Best Baseball Gloves: MLB Choices For All Positions 2023

Are you in search of a new baseball glove? First, it must be noted that there is so much you need to consider if you are interested in getting the best baseball glove for your games. 

Understand that these gloves vary in shape and size depending on your position. For this reason, we have compiled an intriguing list of the best baseball gloves you can buy today. 

Table of Contents

20+ best baseball gloves

Some of the best baseball gloves that you can purchase to play amazingly on the field are: 

1. The Wilson A360 Baseball Glove


  • Half Moon web
  • Velcro design
  • CarbonLite shell
  • Lightweight glove

When it comes down to Wilson baseball gloves, one thing to remember is that they come with adjustable designs; for this reason, the Wilson A360 is the best bet to perform the trick. 

The Wilson A360 has a Velcro feature and is 31.5 inches in size, making it adaptable for adults and young teenagers. 

As one of the best baseball gloves on the market, the half-moon web feature assists in holding the ball tightly. And, the players who use it end up feeling at ease while handling pitches and adding to their team’s defense.

Its leather comes in a classic grey/black color, making it look attractive without affecting its durability. Some people rate it as the best youth baseball glove, which is not far-fetched. 

The reason has to do with the fact that it is capable of withstanding scratches and powerful forces without easily getting worn out. In addition, it is made with a synthetic material lasting up to four years. 

As for its CarbonLite shell, this feature is ideal for baseball players recently starting their time behind the plate. As mentioned earlier, the Velcro is easily adjustable for comfort and control. 

With the leather and CarbonLite shell, you will be presented with a durable catcher’s mitt that gives you a soft feel. When it comes to breaking in time, it is easy, and you can even find the process to get it done online. 

Why do we love it? 

I love using the Wilson 360 because I never have to complain about strained arms anymore. In addition, its low weight makes it easy to carry around, especially when cycling around the field. 

More so, this glove enables me to quickly catch fly balls even when I was just a beginner in the game. 


  • Ideal for teens and adults
  • Soft feel and low weight 
  • Break-in guide is available
  • Attractive colors
  • Highly durable


  • Big for six-year-olds

2. The Franklin Field Master Series


  • Thumb adjustment technology
  • Easy break-in
  • Contour fit system
  • Hand-formed pocket

As one of the best gloves, the Franklin Sports Field Master is a fantastic choice for recreational players and amateurs. It is made to be lightweight and crafted from high-quality synthetic leather. 

Franklin Field is one of the baseball glove series that enables easy breaking in and will be ready to be used without wasting any time. This baseball glove series comes with diverse web types in different sizes and for various positions. 

Understand that the hand-formed pocket is crafted to offer both responsiveness and optimal comfort. You will feel all these when you catch and pick without dropping the ball. 

It has been designed to be ideal for players irrespective of their age. As stated earlier, it is made from durable synthetic premium leather and has a contoured wrist. 

This contoured wrist area is engineered to maximize flexibility while maintaining powerful support. More so, its synthetic leather has a pre-formed pocket crafted to make it break in as per your liking; swiftly and simply. 

Whether playing softball, tee-ball, or baseball, this Field Master series is the perfect fit for you. Its soft leather is lightweight, and the thumb adjustment technology makes it tighten and expand. 

This tightening and expansion will assist you in achieving the ideal snug fit. As we mentioned, its hand-formed pocket offers comfort when you make catches and scoops. 

Remember that the left-hand throw glove is worn on your right hand so you can throw with your left hand. And, of course, the right-hand throw glove is worn on the left hand so that you can comfortably throw with your right hand. 

Why do we love it? 

I love that the Franklin Sports Field Master’s contour fit offers the best comfort and usability while I use it on the field. Note that it comes out of the box, ready to play. 

It does not matter who wants to use it as you adjust it to fit a child and an adult. 


  • Simple break-in 
  • Highly affordable 
  • Thumb adjustment is customizable 
  • Lightweight material
  • Heavily durable


  • Not a breathable glove 

3. The Phinix Baseball Glove


  • PU lining
  • Palm padding 
  • Quick breaking in 
  • Lightweight glove

You must note that Phinix is one of the brands that produce unique gloves. And as one of the best baseball glove brands in the market, they make gloves that conform to tiny hands. 

Even though they are very affordable, they will give you the desired results, especially as it is an outfield gloves. This high-quality glove fits and will be just suitable for those warm-up catches. 

Like all others made from synthetic leather, the Phinix glove does not weigh so much. It practically maintains stiffness for support and its excellent firmness. 

This is a soft glove, so it does not need much effort and time before you can break in. This means younger kids and youth players can purchase it when preparing for an upcoming game. 

Understand that the PU lining is made to be relatively lightweight and resistant to wear. Moreover, the leather quality is top-notch, while the pocket is crafted specifically to the contours of a youth’s hand. 

It means it gives you a very comfortable fit. Interestingly, the pocket is known to add to its existing comfort as it has padding that protects your hands. In addition, the palm padding will heighten impact protection when you want to catch fly balls. 

One thing that will intrigue you is that the padding is not so inflexible or thick, so having to grab the balls will be very much possible. 

So, if you are a baseball player that wants to do a left-hand throw to achieve a quick release action, you will love the padding. 

Why do we love it? 

While the webbing is indeed not durable, I managed to replace it with DIY laces. Overall, I enjoy using this glove as it gives off the ideal style, fit, and feel. 

No matter your baseball glove journey, this glove will offer more value than expected. 


  • Easily conforms to small hands
  • Highly affordable 
  • Amazing for left-hand throws
  • Supportive firmness
  • Padded pocket


  • Webbing is not durable 

4. The Wilson A2k 1799 Glove


  • Double palm construction 
  • Rolled dual welting
  • Highly quality leather
  • Outfield model

Have you been searching for outfield gloves? Today is your lucky day, as we have one of the best baseball gloves for the outfielder on our list. As an outfielder, you already understand that your primary goal is to get the ball straight into the glove. 

And there is no better glove to help you do this than the Wilson A2k 1799 outfield glove. This is one of the best baseball gloves for 2022 that will assist you in making fantastic catches while on the field.

This glove is manufactured from the top five percent of Pro Stock leather. Hence, the pro stock select leather makes it durable to last for many seasons. It comes with additional leather that reinforces its palm construction microfiber material. 

Interestingly, its palm construction assists in keeping the shape for an extended period while simultaneously ensuring you have a durable, stiff pocket formation that boosts catching. 

