15 Best Baseball Gloves | Highly Authentic & Most Wanted in 2022

Don’t you wanna be at the top? Don’t you wanna own the league? Well, I certainly do. To be the very best you need the best baseball gloves to do so. As a catcher, I have to use the best mitts to catch those pesky pitches and win the match for my team.

Each position on the baseball field has its unique task, which requires a unique feature in a glove to give the player an edge while playing. Some of these glove features are simple like material, while others are complex like unique manufacturing processes.

We at bestbaseballreviews scoured online markets to determine which baseball gloves were the best for which position. Each of our chosen baseball gloves was compared and tested so that you can buy the best baseball quality gloves that match your need.

In addition to the best baseball gloves, we have also included gloves that will fit all kinds of criteria so that there is something that will match any one of you.

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Comparison Table: Top 15 Best Baseball Gloves

For each of the best baseball gloves, we have included multiple pieces of information. For example, we included the fit & feel of the glove, the pros, and cons, and a general review of the product, all of which has our personal preference. Some might be expensive gloves, but others might be the best baseball glove under 100.

Best Baseball Gloves Review

1.Under Armour Flawless Series


  • Size: 11.75 Inch
  • Color: Cream Colorway
  • Web: Modified Trap Web
  • Professionally made infield glove
  • Worthwhile web designs
  • Conventional Open Back
  • Unbeatable Durability and Structure
  • Premium-grade U.S tanned laces

In time, Under Armour has slowly garnered more and more support from players of different leagues. Due to the quality of their gloves, players are noticing them more and using their gloves. Under Armour has multiple gloves for all ages and skill levels. At this point, the Flawless series is an exceptional glove worthy of being called one of the best baseball gloves.

Firstly it’s all in the name Under Armour Flawless, where the word flawless stands for perfection. As a matter of fact, they deliver what they promised in their product name. With this in mind, Under Armour created a glove that promises top-level defense and performance.

Best Seller


  • Well known company
  • Good glove structure
  • Maximum pocket stability
  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable
  • Rolled leather welting
  • Palm lining


  • Only one web design

Why I Chose It?

Coupled with partnership, Under Armour lets everyone know they mean business. The glove contains the top 5% Japanese tanned steer hide quality construction, providing a softer feel than most gloves on the market. Moreover Under Armour Flawless included premium-grade U.S tanned laces, which increases the glove’s stability.

They look at all the angles before distributing their wares. The interior of the glove has Pittard’s double palm construction lining for added feel and performance. If all that wasn’t enough, these gloves also have rolled leather welting that increases the glove’s life expectancy by several seasons. Altogether, the glove felt well made while delivering a fantastic performance.   

2. Rawlings Gamer Gloves Series


  • Size: 11.25 Inch
  • Color: Black
  • Web: Modified Trapeze Web
  • 90% break-in
  • Reinforced Leather Palm Pad
  • Pro-grade laces
  • Professional infield glove patterns
  • Deer Tanned hide inner lining

For players getting ready to move to a higher level, this is the best baseball glove for you. Previously GG Gamer series released gloves that work well for players that are experienced, and the next edition is no different.

Rawlings Gamer Gloves is a glove for those who are young transitioning to adult glove-wise. Firstly take into consideration this age factor, the Gamer Pro Taper series, certain modifications were needed. For example, the glove opening is now smaller, and the finger slots are reduced for an individual custom fit.

In fact, Rawlings gloves and other products have a sort of consistency that makes them who they are. Similar to other Rawlings gloves, the Gamer Pro Taper series also includes 90% break-in. With their full grain leather quality shell, players will have a pain-free break-in. PORON XRD Palm Padding and durable, pro-grade laces are included in the overall glove design for additional protection.    

Best Seller


  • Trusted brand
  • Comfortable design
  • Ease of use
  • Fast opening and closing
  • Flexible
  • Durable
  • perfect glove protection
  • Usable by middle infielders


  • Smaller hand opening
  • Reduced finger slots

Why I Chose It?

Since the beginning of my baseball career, I have used Rawlings products which includes their gloves. To clarify, each of their glove’s construction is seamless and comfortable. Moreover, Rawlings take it upon themselves to meet their fan’s and customer’s demands. With the newest modifications, the fit and feel of the glove reached new heights. Personally, the 90% break-in is an option that is the most significant attractive point for these suitable infield gloves.

