Best Glove Mallet to Break in Your Glove 2022

Gloves are undoubtedly a crucial instrument in Baseball or Softball. Thus, if you want to be a professional defender, you need to be comfortable and confident in your glove. Glove mallets are one way to ensure that your mitts become flexible and adaptive in your hands fast.

Above all, in a competitive match, you will want a glove that fits around your hand comfortably and has a perfect pocket. Surely, glove mallets help you to accelerate the break-in process and make your glove game ready.

If you know all about breaking in a glove, you can jump to the list of the best glove mallets available in the market.


  • Why do you need to break in your glove
  • How to break in a glove fast
  • Top 5 glove mallets
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Why Do You Need To Break In Your Glove

In fact, if you are a regular baseball or softball player, it is very important that you have a high-quality leather glove. Certainly, a good glove will make you more confident and increase your chances of securing the shooting ball firmly in your glove’s pocket.

However, along with the durability of a good leather glove comes an annoyance that haunts new glove purchasers for some days after buying the glove. A new baseball glove is incredibly stiff. The material is very difficult to fold, and hence you will often fail to squeeze your hand and secure the ball before it bounces off the stiff wall of your glove.

Hence, the best way to overcome the stiffness of a brand new glove is to play catch with the glove. Practicing baseballs with the glove will form the pocket that is suited to your catching style, and the glove will fit perfectly around your hand.

However, just playing catch with a ball can take quite a long time to break in your glove. Besides, it’s not like everyone can find a partner to throw balls at them for so long.

In fact, this is where a mallet comes to the rescue. The glove break in process can be made a lot faster with a mallet and some stretching.

How To Break In Your Glove Fast

In truth, breaking in a glove is actually a simple process. First, you will need to pour some hot water on your glove, but don’t soak it. The warm water will loosen the leather of your glove and make it more malleable.


Specifically, this effect can also be achieved by steaming. For example, put some glove oil or conditioner on your glove. Glove oil like mink oil will help loosen the pores. Then steaming will further soften the leather of the glove, making it game ready for the hammering of the mallet.

Now that your glove is relatively pliable, stretch the finger stalls. Further, hold the thumb and the pinky finger of your gloves and stretch them. Afterward, pull them backward and forward to break the stiffness.

After you have worked on the fingers, you can now go to pound town with the mallet. Lay down the glove palm side on the floor. Now hammer down on the backside of the glove with your mallet. Take out all your frustrations and rage, and pound at it! In fact, the pounding should make the leather on the back of your glove adequately pliable.

When you are satisfied with all the hammering, it’s time to work on the glove pocket. Put on your glove. Now, strike the palm of your glove continuously with the mallet. It will stimulate catching a ball with your gloves and form the pocket the is custom made for you.

You can also wrap your glove after the pounding. Put a ball in the pocket of your glove. Close the glove and wrap your glove around with a string or something similar to hold it in place. Keep it like that for a long time when you’re not using the glove. Your glove will form a pocket adapted to the size of the ball. You can repeat the process several times.

Conditioners and Oils

Baseball glove conditioners and oils are also useful in the glove break-in process. They soften the leather of the glove and maintain the quality of the leather. However, make sure that the oil or conditioner you’re using is manufacture approved.

The break-in process is similar for both softball and baseball gloves.

5 Best Glove Mallet of 2022

Now that you know how to break in a brand new glove, you need a good mallet to achieve that feat. You need not go far to find the best glove mallet. I have compiled the list for you.

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These are the best glove mallets you can find in the market to break in your glove

Covey Sports Baseball Softball Glove Mallet

Best Seller


  • One-piece
  • Maple wood


  • Small in size

This wooden glove mallet by Covey Sports is strong and durable. This is about 11 inches long. Covey Sports likes to call it the “mitt masher”.

It is made out of a single piece of solid wood. So you can rest assured that its head won’t pop off while you are mashing your glove. The wood used to make this mallet is maple. So there is little doubt about the durability and quality of this mallet.

