Best Baseball Bats Under $100: 12 Affordable Choices Of 2022

If there is one thing you must understand, purchasing an expensive baseball bat does not mean it will make you perform better than everyone else on the pitch. In fact, you can find some of the best baseball bats under $100. There are cheap baseball bats you can buy today, and they will be one of the best decisions you make for your game. 

The expensive bats you find advertised everywhere gain much attention because of their price. Nevertheless, we will provide you with some of the best baseball bats under $100 that you can buy today for a good game. 

12 cheap baseball bats 

For those on the search for the best baseball bats under $100 that will perform as if they are costlier than their actual prices are: 

1. The Barnett Bat

Do you need an affordable wood bat but can not seem to find any, no matter how far you search? Well, you have nothing to worry about as we bring the Barnett wooden bat to you. This bat has a decals design, while others build uses metal. 

Furthermore, you will find the Barnett logo imprinted on its side. Even if you are not buying this bat for practice, it can be used as a self-defense bat as it acts like your traditional baseball bat. If your kid is playing in the little league, this is a good bat to get for them. 

As stated earlier, this bat is great for practice, and with its lack of power, your ball will not fly very far. 

Why we love it 

I love using this bat because it comes in any size I want. These sizes range from 24, 28, 30, and, of course, 32 inches.


  • It is strong and very sturdy
  • Heavy, but can be controlled
  • One-piece construction
  • Available in four sizes


  • Smaller than its pictures 

2. The Easton Beast X Hyperlight

The Easton Beast X Hyperlight is among the best baseball bats under $100 that are lightweight and come already wrapped in a cushioned sports grip. This best bat has a balanced swing weight and is great for those who plan on increasing their speed. 

As one of the USA bats, it serves as a good youth baseball bat for your young players. Its one-piece aluminum build has a 13-lightweight speed design that every young player will love. Nevertheless, the Easton Beast X provides a speedy and powerful swing for young people who want to control a light bat with heavy power. 

Why we love it

I can comfortably purchase it in different lengths even though it must be used with just approved tee balls to avoid it getting ruined. 


  • Excellent construction
  • Easily controllable
  • Lightweight design
  • Highly affordable
  • Crafted to be extremely durable 


  • Some claim it arrived damaged

3. The SKLZ Baseball Bat

Have you been on the search for a bat that will enhance your own hands and eye coordination? Look no further as the SKLZ Training Bat can be bought at an affordable price. This is one of the best bats you can buy for under $100. 

It will force any batter making use of it to concentrate intensely with its narrow diameter barrel. At twelve ounces, batters can embark on swinging with reduced fatigue. It is a lighter bat because of its lightweight design, which gives the user a faster rotation speed and is good for hand speed training

People make use of it for most pre-game warm-ups. When your team wants to train, they can use this bat since it is radically responsive. 

Why we love it

I love this bat because it gives me easier control of my hits and swing. It makes training fun without making one tired.


  • Easy to control
  • Made of durable aluminum
  • Has a strong grip
  • Improves hand-eye coordination
  • Allows for more swings 


  • It is too lightweight

4. The Louisville Slugger K100

As one of the best baseball bats under $100, the Louisville Slugger K100 is crafted from northern white ash and constructed with an amazing foam core. As a wood fungo bat of quality details, it is mainly great for coaches that embark on hitting plenty of fly and ground balls when training with the team. 

Since it’s a lightweight bat, its end-weight design means the user can get more distance and speed, accompanied by a lighter swing. It has a natural finish and is great for practicing outfield and infield training no matter the season. 

The Louisville Slugger K100 comes with certain design functions that make hitting the ball feel easier.

Why we love it

It is one of the best baseball bats on this list because it has a unique shape that enables easy control of the bat. I can easily make powerful hits without using all my strength when holding this baseball bat. 


