Best Outfield Baseball Gloves: Top MLB Outfielders Choices In 2023

While looking for the best outfield baseball gloves, you might be wondering what or which ones you need to look for. But blindly looking at gloves won’t be enough; you need some guidelines to make the process easier. And that’s where we come in.

Bestbaseballreviews product testers went out on the field and in the sporting goods stores to find you the 10 best baseball outfield gloves. Alongside reviewing the products, the testers also found some great tips that will make purchasing these types of gloves easier in the future.

So enough talking about! Now is the time for you to learn which are the best outfield gloves of 2022 and which one will be the one you wear the next time your play baseball.

10+ best baseball outfielder gloves

Rawlings R9 Baseball Glove Series


  • All leather shell
  • 80% factory break-in
  • Pro H web pattern

You can never go wrong with a Rawlings glove, and the R9 series from them is one of their best series for baseball. The glove’s leather is both soft and durable, so you can push it to its limit without worrying about it failing you on the field. 

It also comes with a reinforced palm which makes catching those fly balls easier on your hand. Since the glove is 80% broken in by the factory, it is practically a game-ready model. Finally, the padded thumb loop and enhanced finger back linings provide greater support them many other outfield gloves on the market. 

Overall, I had a blast playing with this glove, even though I’m not an outfielder. I experienced zero problems with the fit and feel of the glove. Also, when catching some high fly balls, I experienced no sting on my hand.


  • Durable design
  • Multiple sizes and colors
  • Both hand variant
  • Flexible
  • Padded palms and thumb loops


  • Single web pattern

Mizuno MVP Prime Baseball Glove Series


  • Bio soft leather
  • Pro level lace
  • Embroidered logo

Another popular choice for the best baseball outfield gloves has to be Mizuno. Their MVP series is a hit among the pro MLB and college players. This is due to the high-quality leather being used by the manufacturers as well as multiple features that aid the players while they are fielding.

For example, Mizuno has added a PlusGrip thumb for extra support and extra comfort for the players. Additionally, they have included roll welting to help you get a better feel while wearing it. Finally, this glove comes with a Mizuno patented Shock 2 web, allowing outfielders better chances of catching baseballs.

When I was trying this glove out on the field, I could feel the glove’s quality. From the smoothness and softness of the leather to its construction, I was really impressed. This is a solid choice for outfielders as far as I am concerned.


  • Soft leather
  • Has steer leather palm liner
  • Long-lasting
  • Best for all levels
  • Comes with a conventional open back


  • Only 2 colors

Shoeless Joe Professional Series Baseball Glove


  • Game worn look
  • Old school open back
  • Special aged antique tobacco leather

This is a brand that is well known for making gloves that look like they have been used for a really long time. This unique look there is due to them using specially treated leather, which has another benefit aside from having a different look. 

Each of these gloves uses leather that is cut one at a time, which helps in keeping the quality of the glove really high. Additionally, Shoeless Joe manufacturers ensure that the gloves have expert break-ins to reduce the work for the players. 

Also, the glove has Shoeless Joe’s special XRD foam in the palm, providing extreme impact protection for all players. This foam helps by absorbing a large amount of impact force thus keeping the hands of the fielders well protected.

One word I can say about this glove after having worn it is ‘Amazing.’ This is simply because the glove is more than just its unique look. Shoeless Joe’s gloves are really comfortable and well protected. Therefore, it can be an excellent choice for outfielders of all ages.


  • Ideal for children and adult
  • Unique look
  • Wearable of both hands
  • Has professional break-in
  • Soften leather


  • Comes in only brown

Wilson 2022 A1000 Baseball Glove Series


  • Traditional fit
  • 1912 glove pattern
  • Bold logos

If we are talking about good quality and reasonably priced baseball gloves, Wilson is a brand we need to mention. For obvious reasons, Wilson’s A1000 is one of their best series. This glove’s leather is so high quality that you get the true Pro Stock feels. This, in turn, makes it an ideal choice for outfielders and infielders that are just starting out.