3. Mizuno Classic Pro Soft Series


  • Size: 11.5 Inch
  • Color: Peanut Brown
  • Web: Professional
  • Conventional Open Back
  • Has professional patterns
  • Roll leather welting
  • Old school infield glove design
  • Uses Master Craftsmen
  • Soft palm lining

Player: Andrelton Simmons

As a result of using their patented 3D technology Mizuno set the standard for making Pro-level gloves for specific positions on the field. In particular, the Classic Pro series of Mizuno has more than just performance; in fact each of the gloves shows the level of craftsmanship and dedication put into making them.

It’s not only about performance Mizuno also looks at other areas for the best possible results. For instance, all the Classic Pro gloves fit and conform to the players’ throwing hand thanks to the manufacturing process. Also, the Classic in Classic Pro stands for the design of the gloves, which is a nod to the throwback style of old. For example, the classic design of baseball gloves included rugged and rich leather, which were pre-oiled for long lasting gloves if you needed clarification. At least it isn’t kangaroo leather.

In fact, it is a top-rated infield baseball glove. Because of the multitude of techniques used to make this glove, Mizuno Classic Pro gives players a unique feel and excellent control.     

Best Seller


  • Amazing design
  • Well made leather shell design
  • High quality leather
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Good ball control
  • Nice color choice
  • Pre oiled leather
  • Usable by middle infielder


  • Small selection color

Why I Chose It?

You know that Mizuno is not messing around because they got masters involved. For one thing, Master Craftsmen Kosaku Kishumoto and Kuni Nakamura together have over 65 years of experience making ball gloves. Included inside these gloves are ultra soft palm lining and rolled welting, which increases overall structure and finger support.  Above all, these masters use the highest quality control standards in their ISO9001 certified facility in Shanghai, China. Due to the amount of care Mizuno takes to make each of these gloves; in fact you can never get the wrong glove.

4. SSK Black Line Infield


  • Size: 12 Inch
  • Color: Black
  • Web: 2 piece closed webbing
  • Usable by pitcher and infielder
  • FusionFit for less worn out patches
  • Dimple Sensor for stronger grip
  • Feel Soft and supple leather
  • Shokunin Craftsmanship for well-built design
  • Top tier leather laces
  • Premium steerhide leather

Player: Robinson Cano

It is important to realize we need an SSK gloves review when talking about the best infield glove. By using premium Japanese steerhide leather, the Black Line gloves are both soft and supple. Even though the glove’s durability is top-notch, it is still easy to be fully broken in because of the quality of the leather.

In fact, having only a durable glove isn’t enough anymore. Also, the interior design of the glove includes FusionFit that creates the right wrist opening that conforms the glove to the player’s hand. Additionally, FusionFit also stops the glove from wearing out in areas that receive the most impact. Alongside FusionFit, SSK also includes Dimple Sensor technology that helps keep a firmer grip while making extreme plays.  

With the open back and closed web design, the glove stops dirt from collecting when scooping up ground balls while positioned in the infield. Overall, these gloves allow for quick and agile plays while being comfortable on the hands.

Best Seller


  • Can take a lot of hits
  • Good ball control
  • Faster glove to hand transfer
  • Amazing fit and feel
  • Quality leather designs
  • Simple color choices
  • Usable by middle infielder
  • Good for ground ball catching


  • small range of web designs

Why I Chose It?

In particular, the design of the gloves is eye-catching with sleek and smooth edges. With this in mind, this handcrafted glove tailors to individual player’s hands thanks to premium steerhide leather. In addition, the high-grade leather used helps make breaking in the glove easier and faster.

While keeping durability in mind, SSK is also looking at the functionality of the glove in check. Therefore, FusionFit and Dimple Sensor technology makes a glove that fits and feels snug to the hand. Equally important is the two-piece closed web design makes it so that pitchers can hide the ball from batter view while the open back keeps the dirt away. Overall, it makes for the best middle infielder gloves on the market. 

5. Louisville Slugger TPX


  • Size: 11.5 Inch
  • Color: Dark Brown/White/Red
  • Web: H web
  • Century worth of experience
  • Finger Welting provides a long lasting shape
  • Steerhide leather lining provides unbeatable comfort
  • Finger welting
  • Pro web patterns
  • Good for shortstop and second base

When we hear Louisville Slugger, we think of baseball bats, but they are also well known for baseball gloves. They have gained a reputation for creating baseball gloves and bats with a touch of professionalism. The TPX infielder can last for many seasons on any field using top-grade cowhide while performing well.