  • It is made of lightweight materials
  • Very affordable 
  • Requires little effort to control 
  • Delivers a powerful hit 
  • End-weight configuration 


  • Heavier than expected 

5. The Rawlings Raptor 2019

One thing to note about the Rawlings 2019 Raptor is that it is among the USA bats that are great for sluggers on a budget. Because of its 2 1/4 inch barrel and ultra-light drop weight, it is considered a big barrel bat. 

This baseball bat enables hitters to produce a good amount of bat speed. It is not a wood bat but made with a highly durable alloy, which helps deliver an amazing performance. This is one of the best bats to purchase if you want a smooth swing. 

It is a youth baseball bat that delivers power and balance at an affordable price.

Why we love it

It has a perimeter end cap gives it a faster, lighter, highly controlled swing. Aside from this, it made our list because of its aerospace-grade alloy that keeps your bat lasting for a long time. 


  • It is balanced 
  • Lightweight 
  • Made of responsive alloy 
  • Approved for USA Baseball leagues 
  • Highly affordable


  • It is heavier than advertised

6. The 2018 Easton S150 Bat

The Easton S150 is among the best baseball bats under $100 that are both lightweight and powerful to hold. It is crafted from ALX50 military-grade aluminum as a youth baseball bat. This gives it a heightened performance and can last a long time. 

It has a quick swing weight and a 2 14-inch barrel, which helps with extra power when it makes contact. This contact helps deliver the performance and pop expected from bats made by Easton.

Why we love it

I have used this bat for almost a year and can say that it is highly durable and allows you to control your swing. 


  • It has an incredible sweet spot
  • It is easy to control and hit
  • Incredible length-to-weight ratio
  • It is highly durable
  • A balanced design


  •  It has a bad weight distribution

7. The Louisville Slugger Solo 618

In your search for baseball bats that will be perfect for you, one such quality bat that you can purchase is the Louisville Slugger Solo 618. It is crafted for those who prefer to match the intense heat with some speed

This bat has been created with a one-piece SL hyper alloy build, delivering a solid feel and increased energy transfer when it hits contact. Its ballistic end cap will deliver enough swing speed all through your zone for those seeking bat speed. 

Why we love it

Since we have provided you with enough details, it is safe to let you know that this bat enables a powerful transference of power plus controlled swinging. It has been approved for use in United States games, and we love it because of its one-year warranty. 


  • Good quality bat
  • Powerful grip
  • Easy to control and swing
  • Designed for speed
  • A stiff feel on contact 


  • It vibrates a lot

8. The DeMarini 2018 Voodoo

The best USA baseball bat to purchase when searching for quality yet affordable USA bats is the DeMarini 2018 Voodoo. It is crafted for little league kids who are more physically developed at their level. 

When it comes to swing weight, this bat has the most loaded on this list, and it is built with the x14 alloy that most players love. It comes with the 3Fusion handle feature for much better weight control and will not cause any hand sting.

Why we love it

Aside from its weight distribution, it has controlled swing weight and is safe to use by anyone.


  • Comes with a one-year warranty 
  • Meets USA Baseball standards 
  • Great swing speed 
  • Amazing weight distribution 
  • 3Fusion feature


  • It wears out quickly

9. The Brooklyn Cold Steel 92BSS

If you play in league games, the best baseball bat for you is the Cold Steel 92BSS Brooklyn. People use it as a game bat and for both warm-ups and practice. Others use them as crossover trainers to develop strength and hand-eye coordination

Most people who use this tool to develop their strength are people who study martial arts. Nevertheless, this is an almost indestructible bat crafted from highly durable polypropylene material. In other words, you will have no issues with the bat regarding splintering, cracking, fading, or breaking. 

Why we love it

I love the fact that this bat comes at a length of twenty-nine inches and weighs two pounds. It is almost indestructible, and the warranty will make you happy. I find it easy to clean up after use, and it does not get spoiled easily by these environmental factors. 

It is available in different sizes, and your kids can use it to play little leagues. 