This glove has two features common with all Wilson gloves; rolled dual welting and DriLex wrist lining. Both of these features help make the glove more comfortable and provide better support for the fielders. 

The welting helps by giving more support and retaining the glove shape over a long time. In addition, the wrist lining keeps the glove dry even under the hot sun so players feel comfortable. 

As I played with this glove while testing it, I felt my hands stay cooler longer since my hand wasn’t sweating. Additionally, the glove’s smoothness and softness were far higher than I thought they would be. Overall, this glove gave me an enjoyable experience while I was wearing it.


  • Full leather shell
  • Structural support
  • Soft and comfortable feel
  • Dual post web
  • Best for beginners and youth


  • Limited color choice for outfielders

Wilson A2000 Baseball Glove Series


  • Pro stock leather
  • Dual post web
  • Stitched logo

As you already know, Wilson makes some great baseball gloves, and some of their series have very positive reviews. The A2K or the A2000 series from Wilson are excellent choices for the best outfield baseball gloves due to their design and material choice.

First of all, the glove is made from brown, black, and blond pro stock leather. Some of the best leather you can use to make a baseball glove. Wilson pro stock leather is well-known for being unparalleled in the durability and comfort category.

Wilson fielding gloves, such as their outfield gloves, have been known to have dual welting and flat finger binding. These two features work really well for providing greater support and control. The welting also helps shape retention, while the binding provides extra comfort or pain reduction.


  • Reliable design
  • Longer lasting
  • Keeps shape
  • Excellent support
  • Multiple options


  • Fewer color choices

Rawlings HOH 2022 Outfielders Glove


  • Pro H Web
  • Traditional fit
  • Both hand variant

One of the most fan-favorite glove series from Rawlings has to be the HOH or Heart Of the Hide. There are multiple reasons for this, and I will mention some of my favorite reasons. To start, the HOH series gloves all use the top 5% steerhide leather Wilson has. 

The gloves are also more durable since they have pro-grade leather laces and thumb sleeves. In addition, Rawlings includes deer tanned cowhide palm lining and full-grain leather finger back lining for added comfort.

As a catcher, I mostly tend to use All-Star catcher mitts, but when I put off these HOH gloves, I was really confused. I knew I was wearing gloves, but the softness and fit of the glove were so good that I didn’t feel like I was wearing a glove.


  • Wearable for both hands
  • Durable
  • Retains shape
  • Multiple colors
  • Available for other positions


  • Only comes with a 60% factory break-in

Mizuno Select 9 Baseball Glove Series


  • Bio soft leather
  • Pro level laces
  • A new leather patch design

The select 9 series from Mizuno is slightly less well known for most players than their MVP series or the best Mizuno baseball catchers gear or Mizuno softball catchers gear model; the Samurai series.

Yet this outfield baseball glove uses bio soft leather for the shell. Now you might be wondering what’s so special about bio soft leather. When I was wearing these gloves I felt a balance between softness and oil that led to an almost pro level smoothness. Additionally, the glove also has a factory break-in so it’s practically a game ready model.

The glove also has professional laces and center pocket patterns as added features. The laces are quite durable and make you look well trained. And the center pocket pattern creates a pocket that is under the index that helps the players, like me, break in the glove more naturally if they need it.


  • Professional style
  • Durable model
  • Unique design
  • Has an Ichiro web


  • Limited color choices

Franklin Sports Baseball Fielding Glove


  • Full-grain leather
  • Lightweight
  • Fast break-in

Franklin, alongside Rawlings and Wilson, is an old name that anyone in the baseball world should know. They have manufactured some excellent baseball gear for players of all positions. The fielding gloves series from Franklin is popular due to having gloves for every position.

First, the full-grain leather chosen by Franklin has been known to provide its players with excellent protection and performance. These leather gloves have also been seen to last for multiple seasons, even with frequent use. 

Next, thanks to the lightweight and soft leather, the gloves don’t require many break-ins before you can use them on the field. Even with the softer feel, these fielding gloves provide optimal performance. 