For one thing, Louisville Slugger spared no expense when it comes to comfort and performance. This series of baseball gloves have been in the hands of numerous MLB players, so you know that it’s worth getting. On top of the cowhide used in making the glove, the TPX infield gloves also have steerhide leather lining for added comfort and peak durability. Also, finger welting on the backside of the glove will improve overall built quality.

Best Seller


  • Trustworthy company
  • Quality leather design
  • Reviewed positively by many
  • Used by many mlb players
  • Guaranteed comfort and performance
  • Last multiple seasons
  • Good for ground ball catching


  • Infield gloves only

Why I Chose It?

Together with others, I thought that Louisville Slugger was best for baseball bats and not gloves. But they make some excellent gloves that are pretty durable and of high quality. The built quality of the glove allows for long-lasting seasons and though some extreme plays.

If what you are chasing is the best middle infield gloves, then this is it. By combining leather lining and finger, welting creates a glove that is both comfortable and can absorb numerous high-speed impacts. 

6. Rawlings Pro Preferred Baseball Glove


  • Size: Multiple
  • Color: Multiple
  • Web: Modified Trapeze Web
  • Best for high schoolers to pro players
  • Pittards Sheepskin lining
  • Uses US Kip leather
  • Specs similar to Kris Bryant’s gloves
  • 30% factory break-in

Player: Kris Bryant

Those genuinely looking to play the game more defensively, like the pro player Kris Bryant need not look any further. In fact, the folks in Rawlings worked with the professional third baseman and outfielder, Kris Bryant, to make this outstanding outfield glove that performs well in the outfield. By all means, we have to talk about Rawlings gloves for the best outfield gloves.

By using US Kip leather, the glove feels supple and fits well into the hands of most players. Those looking for a better fit need not worry since kip leather gloves break in rather quickly.

What’s more, the features and designs don’t stop there. In addition, the Pittards Sheepskin lining makes it so that moisture and dirt simply slip off the outer shell layers of the glove. Like other Rawlings Pro Preferred gloves, the Kris Bryant model also includes the standard wrist opening sizes, 7 Inches to 7.5 Inches.

Overall the glove has a simple but professional look while helping you get an edge in the outfield. So it is considered as one of the best outfield gloves out right now.  

Best Seller


  • le by third basemen as well
  • Padded thumbs
  • Conforms to the player’s hands
  • High quality leather designs
  • Comfortable and flexible


  • Only 30% and 70% break-in
  • A small range of wrist opening

Why I Chose It?

Rawlings Sporting Goods is a name that is synonymous with excellent quality baseball gear. Over the years, they partnered with a whole host of professional baseball players when creating pro model baseball gloves and other baseball gear. Regardless of which model you choose, you will be guaranteed an excellent baseball glove.

At the same time, the glove uses Kip leather in the Kris Bryant model, known for its flexibility and great glove fit. Even more, 100% Wool Padding gives added comfort and shape retention. In general, it is the Rawlings best outfield glove you can buy right now. 

7. Rawlings Heart of the Hide Outfield


  • Size: 12.75 Inch
  • Color: Black/Tan/Gray
  • Web: Pro H Open Web
  • 15% lighter than other gloves
  • Top 5% steer hides leather used
  • Padded thumb sleeve
  • Multiple color choices
  • 30% factory break in
  • Well known series

Player: Bryce Harper

Evidently, Rawlings Heart of the Hide series from Rawlings continues to impress professional players and fans for a long time now. Firstly they are made mainly for outfielders. Also, this light glove with its Pro H web design will help you catch securely even the most extreme fly ball in the field. In general, the sleek design of the glove captures players’ attention from the high school level to the pros.

For one thing, each and every new version of the series continues to impress. The latest addition to the Rawlings Heart of the Hide design is the Hyper Shell which reduces the weight of the glove by 15%, making this glove 3.5 ounces lighter than most gloves on the market.

Unquestionably, many think of this as the MLB outfielders glove due to its reputation. Only the top 5% of steer hides get used during manufacturing to make the glove as light as possible. Also, the glove comes with a 40% break-in option so that players can choose how much more break they want.