It comes with deep pockets, which assists in making plays. There is also the reinforced dual post web that offers longevity. The pro stock leather is used because of its flawlessness and consistency, making it the ideal leather for the best gloves.

Shigeaki Aso is designing any A2k line glove you find a glove master artisan. The Rolled dual welting of this glove offers a shape that lasts long while the palm construction gives extra pocket stability and additional shaping. 

The pro stock leather makes it hard to do when it comes to breaking in. However, the super skinny back of this glove allows it to be a bit easy. In addition, the SuperSkin is strong, lightweight, and can repel strips more than the usual leather. 

Why do we love it?

I enjoy using this glove as it comes with an H-web and is 12.75 inches. This makes the glove have a deeper pocket and quite long—all of this help extend players’ reach and range.

It allows me to catch those fly balls, and though it is pretty stiff, it has a unique design, especially with its snakeskin imprint. Wilson is one of the brands out there that has outfield gloves available. 


  • Crafted from Pro stock leather
  • SuperSkin leather back
  • Deep pocket
  • Unique design 
  • Highly durable


5. The Mizuno Prospect PowerClose Glove


  • Brown tartan flex webbing
  • PowerClose technology 
  • ParaShock palm pad
  • Mzo lining

Do you need the best baseball glove that money can indeed buy? Look no further than the Mizuno Prospect PowerClose Glove. This great glove gives no issues as it can easily slip through laces and finger-controlled straps. 

If you purchase it for your kid, they will have no trouble closing its straps. You have no issues regarding its durability and comfort as it is crafted with high-quality grain leather. 

As an intriguing glove to purchase, understand that it can withstand frequent usage thanks to the brown tartan flex web. And its PowerClose technology makes catching even ground balls easier. 

Its butter-soft PU palm lining helps heighten durability, your feel, and your comfort. More so, the pigskin full-grain leather provides fantastic durability while the Mzo lining helps in dispersing perspiration from your skin. 

As a right-hand throw glove with Mzo lining, it gives a contoured reach with its great pocket. The breathability is great since its liners can perfectly wick moisture. Note that it is an entry-level glove, not an expert one. 

Remember that this is one of the catcher’s mitts crafted for young kids and the ideal option for children having issues like weaker hand dexterity. 

The ParaShock palm pad is known to absorb complex shocks from those swift line drives and easily minimize the sting. 

Why do we love it?

I love that it has a para shock palm pad plus a liner to cushion your kids’ hands. The break in period is small, and there are triangular cutouts at the pinky finger to enable simple closing. 

If you never knew, the tartan flex webbing looks like a basketweave design, making it useful for every fielding position. I also love that it has different size options ranging from nine to 11.5 inches.


  • One hundred percent pure pigskin
  • It bends with pressure
  • Finger-controlled laces and straps
  • Perfectly wicks moisture 
  • Great for throwing


  • It is an entry-level glove

6. The Mizuno Pro Youth Glove


  • Hand-based patterns 
  • Player pocket designs 
  • SteerSoft elite palm liner
  • Thumb slot

We have another Mizuno product on our list of the best baseball gloves because, as you have guessed correctly, Mizuno is one of the best baseball glove brands, and you will find one of the best youth baseball gloves here. 

Nevertheless, the Mizuno Pro youth glove comes with specialized toughness, making it one of the fantastic infield gloves. This is a baseball glove that is suitable for both kids and youths. 

Though it comes with designs for middle infielders, it will last long. The reason for this is because of its steer hide leather. This leather is a weather-resistant material used in making jackets. 

This is the best infield glove that combines the wealthy heritage of Mizuno and the highly developed glove scans of experts. All of these were combined to create pocket designs that are directly tailored to every position. 

With its unusual approach, baseball players can now shape some of the best infield gloves like professionals for a natural feel and fit. Note that Steerhide leather is durable, strong, and conforms to the hand when you break it in. 

Its elite palm lining feature gives it an exceptional feel, while the thumb slot offers extra comfort plus a sturdy fit. You will love this model if you have been bothered about stings from handling baseballs. 

The Mizuno Pro youth glove ranks amongst any strong infield glove. Their quality makes it easy to break in, while the material is known to handle oil pretty well without any wrinkles. 

Why do we love it? 

I love the kid’s infield glove and Mizuno Pro youth gloves because it is pretty tough and has a stunning design. There are not plenty of models with such quality out there. 


  • Tough infield glove
  • Weather-resistant leather
  • It can eliminate stings
  • Oil is handled very well 
  • Smells nice and wrinkles free


  • Expensive glove

7. Mizuno GFN1250B4 Franchise Series Outfield Baseball Glove


  • Imported glove
  • Game ready model
  • Tan glove

As you know by now, Mizuno makes some excellent baseball gloves, and the Franchise series from their outfield line is an excellent choice for the best baseball gloves of 2023. We think this one is the best glove because of its full grain leather shell and other useful features.

This 12.5 inch baseball glove works really well for an outfielder, and both adult and youth players will be able to use this glove quite well. The leather shell of the glove protects the player’s hand from even high speed baseballs. The conventional open back of the glove keeps players’ hands cool. Additionally, this glove has MZO lining patented by Mizuno, which keeps their hand dry by keeping sweat away.

Finally, the glove has a Parashock Plus palm pad which reduces impact sting from the ball caught in the palm or glove pocket. Overall this is a solid choice for the best outfield baseball glove from Mizuno.

Why do we love it?

Even though I don’t play the outfielder position that much, using this glove was a treat. The 12.5” glove fit me rather well, and catching with it was easy. Also, this outfield model has multiple features that make catching fly balls less painful because it protects my hand and palm so well. While the color and design are rather simple, it still cools well, and you can be sure that the glove will work out for you for multiple seasons.


  • Durable body
  • Impact reducing
  • Well ventilated
  • Best for pros and beginners


  • Single design model

8. The Rawlings Select Pro Lite Series


  • Pro H-web
  • Youth pro taper fit pattern
  • Palm and index finger pads
  • Game ready glove

One of the most amazing Baseball Glove brands you will find in the market is none other than the Rawlings Select Pro Lite glove. You must note that Rawlings provides some of the best baseball gloves you may ever find. 

And their Select Pro Lite series provides an intriguing collection of popularly designed gloves that professionals in Major League Baseball have worn. How amazing is that? 

The gloves you will find in this baseball glove series are crafted with lightweight bio soft leather. It provides the Rawlings Youth Pro Taper fit design with a narrow hand opening for the best control. 

