Best Baseball Radar Gun In 2022: Check Your Pitch Speed

A radar speed gun, also known as a radar gun is used to measure the speed of moving objects. Today, we will discuss about the best baseball radar gun that can give accurate readings and help to monitor the number of throws and pitch counts.

But before we discuss about which device is good and which is not, let us know about some terms used in baseball and the benefits of using a radar gun. Let us also know how a baseball radar gun work. So, let’s get started.

Quick Summary 

Let us go through a quick summary of the 8 best baseball radar gun-

  • Pocket radar ball coach- It is the best in terms of durability.
  • Swing speed radar- It is the most user-friendly.
  • Pocket radar smart coach- Editor’s choice. Can be used professionally as well for major leagues.
  • Bushnell velocity speed gun- One of the best handheld baseball radar gun.
  • NetPlayz baseball radars- very stylish with lots of accessories.
  • Stalker sport 2 radar- very sturdy and reliable.
  • Bushnell speedster III radar gun- Excellent control and accuracy.
  • Sports sensor glove radar- Perfect for training sessions and fun matches.

How does a radar gun work? 

Radar guns have a radio transmitter and a receiver and basically work using radio wave technology. Radar guns send radio waves to determine, detect and monitor a moving object. The radio waves are sent towards the moving object and basically it bounces off of the object. 

After the radio waves bounce off of the moving object, it echoes back to the radar gun or towards the person using the radar gun. This is when it captures the waves and we get the reading. They provide pretty accurate readings if they are used correctly. They need to be properly calibrated too.

How to use a radar gun for baseball? 

Radar guns that are used to monitor pitching speed, pitch count and ball velocity in a baseball game is called a baseball radar gun. Using a radar gun work wonders while a baseball game. All we need to do is point the gun towards the moving object when it is moving directly towards the radar gun or directly away from it.

To determine pitch speeds, we should stand behind the pitcher or directly in front of him so that the radio waves can travel in a straight line from the ball to the baseball radar gun. This is the proper way to get an accurate reading.

Radar guns can be used to monitor and enhance pitching speeds which in turn keep the hitters of balance. It can also be used to improve fielding strength as well as increase hitting power since it can accurately measure exit ball velocity. It is very useful for base running speed improvement as well.

Outfielders wearing the best outfield baseball gloves and youth hitter wearing the best youth batting gloves will appreciate knowing the speed of the pitch they caught or hit.

Why is the best baseball radar gun expensive? 

Radar guns or speed radar is a great device and had been invented in 1954. The main purpose of it was to measure speeds of any moving object. The baseball radar gun initially was used in training sessions to monitor pitching techniques and improve performance. 

Expensive radar guns give a more accurate speed reading. They also provide better range and are usually more durable than the cheap ones found in the market. More expensive radar guns are battery powered that are rechargeable so they tend to save money in the long run.

Baseball radar gun can be costly. It is best to buy a costly one because it helps the coaches and players immensely. It helps to enhance the performance and all major league baseball teams use them. 

Do baseball radar guns work on cars? 

Radar guns are used to measure speed of a moving or running object by using radio wave technology. As such baseball radar gun, which is a variant of radar guns, can be used to measure the speed of a moving vehicle or car.

If properly used and calibrated, they can give accurate readings as well. Since radar guns are not government sanctioned, they cannot ideally be used by the police to determine or measure the speed of a moving car. But in general, they do serve the purpose. Some police networks do use it to measure speed of a vehicle.

How accurate are radar guns? 

Radar guns are pretty accurate. The cheap ones that are found in the market may show improper readings but the ones that are from good manufacturers do provide accurate readings if they are used correctly or properly calibrated and placed.

The readings from a radar gun are accepted in the court of law as evidence and this is proof enough that they can be relied upon when it comes to accuracy. The more expensive radar guns can offer chronograph level accuracy. 

Some of the major league baseball players heavily depend on the accurate readings a baseball radar gun provides. This helps them to monitor and improve their game. So, it is safe to say, that accurate radar guns give proper speed readings.

Can radar guns be used at night? 

Most radar guns cannot be used at night as to use the radio wave technology one needs to stand in direct line of sight. Since there is less light during nights, the object cannot be seen properly. So, it makes it difficult to give an accurate reading to the moving object at night.

Some of the latest laser radar guns that are on the costlier end have built-in flashlight which makes it easier to measure speed of a moving object at night. The flash technology provided in the very expensive versions is amazing and helps provide extremely accurate readings at night.

What to look for when buying baseball radar guns? 

