Rawlings Player Preferred Catchers Mitt: Top Rated Catcher’s Mitt

After researching the available options and using some of them personally, I have concluded Rawlings Player Preferred catchers mitt to be the most popular, trustworthy, and positively rated by the users. In the same way, I am going to share with you my experience that how this Rawlings mitt is going to be suitable for the majority of the catchers considering its features and advantages.

Finding the best catcher’s mitt from the hundreds of available options is not easy. A catcher’s mitt can be different in size, price, quality, hand orientation, and many other aspects. In this article, I will help you find the most popular and top rated catchers mitt that is suitable for players of different levels.

Before discussing any further, let’s find out the technical details of Rawlings Player Preferred catchers mitt first.

Rawlings Player Preferred Catchers Mitt Features & Details

Rawlings Player Preferred 33 inch catchers mitt is meant for every catcher also the model goes with all the positions. Even though the catcher’s mitt is really cheap only the best quality leather is used so that it sits comfortably in your right hand. Finally, it’s easy to break in with amazing palm protection but can be game-ready for some right out of the box.

Feature Name

Features Details

Model Image

Model No


Item Weight

0.74 kg


‎11.14 x 7.8 x 4.17 inches


34 inches


Catcher's mitt

Hand Orientation

Both hand

Web Style

1-piece solid web



First Arrival


Best For







When I decided to buy this Rawlings catcher’s mitt, I did not expect it to be a high-end glove considering the price. I brought it for recreation and playing with the kids. However, my practical experience and expectations were not the same. In this section, I’m going to share my experience regarding each of the key features of this catcher’s mitt.

Rawlings Player Preferred Catchers Mitt: Style

This Rawlings glove series has gloves for different fielding positions such as first base, infield, outfield, and pitcher apart from the catcher. I was in confusion when I was selecting the catcher’s mitt from the multiple available options. These make for one of the best baseball outfielder gloves as well.

However, I’d suggest you check the model number of the mitt before purchasing. It is a unique number for all different types of gloves in the Player Preferred series. The model number for this catcher’s mitt is PCM30-3/0.

Rawlings Player Preferred Catchers Mitt: Size

This is a 33 inches catcher’s mitt that is a good option for adults. I have large hands and I had difficulties getting my hands in the mitt. But after breaking it in, the glove was comfortable for my hand. However, if you need a larger one, then you have a bigger size option from the manufacturer.

They claim that this mitt is not designed for youngsters and youths. However, I found it usable for the practice of my 12-year-old kid. The youths can manage it quite comfortably. If you want to stick to the brand, Rawlings has 32 and 32.5 inches catcher’s mitt in their product basket that are smaller in size.

For you to better understand what I am saying you need to know how to size a baseball glove properly.

Rawlings Player Preferred Catchers Mitt: Material

The material of a glove is an important feature as it determines its comfort and longevity. Although this Player Preferred catcher’s mitt is inexpensive, it is made of high-quality leather that is comfortable for your fingers. The laces are also made out of leather. I found the laces enough tight with an impressive build design. The manufacturer has used regular cowhide type leather that is soft and breaks in easily. It seems and feels to be of good quality.


The price is an important aspect when you choose the mitt. For the professionals, it is a different story. However, this Rawlings catcher’s mitt will cost you below 100 bucks. It is inexpensive and ensures good value for money. Considering the price tag, it provided way more value than I expected.

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It has good impact protection. The glove comes with zero shock palm padding that will give you maximum protection from the shock impacted during catching. The padding is sufficient for a basic catcher’s mitt. It will protect your hand from repetitive throws. I had no problem catching the throws with a speed of around 80mph.

Web design

The catcher’s mitt of the Player Preferred series is of 1-piece solid closed web design with a conventional back. Other gloves of the series have different webbing designs for different field positions. You will find both closed and open web designs for different styles. They have further subcategorized these designs as basket web, pro H web, and single post double bar web. However, only one design is available for the catcher’s mitt.