Understand that it has lower finger stalls that assist in accommodating the growing hands of the young players. In addition, its palm and finger paddings are shock resistant. And if you need appropriate protection against those hard-hit balls, this is the glove for you. 

Additionally, this glove was styled after the glove that Kris Bryant used. It is an all-leather glove with Pro style features crafted for highly reliable shape retention and great performance. 

It has cushioned finger back linings that help keep your hands comfortable while out on the field. In addition, its all-leather lacing will assist you in maintaining a well-formed pocket. 

It is made available to be ninety percent broken in straight from the factory, making it game ready and barely any conditioning needed. In addition, you will comfortably wear its smooth leather as it helps keep the glove in shape. 

More so, the cushioning is good enough to absorb impacts from catching the ball, while the cushioned finger-back lining helps with general comfort. It is one of the best outfield gloves as its design is similar to those worn by professionals. 

Why do we love it? 

This glove is quite affordable and offers so much as one of the best baseball gloves you will find. It is available for both right-hand and left-hand throwers. And I love that the youth pro taper fit is available on all the models. 

If you are a player that wants a slightly narrow hand opening than the standard ones, this is one of the best outfield gloves for you. The slight hand opening will help you with the best control.


  • Index finger and palm padding
  • Left and right-hand orientations
  • Has deep pocket area
  • Multiple colors available 
  • Made with soft leather


  • The lace tends to get loose. 

9. The FerDIM Glove


  • Thick PU artificial cowhide
  • Double reinforcement 
  • Ergonomic design 
  • Left-hand glove

The FerDIM Glove is one of the ball gloves with a plush inner cowhide lining, making it highly ranked among hide gloves and great for players that need additional wrist support. 

It has been crafted using PVC artificial cowhide, which is very comfortable but lacks flexibility and a swift break in period. In addition, it has a basket weave design that is great for infielders interested in emphasizing ground ball work. 

This baseball catcher’s mitt is great for adults, youth, and kids wearing left-hand gloves. It is also great for beginners who can use it when participating in competitions. The material used in its making is resistant to wear. 

Since it is made with foamed PU, youth players build confidence by decreasing their fear of impacts. The double reinforcement involves the expert t-ball glove sewing thread and leather cord. 

They make the glove highly durable and capable of withstanding powerful impact and tearing. In addition, it can discharge and absorb sweat, making it very comfortable to wear for games. 

The design at the thumb is thick and can link a double leather cord to block the ball. It is a shockproof glove. In other news, its doubled cord and the thread offer security plus additional comfort to your security. 

All of these setups make it the ideal training glove for amateurs. You will realize that the responsiveness of this glove emanates from the cowhide’s strength. It had been stated that this glove is capable of growing with one’s hands all through the years. 

This means it is flexible and has sizes that range from 10.5 to 12.5 inches. In addition, it is available in multiple colors for your children to make their favorite choice and is convenient to wear from your wrist up to your fingers. 

It has a Spongia Stereoscopic design that helps in keeping its edge from irritating and brushing the skin on your wrist. In addition, sweat will not form on your hands as it is a breathable glove. 

While this product has faults, it can maintain its comfortable and durable nature. It has an inner faux fur liner plus wrist comfort like a dri lex wrist lining. 

Why do we love it? 

I love that it comes as the ideal baseball glove and folds appropriately enough to function well with kids who barely have any experience. 


  • Amazing wrist support
  • Basket weave design 
  • Soft and pliable glove
  • Breathable and comfortable glove
  • Left-hand glove for right-hand throw


  • Cowhide peels off

10. Franklin Sports Baseball Glove – ProFlex


  • PVC shell construction
  • Cowhide leather palm
  • Wrist closure

Franklin Sports is well known for making excellent gloves that work well for players of all ages. In fact, the Pro Flex series is one of their best-selling series due to how well-made it is. From its PVC shell to its leather palm, this glove is one of the best for baseball fielders.

Since they use both PVC and leather, this hybrid series works well for baseball and softball. We have found that you can even use this glove for t-ball surprisingly well. Thanks to each part being treated at every step, the glove is practically game ready. 

Also, you will be able to adjust the glove’s fit to match your preference, thanks to its wrist closure. 

Why do we love it?

This is a quality baseball glove with many features, and each of them works together to give players support, protection, and performance.


  • Custom-fit
  • No break needed
  • Works for baseball and softball
  • Great flexibility
  • Multiple sizes


  • Single web design11

11. The Unihoh Glove


  • B-hive web pattern
  • PU synthetic leather 
  • Index finger and palm pads
  • Wear-resistant 

Amongst the baseball gloves, you will find out there lies the Unihoh Glove, which is amazing for beginners in the baseball world. It is made with top-quality PU leather, making the glove lightweight. 

More so, this glove is resistant to wear and will mimic the fit and flexible nature of genuine premium leather. In addition, its lightweight features still provide fantastic protection for your hands while you snag the baseball. 

The Unihoh glove has a small break in time, making it a game ready glove. In addition, the B-hive web pattern is sized to be roughly 12.5 inches. In other words, this glove was made to provide an excellent fit to players at all levels. 

The leather quality gives it a fully customized yet stunning look. This glove has a sophisticated design and sturdy performance. In addition, it has a trap-style shallow pocket, making it the ideal choice as an infield glove. 

With it, players get to snag the ball, allowing them to scoop and catch the fly ball without any hassles before taking it to their throwing hand. In addition, its high-density index finger paddings make it ideal if you need protection and comfort. 

The paddings will minimize the sting on your hands, while the stereoscopic sponge design at the wrist back will help prevent your wrist from abrasion. In addition, you will not sweat swiftly while wearing this glove. 

Generally, this glove comes with a leather cord and expert baseball glove sewing thread that strengthens it. As a result, it is highly durable and capable of withstanding powerful impact and wear. 

While it is one of those gloves that can be better at decreasing sweat, it will neither go offline nor out of shape. In addition, it gives a shorter break in time than real leather, and its B-hive web pattern makes it ideal as a pitcher’s glove. 

Why do we love it?

Even though the palm liner of this glove may not be sufficient for some people, I love that it will allow you to catch line drives and fly balls. It is a soft glove with no issues with closing. Stings are minimized here, and they will appropriately support your wrists. 

It is excellent for beginners and has a great build quality.


  • Soft and pliable finger pads
  • Little break in period
  • Amazing for amateurs
  • Double reinforcement for durability 
  • Sting is minimized


  • Restricted sizing options available

12. The Wilson A500 Glove


  • H-web design 
  • Smaller hand opening 
  • All-leather 
  • Dual welting

As one of the best baseball gloves to purchase, the Wilson A500 basketball glove is crafted for youth players and made from top grain leather. It makes it a super lightweight baseball glove and highly comfortable. 