Finally, the larger H-web pattern allows outfielders, particularly, an easier catching experience. Even if outfielders face hard-hit and fly balls, they won’t have many issues with these gloves.


  • High-quality leather
  • Last for multiple seasons
  • Comfortable feel
  • Multiple sizes and web patterns
  • Affordable price


  • Limited color options

Louisville Slugger TPX HD9 Hybrid Baseball Glove


  • Hybrid model
  • Leather lining
  • Limited edition

When you hear Louisville Slugger, you immediately think of baseball bats; however, they do have some great baseball gloves. The TPX HD9 model from them is one of their best outfield baseball gloves. One of the reasons is that the glove is a hybrid of leather and mesh which means it has the benefits from both materials.

Another reason is that they use pro grade steerhide leather that has undergone oil treatment. Because of this, you might not have to use the best baseball conditioners or oil when you break it in with the best baseball mallet. Or use them less often!

However, the most unique feature I saw on this glove is the zero-gravity mesh which you will often see on MLB players’ gloves. Also, the lacing of the glove is dye-through which increases its durability.

Overall, I have to say that Louisville Slugger did an excellent job in creating an outfield glove that is nearly pro level. I had lots of fun playing with this glove while testing it and found very few issues.


  • Long-lasting design
  • Has a pro Trap web
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Quick break-in


  • Single color and size

Easton Pro Collection Game Spec Baseball Glove


  • Alex Bregman model
  • Blended glove
  • One size

We have talked about multiple glove brands in this best outfield gloves article but we haven’t mentioned Easton yet. The Easton Pro Collection series is one where Easton recreates Easton gloves worn by MLB players. In addition, outfielders have the model Alex Bregman used while playing for the Houston Astros.

This outfield baseball glove uses premium USA steerhide and oil-treated cowhide palm lining for extra comfort and feel. Additionally, Easton has made this series available for multiple positions by creating position specific patterns that are top-tier.

High-grade rawhide laces and cowhide finger lining provide outfielders with greater pocket stability and durability. In general, the glove performed amazingly for me and I found its features very useful.


  • Easier break-in
  • Enhanced durability
  • Greater support
  • Very flexible


  • Only one size

Franklin ProFlex Outfield Glove


  • Synthetic leather lining
  • Premium cowhide
  • Best for baseball, softball, and tee ball

Another best outfield baseball glove from Franklin has to be from the Proflex series. These are adult baseball gloves that come in multiple sizes and are unisex. Unisex means that both male and female baseball outfielders can wear and play with these gloves.

Players will have a much easier time catching baseballs thanks to the durable full-grain leather palm design of these outfield gloves. Catching even hard hit or fly balls won’t cause pain, thanks to the padding. 

Franklin also included an adjustable wrist strap in these gloves for an easier fit and more comfortable feel. Additionally, these wrist straps won’t reduce your flexibility or mobility while playing.


  • Enhanced flexibility
  • Soft leather feel
  • Basket web pattern
  • Ideal for a right-hand throw


  • Only one web pattern

Buckler ‘Core’ Series Baseball Gloves


  • Java KIP leather
  • Both hand orientation
  • H web pattern

By this point we have talked about multiple brands that are well known by most. But as we talk about outfield gloves Buckler is a brand that kind of flies under most peoples’ radar. But if you want to wear the most comfortable and soft baseball glove, this is the one you need.

Using KIP leather which is said to be the softest out of all other leather types Buckler made the best game-ready outfield baseball glove. To make this glove more durable it has reinforced lacing in a specific location. These laces also prevent injuries such as sprains and hyperextension.

Moreover, Buckler added the Pro-1 outfield pattern which closes the thumb to the pinky finger. This makes catching fly balls easier for outfielders. In the end, all of these unique features and the overall softness and smoothness of this glove make it my top recommendation for the best outfield baseball glove on this list.