Best Seller


  • Respectable brand
  • Positively reviewed series
  • Faster opening and closing
  • Better ball control
  • Wear it for more extended periods
  • Uses horween leather


  • Only 30% of break-in
  • Only for outfielders

Why I Chose It?

It is no secret that Rawlings makes excellent also gloves, but the Heart of the Hide series is genuinely one of the best works. Each glove from the series performs well regardless of the position such as the first basemen it goes with.

Also the pro-grade leather laces and the added padded thumb sleeve it comes with makes the glove more durable and gives it a strong structure. Additionally, the palm of the Heart of the Hide Hyper Shell baseball glove uses tanned deer hide and soft material full-grain back finger lining.

8. Akadema Pro Soft Outfield


  • Size: 13 Inch
  • Color: Tan
  • Web: H web
  • Lighter than some model
  • Durable design
  • More fashionable
  • Game-ready out of the box
  • Suitable for Baseball and Softball players
  • Conventional Open Back
  • Kip leather body

The renown of Akadema isn’t as well known as some of the other companies on this list in general. However, they still make some outstanding baseball and softball gloves. In recent times they have been steadily growing in popularity due to their innovative designs and professional manner of manufacturing.

In fact, Akadema focused on quality, fit & feel, and glove details to make attention-grabbing products. Presently Akadema released the latest edition of the Akadema ProSoft series.

Akadema builds their product for more than just performance; they try to make it so that you brag about it as well. The newest edition comes in two different shades on the color side of the design for a more fashionable and game-ready look in fact. The ProSoft series is ready to play right out of the box and has a soft leather feel in another word.

In any case, the larger glove size allows these gloves to be worn in baseball and softball!

Best Seller


  • Softer than most model
  • Easier to break in
  • More comfortable than other gloves
  • More ease of use on the field
  • Multiple choices in color


  • Size might not match everyone

Why I Chose It?

None of Akadema products is lower in quality and performance for a company that makes baseball and softball products. Each of their products functions well while looking quite innovative.

The ProSoft series has released multiple gloves, each of which has something new or innovative that sets it different from others. By and large, Akadema’s latest edition is no different. Even though the glove is relatively light, it still functions remarkably well in the outfields. Therefore it is one of the top outfielder gloves in 2021.

9.Nokona Alpha Select Plus Series


  • Size: 12.25 Inch
  • Color: Brown
  • Web: Six Finger Trap Web
  • Made in the USA
  • Dual type of leather hide
  • Easy to break-in
  • Weigh only 500+ grams
  • Best youth baseball glove
  • Closed back
  • One year manufacturer warranty

Like Akadema, Nokona isn’t as well known as some think, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t release some excellent outfield gloves. They are using some top-of-the-line leather, Stampede, and Buffalo for durable structure and easy break-in in essence. Alongside those qualities, those leather types help add some weight to the glove for stability and control. And the patented mixture of leather quality helps to make the glove ready to play out of the box.

They have been doing so for the last 75+ years! Nokona built their reputation because they use high-quality leather available to make their gloves. The Alpha Select series of outfield gloves come with a unique six-finger trap web that makes catching fly balls easier for the player.  The quality and build of the leather glove make for a snug fit as well.

Best Seller


  • Well made design
  • Easy to catch fly balls
  • Leather mixture gives more comfort
  • Leather mixture provides more flexibility
  • Durable structure
  • Best of both leather types


  • Web patterns might be hard to get used to
  • The fit might be too tight

Why I Chose It?

While Nokona might be less than a hundred years old, they know how to make gloves that can compete with the big boys like Rawlings and Wilson gloves. By using the best leathers available for manufacturing, Nokona makes a snug and peak-performing gloves. Their mixture of leather allows for the best of both types of leather hide in one single glove. As a bonus, it’s a glove made by Americans for America’s Favourite Pastime.   

10. SSK Prospect JB9 Series


  • Glove size: 11.5 Inch
  • Color: Blue, Brown
  • Web: Basket Web
  • SSK Embroidered Logo
  • Shorter Finger Stalls For Better Control
  • Modeled after Javier Baez
  • FusionFit for less worn out patches
  • Dimple Sensor for stronger grip
  • Soft and supple leather
  • Shokunin Craftsmanship for well-built design
  • Top tier leather laces
  • Premium steerhide leather

Player: Javier Baez

For those young and around the ages of six to ten, this is the glove for them. By modeling the glove around the ones used by Javier Baez, SSK can create a truly unique baseball outfield glove. Since 1964 SSK has handcrafted its gloves, and the quality speaks for itself. Through Shokunin tradition and full grain leather pigskin, SSK makes a game-ready glove suitable for one MLB’s best.

