Nokona Alpha Youth Baseball Glove: 5 Best to Buy Choices

I must let you know that discovering the best Nokona Alpha youth baseball glove for a young player is not easy to come by. This is not unlikely as there are lots of sizes, models, brands, and other factors to consider. However, aside from the bat wooden or composite, a glove is one of the most vital pieces of equipment in a player’s arsenal.

It does not matter if you pick out a glove for your daughter or son’s first tee-ball game; we know the best baseball glove you should buy. Understand that a quality glove that suitably fits will assist the player in performing excellently on the field.

Also, because we say quality, it does not mean you need to go above and beyond your budget. There are many highly durable youth gloves for a reasonable price that you can buy and flare later on.

When you buy a well-constructed palm leather glove, it will last for many seasons. In addition, it will help the young athlete develop muscle memory with each fielded ball and catch.

One of such gloves to buy is the Nokona Alpha youth baseball glove. First, however, until we get into the different types of Nokona alpha youth baseball gloves that you can find, we must have a brief description of what to expect from the Nokona products.

About Nokona Products

Nokona Alpha Youth Baseball Glove _ About
Nokona Alpha Youth Baseball Glove _ About
Nokona Alpha Youth Baseball Glove _ About 2
Nokona Alpha Youth Baseball Glove _ About 2

You should note that Nokona is an intriguing company to learn about. They offer amazing leather products that combine cowhide and kangaroo products.

Since the manufacturers have a powerful belief in their products, they are not willing to create cheaper versions of their gloves for now. So instead, the youth gloves that anyone can purchase will go for roughly $225.

However, a high-value glove from Nokona goes for roughly $240, while the premium glove, like the best catchers mitt, goes for $350. Nevertheless, the reason for the price difference in Nokona products has to do with the material used.

They think that the palm leather makes the glove have value while the buffalo glove looks like a high-end glove. In addition, this company is unique as its customers can custom make any glove they want.

This simply means that they will custom make your glove with any style, web, or material you desire. I make use of their gloves as I believe that they are the incoming line of gloves when it comes to high-performing baseball gloves.

Also, there is virtually no break-in needed in some of their gloves. The gloves made by Nokona are of a standard-setting brand, and they deliver all the things that serious players want in a youth baseball glove.

Irrespective of the fact that trends keep changing and innovation keeps pushing performance, this company has stayed true to its quality. As a result, they easily stand out from any competition.

Nokona gloves styles & series

Suppose there is one thing you should know about Nokona gloves. In that case, their softball and baseball glove construction and handcrafted from highly premium materials.

Interestingly, these materials are available in the United States. For more than eighty years, Nokona has made products in Nocona, Texas, with a single goal in mind.

This goal is to take the best and finest leather available and create gloves that people will fall in love with as they perform on the field. This company makes gloves for all types of players, from youth to professional and in between. Their popular series are:

  • The Classic Walnut
  • X2 Elite
  • SV2 Alpha Select Youth

Due to the many selections of styles and sizes, each player can meet their demands. It does not matter if you play as an infielder that loves shallow pockets or an outfielder that needs a glove to boost confidence. Nokona has the ideal one for you.

In the end, the Nokona Alpha youth baseball glove is the type of glove you will need, whether in slow pitch or fastpitch. Their construction quality cannot be matched as every glove is handmade through the whole production process. But they don’t have any youth batting gloves.

Since I use their products, I can say that their tireless commitment to craftsmanship has built a heritage that they continue dutifully living up to.

Professional Players That Use Nokona Gloves

Nokona Alpha Youth Baseball Glove _ Pro Players
Nokona Alpha Youth Baseball Glove _ Pro Players

One thing to note is that Nokona has an ever-increasing roster of up-and-coming professionals who make use of their gloves. Some of the featured players are:

Type Of Leathers Used By Nokona

Nokona Alpha Youth Baseball Glove _ Type of Leather
Nokona Alpha Youth Baseball Glove _ Type of Leather

As stated earlier, Nokona provides a vast range of proprietary Leathers. They apply it to both the palm and shell of the glove in diverse combinations. They do so that they can meet up to such personal information or demands for:

  • Game readiness
  • Weight
  • Stiffness, and of course;
  • Feel

Note that if there is virtually no break-in, it does not indicate the leather’s quality as this is a player’s personal preference. All the Nokona leathers are top-grain and selected by hand to meet the company’s rigorous standards with virtually no break-in.

The types of leathers used are:


The buffalo leather is placed highly due to its very unique appearance, renowned flexibility, and of course, hardy nature. You should note that this leather goes through a dry mill and drum dying in a bid to accentuate its supple and softer feel. Also, the status and history of the buffalo as an icon in America makes this leather a United States original.


This is a new generation of fill oil, full-grain, and performance steer hide. StampedeTM tumbles aggressively to offer a softer feel plus simple playability if you never knew. It is for serious players who desire gloves with immediate game readiness.


Once more, this is smooth aniline leather, full-grain, and vacuum dried for a very rich and traditional appearance. It has exquisite durability.

