Wilson A1000 vs A2000: Which is the Best Seen in 2022?

Which is the winner in the Wilson A1000 vs A2000 duel? Wilson A1000 and A2000 are two popular baseball glove series. However, both of the series has several models for different fielding positions. In addition, all the models have different features and specifications.

Therefore, it is sometimes difficult for the users to find the appropriate glove model among all these available options. In this article, I will compare Wilson A1000 and A2000 and try to determine the differences between them. After reading Wilson A1000 vs A2000, you will learn which model of these two will be better for you.

Comparison Table on Wilson A1000 vs A2000







Glove type

All field postion

All field postion


11'', 11.5'', 12'', 12.25'', 12.5'', 33''

11.25’’, 11.5’’, 11.75’’, 12.75’’

Hand Orientation

Right and left-hand throw

Right and left-hand throw

Color variants

Black/white, grey/white, black/grey, grey


, black, saddle tan/black/White

, copper/white, blonde/white/Grey




Full-Grain leather

ProStock leather


H-web, T-post, Two-piece web, Victory, Dual post, Single post

T web, 2 piece web, Six finger trap, H web, Cross-web, Half-moon

Break-in period



Features Comparison on Wilson A1000 vs A2000

Available models

Wilson A2000 and A1000 have available models for all the field positions. They have gloves for the first base, infield, outfield, catcher, and pitcher positions. Therefore, whatever your field position is, you can have an option for both of these glove series.


Both of the Wilson glove series have similar designs for different field positions. But both of them have distinguishable color variants. A2000 series gloves are black, black/blonde, copper/white, saddle, tan/black/white, blonde/white/grey, and so on. The color options vary with the varying size and type of the glove.

On the other hand, the colors of the A1000 series are black/white, grey/white, black/grey, grey and, so on. Comparing the glove series’ design and color, I prefer A2000 more than A1000. It has more vibrant color options and looks better in my eye.


The webbing pattern of these two popular baseball glove series has similarities and dissimilarities. For example, the pitcher’s glove of A2000 has a webbing pattern of either T or 2 piece web. On the other hand, the pitcher’s glove of A1000 has a pattern of 2 piece webbing.

The infield position of A2000 has webbing patterns of either H web or cross-web. A1000 has either an H web or T post pattern for the same position.

Apart from these positions, A2000 has other webbing patterns, such as the six-finger trap and half-moon. On the other hand, A1000 has versatile options such as 3 bar single post, victory, and dual post webbing patterns.

Available sizes

Both of the Wilson glove series have plenty of size options. For example, A2000 series has 11.25”, 11.5” and 11.75” variant options just for the infield position. On the other hand, A1000 has 11”, 11.5”, and 12” options for the same field position.

The size of the catcher’s mitt for both series is 33’’. The size of the pitcher’s glove for A2000 is 11.5’’ and 11.75’’. On the other hand, it is 12’’ for A1000 for the same position.

Overall, A2000 has more size options. It is more of an adult glove series if we compare the sizes of the gloves side by side.

Leather quality

A2000 series gloves are made of ProStock steer leather to give the users a unique feel. Because of the leather quality, the durability of the A2000 series glove is higher than average. Some users claim that these gloves will last for a lifetime.

On the other hand, the A1000 series is less costly than its counterpart. Therefore, the leather quality is not as good as A2000. Full-grain leather has been used to manufacturer the A1000 series gloves. The quality is, in fact, better than other similarly priced gloves.

Hand orientation

It is not a problem if you are a left-hand thrower. A1000 and A2000 both the series have options for all. However, gloves for the right-handers are more available than the gloves for the lefthanders. Suppose the hand orientation you are looking for is not available for your preferred size and style. In that case, you may request a notification from eCommerce. Then you may purchase after the availability of the product.

Price and value for money

The price of A1000 is far less than that of A2000. For example, you can purchase two pieces of A1000 for the price of an A2000 glove. Although A2000 offers many advanced features, I would say that the value for money of A1000 is greater than its counterpart.

Break-in time

None of the glove series is game-ready. A2000 needs more time to prepare it for the game than A1000. In fact, A1000 is almost ready to game. It requires a little effort to break in.

Break-in time is dependent on the quality of the leather. However, a higher break-in time does not mean that the leather or the glove is of inferior quality. There are plenty of available lubricating agents in the market to help you make the glove game ready.

Advantages of Wilson A1000

  • The Wilson A1000 glove series is a good choice for beginners.
  • The price of the gloves is comparatively lower than other models in the range. Therefore, these gloves offer great value for money.
  • Dual welting is a unique advantage of A1000 gloves. It works on the liner of the gloves, ensures better support, and retains the glove’s shape for a long time.
  • The heel pad of the Wilson A1000 series is thinner. As a result, it shortens the break-in time and makes the opening and closing of the glove easier.

Advantages of Wilson A2000

  • The quality of the leather of the A2000 series is a major advantage. These gloves are made of a special kind of trademarked leather called ProStock.
  • Because of the high-quality leather, these gloves give the users a special kind of comfort and feeling.
  • A2000 series gloves are durable. If you can use them properly, these gloves can last for a lifetime.
  • Apart from the high-quality ProStock leather, the manufacturer has used a special microfiber to produce these gloves. This microfiber is the reason for these gloves’ longevity, lightweight, and moisture-resistant features.
  • The A2000 glove series will give you the flat finger binding feature. This feature will allow the players to put one of their fingers out of the glove to control it. In addition, these gloves have little space between the finger and the back of the glove to ensure less pain.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Which of the Wilson glove series will be suitable for the youth?

Both of these glove series are suitable for the youth. However, A1000 is more appropriate for beginners. A2000 is made of stiffer leather. Therefore, a beginner may require a whole season to make the glove ready for the game. On the other hand, A1000 is made of softer full-grain leather. Therefore, they come in almost ready-to-game conditions.Therefore, the A1000 glove series have enough options for youths with small hands.

Would these Wilson gloves go on the left hand?

Both left-hand and right-hand throws are available for these Wilson glove series. The right-hand throw is a more common type of hand orientation. However, gloves with left-hand throw orientation are scarce in supply, but they are not impossible to find out.

How long to break in a Wilson A2000 glove?

If you can do it properly, it may take around a week to make a Wilson A2000 glove ready for the game. However, break in the glove and play catch with it after a round of break-in operations. It is a faster way of preparing the glove ready for the game.

Which one of the Wilson glove series will last longer?

Both of the glove series will last longer than similar models of other brands. However, if we compare these two, A2000 has more longevity than A1000. This is because the quality of leather used in A2000 has made it stiff and durable.

Final Verdict – Which one is better for you?

Both of the glove series have their own specialized attributes. Therefore, both of them are winners in their field. However, each series of gloves is better for different players.

Wilson A1000 is comparatively less expensive. Therefore, if the budget is low, these gloves will be preferable. Although less expensive, the value for money of this series of gloves is quite satisfactory compared to similarly priced gloves in the market.

A1000 gloves are designed for the youth. Therefore, these gloves may not be appropriate for you if you are an adult. A1000 series will be more suitable for beginners who do not know how to break in a baseball glove. These gloves are almost game-ready.

On the other hand, Wilson A2000 is a preferred choice for adults. The leather quality of these gloves is premium. Therefore, these gloves are relatively expensive and appropriate for pro league players. In addition, these gloves require a relatively longer break-in time. Hence, it should not be your first baseball glove.

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