Before it sells out, you should grab one of these limited edition multi-colored SSK gloves. In the interior of these SSK gloves, a shock guard gives additional protection from high impacts balls. Along with the shock guard, Dimple Sensor technology in the glove’s palm makes the best pocket for catching baseballs.  

With a classic look, this 11.5 inches conventional open back is the best baseball glove for 6-year-olds who are just getting into baseball with a classic look.

Best Seller


  • Usable in multiple positions
  • Can take a lot of hits
  • Good ball control
  • Faster glove to hand transfer
  • Amazing fit and feel
  • Nice designs
  • Simple color choices


  • Only for kids
  • Single size open conventional back
  • Young company

Why I Chose It?

SSK is a company with only 50 years to their name, but they can make some eye-catching and well-performing gloves. The JB9 Prospect Pro series is one of their best baseball gloves for youth players. It has multiple features that protect the hands of the young players while also providing a means for catching balls more easily. 

Due to the popularity of this series, those in the high school league think it’s the best outfielders glove for high school.

11. Rawlings Renegade Series


  • Glove size: 32.5 Inch
  • Colour: Black
  • Web: 1 Piece Solid
  • Sure catch heel design allows for a quick & easy close
  • Leather shell & lacing for maximum durability & deep pocket formation
  • Thick palm and finger padding
  • Cushioned back
  • Fastback design
  • Built to last seasons
  • Trap ball faster with quick opening and closing

Rawlings always makes it their business to make functional products for their customer bases, both professional and recreational. The Rawlings Renegade series is meant to be used by players of all ages and skill levels since its available in both adult and youth gloves sizes and patterns. With an all-leather shell and laces, the Renegade catcher’s mitts are durable and last longer.

But only being durable isn’t enough for the folk at Rawlings. Thus came the well-formed and deep pocket of the baseball mitt giving catchers high ball security throughout their match. Since it is a catcher’s mitt, the glove has a high-density palm and finger padding for extra protection and comfort.


I used to soak my mitts in a bucket of water for about two days. Then I’d put a couple of baseballs in the pocket and wrap it up with a rubber band. Today you don’t have to do that, because catchers’ mitts are more like first baseman’s gloves.

Bob Uecker(Former Catcher of Atlanta Braves)

Once the protection of the player is in place, Rawlings turns their attention elsewhere. Alongside the padding, Rawlings Renegade provides cushioned back and a fastback design for more flexibility and durability. The Renegade catcher’s mitt has a one-piece solid web and speed trap for more effortless closing and securing of caught baseballs in the web design department.

But don’t let all these benefits make you doubt that you can buy this mitt because Rawlings is all about making it affordable. So for high schoolers, this might be the best catcher’s mitt for high school.  

Best Seller


  • Easy to scoop the ball up
  • Amazing fit and feel
  • Good ball control
  • Shorter glove to hand transfer
  • Solid glove structure


  • Only for youths

Why I Chose It?

In my entire baseball career, I have had very few bad experiences with Rawlings baseball gears. They understand the needs of their customers and tries to match those needs in all their product designs.

The Renegade series is just one of many examples of good Rawlings baseball gears. With all the functions added to the Renegade catcher mitt, it is one of the best choices for youth baseball gloves for outfielders. One of the best baseball gloves for an 11-year-old boy.

12. Akadema Prodigy Series


  • Glove size: 32 Inch
  • Color: Brown
  • Web: Fully Closed
  • Top ties U.S. steerhide
  • Conventional open back
  • Stress wedges
  • Narrow wrist opening for better youth fit
  • Reduced weight through AkademaLyte leather

Unless you are an avid baseball fan or someone who played the game for a long time, Akadema might be an unknown to you. However, they still make some outstanding baseball and softball gloves. In recent times they have been steadily growing in popularity due to their innovative designs and professional manner of manufacturing.

Akadema focused on quality gloves, fit & feel, and glove details to make attention-grabbing products. By focusing on such areas, Akadema is now working towards making baseball gear for all baseball players.