Walnut CrunchTM

This company has successfully built its reputation on its Walnut CrunchTM leather. The old tanning procedure is to create the unique yet random dye pattern that is in this palm leather.

For those unaware, the Walnut CrunchTM is complete aniline leather with natural waxes and oil to highlight its unique feel and character.


The SandstoneTM is a smooth, aniline, and full-grain leather. You should also note its astounding light color. More so, it demands a cleaner selection at its tannery. Interestingly, it offers a softer feel for the players who want gloves with great structures.


The vast Australian range of Kangaroo leather is among the strongest leathers globally. It has a tensile strength that is two to three times greater. In addition, it is lighter in weight when compared to cowhide.

Its scratch marks are an authentic aspect of the sophisticated leather as it adds to the character of the glove. In addition, this Kangaroo leather offers enhanced strength, reduced weight, and the natural play and feel of traditional leather. It is a special combination of ball gloves, making it a lightweight glove.

Banana TanTM

The Banana TanTM is a supple though sturdy cowhide. It was first developed by the company as early as the 1970s. They did this to enable a swift break-in needed period. It kept its look, performance, and feel just as its initial development.

Best Nokona Youth Baseball Gloves

As an American company with its base in Texas, they make unique handcrafted leather gloves that give a special feel to players. There are diverse types of Nokona gloves with a plethora of features. And they include:

Nokona Alpha Select 11.25 inches Glove


  • I-web design
  • Finger pad
  • Super soft leather

Firstly remember that any position can use this glove. It has a weight of roughly 475g and inches in length of 11.25. This Youth baseball glove uses super-soft leather as its major raw material.

It comes with an I-Web design as its Web has an I-shape. When the break-in needed period comes, it is easy to break-in. More so, it comes with an index finger pad for ultimate protection. It is a durable glove that comes with a twelve months warranty. It is a youth baseball glove that is suitable for teenage players.

The Nokona Alpha Select Youth baseball glove is an exquisite choice for players working on the basics of the sport. The palm leather makes it have an outstanding value.

Why we chose this product

We selected this product on our list because it can conform swiftly to one’s hand and the shape of the player’s fingers. Its quality and patterning make the glove game ready. They will be able to last for some seasons without losing their structure and even shape. Also, there is virtually no break-in with this product.


  • It has an amazing leather quality
  • It is a good value for money
  • Extremely durable
  • It is a suitable fit
  • It is known for its comfortability


  • It is expensive
  • It is thin out of its box

Nokona X2 Elite


  • H-web design
  • Closed Web back
  • Made with both kangaroo and Stampede steer hide leather

For those unaware, the Nokona X2 Elite uses Kangaroo leather, thus making it very tough. It is a glove that is suitable for first-base players. It comes with the H-web design and a twenty-four months warranty. This is an amazing Nokona alpha youth baseball glove as it gives off an elite performance. It is game-ready and known to be a position-specific series. Aside from the kangaroo leather, it is also uses Stampede Steerhide leather.

The break-in needed period for this glove is minimal. However, the glove has a fantastic structure and can maintain its shape. It is the perfect combination of high quality and top performance. As a huge proponent of discovering gloves that one can use for many seasons, I must say this is one such glove. It has quite a top-quality craftsmanship. They built it with nothing but durability in the manufacturers’ minds.

Moreover, it is regarded as a side glove that provides a fairly huge pocket, though it perfectly fits the hand. Its Closed web design is amazing for pitchers as it will provide support when handling hard line drives off the bat. The testing procedure that the company places in every glove mean that your glove is essentially less stiff when compared to gloves that other companies sell. You will be capable of getting this glove on the field way faster.

Why we chose this product

We picked this product because it is hard to beat its quality, and it is comfortable when used on the field. But, more so, it is a high-performance baseball glove that gives one a game readiness that cannot be matched.


  • It is an amazing fit
  • Highly durable
  • Comes with a fairly large pocket
  • Twenty-four months warranty is guaranteed
  • It is a fit and finish glove


  • It is expensive

Nokona Alpha Select S-200 Glove


  • Modified T-web
  • Open back type
  • Nolera composite padding system

The specifications of this Nokona Alpha Select S-200 have to do with the fact that its level of play is for youth leagues. It uses buffalo and stampedeTM leather. This glove has a weight of 475g and is the best youth baseball glove.

It is crafted to last for a long time, even if kids play youth leagues. This glove is lightweight, plus its Nolera composite padding system makes it a completely lightweight glove. In addition, it gives it a softer feel. One of the most loved features of this youth baseball glove is that it has been made in the United States since 1934.

It is great for all positions your kid may play in and comes with an updated T-web design. Because it comes in 11.25 – 11.5 inches, it is best for infielders. This is because it may be smaller for the outfielders. As a youth performance series, it has an ideal structure, and it has a break-in needed period that is easy. Its Nokona leather combination makes it a game-ready glove. Its game readiness means there will be no need for steaming.