Radar guns are incredible for measuring running speeds of any moving object. They have a lot of importance when comes to baseball. It can make or break a player and let them know about their strength and weaknesses. The coaches love this device as it helps improve performance and rectify mistakes.

A baseball radar gun should be bought based on the following qualities-

  • Accurate reading capability- The baseball radar gun should be able to do its job properly. It is mainly bought to measure speed, pitch count and distance speed range. That is the sole purpose of its existence. If it fails to do so accurately, then it is just a waste of money and time.
  • Overall performance- The baseball radar gun should have a decent battery life, high quality ergonomics, great durability, cover a good distance range and cover good ball speed range. The higher the price, better the device. It is an investment and one should choose wisely.
  • Compact- Despite of the difference in appearance of the various devices, they offer the same functionality. They also deliver little mobility and storage. So, the radar guns can be bigger or compact and size of a baseball. Compact ones are definitely better to carry.

The 8 best baseball radar guns that you should not miss (2022)

Baseball radar guns are very beneficial in the game of baseball. If we want to know how fast our pitch is or what is our pitch count, a baseball radar gun can come in handy. A pitch count is the number of legal and illegal pitches thrown to the batter. If pitch count is poor, then one needs more practice.

Radar guns also help us to monitor the throwing speed. This can help players to improve, prepare or manage their game. It can help players who suffered injury to slowly develop their game and improve their performance.

Radar guns are also useful to enhance power development. Competitive players can be informed about their velocity and given immediate feedback for their performance. This helps to enhance technique as well as motivates the player.

It can be tricky to choose a baseball radar gun when there are so many options available. Cheap radar guns may be difficult to use and inaccurate. A lot of research and an extensive study of reviews is required to buy a perfect baseball radar gun.

The 8 best baseball radar gun that we reviewed and found best are easy to use and cost effective. They are as follows:

Top 4 picks reviewed 

As mentioned, there are many variants of a baseball radar gun and it is important to choose the right one for optimum usage. After a lot of research, these are our best 4 baseball radar guns that one can choose from.

Pocket radar ball coach

The pocket radar ball coach is a pro-level powerful baseball radar gun that can monitor and measure the fastest speed of a ball in motion. It is a handheld radar gun that can be fitted to a stand. Also, its range of action is wide. It is not compatible with the pocket radar app.

This baseball radar gun is a great speed training tool which can be used for development of a player. It can monitor hitting speed, pitching speed, throwing speed, serving speed and shot speed accurately. It makes instant reading and is a smart device.

Product Features- 

  • Range and speed limit- This baseball radar gun has a wide range coverage which is up to 120 feet. It can measure a moving ball with a speed between 25 mph to 130 mph and has great accuracy of within +/- 1 mph. it has a 25 deep memory.
  • Warranty- It is a basic stand-alone radar gun with a warranty of 2 years. It can be used to monitor speed of a moving ball for various sports including baseball.
  • Portability- It is a small and smart device that can be even carried in a pocket, justifying its name. It gives accurate readings and can be used as a perfect training tool.
  • Specifications- It is small, smart and have multiple modes to choose from. It has an easy automatic usage. It is built from plastic with high impact tolerance, just like hockey helmets. It is a rugged smart device and can be used in demanding sporting environments as well.
  • Handsfree- It can be handheld or used handsfree by putting it on a stand or tying it to a fence. It gives instant readings and has a memory of 25 speed readings. It has pro level accuracy. However, it doesn’t work with the pocket radar app.
  • Battery life- It has a good battery life. It can have 2000 or 4000 readings depending upon the battery used. AAA alkaline batteries or AAA NiMH batteries are compatible with it. It has an auto power off feature as well in user trigger mode.


  • High level of accuracy for perfect readings.
  • Amazing speed training tool that can be used to motivate players.
  • Handheld or handsfree smart device with good speed range coverage.
  • Easy to use and carry.


  • Not compatible with the pocket radar app.
  • A bit pricey.

Swing speed radar

It is a powerful baseball radar gun which provides accurate and instant readings. Swing speed radar is great for speed training and performance development. Since its compact, its easy to carry and use. It is great to even monitor and measure golf club and bat swing speeds.

You can measure bat readings from 20 up to 200 mph. it is a great device to establish training consistency. It is a doppler radar tool for training young players and motivate them to perform better.

