Best Softball Cleats For Pitchers: Top 4 Choices For Females 2023

In the game of softball, you must have the proper equipment to make your team the winning team. And by proper equipment, we do not mean only the gloves, balls, helmets, and bats. You will also need to properly wear the best softball cleats for pitchers.

In this article, we will be reviewing the best cleats for softball pitchers. All our product reviews are done in-house and with great precision. 

Softball cleats for pitchers

We have collected 4 of the best softball cleats for pitchers from the best brands. Here they are:

The Under Armour Women’s Glyde Rm

As one of the best softball cleats for pitchers, the Glyde Rm is manufactured by Under Armour. It has successfully come on top of being among the best-selling women’s softball cleats. 

The cleats are unique in all aspects of the feel, durability, performance, and fit. In addition, this cleat comes with a synthetic upper and full-length EVA midsole. 

It means you will have many comforts, especially since it comes with a padded ankle collar. In addition, the cleats are rubber molded for the best traction across all surfaces.

Plus, there is no need to worry about the rubber as it is made to be solid and heavily durable. Since these cleats are close to perfect, we could only wish they had more color variations. 

The Nike Women’s Lunar Hyperdiamond 2 Pro

Over the years, Nike has become a household name thanks to its manufacturing process. Nike has always made it its business to provide comfort and performance and meet the needs of its consumers. 

This is what can be seen in its Lunar Hyperdiamond 2 Pro. It is rated as one of the best softball cleats for pitchers and is made of synthetic material. It comes with a lace-up closure plus nine metal spikes. 

These pitcher cleats’ ground-gripping traction is well known for boosting the players’ speed.

In addition, this product has lightweight cushioning and can be worn if you run on sizes eight and eleven. 

The New Balance Women’s Velo V1 TPU

The New Balance brand is responsible for the amazing Velo V1 TPU shoes made from synthetic materials. As one of the best softball cleats for pitchers, it features a rubber sole and a fresh foam midsole.

This Fresh foam midsole makes this cleat dwell among the most comfortable for pitchers. In addition, it is a great fit and is a great choice for the best cleats for wide feet

It is breathable since mesh materials were used to make its upper portion. The molds of these cleats can be more durable; it has other features than this. 

Did we mention that it has a lace cage? This feature helps you to put it on faster and gives you a sharper look when you tuck it in. It has diverse colors as well. 

The Mizuno Women’s 9 Spike ADV Finch Elite 2

One thing about the Mizuno Spike ADV is that it is made of synthetic materials, making it highly durable and lightweight. Interestingly, its sole is made out of synthetic material too. 

It is a thermoplastic polyurethane cleat that gives an optimized and excellent feel. More so, it has nice spikes that have been crafted with fastpitch in mind. With this cleat, you are sure to get stability and swift movement. 

Interestingly, this best softball cleats for pitchers will not dig as hard as the metal cleat. But you will be provided stability. In addition, its padded booty tongue gives excellent comfort and fit. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Can I use metal cleats for the softball pitch?

Yes, you can. Metal cleats will pick up less dirt than those molded ones though you don’t need to wear them. 

How long will my softball cleat last?

The softball cleat is made to last for a period of twelve to eighteen months. However, it all depends on how often you use it to play. 


We have provided you with the best softball cleats for pitchers to make your choice more accessible when you are ready to get a new one. Ensure you read through so that you will make the best choice.

Once you have picked and bought one you might want to know how to customize these cleats.

Softball pitchers also need the best fastpitch softball gloves as well.

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