Why we chose this product

We have this Youth baseball glove on our list because it has a completely guaranteed one-year warranty against both defective material and workmanship. However, this guarantee will not cover those damages from typical wear and tear or misuse.


  • It is crafted in the United States
  • This glove can be used for softball games
  • It is made with quality palm leathers
  • It is made available for the two hands
  • It is highly durable


  • It is expensive
  • The break-in needed time takes longer

Nokona American Kip 11.5 A-1150CGR


  • Completely closed basket web
  • Lightweight
  • Open back plus finger pad

You can make your waves with the Nokona American Kip fielding Youth baseball glove for those unaware. It uses high-performing baseball games and is interestingly lightweight. Also, it’s crafted from top-grain steer hide leather as a lightweight glove designed to be highly durable and responsive for game readiness. It weighs 580g and is sturdy to offer an optimal support level.

It comes with a closed webbing and shallow pocket for swift throwing transitions. Interestingly, this uniquely tanned American Kip leather offers durability and stability. It has a game-ready feel, and the palm leather makes it comfortable to use. In addition, the Nokona company extends a twelve-month warranty on all its baseball gloves if you never knew.

This means that if you encounter an issue with the Nokona gloves that might come from defective material or workmanship, you can let them know. In addition, its glove experts are highly trained in warranty and product knowledge. As such, you are more than likely to get directions for a warranty return. 

This Youth baseball glove is highly structured and available in 11.5 inches. The American Kip leather is American steer hide with some features similar to the Japanese and European Kip leather. It comes in Grey color and is proudly made in the United States. A middle Infield Glove is always game-ready for a high-performing baseball game. In addition, people say it is ideal for under fourteen players.

Why we chose this product

We have chosen this product since its game-ready capability. There is virtually no break-in needed with this one. I enjoyed making use of this glove as it comfortably fits the palm.


  • It is a lightweight glove
  • It is highly durable
  • The palm leather makes it a soft palm glove
  • It is crafted for all positions
  • You will love its one year warranty


  • It is only available in right-hand throw
  • Its price is high for some people

Nokona Bloodline Pro Series Glove


  • 12 75 inches pattern
  • Lightweight
  • Break in needed

Over time, Nokona has made amazing gloves, and this Youth baseball glove is surely one of them. The Nokona’s pro line infielder’s glove is an exquisite testament to its ability to offer quality gloves while simultaneously individualizing them.

The Bloodline Series is back, and it is better than anyone ever knew it. It is a pro model glove that is beautifully structured and lightweight. It is crafted with the company’s proprietary Kangaroo leather.

As stated earlier, the Kangaroo leather is among the strongest and most durable leathers globally. Hence, the bloodline pro series is a lightweight glove. In addition, this Youth baseball glove is re-engineered with a new padding system in its interior.

It helps in providing a strong structure and enables users to have a great feel plus ball control. I use this glove, and I can say it forms around my hand. This means that it tends to become fully individualized after months of wearing it to play. It is made in the United States.

Due to this individualized feel, most of my friends that play with this glove say they like it more than its competitors. In addition, it comes with an enhanced T-web design which enables it to give more flexibility. Also, it reduces the glove’s weight, making it easily classified as a lightweight glove. Finally, its T-web design makes it simpler for the fielder to make certain spectacular plays.

Why we chose this product

Thus, the glove has been chosen among the Nokona alpha youth baseball gloves you should buy because it gives players a very easy transition. This transition is from the glove to the hand and made possible beauty molds around the hand. I have made use of mine for more than four years, and I must say it still looks new and functions exactly as it did when I first got it.


  • It is extremely durable.
  • It comes with an updated T-web design.
  • It molds around the user’s hand.
  • Transitions are made simpler.
  • Made with quality leather.


  • It is highly-priced.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Do any MLB players wear Nokona Alpha baseball glove?

There are many MLB pro players that use Nokona baseball gloves. Such as infielder Todd Walker, pitchers Jorge Sosa, Jeff Fulchino, and MLB Hall of Fame legend Nolan Ryan.

Why are Nokona Alpha gloves so expensive?

Not all Nokona Alpha gloves are expensive they have something for everyone at different price points.

Which Nokona glove is the best?

There are many Nokona gloves that can be the best for you. It depends on the criteria you have when you are buying the baseball glove. However, we think the Nokona X2 Elite is the best as the Nokona Alpha youth baseball glove.

Are Nokona gloves worth the money?

Due to their quality and crafting method, it is hard for anyone to say that Nokona gloves aren’t worth their price.


On a general note, Nokona gloves are known to be highly durable and made of the best quality. In addition, the company has an outstanding reputation for producing dependable yet timeless gloves. Their gloves come with a top level of attention to all details. The Nokona Alpha youth baseball gloves you pick have been handcrafted and made from the best palm leather.

Its high quality is what all young and professional players need in their corner. Therefore, one cannot dent that Nokona is among the best glove brands. When you use their product, you will easily see the difference with their quality yet lightweight leather. We have outlined the best you can find out there, to ensure you make the right choice.

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