Product Features- 

  • Doppler radar sensor- It has a small doppler radar sensor which gives instant and accurate readings of golf club and bat speeds in motion. It is great for measuring baseball swing speeds.
  • Position and range- It can measure a baseball bat swing speed from 20 mph to 200 mph. This is great for monitoring hitters speed and knowing one’s strength and weaknesses. It can be hand-held or suspended from a batting cage or net.
  • Accuracy- It has great level of accuracy and the transmission level of the radio wave is within the FCC requirements. It follows the mentioned safety levels as well. 
  • Warranty and battery- It has one year warranty but shipping charges re to be bore by the user. It needs 3 AA batteries and can be used by both players and coaches.


  • Customer support is superb in case any help is needed.
  • It is a simple device and is easy to use. It has a long life and can be used for even 5 years without any major issues.
  • It has a good battery life.


  • The accuracy level might be a little bit of a concern.
  • It can be inconsistent.

Pocket radar smart coach

The pocket smart coach radar is an upgraded version of the pocket radar ball coach with additional features and better technology. It is highly accurate and is compatible with the pocket radar app. The app is free and available in both apple and android phone devices.

Product Features- 

  • Smart coach app system- The pocket radar smart coach is an amazing device since not only it records ball speeds but it also records video of the same so that the players and coaches can check and monitor the performance over and over again.
  • Pocket radar app- It is compatible with the pocket radar app which is available for free both in iOS and android phone models. Videos can be seen and shared with the help of this app.
  • Remote coaching feature- Since this smart device also records videos of the players in action along with the measuring speed, this device can be used remotely. So, it is a blessing for people who train at home and want to share their performance with their coaches for guidance.  This feature makes this smart device a game changer.
  • Accuracy and range- This baseball radar gun has a wide range coverage which is up to 120 feet. It can measure a moving ball with a speed between 25 mph to 130 mph and has great accuracy of within +/- 1 mph. it has 25 internal memory. By using the app, it gives unlimited memory.
  • Battery- It can give 1500 to 3000 readings depending on which battery we use. We can use alkaline batteries or NiMH rechargeable batteries. It can record for 1 hour or 2 hours depending upon which battery is being used. USB power packs can be used for more battery life.
  • Tracking data- Data can be seen and tracked over and over again using the pocket radar app which helps a player to understand where he is getting stuck. This improves performance. We can also share the video data with friends and upload on social media. We can share it with coaches and other sports personalities.


  • Compatible with the pocket radar app.
  • Smart coaching system available where one can record videos of their performance.
  • Promotes remote coaching.
  • The performance can be seen again and again.


  • Battery life could be better.
  • There can be some inconsistency with accuracy.

Bushnell velocity speed gun

The Bushnell velocity radar gun or speed gun is an excellent device to monitor and measure a speeding ball. It has a high accuracy level and is very consistent is its readings. It displays the speed instantly without any delay.

Product Features- 

  • Accuracy- The Bushnell radar gun has a great accuracy and gives readings that are highly correct. It has a +/- 1 mph accuracy difference. It gives consistent, accurate and fast readings.
  • LCD display- It has a clear and large LCD display where the speed readings are displayed. It can be easily seen from a distance because of how clear it is.
  • Battery- The batteries need to be properly installed for the device to function properly and accurately. Alkaline C batteries are to be used for the product.
  • Range- The Bushnell velocity speed gun is capable of capturing ball speed from 10 mph to 110 mph. It has a good coverage and can also be used for tracking vehicle speeds and other sports. One has to stand in direct line in front of or behind the pitcher to get accurate readings.
  • Warranty- It has a 2 years warranty, which is more than most of the other radar guns available in the market. It also has a great customer support system.


  • Highly accurate readings with fast display.
  • Large and clear LCD display for proper vision of the readings.
  • It can be used for many other sports and tracking vehicle speeds even.


  • Coverage could be better.
  • Need to position the radar gun properly for it to be accurate.
  • Needs to be only hand-held.

So, the above were our top 4 picks for the best radar gun. There are many other available in the market. We have reviewed 4 more radar guns that we find pretty good to use with good accuracy levels. Let’s find out more about them- 

NetPlayz baseball radars

The NetPlayz baseball radar gun is a speed sensor training device with hands-free option. It is a high-tech gadget for baseball enthusiasts. This radar has a speed recall feature and a wide-angle coverage. It is portable and easy to use. The screen of the Netplayz is bright and has a clear display.

