves that are under 100, but their quality might not be the best. However, some brands are well established; as such, they produce gloves that are good quality and are meant for youths and those that play recreationally. In our research to find the best cheap baseball gloves under 100, we have created a list of brands that make good quality gloves.

  1. Wilson
  2. Rawlings
  3. Easton
  4. Franklin
  5. Mizuno
  6. Marucci
  7. All-Star

How to break in a baseball glove?

The best way to break in a baseball glove is to play catch with a partner. The more you play, the better the glove will break-in, and your pocket will form nicely around your palm. While this method will take much longer, the end result will be better. Another method involves steaming the glove after putting some baseball glove condition or oil on it. This method softens the glove so you can stretch the finger stall and break the glove’s stiffness. Afterward, you could use our choice of the best baseball glove mallets to pound the pocket to your desired shape.

How to measure my baseball glove size?

Measuring a baseball glove size is rather easy and quick to do. All you need is a measuring tape and your dominant hand. Start from the tip of your middle finger and go to the base of your palm. And that’s it! You have measured your baseball glove size.

What is the best price for a baseball glove?

This article shows you the best baseball gloves under 100, but these gloves are mainly for youths. After much research and talking with my friends and colleagues, I found the price range for baseball and softball gloves. Most beginner baseball gloves will go between $50 and $150, intermediate gloves go between $150 and $250, and pro or adult gloves are $250+.


My personal recommendation for the best baseball gloves under 100 will be the Easton Future Elite since it’s a utility glove. You can use it for multiple positions in the field, and its size will allow a youth player to grow into it. However, I am a catcher, and as such, the Rawlings Renegade catcher glove will be my personal choice.

In the end, I have done my job in giving a list of the best baseball gloves that are cheap. And now you need to go through my list and find one that catches your eye.

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