Wilson A900 vs A1000: Exquisite Comparison (2022)

Who will win between Wilson A900 vs A1000? A900 and A1000 are two popular baseball glove series from the popular baseball accessory manufacturer Wilson. Both of the series have almost all kinds of baseball and softball gloves. In addition, they have similarities and similarities in design, leather quality, break-in period, and other important features.

In this article, I will differentiate the Wilson A900 vs A1000 baseball glove series. After reading this, you will learn which of these two youth gloves is better for you.

Table of Comparison of Wilson A900 vs A1000







Glove Type

All Field Position

All Field Position


11.5", 12’’ 12.5", 34"

11'', 11.5'', 12'', 12.25'', 12.5'', 33''

Hand Orientation

Left and right-hand throw

Left and right-hand throw






British Tan/ Black/ Dark Brown

Black/white, grey/white, black/grey, grey



Full-grain leather


Single-post, H-web, Half moon

H-web, T-post, Two-piece web, Victory, Dual post, Single post

Break-in Period

Less than average


Feature Comparing on Wilson A900 vs A1000


The web pattern of the A900 series varies with the varying types of the glove. For example, the 11.5 inches infielder glove has an H web pattern. On the other hand, the 12.5 inches outfielder glove of the A900 series has a single post web pattern. Finally, the web pattern of the catcher’s mitt is half-moon.

On the other hand, the web pattern of A1000 also varies with types of gloves. For example, the infielder’s gloves of this series can have either H-web or T post pattern. Other webbing patterns for other glove types include two-piece web, 3 bar single post, victory, dual post, and single post web.


A900 offers different sizes for the same or different types of gloves. For example, it has 11.5 inches infielder’s glove, 12.5 inches outfielder’s glove, and 34 inches catcher’s mitt. It also offers Pedroia fit gloves for persons with small hands. Therefore, the A900 series covers a wide range of gloves and mitts.

A1000 series also offers different size variants for different types of gloves. For example, the infielder’s gloves have 11, 11.5, and 12 inches variants. The catcher’s mitt of A1000 is 33 inches. The outfielder’s gloves have two different size variants – 12.25 and 12.5 inches. You can also request a custom-made glove if you do not find the right fit for you.


Wilson A900 series gloves have different color variants for different models. The color of the gloves includes British tan/ black and dark brown/white. They also have double palm protection padding that will save you from the shock of the ball and ensure pocket stability.

On the other hand, Wilson A1000 also has gloves with different color variants. The color variation includes black/white, grey/white, black/grey, and pure gray.

Leather Quality

The leather quality of A900 is more than our expectation. It is, of course, not the finest leather, but the quality is far better than the quality you get from similar gloves of this price range. It is durable and strong, can catch speedy balls coming directly from the bat.

A1000, on the other hand, is made out of a high-grade cowhide shell. The full-grain leather is sturdy, and the glove comes in game-ready condition, claimed by the manufacturer. Although the users experienced that the leather is stiff and requires significant effort for breaking in.

Model Variants

Wilson A900 is a popular series of baseball and softball gloves. It has gloves for all the field positions. It also has multiple gloves for the catcher, pitcher, infield, first base, and outfield positions with different colors and sizes.

A1000 also offers gloves for all field positions. It has options for outfielders, infielders, first base, catcher, and pitcher.

Break-in Time

Wilson A900 series gloves do not come in fully ready-to-game condition. Therefore, breaking in is necessary. However, the break-in comes pretty quickly compared to other similar gloves.

On the other hand, A1000 is stiffer when you get it out of the box. The hinge section, pinky finger, and thumb are as stiff as you expect from a high-quality newly brought glove. Therefore, it requires breaking in. The break-in time is similar to other similarly priced baseball gloves.

Value for Money

The price of the Wilson A900 is significantly lower than the A1000. As the price is higher, A1000 provides some additional features. Comparing the value and the price of both gloves, it is difficult to decide which one provides more value for money. I think both of them are winners in this respect.

Advantages of Wilson A900

  • The price of the A900 series gloves is very reasonable. Therefore, these are good options for the persons looking for a budget glove for the kid.
  • A900 is renowned for its combination of comfort and performance.
  • The quality of the leather is best at the price you pay. The glove is made of high quality and durable leather shell.
  • There is very little or no break-in needed for this Wilson A900 series gloves.
  • The design of all the models of A900 is up to the mark.
  • It has double palm construction to protect the hand from getting hurt.
  • The players who have small hands can choose specially designed Pedroia fit gloves from the A900 series.
  • You can open and close the glove easily because of the lower heel profile.

Advantages of Wilson A1000

  • The dual welting makes the gloves comfortable and easy to use.
  • The Wilson A1000 series gloves have great construction. They are lightweight, and the build quality is also great.
  • They have a very thin heel pad and soft lining.
  • You can shrink the wrist strap when you want to adjust the glove’s opening.
  • The laces and the linings are also made out of leather.
  • The gloves are hand-made to ensure better quality. Thus, a little break-in time is necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Which of these Wilson gloves will fit a high school boy?

Both of the Wilson glove series have models for the youths. They are designed for kids. However, both of the series have Pedroia fit designs that have made them more suitable for players with small hands.
A high school boy who already has some experience in baseball should opt for the A1000. A less experienced player who is still in middle school or 5th grade should prefer the A900 series gloves. After playing for a couple of years, the A1000 can upgrade to the A900.

Do these gloves fit for left-hand throwers?

Both of these baseball glove series have gloves for the lefthanders. For example, DP15 is an 11.5 inches glove model of the A1000 series. It is made for both left and right-handed players. However, gloves for left-hand throwers may not be readily available sometimes. Therefore, you may need to wait for a while to get the stock replenished.

Do I need to break in these Wilson gloves?

As per the claim by the manufacturer, none of the series require breaking in. But the reality is that you need a considerable amount of time and effort to make the gloves game ready. Usually, the leather quality determines the break-in time. Gloves made out of better quality leather require more breaking in. The A1000 series require more time to make it game-ready as the leather quality is comparatively better.

Are there multiple sizes available for these gloves?

Both A900 and A1000 have multiple sizes available across all their varients in physical and online stores such as amazon. In fact, there are gloves less than 100 that say they are great but aren’t.

Final Verdict – Which one is better for you?

Wilson A900 and A1000 are both gloves that are best for beginners. However, A1000 is superior to A900 because of the leather quality. Both of the gloves have similarities in their features. But as the price of A900 is considerably lower, it has a great value for money. You will get a synthetic, not leather, glove from other brands at this price range.

If you are trying and looking for a baseball glove for your 10/12-year-old kid who never played it before, then A900 can be a good option. It has full leather construction, low-profile heel, and double palm protection. The almost ready-to-game gloves are perfect for starters.

On the other hand, A1000 is one step ahead of A900 in quality. It has a better quality full-grain leather that has made it more durable. In addition, it has some advanced features such as rolled dual welting and drilex wrist lining that have made it better than A900. Therefore, if your kid has been practicing for a few years and needs to advance with the game to the next level, A1000 will be a better option.

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