Product Features- 

  • Hands-free operation- This device can be hand held as well can be used hands-free. It is a premier baseball radar gun and can be used by a single person. It is not complicated and is easy to use. It can be fitted to a stand for measuring speed limits.
  • Ultra-wide-angle coverage- This smart device has adjustable angles which are apt to record wide angles of speed limits. It can provide readings from 3 mph to 150 mph which is great. It can record accurately hitting, pitching and swinging speeds.
  • Speed recall feature- It has a speed recall feature where one can compare their last 10 pitching speed, hitting speed and swinging speed. This helps the players to achieve their best and motivates and train them to do better and better with each shot. It is great for training young players. 
  • LED Display- It has a clear and bright display so that the speed readings can be easily viewed. It has a large LED display which means more clarity in comparison to other devices. It also has an in-built voice notification system where the speed readings are announced verbally. This helps the players to concentrate on the game without having to come and check the speed readings over and over again.
  • Portability- It is a small compact smart device and it is easy to carry. It comes with a carrying case for safety purpose. The case is stylish and safe. It can be carried anywhere easily.
  • Accessories- It comes with a lot of accessories that are very useful for the player or the user of this amazing baseball radar gun. Accessories like tripod, tuning fork and silicon hammer comes with the radar gun. These accessories enhance the accuracy level of the baseball radar gun. It also comes with a flannel bag which is important for better storage.
  • Suitable for all- This radar gun can be used by all baseball players whether one is a hitter or a pitcher. It can record speed readings for both. This comes in very handy and can be used by small or major league baseball players.
  • Other sports- This radar gun is mostly used for baseball but it can be used to record speed of other games like softball, tennis, soccer, handball, lacrosse and hockey as well. It covers a wide variety of sports and performs equally good. It is a sports radar gun.


  • It can be used by pitchers and hitters both. Coaches can use it too.
  • It has a LED display and voice notification option.
  • It comes with a variety of accessories for better accuracy.
  • It is user friendly and easy to set up.


  • It needs 5 AA batteries which are not included in the package.
  • Accuracy can be better.

Stalker Sport 2 Radar Starter package 

The stalker sport 2 radar gun is a great sports radar gun which is very affordable. It is quick and easily measures ball speed and gives accurate, consistent readings. The range of the Stalker Sport radar great as well. It is one of the best baseball radar gun of the same range and price.

Product Features- 

  • Battery- It requires AA batteries. Alkaline batteries are used mostly for the starter package. It comes with the package. It needs 6 AA batteries.
  • Modes- It has 2 transmit modes and records the peak speed accurately. It can measure pitch speed and running speeds as well. It can record from 40-90 feet away.
  • Recall speed feature- It can recall up to 5 readings so that the coach and the player can monitor their growth or failure. This helps the player to focus more and do better. It boosts the performance.
  • Display- it has a clear display that is not affected by lighting conditions and can be read properly anytime of the day. It also gives quick clear accurate readings.


  • It can measure both incoming and outgoing ball. It can even measure from at an angle but the accuracy may be compromised.
  • It is sturdy and affordable. Its quality is good.


  • Instructions to use the radar gun can be better.
  • Needs to be more accurate.

Bushnell speedster III radar gun

The Bushnell speedster III radar gun is a great device to monitor and measure speed readings. It can record speed readings from 10 mph to 200 mph which is one of the highest. It has great accuracy as well. Overall, it is one of the best baseball radar gun.

Product Features- 

  • Accuracy- The Bushnell speedster III radar gun has chronograph level accuracy. It can record speed readings instantly with a +/- 1 mph speed accuracy level. 
  • Battery- It needs 2 C batteries to function. The battery life is pretty decent. The battery needs to be fitted properly for the radar gun to switch on and operate correctly.
  • Modes- It has different modes. It has a continuous mode for automatic and accurate speed reading.  This bushnell radar gun measure the throwing speed perfectly.
  • Fast display- It is one of the best handheld radar guns that helps in pitch speed improvement by displaying the fastest speed instantly than other radar guns.
  • RF technology- This technology transmits data that is wireless to an optional Bushnell Speed screen. It is a unique feature of this radar gun and not found in sub-par radar guns.
  • Grip- It has a pistol grip which is textured. This gives it an extra edge to be held properly.


  • It has more features than the bushnell velocity radar gun.
  • Uses DSP or digital speed processing for digital speed reading.
  • It has a 2 year warranty. 
  • It is highly accurate considering its price.


  • Accuracy level may go down over time. It works well for up to 2 years.
  • Speed readings for baseball is up to 110 mph.

Sports sensor glove radar

The sports sensors glove radar is lightweight and can be attached to a baseball glove for speed readings of a ball just before being caught. The measuring speed has high accuracy with +/- 1 mph difference. It is a small doppler radar gun and is easy to carry. It comes in a sturdy plastic cover case.