Skimping to make more isn’t something that Akadema is really about. In the Akedeam Prodigy series, top ties U.S. steerhide are used in pocket and webbing for more durability and padding. The back of the glove has the exclusive AkademaLyte leather for reduced mitt weight.

For the benefit of players, Akadema took into account all the challenges of a player. Thus they made it easier to play with less weight, and less time is taken to break it in. The mitt is specially made to provide youth players with narrower finger stalls for a better fit and feel.

Best Seller


  • Reduced mitt weight
  • Easier to close
  • Less break-in time
  • Better fit and feel
  • Smother ball trapping
  • Faster ball transfer
  • Glove game ready


  • Made specifically for youth

Why I Chose It?

A company that is known to make baseball and softball products certainly know more than enough to make each product the best, honestly. Each of their products functions well while looking quite innovative. It is one of the best baseball glove choices for 12 years old baseball players. 

The Prodigy series has released multiple gloves, such as the third baseman, each of which has something new or innovative that sets it apart. Akadema’s latest edition is no different. Even though the glove is relatively light, it still functions remarkably well in the outfields.

13. Mizuno MVP Prime Series


  • Glove size: 34 Inch
  • Color: Black
  • Web: 2 piece Closed
  • Bio soft leather construction gives a long-lasting structure with the slightest break-in
  • Pro scoop helps dig baseballs out of the dirt
  • Zero break-in time
  • Pro-level laces
  • Steerhide soft palm liner

Since Mizuno’s founding in 1906, they have made innovative gloves that professional baseball players wear. Due to their continued performance, Mizuno is now a household name regarding baseball gear.

MVP Prime series is one of Mizuno’s best series that continues to sell well even now. To make sure that catchers are both comfortable and ready to get behind the home plate, Mizuno provides fit and feels approval for all their catcher’s mitts.

For their continued success regarding catcher’s mitt Mizuno still performs detailed research and development for new gloves and innovative features. Using professional-grade Bio-Soft leather, synthetic leather allows for longer life expectancy and zero break-in time.

Nothing is left to chance when Mizuno makes their glove designs. Mizuno uses pro-level laces for added durability and a more robust structure. Additionally, steerhide soft palm liner gives a soft feel and padding for better comfort and control. 

Best Seller


  • Longer lasting design
  • Softer and more comfortable
  • Better ball trapping
  • Smoother ball transfer
  • Multiple web pattern
  • Glove game ready


  • Fingers slots might be too tight

Why I Chose It?

Being a Rawlings fan meant that I didn’t use gloves of other baseball glove brands all that well, but the ones from Mizuno still stuck with me. Included inside these gloves are steerhide soft palm liner and professional-grade Bio-Soft leather, which increases overall structure and durability.

Thanks to the amount of care Mizuno takes to make each of these gloves; you can never get the wrong glove. The MVP Prime series continues to be one of their better-selling series due to its performance and positive reviews.

14. All Star Pro Elite


  • Glove size: 33.5 Inch
  • Clour: Black, Tan
  • Web: 2 piece Closed, Fully Closed
  • Uses Japanese tanned steerhide leather
  • Durable for many years
  • Fully Handmade
  • Soft and tanned leather pocket
  • Conventional Open Back
  • Velcro wrist strap

Currently, it is said to be the absolute catcher’s gloves on the market and one of the most popular gloves worn by pros! This catcher’s mitt is for the most experienced baseball player. Utilizing Japanese tanned steerhide leather for a reduced break-in time and extended life expectancy.

Using the best material and boasting top performance, All-Star Pro Elite is the catcher’s mitt player’s dream. The pocket of the Pro Elite is soft and tanned leather for a more excellent fit and feel. The Pro Elite is equipped with a black back lining for more support in handling and ball control.

It also comes with an extended pro pocket for even more support!  Improving comfort and reduce bulk All-Star adds a locking tab back.

Best Seller


  • Customizable fit
  • Smooth and supple feel
  • Playable for multiple seasons
  • Positively reviewed by pros
  • Faster ball scooping
  • Quicker ball transfer
  • Glove game ready


  • One of the most expensive gloves in baseball glove
  • Best for experienced players only

Why I Chose It?

All Star has created trustful best baseball glove brands, and when comparingthe reasonable price tag with quality, the Pro Elite wins every time. Because of its durability, you’ll figure out why it continues to win over cheap ones.

The design and performance of the All-Star Pro Elite are positive. For its price tag point, it is one of the best catcher’s mitt. It’s simple to break in, and once finished, It’ll be very fit very well to a catcher’s hand. 