It has dual welting at the back, which offers a long-lasting shape and a swifter break in time. In addition, its double palm construction provides excellent pocket stability and helps maintain your glove’s shape. 

The leather design provides flexibility and a ready-to-go feel without adding extra weight. If you need the lightest all-leather baseball glove on the market, this is the best baseball glove to pick. 

Why do we love it? 

This is a good baseball glove known for its high-quality materials and lightweight feel. It is regarded as an entry-level glove that will be good for young amateur players.


  • Has shallow pockets
  • Lightweight glove
  • Highly durable leather construction 
  • Great palm construction 
  • Simple breaking in time 


  • It does not last long.

13. The Rawlings Heart of the Hide Glove


  • Thermo-formed wrist liner
  • Moisture-wicking material
  • Pro-grade leather laces
  • Padded thumb sleeve

The Rawlings Heart of the Hide glove is one of the best baseball gloves crafted with a traditional leather shell taken from the top five percent of SteerHides. The heart of the hide is a premium quality leather that ensures your glove stays in shape. 

Note that the palm is made from deer-tanned cowhide and liner that offers a soft feel and amazing coverage. Its moisture resistant design extends further to keep your hands cool and dry no matter the conditions. 

Remember that the thermo-formed wrist liner is breathable, and this baseball glove features game-day patterns of the highest Rawlings advisory staff players. 

It is a baseball glove with high quality leather that features full-grain finger back linings and a hand opening. This glove will help in teaching players the basics of swift ball transfer to their throwing hands. 

It does this by forcing them to make use of both hands when they are fielding ground balls. It is a great glove for avid players and will fit your left hand. The glove size is 9.5 inches. 

Note that the heart of the hide glove was crafted to train infielders, especially as it is a Pro I web training baseball glove. It is durable and sturdy because of its pro Grade leather laces. 

In addition, it has a comfortable feel because of its deer-tanned cowhide palm liner. The thermo-formed hand opening of this glove offers an unmatched wrist comfort that makes it breathable. 

Its dual welting and padded thumb cuff assists in creating a vast pocket. And simultaneously, the pro web thirty-one patterns design assures players of the ideal grip to catch the ball. 

As one of the best baseball gloves on this list, it has an extra twenty-five percent factory break in. 

In other news, it is a bit tough when bought though it will soften quickly when you use it in playing vetch for roughly one week or two. It has a creative and convenient pattern. 

Irrespective of the condition that you find yourself in, Rawlings heart redesigned thinner heel pad will make it easy to close. It is an amazing glove for outfielders, infielders, catchers, and pitchers. 

This catcher’s mitt from Rawling’s heart is manufactured with traditional hide leather, as its deer-tanned cowhide gives softer padding. In addition, it has a conventional back and diverse webbing options. 

Why do we love it? 

Rawlings heart is greatly loved by those who want a tough and stiff baseball glove with the majority of the player break in still available. It is the lightest amongst many other Rawlings gloves that you will find here. 

Its only disadvantage is that after using it for two to three seasons, it turns floppy and is no longer beneficial to those who love firm gloves. 


  • Tough and stiff 
  • Made available for every position
  • Eighteen different colors available 
  • Faster break in 
  • Sixty to seventy percent of players break in


  • Becomes floppy later on.

14. The Rawlings R9 12.75 inches


  • All leather shell 
  • Reinforced palm pad 
  • Pro style patterns 
  • Trapeze style design 

As one of the popular sports goods companies located in the United States of America, this company is known to provide top-quality apparel capable of boosting players’ performances in the best possible ways. 

One such apparel they have is the Rawlings R9 line, strategically crafted for outfielders. For example, the Rawlings R9 baseball glove has a sturdy and soft outer shell to resist all forceful strikes. 

Understand that it has a strong impact reduction provided by its pro-style patterns and reinforced palm pad, thus protecting your hands from all injuries. In addition, its padded finger back liners offer a supportive feel.

More so, the Trapeze style design is promptly used in shielding the sun and guiding the ball into this catcher’s mitt, providing a good catching experience. Rawlings baseball is the formal glove of major league baseball for those unaware. 

They are the official glove because of their unmatched design and innovation that functions following all the company is known to do. But, of course, all of this includes their gear, such as the protected shin guard. 

In other news, both softball and baseball players turn to Rawlings when they need to attain their game the most. The Rawlings R9 series is one of the best baseball gloves, as they are sold at a fair price. 

It has an eighty percent factory break in and gives a game ready feel, which will make you not put in much effort. In addition, it has a youth pro taper fit designed for the young players situated at the mound and infield. 

This glove is soft and durable enough to provide players with their next-level performance. It has a premium build and is pretty comfortable to wear. This series has the players in mind as it has a good fit sized right for you. 

Comfort is not a problem when wearing this glove as it is crafted for all positions and skill levels on the field. When you take it out of the box, you can begin using it as it is factory broken in eighty percent. 

Rawlings is widely known as a front-runner in baseball innovation and gear. As a result, professionals heavily trust them, and the company works hard to keep creating the best of the best. 

Why do we love it? 

I love using this glove because irrespective of the hand I use to throw with, the glove is made available in both left and right-hand versions. Therefore, it is a good choice for people who expect the most from their money. 


  • Has an all-leather build
  • Trapeze-style blocks out the sun
  • Highly durable glove
  • Very comfortable 
  • Eighty percent break in


  • Some people did not receive 80% break in gloves

15. The Rawlings Pro Preferred 11.75


  • 100% wool padding
  • Pro Grade leather laces
  • Pittards sheepskin palm lining 
  • 30% factory break in 

We have established that Rawlings is among the most famous brands of baseball gloves amongst expert players. For this reason, we will introduce you to the Pro Preferred 11.75 inches glove made of quality kip leather.

One thing about kip leather is that it offers an amazing feel and consistency. In addition, this glove comes with 31-pattern and Pro-I web design which are fantastic combinations for infielders. 

It enables players to swiftly receive ground balls and even pass them to their throwing side. 

Interestingly, your hands will be kept dry due to their moisture-wicking sheepskin lining. As a result, it will make you perform amazingly in the game. More so, the padded thumb sleeve boosts pocket shaping. 

It helps maintain the shape for a long time as its leather laces provide a luxurious look. Note that the wristband is lined with one hundred percent wool making it comfortable for your hands. 