Product Features- 

  • Velocity sensor- It is a small doppler velocity sensor glove radar which is attached to the gloves of the player. It measures the speed of the ball just before it is caught. Players can learn accuracy and proper velocity with the help of it.
  • Display- It has a small LCD display which shows the speed recordings. Since it is attached to the glove, the display is not too big. It is a more personalized radar gun.
  • Accuracy- By recording the speed of the ball which is being caught, this glove radar gives proper accuracy. The measuring speed is depended on the player who catches the ball and with proper usage it can give an accuracy with +/-1 mph.
  • Speed range- It can measure a speed from 20 mph to 120 mph. This is pretty good for a glove radar and at par with other pocket radar guns that are available in the market.
  • Battery- It requires N3, 3 lithium volt battery. These batteries are very small. It gives 30 hours of continuous use and over 5000 transmission speed cycles.


  • It is very cost effective and easy to use. The user manual has good instructions.
  • Accuracy level is decent and almost same as other radar guns.
  • It has a good consistency with speed and looks cool.
  • It is fun to use and can be used for young players interested in learning baseball.


  • Accuracy may be compromised if not used or attached properly.
  • It has a tendency to get loose and does not stay tight to the glove.

Major concerns regarding radar guns- 

People who are new to the concept of radar guns, might have many concerns before thinking of investing in one. They usually have many questions and want to know more about them. Let us acknowledge such few queries- 

How far can you measure pitching speed with a radar gun? 

Most radar guns can measure pitching speed from a distance of 40-120 feet. Some high-end expensive radar gun can do that from even 200-300 feet away. To measure pitching speeds one needs to place the radar gun in the direct line of sight from the pitcher.

This means that the radar gun needs to be kept either directly in front of the pitcher or directly behind the pitcher. The distance between the radar gun and the pitcher is crucial because it can affect the accuracy of the speed readings. Hence it is something that should be paid attention to before buying.

If the radar gun is being bought for major league baseball players, then it is wise to buy one which has a higher distance range. For little league baseball players, lesser distance range is perfect. For high-school or college level players a radar gun that can cover wider distance is appropriate.

How does a speed camera measure pitch speed? 

This is another feature that needs to be known. Many radar guns have speed cameras attached. These are to see the recorded movement and understand the strengths and weaknesses. Speed cameras are also useful in auto racing scenarios.

To measure pitch speed, the speed camera video needs to be seen frame by frame. After this a calculation needs to be done regarding the distance the ball moves from one frame to the other. By doing this, speed of the object can be measured. 

Many people who do not want to invest in a radar gun, buy speed cameras as well. It can be a tedious process but the speed can be known by frame-to-frame measurement. It is not too apt and sports radar guns are a better option when it comes to measuring pitch speed. 

Some radar guns have cameras attached to them and that can be a good investment as the players can check their speed repeatedly and see the technique being used. A speed camera along with a radar gun is useful.

Does MLB use radar guns or speed trackers? 

Major League Baseball or MLB is a professional baseball organization. It is the oldest major professional sports league in the world. It is huge and many people follow them.  Major league baseball teams are loved and cheered around the nation.

As of 2022, a total of 30 teams plays in MLB. 15 teams play in the National League and 15 teams play in the American League. Out of the 30 teams, 29 teams play in the United States and one team belongs to Canada. Major league baseball players are very popular.

Many people follow what the MLB does to measure speed readings. They are an organization to look up to for baseball enthusiasts. So, to answer the question MLB uses radar guns and speed trackers both. They use good quality radar guns to measure speed of their players. 

Speed trackers are a system of cameras created by Sportsvision that tracks speeds of baseball. It is installed in every MLB stadium. It has high accuracy. So, both the devices are used by the MLB.

How to choose the best baseball radar gun- Buying guide 

Choosing the right radar gun can be a task as so many options are available. A lot of research and review readings can help make a decision before purchasing one. There are high-end radar guns like jugs gun, Bushnell velocity etc. but most of them are very costly. 

Professional radar guns have obviously more features that justify the price. Those expensive radar gun are mainly used by professional baseball players. For a more personalized use for training purposes or to monitor one’s growth the middle-priced baseball radar guns are good.

Most radar guns can help in pitch speed improvement by giving pretty accurate readings. They also help to monitor swing speed, throwing speed, fastest speed, pitching speeds etc. Sports radar guns are highly effective.