Under its performance, it is at the top of the college baseball gloves list.

15. Wilson A2000 PF33


  • Size: 33 Inch
  • Color: Black
  • Web: Fully Closed
  • Dri-Lex Wrist Lining
  • Dual-Welting
  • Pro Stock leather steerhide
  • Multiple color choices
  • Velcro wrist strap
  • Rugged design

The A2000 series started in 1957 and is still going strong without any sign of stopping. When it comes to premium leather gloves for baseball, it has become the standard for both pros and youth when it comes to premium leather gloves for baseball. With over 50 years worth of peak performance, the A2000 is the choice for many players. Wilson sporting goods spent decades perfecting their formula with the help of countless MLB players so that it beats all competition in all areas.

Thanks to the Pro Stock leather steerhide from the top percentage of animals, Wilson gives you a glove with peak durability. The glove’s interior also has many features such as Dri-Lex Wrist Lining and Dual-Welting for better performance and durable structure.

We know that the summer months are hot, so does Wilson; thus, they included the Dri-Lex Wrist Lining. But it has a shallow pocket, though. It helps remove moisture from the glove more efficiently and keeps the player’s hand cool during the summer months. And Dual-Welting makes fingers curved for more stability while catching pitches.

If you have doubts about Wilson’s gloves, forget them since they put their gloves through rigorous testing. And that players will not encounter any issues while playing. Thus they are considered as the best catchers mitt for 13 years old. 

Best Seller


  • Custom fit and feel
  • Last for multiple seasons
  • Smooth comfort
  • Wear for more extended periods
  • Made for smaller wrist players


  • Not for inexperienced players
  • Shallow pocket

Why I Chose It?

As I said before, Wilson is one of the topmost manufacturers of baseball gear, and they don’t skimp on any areas when making these gloves. Wilson gloves have you covered from every angle through innovative and tested design so that your game doesn’t suffer. Besides they are known for producing some excellent youth baseball gloves.

Evidently, the A2000 PF33 includes many of Wilson’s patented features that are known to yield positive performance. Similarly, the Wilson A2000 third baseball glove is one of the best gloves as well.

Frequently Asked Questions about Best Baseball Gloves

Which is the Best Baseball Gloves for eight years old?

While it’s hard to say which baseball glove might be best for you accurately, it is some time to ten years old since there are several factors to consider, such as price, size, and quality.

However, the best youth baseball glove from our list will be the SSK Prospect JB9 Series outfield gloves. And for those playing catcher, as I used then to pick up the Rawlings Renegade Series catchers mitts. If you are looking for youth batting gloves, I recommend the Rawlings Adult Workhorse 950 Series or the Rawlings Youth 5150.

Which is the Best Baseball Glove Brands?

Best Baseball Glove Brands is a general question; thus, it’s here in the Frequently Asked Questions or FAQs section. There is no clear answer for who makes the best baseball gloves at any given time. Each of the top baseball glove manufacturing companies is at the top for various reasons. Some are making more sales; some have better marketing strategies, etc.

Best Baseball Glove Brands

However, at bestbaseballreviews can tell or give a list containing what we believe to be the best baseball glove brands. Remember, the list is numbered, but it doesn’t indicate their position. Here it is:    

  1. Rawlings
  2. Wilson
  3. Marucci
  4. Lousiville Slugger
  5. Nokona
  6. Akadema
  7. Franklin
  8. SSK
  9. and More

What is the Best Baseball Bat? Metal or Wood?

If you got a baseball glove or a batting glove, then you should be getting a baseball bat as well just to make a complete set. When people buy baseball gloves, they will also check out bats since most fielders are hitters during the offensive rounds of baseball matches. So here is a small overview to help you navigate the baseball section if you want a baseball bat with your gloves.

Baseball bats come in metal, wood, or composite. If you were to ask any baseball player pro or otherwise what the best baseball bat is, the answer would be the same everywhere, wood.

However, we wish to give you more than just a straightforward answer; instead, we will provide you with a more informative solution and decide for you.

Metal: Beginner Friendly Fielder Bat

Metal bats are very beginner-friendly. They are lighter and more durable. Thus, it is easier to swing around faster. Most metal bats use either aluminum or alloys. So these bats are empty on the inside. Therefore, they can have a larger barrel without the extra weight.