  • Balanced and lightweight 
  • Simple to control 
  • Heavily durable 
  • Used for self-defense 
  • Comes with a manufacturer’s warranty 


  • It is easily dented

10. The Rawlings Velo

Rated as one of the best baseball bats under $100, this bat should not be mistaken for the Rawlings Prodigy bat. The things you should know about this bat are that it comes with a prominent 151 profile and has a highly guaranteed 5 ounce weight drop. 

Furthermore, it has a pro-cupped end that adds much-needed balance. The handle is 15/16 inches, and its hitting surface provides a heightened sweet spot. This bat is best for those who want to enhance their swing speed with a good stick. 

Why we love it

I enjoy using this wood bat as it has a balanced weight distribution and is more durable than its previous models. It has been crafted to last, and you can find the bamboo construction in its middle taper and handle area. 


  • A pro-cupped end
  • An increased sweet spot
  • A well-balanced bat
  • Highly durable
  • Made from eco-friendly bamboo


  • It is not suitable for expert players

11. The 2019 Louisville Slugger

The Louisville 2019 bat is a good bat that will help its handler dominate the league. It is a three-piece hybrid best bat that comes with a composite handle. More so, its aluminum barrel offers a durable and powerful structure. 

Its hybrid design combines the premium ST 7U1+ alloy barrel and a composite handle. It makes for powerful hits that give a comfortable feel. Meanwhile, its speed ballistic composite end cap will increase your control of the bat. 

The barrel diameter of this bat is 2-5/8 inches and has been successfully approved by diverse leagues. 

Why we love it

I love that its elastomeric connection provides independent movement between the barrel and the handle. Thus, vibration is reduced, and you will be satisfied with the feel. 


  • Hybrid design 
  • Speed ballistic composite end cap 
  • Premium LS Pro grip
  • Weight balance
  • VCS connection system 


  • There is no pop sound

12. Marucci F5 USSSA Senior League Baseball Bat

This 2019 model of the F5 series from Marucci showcases what the company is all about in one product. This one-piece alloy design has the three main things that all baseball players look for; balance, speed, and control.

In addition, the bat’s wall design includes multiple variables so that the bat has both higher durability as well as an extended sweet spot. The bat’s grip includes a micro-perforated soft-touch grip so you can put your weight behind a swing and not worry about the bat flying out of your hand.

The bat has undergone multiple testing with multiple organizations and passed each of them with flying colors. Also, the bat comes with one year warranty, so you can be sure that this is a quality baseball bat at an affordable price.

Why we love it

Even though this baseball bat isn’t under $100, I found it to be an excellent choice for the best affordable baseball bats. The weight and build of the bat made it so that I could hit some great shots with relative ease. In addition, the grip on the bat was truly excellent.


  • Durable design
  • One piece model
  • No “dead” spot
  • Allows for slight deviation
  • Comes in multiple sizes and style


  • Slightly pricy

How much can one spend on a baseball bat? 

The amount you spend on your baseball bat will depend solely on your discretion. From our list, it is apparent that you can get very good baseball bats at a low price. Nevertheless, if you have just begun your baseball journey, it would be best if you bought an affordable bat and began to use it for more practice. 

However, an experienced player will prefer more advanced bats and search for expensive bats made from high-end materials. 

Considerations when purchasing a baseball bat 

Some of the things you should consider, even if you will not be buying an expensive bat, but the best baseball bats under $100 are: 

Best Baseball Bat Under 100 _ Considerations
Best Baseball Bat Under 100 _ Considerations

The weight and length of the bat 

The bat’s weight will affect whether or not you can use it when playing in any league. So, you may want to ensure its weight and length are close. If you want to be capable of using your bat at a pro level, you should buy a bat with a 26 ounce weight, and the length should not exceed twenty-nine inches. 

You should know that your bat’s length is a viable factor to consider before you make your big purchase. If you have children just starting out in baseball and aged between four and six, you will buy a tee-ball bat for them. 

The tee-ball bats are normally 24 to 27 inches. While children aged 7 to 13 will compete in leagues requiring USA-approved bats or USSSA. These come in between 25 and 32 inches, and their drop weight ranges from -5 to -13. 