Radar guns are also used in auto racing and to track maximum speed limit breach in vehicles. Many radar guns can be used for both vehicles as well as sports. Radar gun measures the speed range using radio waves. Some have digital signal processing technology for greater accuracy.

While buying a radar gun, one must be clear of what to look for. What features it should include and the price is also important. The best radar guns have all the great features and are easy to use at the same time. They must also have both the continuous mode and the trigger mode.

Let us have a look at what to take note of before buying the best baseball radar gun:

Price points 

It is important to assess how much one should invest in buying a radar gun. Expensive radar guns are better at accuracy, durability and range. They usually have rechargeable batteries as well which is helpful in the long run. They can go up to thousands of dollars and are apt for major league players or professionals.

Mid-range radar guns are apt for little league players or for training purposes. They cost around $100- $200 and work well. Most of them have good accuracy and decent range. They use alkaline batteries. Choosing the right radar gun based on price is an important step before buying it.

Spending money on an expensive radar gun for normal or daily usage can be considered as a waste of money. Expensive radar guns are to be bought only when major leagues are played or for professional players.


The distance range is an important point one must take into consideration before buying a radar gun. For major league players, a radar gun having a wide range is a must while little league players can work with lesser range. 

Expensive radar guns can measure speed from a distance of 200-300 feet and are used by professionals where the setting is huge. For amateurs a distance of 40-120 feet is decent enough. Those are less costly and can be used on a daily basis.

Battery life/ charge 

High-end radar guns mostly use rechargeable batteries. These are convenient because in the long run they save time, money and energy. We also do not have to worry about them stopping in the middle of the game with no option to recharge them.  

Mid-range or cheaper versions of radar guns mostly use alkaline batteries. It is usually either AA or AAA batteries. They usually provide 24 hours of continuous recording but one must always carry an extra set of batteries just in case. This usually becomes costly over time.

It is okay to use a radar gun that uses alkaline batteries if the player is at a learning stage or playing for fun. Some other radar guns use C batteries as well. We must be aware of the battery life and style before purchasing a radar gun.

Portability and usage 

Portable radar guns are easy to use and carry. Baseball radar guns can come in various shapes and sizes. One has to understand their own need before choosing a size. It is something one must keep in mind while choosing a radar gun.

Some radar guns can be huge like Jugs gun or Sports radar guns. Some can be pocket sized like Pocket smart coach radar or Bushnell velocity radar. We can also find radars attached to a ball or ones that can be attached to the gloves.

It is to be understood that there is no rule that says huge radar guns function better than small ones. It is based on our usage and need that we must make a decision. 


It is of utmost importance to buy a radar gun that gives accurate readings. Without this the whole point of buying one would be futile. A little bit of research and study of the review can let us know if a radar gun gives proper accuracy and worth the money.

Most radar guns that are highly accurate might be pricey. It is important to know that accuracy level of a radar gun also depends on factors like calibration, model and age. Mid-range radar guns also function properly when it comes to accuracy with a slight +/- difference between recorded and actual speed. 


The purpose of buying a radar gun hugely affects the decision making. If it is for pitch speed improvement, expensive radar guns are the ones to be bought. If it is for base running speed improvement or reviewing purpose then less costly radar guns are good as well.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What radar gun does MLB use?

The MLB uses various radar guns to check accuracy and record pitch speeds. The most used is the Pocket Radar smart coach/Bluetooth enabled radar gun. This gives pretty good range and accuracy.

How accurate is Bushnell radar gun?

A Bushnell radar gun needs to be aimed properly and used correctly for getting highest level of accuracy. If we compare it with Pocket radar then there is a difference of +/- 3 mph. It is safe to say that Bushnell radar guns are pretty accurate.

Are MLB radar guns accurate?

Yes, MLB radar guns are accurate. Though there have been reports that the MLB head scout was sceptical about the accuracy of the radar guns used, they still continue to do so.

How far off is Bushnell radar gun?

A Bushnell radar gun can be distanced at 90 feet away and can measure a speed range of 10 mph to 110 mph. the more expensive versions have better range and distance.


Choosing a baseball radar gun is not easy. Which is the rating being still a matter of debate since it is a subjective issue. A Pocket radar gun might be the best for one while a huge Jugs gun might be the best for someone else. 

A lot of factors like price, accuracy and the purpose determine which is the best one. Companies like Pocket radar, Bushnell, Jugs etc. are considered good manufacturers with quality products. A little read of the review can help us choose a perfect baseball radar gun. 

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