Hand Orientation

This is a right-hand catcher mitt. Left-hand orientation is comparatively less popular. Therefore, this option is not available for this catcher’s mitt. Although, left-hand gloves are available for other styles in this series.


In terms of color Rawlings themselves have made no claim mainly due to it being a natural color. The brownish color we see is the result of the process the synthetic leather goes through before gloves are made from it.

Advantages of Rawlings Player Preferred Catchers Mitt

Ready to game condition

The manufacturer claims that the Player Preferred catcher mitts are available in 80% factory break-in condition. The requirement of the player break in is only 20 %. Therefore, you will get the catcher’s mitt in almost ready-to-game condition. If the size of your hand is standard, then you can just put some oil on and start playing.

Great value for the money

This Rawlings player preferred catcher’s mitt will not cost you an arm and a leg. It is one of the most inexpensive, yet good quality catcher’s mitts available in the market. Therefore, the value for money of this glove is great. This is the reason I love this mitt the most.  

Excellent palm protection

The palm protection feature of the player preferred mitt is excellent. The manufacturer claims the mill to have zero shock padding to save the palm from increased impact while catching. I was comfortable receiving the throws speeding 75 mph and more. 

Top rated catchers mitt by the users

This Player Preferred catcher’s mitt is the best baseball glove in the market. It has been used by thousands of baseball lovers – from amateur to professional. I was indecisive while choosing the right catcher’s mitt and I decided on the most popular one. I think this is the right way while you don’t know which one to buy.

Build quality

The player preferred mitt is made of high-quality leather with deep pockets. Therefore, it is soft but not overly soft. You can put some oil into the pocket and it will be ready to go for the catch.

Reliable brand

Another reason for preferring this model is the brand itself. Rawlings is one of the oldest baseball accessory manufacturers. They are a trusted name in the game of baseball. A catcher’s mitt from this company will be of great quality for the money. I have tried so many baseball accessories from Rawlings and I was more than happy almost all the time.

Different available styles

In the same series, you will get gloves for different styles and field positions. Therefore, the Player Preferred series fit the varying needs of almost all types of baseball players with different choices and demands. 

Cons but not a deal breaker

I have large hands. Initially, I had difficulties fitting this mitt for my hand. It seemed smaller. I have seen that many other users have complained about the same issue. However, breaking it in properly solved the problem for me and it fits just perfectly. Therefore, I do not think that it is a deal breaker.

Who should prefer this top rated catchers mitt?

The 33 inches catcher’s mitt was designed for adults. However, from my experience, I can tell you that a high school kid can also manage it. Although Rawlings offers 31.5 and 32 inches mitts in other series that would be more appropriate for the youths, this one can trap the ball easily even if your hand is small. Its glove-to-hand response is pretty good as well. Therefore, this catcher’s mitt is a good option for the kids for practicing.

Is it a good option for a professional? Whatever experience I have about the features and advantages, I find this Rawlings catcher’s mitt to be more of a recreational mitt than a professional one. However, it breaks in easily, can handle pitches with a speed of 90 mph or more. It has a closed solid webbing as well. Therefore, if wish then a professional baseball catcher can use it as well.

If you are looking for a left handed catcher’s mitt, then this one is not for you. It is for the right handers. However, I have seen the majority of the Rawlings catcher’s mitts are for the right handers. If you are a left handed player, then you may directly contact Rawlings for customization.

Bottom line

The price tag of the Rawlings Player Preferred catcher’s mitt is so attractive that it has become an ultimate choice for adult recreational baseball players. Because of the affordability, quality, and brand reputation, it is far ahead of the other brands. Therefore, it is the ultimate most popular and top rated catchers mitt among baseball players of different levels. Although inexpensive, it has a smooth finish and never looks cheap. It is a great deal if you are practicing or coaching the youngsters. It will be a lifesaver for you with an outstanding value for the money.

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