However, you can get a customized glove if you prefer the thermo-formed lining for your wrist. This baseball glove is referred to as one of the most premium and best baseball glove lines for professionals. 

Its clean yet supple kip leather enables a break in to create the ideal pocket based on the playing preference of the owner. Its pro Grade materials and Pro game day patterns come together to deliver performance and quality. 

While it comes with thirty percent factory break in, seventy percent player break in is needed. High-school expert players can use this glove due to the feel of the kip leather. 

The wool padding greatly assists with pocket formation and retains the shape of your glove. The leather laces will add strength and durability while the thumb sleeve brings comfort. 

Why do we love it? 

I love using this baseball glove because it has kip leather, making it a comfortable feel and easy to break in. 

For those who cannot break in a glove properly, you will need to keep reading this article so that you do not damage the leather and structure of your glove. 


  • Kip leather construction 
  • Amazing palm linings 
  • Wrist strap made from wool
  • Thirty-one patterns Pro-I web
  • Greatly durable 


  • Quite slow to break in 

16. SSK Z5 Craftsman Infield Baseball Glove


  • Premium cowhide Nameshi leather
  • “DIMPLE” sensor technology
  • Rolled welting

The Z5 series has multiple styles of gloves that can be used for all positions. The infield model is our top choice for infield and pitcher gloves for 2023. This glove uses high-quality cowhide leather straight from Japan. The leather provides both durability and comfort at the same time. 

Also, the glove has its version of a Dimple sensor which helps players get a better grip on their ball. Furthermore, the lacing on the glove gives players a lot more durability while also increasing their performance.

Overall this is an excellent glove with impeccable performance and quality that will be hard for anyone to beat.

Why do we love it?

This glove has some of the best features for infields and pitchers that work really well together. Also, these gloves provide really good performance thanks to their build. 


  • Handcrafted
  • Comes with SSK handbag
  • The pro-level web pattern
  • Soft wrist liner
  • Greater stability


  • Only three sizes


  • Only three sizes

17. SSK Black Line Infield


  • Pitchers and fielders can use it.
  • FusionFit for patches that aren’t as worn out
  • Dimple Sensor for stronger grip
  • Leather that is soft and bendy
  • Shokunin Skillful work for a well-built design
  • First-class leather laces
  • Leather made from steerhide

To locate the best infield glove, we need an SSK gloves review. Because of the use of high-quality Japanese steerhide leather, the Black Line gloves are extremely comfortable. The glove is surprisingly soft and easy to break in, despite its great quality and lengthy lifespan.

It’s no longer enough just to have a durable glove. FusionFit, integrated into the glove’s interior design, ensures a snug fit by making the wrist opening perfect. FusionFit keeps the glove’s high-impact zones from wearing out too quickly. SSK also has Dimple Sensor technology, enabling a more secure grip even during the most demanding games.

When used in the infield, the glove’s open back and closed web construction prevent dirt from accumulating. These gloves are a wonderful choice because they are comfortable and allow for quick movements.

Why do we love it?

The gloves have an eye-catching design with smooth curves and edges that catch the eye. This glove is hand-tailored to suit each player’s hands and is made of quality steer hide leather. The high-quality leather structure of the glove makes breaking it in a snap.

SSK is concerned with the glove’s durability as well as its performance. As a result, the FusionFit and Dimple Sensor technologies helps to build a glove that is both pleasant and secure on the hand. The two-piece closed web design allows pitchers to conceal the ball from the batter’s perspective, while the open back prevents dirt from getting inside. This is the best glove you can get if you play middle infield.


  • Good for pitchers and infielders
  • Fewer chances of patches forming
  • Enhanced grip
  • Supple leather
  • Well-built design
  • Great laces
  • Premium leather


  • Few web design

18. SSK Craftsman Baseball Catcher’s Mitt


  • Premium leather binding
  • Comfortable finger lining
  • Rolled welting

Finding a good catcher’s mitt is a challenge at the best times, but finding the best catcher’s glove is much more difficult. If we are looking for the best baseball gloves, catcher mitts need to be in there, and SSK has some really good ones.

The Maestro from SSK can be a great choice if you are looking for the best catcher’s mitts. This glove has multiple features that protect the catcher’s hand from injury. For example, the leather lacing of this glove raises the glove’s durability as well as makes the glove more flexible, which works to aid in catching baseballs coming at you at high speed. 

Since the Z9 glove is handcrafted by Japanese glove making masters thus, it comes with the Shokunin craftsman stamp. Each part of the glove has undergone numerous tests, so you can be sure of its quality.  

Why do we love it?

Since this leather glove is handmade, there aren’t too many available. However, I can say that this glove has some of the best protection and flexibility that is hard to beat. Also color looks pretty amazing. The web pattern ensured I could catch most pitches without injuring my palm or finger.


  • Deep pocket
  • 25% factory break-in
  • Leather palm
  • Conventional back
  • Pro level pattern


  • Bit expensive

19. Louisville Slugger TPX


  • Well known brand
  • Finger welting
  • Steerhide leather
  • Pro web patters

While Louisville Slugger has made its name with baseball bats, they have also become a household name for its baseball gloves. They are well-known for making superior baseball equipment, such as gloves and bats. High-quality cowhide means the TPX infielder could perform admirably for many years across multiple fields.

In terms of both convenience and effectiveness, Louisville Slugger spared no expense. Several major league baseball players have used gloves from this series, so you know they’re good. The TPX infield gloves are built to last with a steerhide leather interior and a cowhide exterior. Adding finger welting to the glove’s reverse side will also improve its construction.

Why do we love it?

Like many others, I imagined Louisville Slugger was superior primarily to bats rather than gloves. They do, however, manufacture gloves of exceptional quality and longevity. The durable structure of the glove ensures that it will last through numerous seasons and heavy treatment on the field.

If you play in the middle infield, this is your glove. Welting connects the glove’s inner lining and fingers from one piece of leather, resulting in a sturdy and comfortable glove that can withstand many impacts.


  • Trusted brand
  • Pro level designs
  • Positive reviews from many
  • MLB players choice
  • High performance
  • Durable


  • Only for infielders

20. Akadema Pro Soft Outfield


  • Lightweight model
  • Game-ready model
  • Works for baseball and softball
  • Conventional open back

The reputation of Akadema isn’t as well-known as that of some other firms here. Despite this, they continue to manufacture high-quality baseball and softball gloves. Their popularity has grown considerably due to their cutting-edge designs and high-quality production procedures.

To develop goods that stand out, Akadema pays great attention to details such as fit and feel. The Akadema ProSoft suite’s latest version has just been launched.