Additionally, they are also more lenient. Aluminum bats have a more prominent sweet spot, which gives you more big hits. Thus, you can swing at more pitches and increase your batting average.

But professionals aren’t allowed metal bats at all since these bats don’t qualify for a more significant distinction between players.

Wood: Pro Baseball Player Bat

Assuming you want to become a professional Baseball player, there’s no alternative to wood bats.

Despite its weight, a wooded bat is more balanced. Hitters can have greater control and constancy in their swings. An experienced player can make the ball travel farther while using a wooden bat.

Though wooded bats on the market can be either balanced or end-loaded, power hitters generally go for bats with an end-load. When I play a hitter, I like to generate force, a slightly end-loaded bat is the right choice for me. Practice with hitting drills to find if you are an end-loaded or balanced bat guy.

Last but not least, professional Baseball leagues only allow wood Baseball bats. Thus you need to practice your hits with a wood bat if you aspire to become a pro player.

How to Properly Clean and Take Care of Catcher’s Mitt? Or the Best Baseball Glove?

Cleaning a catcher’s mitts, dry a baseball glove, or washing the inside of a baseball glove are all pieces of information you need to know if you wish to be a proper baseball player. It might sound lame or stupid, but an appropriate baseball player knows the inside and outside of his equipment since it impacts his gameplay out in the field.

By cleaning his gear, he gets to know them better thus uses them more effectively.

Dry a Wet Baseball Glove:

  1. Wipe with a towel: All you need is a clean cloth. Firstly use a dry towel to go around the glove removing as much water as possible. Be particularly careful not to miss a spot.
  2. Dry Glove: Firstly Place the wiped glove in a room-temperature location. Secondly the drying process can take anywhere from a day or two up to a week. Finally, you can use a hairdryer to speed up the process.
  3. Apply conditioner: You will need something a bit specialized, a baseball glove oil or baseball glove conditioners such as Wilson or Nokona glove conditioner. 
  4. Shape retention the glove: Firstly the glove needs to be reshaped into its previous form.

Clean inside a Baseball Glove:

  1. Firstly Wipe with a dry cloth
  2. Secondly Clean with gentle soap
  3. Thirdly Rinse with cool water
  4. Fourthly Dry it completely
  5. Finally Apply Glove Conditioner Oil

Clean a Catcher’s mitts: Firstly there are four pieces of equipment that need to be adequately cleaned. In detail, these are the catcher’s mask, protector, shin guard, and the catcher’s mitts.

My Best Baseball Gloves Verdict

I will go with the Rawlings Renegade series for my pick of the best baseball catcher’s mitt since its build quality is made so that opening and closing are straightforward. It is so good that I could catch the final pitch and bring victory to my team.

Being that I am a catcher I know infielders well, and they say that the best infielder glove is the Rawlings Gamer Glove series. While its opening is a bit small, it fits well.  Moreover, the series is consistent with its release, and the 90% break is a benefit.

While going with the Rawlings theme, the best outfield glove, in my opinion, is the Rawlings Heart of the Hide. Also with less weight and more ease catching fly balls is easy. Unquestionably the Rawlings Heart of the Hide is a series that continues to impress me and the pros of MLB.

In summary, I hope all the products I mentioned in this article were of some use. While each of the gloves mentioned has its unique benefits, they are all excellently made. Multiple positions such as the first basemen in the baseball diamond will require you to play differently, and to do so; you will need equipment that matches that position. Undeniably this is a fact from little league to MLB; thus, we made this article to give you an idea and place from where you can get the best baseball that will work best for you. 

Additional Thoughts on Best Baseball Gloves

Although I am a staunch supporter of Rawlings gloves like Wilson A2000 are something I will consider. In fact, Wilson A2000 catcher’s base mitt is on the best gloves due to their deep pocket. In particular, a deep pocket or shallower pocket can make a difference for the base mitt or best gloves.

Undeniably Rawlings is where my loyalty is such if I were in a fielding position Heart of the Hide would have been my first choice. Undoubtedly the steerhide makes a big impact on the Heart of the Hide gloves. While Pro stock leather might have been better Heart of the Hide gets by with steerhide.

In any case, all that is left to say is find the best glove you can and wear it since it will help you get an edge in matches.

If you have an inquiry, don’t hesitate to send us a comment. I hope you buy a new baseball glove through us. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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