You can also use this mallet for breaking in and shaping a lacrosse stick mesh pocket.

Marucci Glove Mallet

Best Seller


  • Longer than other mallets
  • Large head
  • One-piece


  • Expensive

Instead of a head shaped like a ball, the Marucci glove mallet has a large barrel-like head. So it produces a good amount of force that will come in handy while mashing your glove.  As it’s a one-piece mallet, it is pretty durable.

The Marucci glove mallet is 14 inches long, which is longer than most other mallets in the market. As a result, you can generate more torques in your hits. A longer mallet is also easier to work with.

In fact, the entire shape of this mallet somewhat resembles a baseball bat. Furthermore, it is handcrafted and has a sleek and shiny look. The famed and trusted baseball accessory producer Marucci has made this mallet look exceptionally good for a tool that has a purely functional purpose.

Particularly, if you appreciate quality in every aspect of your life, you can buy this Marucci wooden mallet from Amazon.

Hot Glove Mallet

Best Seller


  • Affordable


  • 2 – piece design

Hot Gloves in your area! You already have a gorgeous glove you say? Well, then you can use this Hot Glove mallet to break it in and shape it well.

Despite the extremely affordable price, the Hot Glove mallet is made from strong and durable wood. It is 12 inches long, and it has a well-balanced design. The head of this mallet is shaped like a baseball. So hitting your baseball glove with the Hot Glove mallet will simulate catching a baseball with your glove, thus creating a perfectly shaped pocket. This makes it easier to put a ball in the pocket.

This mallet is designed to break in your leather baseball or softball glove faster.

Rawlings GLVMLLT Glove Mallet

Best Seller


  • Affordable


  • 2 – piece design

Indeed, this is a good mallet to break in a glove and shape your baseball or softball glove. In fact, this is quite similar to the Hot Gloves mallet, except that it looks more elegant and premium.

Rawlings is a reputed producer of baseball bats and other baseball accessories. So it’s only natural that their mallets also come in style.

In particular, for the design, this mallet is about 12 inches long, and it has a head shaped like a baseball. The best way to shape your gloves is by catching balls in practice. This design will emulate the glove to ball contact so that your glove has a perfectly shaped pocket. The Rawlings mallet has a perfect weight ratio for an even swing.

Ideal Solutions Glove Mallet

Best Seller


  • Custom knob


  • 2 – piece design
  • The whole body isn’t wood

Truly, the Ideal Solutions mallet is an affordable option to break in a glove. The head of this mallet is actually a weighted softball. Additionally, the ball is attached to a knob that comes in 4 different grip patterns.

When you hit your baseball glove with this mallet, you’ll be actually hitting your glove with a ball. So your glove will form a pocket perfectly fit for catching a ball.

Furthermore, the handle is 13 inches, which gives you quite a good amount of torque with each hit and makes the hitting process easier.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Are glove mallets useful?

Of course, they are since these tools help with breaking in your baseball gloves that are brand new. Most leather gloves have some break-in but none will fit you right out of the box. That is where the glove mallets come in. But remember to clean the inside of a baseball glove and also dry a wet baseball glove to keep it working properly.

Can you make your own baseball glove mallet?

Since the material needed to make a glove mallet aren’t that unique you could make your own but those might not work the way you want them to. It’s better to buy one from our list of the best glove mallets of 2022. Your leather gloves will need the best glove mallets.

Which is the best glove mallet brand that I can buy?

The best brand for glove mallets have to be the ones from Rawlings.

Are there alternatives to glove conditioner?

There are alternatives to glove conditioners such as shaving cream. However shaving cream isn’t the best choice because it doesn’t work that well.


In summary, glove mallets are essential tools used to hammer the glove to soften and break in the leather of the glove. Similar to other leather goods, Baseball gloves should begin to soften with age and extended use. Glove mallets simply speed up this process, wooden mallets are the best for softening your glove. Even though there are other ways you can achieve the break-in process, but they can drastically reduce the longevity of your glove. On the other hand, you can always count on good-quality glove mallets to ease the break-in process.

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