Akadema’s goods are designed to be more than just functional; they want you to be proud to show them off. The latest edition is available in two colors for a trendier, more game-ready look. The ProSoft range is pre-conditioned and ready to use right away.

Because of their larger size, you can also use them in softball.

Why do we love it?

Compared to other baseball and softball-specific things, none of Akadema’s offers are inferior in terms of quality or performance. Despite their unusual aesthetics, all of their products are incredibly useful.

The ProSoft series has released multiple gloves, each distinguishable from the others by a feature that is either innovative or groundbreaking. The most recent Akadema edition is the same as previous ones. Despite being on the lighter side, the glove performs admirably in the outfield despite its size and weight. As a result, it will almost certainly be one of the top outfielder gloves in 2022.


  • Soft leather glove
  • Fast break in
  • Comfortable design
  • Easy to master
  • Many color choices


  • Not all sizes are available

21. Nokona W-1275M Handcrafted Walnut Baseball and Softball Glove


  • Modified web design
  • Made in the USA
  • Ambidextrous model

Nokona has proudly been making baseball gloves here in the USA since the 1900s from Nocona, Texas. These gloves deserved to be the best baseball gloves due to their design and materials used. The glove has multiple features that make wearing them more comfortable and provide multiple benefits.

One of the best features of this outfield glove is that you can break it in really quickly. Additionally, the glove is made from some of the best leather you can get. This allows you to play with the glove and not fear getting hurt by baseball. 

Nokona is known for making their glove with top grain steer hide leather that provides balance for players. This means you can play equally while experiencing power, support, and protection. The Walnut Crunch leather also provides players with great flexibility and durability.

Why do we love it?

This glove looks cool and has some great features, so it deserves to be on this list.


  • Lightweight
  • Balanced
  • Unique color & design
  • Works on both hands
  • Last for multiple seasons


  • Single web pattern

23. Nokona Alpha Select Plus Series


  • USA brand
  • Dual leather hide
  • Quick break in
  • Lightweight
  • Closed back

Although Nokona is not as well-known as Akadema, they produce high-quality outfield gloves. High-quality leathers such as Stampede and Buffalo are employed to ensure long life and a rapid break-in phase. In addition to these advantages, the higher weight associated with such leather increases the glove’s stability and control. Because of a special leather composition, the glove is game-ready right out of the box.

And they’ve been doing it for the past 75 years! Nokona has been known for creating high-quality gloves since its inception. Rawlings Alpha Select outfield gloves have a six-finger trap web designed to improve the player’s ability to catch fly balls. The leather glove’s high-quality construction ensures a close fit.

Why do we love it?

Although Nokona has been in business for less than a century, the company has mastered the art of creating gloves that are on par with those created by industry titans such as Rawlings and Wilson. Nokona can create high-quality gloves by using only the finest leathers in the manufacturing process. Their leather combination allows them to combine the benefits of both types of leather hide in a single pair of gloves. As a bonus, it’s an American-made glove created expressly for baseball, the country’s national pastime.


  • Pro level design
  • Catches fly balls easily
  • Provides excellent comfort
  • Enhanced flexibility
  • Durable model


  • Advanced web pattern
  • Tight fitting

24. All Star Pro Elite


  • Japanese tanned steer hide leather
  • Handmade model
  • Tanned leather pocket
  • Velcro wrist strap

It is now regarded as the best catcher’s mitt on the market and is also one of the most often worn by professionals. This catcher’s mitt is only for the most experienced players in baseball. Using Japanese-tanned steerhide leather results in a quicker break-in period and leather with a longer projected lifespan.

The All Star Pro Elite is a catcher’s mitt player’s dream because it is of higher quality materials and works exceptionally well. The Pro Elite pocket has supple tanned leather for an even superior look, feel, and fit. The Pro Elite includes a black lining on the back that helps with ball control and handling.

Furthermore, it has an expanded pro pocket that provides even more support! Increasing comfort while reducing size A locking tab has been added to the All-Star edition.

Why do we love it?

All-Star has established itself as a trustworthy brand, and when both price and quality are considered, the Pro Elite always comes out on top. You’ll quickly understand why, due to its longevity, it continues to outperform cheaper competitors.

The All-Star Pro Elite is an excellent product in terms of style and performance. It is one of the greatest catcher’s mitts available for the price. It is not difficult to break it in, and it will suit a catcher’s hand incredibly well.

As a result of its success, it is currently ranked first among collegiate baseball gloves.


  • Custom-fit
  • Soft leather feel
  • Lasts multiple seasons
  • Quick ball transfer


  • Expensive glove
  • For pros only

Buying Guide For Baseball Gloves

Before you buy any of the best baseball gloves you can find on our list, there are some factors you will need to consider. These factors are:

Length of the glove

An outfielder will surely not be wearing the same glove as an infielder. It is because the outfielder gloves are quite bigger than that of infielders. 

The ideal size of a typical outfielder glove ranges between 12/12.5/12.75/13 inches. Outfielders require a swift reaction to throw the ball back and catch it. Big gloves will help better for this. 

Field position 

When it comes down to the world of baseball, you will discover that there are plenty of fielding positions, and each of them needs a particular baseball glove. 

If you use the same glove for all positions, your game will be challenging, affecting your performance. Therefore, we will look at the baseball gloves you need for all the positions. 

For the pitcher, you will need a medium-sized glove that is pretty simple to manage. And the modified trap and closed webs will function best here. But, again, it is because they will enable you to hide the ball and even help disguise your throws. 

Baseball gloves for Pitchers are more comfortable than all other baseball gloves as they do not come with so much padding. 

When it comes to the infielders, the infield glove they need is usually smaller than the outfielders. But, again, this is because they need all the flexibility and speed they can get.

However, the best baseball glove for an infielder comes with requirements for the four distinct infield positions. In other news, the first base (1B) needs gloves that lack finger channels and should have open webbing. 

This glove has additional lengths to catch those infield throws, while the shallow pockets allow quick ball retrieval. But, then, the second base (2B) needs the most miniature gloves with shallow pockets. 

It is needed for swift catching, and they come with open webbing to help with swift ball transfers. The third base (3B) needs medium to large gloves with shallow to mid-sized pockets. 

It is because the gloves will provide optimal catching power. In addition, it should have closed webbing. Finally, the Short Stop (SS) needs smaller, short gloves, shallow pockets, and open webbing for swift throws. 