Note that the higher the drop weight is, the simpler it gets to swing. Some things you should know when measuring the length are: 

  1. Ensure you position the handle in the middle of your chest to point towards the side of your arms. Check to see whether you can reach its top with ease. Getting the bat when you can touch the top with your fingertips is advisable. 
  2. Also, place the handle in the middle of your chest and let it point outward. It is the ideal length for you if you can easily grab its barrel. And when you stand up, place the bat on the side of your leg so the handle will touch your palm. If it touches your palm, this is the ideal length for you. 

Moment of Inertia (MOI) 

The moment of inertia, or MOI, is mostly used in those lab-controlled tests. It is done to measure the performance of your bat. Understand that your bat’s maximum speed potential will depend on its MOI rating. In other words, this is how weight is distributed throughout the bat. 

This is why there is a knob present at the end of the hilt, which helps in keeping the weight even or balanced. 

The material

Consider whether it is made of wood, composite, or aluminum when purchasing a bat. One thing to note is that aluminum and wooden bats come at the same price. While the aluminum bat will weigh less, it demands less maintenance. 

If you are handling a youth baseball bat, remember that they are primarily built from the materials above. Note that composite bats are crafted from a material similar to carbon fiber. They offer substantial pop and have reduced vibrations on mis-hits compared to all other bats. 

But they will need a break-in period of roughly 150 to 200 ball strokes before achieving heightened performance. The aluminum baseball bats, also called alloy bats, provide much better performance and durability than the average wood bat. 

They differ from composite bats because they function appropriately in cold weather. These bats do not need a break-in period and are not as costly as composite bats. As a beginner, this is a good budget-friendly choice for you. 

Finally, the wooden bats are loved by kids that want to enhance their skills. Though they are heavier, they have tiny sweet spots compared to composite and aluminum bats. 

The barrel diameter 

The barrel diameter will be the determinant factor that stands between a tiny advantage or disadvantage for your bat. However, most of these manufacturers understand this and allow the bats to reach up to 2.62 inches in diameter. You should have an understanding of the league’s bat barrel diameter before you buy the bat. 

Your budget

Bats are made available at different prices, and as you can see, we have provided you with a list of the best baseball bats under $100. Even if the more expensive bats are slated to last longer, they are crafted for experienced players. 

It will not make sense if you have to go over your budget as a beginner. Before purchasing anything, you have to consider your budget, and when buying a baseball bat, this is no different. For a young player, it is best to buy a cheap baseball bat while the professionals handle the expensive ones. 

Whatever you do, ensure that you do not exceed your budget. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Which are the best baseball bats under 100?

Our baseball bat testers say the best baseball bat under $100 for them is the Marucci F5 2019 Senior League model. This was an amazing baseball bat since it was a hybrid bat meaning it had the best of all the materials used to make it. Additionally, the bat was a three piece model meaning each part did its good job without being affected by another piece.

Are composite baseball bats better than alloy bats?

Both composite and alloy baseball bats have their merits and demerits, so it all boils down to which you prefer. In the composite vs alloy bats debate, one of the critical benefits for both is that it has greater durability than wooden baseball bats. Also, composite bats help youth baseball players by giving their hits more ‘POP,’ and alloy bats have a louder ‘Ping’ than other bats.

What baseball bat do pros use?

The most popular baseball bat brand used by MLB pros is Marucci. In a survey taken in 2021,  nearly 26% of all MLB baseball batters are using bats from this brand. Josh Donaldson and Trea Turner are among the popular batters using Marucci’s best baseball bats.

What is the most common bat size for MLB players?

We found that the common bat length for MLB players is between  33 and 34½  inches, and the common weight, including drop weight for MLB bats, is between 31 to 33½  ounces.


Now that you have gotten a better idea of which are the best baseball bats under 100, you should buy one and take it out for a spin. Each of these bats we have reviewed has undergone extensive testing and passed with flying colors. 

Therefore you can be sure that whichever you pick, these bats will ensure that you are hitting some clean homers with just some practice and the correct batting swing.

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