You must wear a mitt bigger than the normal baseball glove if you are a catcher. It is because the catcher’s mitt is for catching the flaming fastballs of the pitcher without having to injure your hand. 

The difference between the baseball glove and the catcher’s mitt is that the catcher’s mitt has no separate fingers but has good padding. Therefore, the measuring differs as well from the typical measuring. 

They are usually sized in circumference and not length. As for the outfielders, their gloves are bigger with deeper pockets which allows players easily grab high-flying balls. 

The most frequent pocket designs here are Trapeze Web designs and H-web designs. 

Fitting of the glove

You must find the ideal baseball glove for your baseball glove, as the best ones fit big, small, or standard hands. The things that will determine the ideal fit for various players are the wrist opening, type of webbing, and glove size. 

Understand that a youth glove will have smaller wrist openings and shorter finger stalls to give players with small hands good control. 

Some gloves come with adjustable wrist straps to enable players to fine-tune the glove’s fit comfortably and more precisely. So when you are searching for the best baseball glove, you should try them on to know their fit and feel. 


Before making your big purchase of the best baseball gloves, you should know that baseball gloves use three types of materials. They are leather, mesh, and synthetic. 

The leather material is mainly used because of how durable they tend to be. Most professional players out there will choose a leather glove over any others. 

The reason for this is not farfetched, as leather offers more flexibility, comfort, and impact resistance. However, understand that the gloves made from premium leather will eat deep into your budget. 

As for synthetic, they will give you the same lightweight feel and look but for a much more affordable price. Nevertheless, you cannot compare the quality to that of leather. 

And as for mesh-backed gloves, people know them for their lightweight nature and flexibility. One truth to remember is that leather always lasts longer than synthetic and mesh. Plus, leather is eco-friendly. 

Adjustable strap

The purpose of adjustable straps in any of the best baseball gloves is to assist the player in adjusting the glove, though it depends on the hand size. Additionally, you can decide to loosen or tighten your glove though most manufacturers do not have this feature. 

While it is not a deal breaker if you do not have it, straps can sometimes make people uncomfortable, especially when the weather is hot. So when choosing your baseball glove, you can certainly not think much of this feature. 

But note that straps come in handy if your glove does not fit or your hand has outgrown the glove before you can change it before your next game. The purpose of the strap is to give you flexibility. 

Left-hand or right-hand thrower

Regarding the type of throws in baseball, it briefly refers to the hand the player uses in throwing and surely not the hand the glove is on. You should always consider the hand you use to throw the ball before you buy your glove. 

More so, the right-hand throw gloves are for players that throw with their right hand while the glove is on the left hand. And the left-hand throw gloves are for players that throw with their left hand and wrap the glove on their right hand. 

Ease of breaking in 

In terms of breaking in your baseball glove, we must tell you that it is both time-consuming and difficult. However, as a hard task, you can always get gloves with eighty percent factory break in instead. 

Some gloves will need time and manual effort to attain the break in. If you cannot get this done alone, buying gloves with soft leather is best. Their break in periods is short. 

Pocket comfort and its depth

You are to pay close attention to the depth of the pocket and how comfortable it is as they are not to be ignored. The best baseball glove should be capable of protecting you from impacts coming straight from the bats. 

So, when buying your outfielder’s glove, it must come with a considerable pocket and be comfortable. When the pocket is big, it will give you more room to catch s that are difficult to reach. 


If you never knew about webbing, note that it connects the thumb of your glove to your fingers. Therefore, it lets players easily hold and grab balls, decreasing unwanted spins. 

A baseball glove typically comes with various web styles, depending on the player’s position and preference. However, you will find two major types of webbings out there in case all you knew was basket webbing. 

The first is the open web which outfielders and infielders prefer because it enables quicker ball transfers to the throwing hand. It also offers more visibility when you want to catch fly balls. 

The second is the closed web which fielders, pitchers, and catchers prefer as it demands additional catching support, which keeps balls hidden from the onlookers.

Price of the glove

One thing to remember before making your big purchase is that the glove’s price will determine its durability. It means that the higher the price of your glove, the better its quality and the longer it lasts. 

You will find out soon enough that there is a clear difference between a glove that’s under $100 and one for more than four hundred dollars. 

While the expensive one lasts for years without wearing out, the cheap ones wear out after one or two seasons. Understand that price of gloves have no direct effect on how it performs. 

Those affordable gloves will be simpler to break in and have a lighter feel than the expensive ones. It is because expensive gloves use top quality leather that takes time to break in. 

Mistakes People Make In Choosing The Youth Glove

We will identify some errors people make when they want to buy a youth glove so that people can avoid similar mistakes. The errors are: 

Buying poorly constructed gloves

Remember that you do not have to purchase the most costly brand named glove with a sophisticated design. However, you should make your purchase deliberate than having to depend on luck. 

Sometimes, an older person’s used glove is a better option than purchasing a poorly constructed glove. We are stating this fact because the used glove will already be broken and good to go. 

Buying stiff gloves

While it gets tempting to go for quality gloves that are fresh and stiff, one intriguing thing about gloves is that the beat-up and old glove in your garage is better than some brand-new gloves. 

The new glove will be very stiff, making it difficult to control its pocket. Nevertheless, the good thing about new gloves is that they last for years. 

But their downside is the break in period they demand. 

Buying oversized gloves 

Some parents are fond of purchasing oversized gloves for their kids, which constitutes one of the major issues in youth leagues. 

You can get a good-fitting glove instead of a small one, making it difficult for players to get their hands on it. But, unfortunately, when parents face the small glove option, they tend to tilt towards getting a big glove.

It leads to a loose fit and the hand of the player slipping all over the glove, making it harder to focus on the game completely. 

Do not choose that oversize glove as it has poor fitting and will make it difficult to open and close the pocket. 

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Baseball Gloves Break-Ins

When it comes to baseball glove break in, there are rules you must follow so that you do not end up destroying the glove by accident. To begin with, we will begin with the do’s and how you can successfully embark on the breaking-in task. 

The do’s of breaking in gloves are: 

  • Use conditioning oil, leather oil, glove oil, or conditioner. You can also make use of glove butter. 
  • A classic breaking-in method is wrapping the regulation ball inside the glove and leaving it for about one day or two.
  • When you buy the glove, you can submerge it in water for a short time before wrapping it with bungee cords or twine with the regulation ball. While most parents will not like this method, it surely works but notes that you are not leaving the glove in water; you are only dipping it. 
  • Pound the glove pocket with clubs or anything that can simulate a ball.
  • Make use of the glove a lot during practice. If possible, keep a handful of gloves and use the old ones for continuous play and the new ones during practice to break them in. 

Remember that you can use diverse tricks to break in your baseball glove. And, you will realize those different persons have varying opinions on how to best do it. 

To be honest, the best way to break in your glove is to use it as much as possible. It does not mean there are no effective methods to speed up the process. Some of such methods are: 

Glove steamer method

One such relatively new method is by making use of a steamer. You can get a steamer from athletic goods stores. It will take you roughly fifteen minutes to complete the glove steam treatment. 

People claim that it makes your glove to be game ready and it helps in loosening up the leather. However, it will not be as ideal as the glove broken during catches. 

Glove conditioners and oils method

Those who do not have access to the glove steamer can use glove oils and conditioners. 

Note that the very costly conditioners are practically concentrated formulas that make your solution look more like a cream than a liquid. With it, you just need to spread the oil all over your glove uniformly. 

You just need a little to cover the entire glove, although you can always apply it again for the best results. 

However, be extra careful so that you do not get too much oil on the glove, as it will make it break down faster than normal. 

The practice method

For some people, after using the oil and conditioner method, they make use of the glove to play catch. Since the hands of everybody is different, the glove will need some time to mold to the shape and size of your hand. 

For the first weeks, when your catcher’s mitts are brand new, you can keep two balls in the glove to prevent them from getting flat. One should be positioned in the palm and the other in the pocket. 

When this is done, embark on wrapping the glove with your belt or wraps. Some people make mistakes by positioning the ball in only the pocket. If you do this, your glove will form a taco-like shape instead of a wide shape to catch balls. 

Ensure you take care of the pocket, as a floppy pocket will result in a sloppy game. However, when you break in your glove appropriately, it will last for years and be in the best shape for all practices and games. 

While we have outlined some methods and do’s for breaking in your glove, the don’ts of breaking in gloves are: 

Do not bake the gloves in the oven

It does not mean baking the gloves like steaks but placing them in the oven to heat up lightly and molding them tightly around the ball. 

In truth, this will break the glove quicker, but from experience, it will harm the leather and decrease the lifespan of your glove. 

Heat makes the leather more supple, but hot air is dry, and the hot air from the oven is not the best for your glove. Also, baking your glove in an oven will pull out moisture from the leather. 

In other news, once the glove gets cool, it will sometimes become dry and even brittle. 

Do not strictly depend on catching swift throws or hits straight in the pocket

Even though having balls land on the glove will soften your leather and loosen the laces and joints, this is time-consuming and not so consistent. 

Those who want to go through this path should pay for rounds at the batting cage and catch those machine-throwing balls instead. 

Do not forget your glove in your car

You need to avoid doing this because cars tend to get hot when under the sun. You can think of it like an oven, which is why some people leave them on the very hot dashboard as the second option to baking it with an oven. 

But unfortunately, the result ends up being the same; a dried glove that no amount of glove conditioning product poured on it can fix. 

Do not place the glove under your bed

There is a theory that placing the glove under your bed or mattress is the same as glove wrapping. Glove wrapping entails forcing it into a closed position and stretching the leather to make it pliable. 

But, the results of these approaches are way different. For example, subtly stretch the leather along creases and let the glove fold appropriately when you wrap the glove using strings or rubber bands. 

However, placing the glove under your bed will only give you a flattened glove that looks like a pancake made of leather. Have it in mind that your glove must not be floppy or flat. 

Instead, it is meant to be semi-firm and hold its shape even if no ball is in its pocket. If you place the glove under your bed, you will end up compressing the sturdy leather bar at the palm’s base. 

Do not make use of shaving cream

People out there apply Barbasol shaving cream as the conditioner for their gloves. We might have to go down history lane a little bit. 

Back in the day, shaving creams had lanolin in them. Lanolin is a natural oil that comes from sheep. This natural oil was good for conditioning leather. 

But today, most of these shaving creams do not have lanolin. While barbasol has small, it is not a substantial amount. Now, these shaving creams have chemicals and artificial compounds within them.

These compounds and chemicals are surely not great for leather. But do you want to know what happens when you use shaving cream on your glove? 

Similar to placing your glove inside your oven, the chemicals in the shaving cream will pull out the moisture from the leather. Then, they will move further to break down and weaken the fibers in the leather. 

In all, understand that when a glove breaks in an ideal way, you will not have to squeeze it to catch your ball, as the force of the ball that hits the pocket will pull it in a closed position nearly on its own. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Is there a specific color of baseball glove I need to purchase? 

There are no specific restrictions on the color of the glove you are buying if you play for the defensive position. However, you cannot wear grey, white or two-toned gloves if you are a pitcher.

Is there a specific reason why the different defensive positions need different gloves?

Yes. The fact is that there are specific variations in how the defensive players field and catch a ball. Since the catcher will receive more pitches than fielding grounders, they will need large, well-padded gloves. 
On the other hand, the infielder field grounders and throws the ball back to base, so they will need a smaller glove to do all this swiftly.

What are the best baseball gloves to own? 

This article highlights some of the most amazing gloves you can get. However, our choicest picks for you will lie between products from Rawlings and Wilson gloves. Mizuno is also a great product you will love. 

How to properly take care of the best baseball gloves?

Cleaning a catcher’s mitts, dry a baseball glove, or washing the inside of a baseball glove are all pieces of information you need to know if you wish to be a proper baseball player. It might sound lame or stupid, but an appropriate baseball player knows the inside and outside of his equipment since it impacts his gameplay out in the field. 
By cleaning his gear, he gets to know them better thus uses them more effectively. 

Dry a Wet Baseball Glove:
1. Wipe with a towel: All you need is a clean cloth. Use a dry towel to go around the glove removing as much water as possible. Be particularly careful not to miss a spot.
2. Dry Glove: Place the wiped glove in a room-temperature location. The drying process can take anywhere from a day or two up to a week. If you want, you can use a hairdryer to speed up the process.
3. Apply conditioner: You will need something a bit specialized, a baseball glove oil or baseball glove conditioners such as Wilson or Nokona glove conditioner.  
4. Shape glove: The glove needs to be reshaped into its previous form. 

Clean inside a Baseball Glove:
1. Wipe with a dry cloth
2. Clean with gentle soap
3. Rinse with cool water
4. Dry it completely
5. Apply Glove Conditioner Oil


On a general note, we have successfully provided you with a comprehensive breakdown of the best baseball gloves that money can buy and how you can embark on breaking in your glove. Ensure you read through to make more informed decisions before your significant purchase.

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