  • 50% factory break-in
  • Ideal for catching hard to spot shots
  • Extra back of the finger protection
  • Enhanced structural integrity


  • NONE

Easton Professional Hybrid Baseball Glove Series


  • Hybrid model
  • Rolled leather welting
  • H web pattern

For our final outfield glove we return with another Easton product. This is another hybrid baseball glove, but this one isn’t meant for beginners. The glove is handcrafted and uses Japanese KIP leather, the highest grade KIP leather.

The use of KIP leather means the glove is lightweight while also giving top tier comfort to the players. And this is a statement that I agree with after having worn it. Also, the palm of the glove and finger stalls uses KIP leather. Finally, the glove has KIP leather binding, and Easton’s usual rolled welting for custom fit and easier break in.

In the end, I must say that at this price point, you won’t be finding a better baseball glove outfield or any other position.


  • Extremely comfortable
  • Custom fitting
  • Has a supple feel
  • Loopless thumb stalls


  • Best for only experienced players

Here are some more suggestions for the best outfield baseball gloves:

Things to look for before buying the best baseball outfield gloves

Now that you know about our top choices for best outfield baseball gloves you need to learn about what to look for while buying a baseball glove. While researching these gloves, we found a few key factors that will help you make this decision easily and properly.

Here are our key factors to consider when buying the best baseball gloves for outfielders:

Is the size correct?

Size is in my opinion one of the most essential factors to look for regardless of what you are trying to buy. For example, for outfielders gloves you want to pick a size that fits you properly and doesn’t impact your mobility. On average the size of an outfielders glove is about 12.75 inches but a youth outfielder could use 11 or 12.5 inches gloves. 

The best softball outfielders’ gloves tend to be in the larger size at about 13 inches. 

What’s it made of?

Another crucial factor you should look for when buying an outfield glove or any glove is the material used. As far as I am concerned, leather is the only material that is acceptable for gloves, but there are alternatives. For example, synthetic leather and mesh could be accepted but only for beginners and youths.

Even with leather there are multiple kinds such as KIP leather, steerhide, cowhide, etc. Of all these choices, the best one must be KIP leather. 

Does it balance comfort and performance?

Your outfield baseball glove doesn’t only need to fit properly; it needs to perform properly as well. This means it needs to open and close quickly and have adequate support and protection. Some of the best baseball outfield gloves have unique features that help with comfort and performance.

Certain outfield gloves have added lining along the palm and finger stalls to make the glove more mobile and durable. Other gloves have extra strong laces to make the glove more stable when catching baseballs.

How deep is its pocket?

The pocket depth is essential if you choose the best infield or outfield baseball glove. For the best infielder baseball gloves, you will want a glove with a shallower pocket compared to the deep pockets that outfielders need.

With a deep pocket, you will be able to withstand greater impact from fly balls as well as have more space to catch those balls.

Can you break in the glove easily?

Doesn’t matter how expensive a baseball glove is or how well it’s made; you will need to break in the baseball glove. You need to break it in because you need it to fit you properly and perform just as you want it to.

Some baseball gloves come with factory break in of a certain percentage which makes the job of breaking in the baseball glove easier. Outfield gloves with more than 60% break in are practically game ready because the rest of the break in will happen as you play with them.

On which hand does it go?

Most baseball gloves have models for either the left or right hand, so it’s not an issue per se. What you need to do before you choose the best outfield baseball gloves is to figure out on which hand you will be wearing them. If you toss with your right hand, you’ll need a glove for your left hand. Likewise, you must select a right-hand glove if you throw with your left hand.

What’s the price of this glove?

Since you are purchasing something, you will need to pay for it. Therefore the price you need to pay for the outfield glove does matter. However, there are baseball gloves under 100 dollars, and gloves cost way more. So there are gloves for everyone’s price point. 

Here is a fun fact for you. Hermes, a french luxury leather goods manufacturer, created a $14000 baseball glove that goes with their $1925 baseball bat!

Does it come with a warranty?

Warranties aren’t always a necessity, but it’s a good thing if it’s available for your gloves. A warranty from a company or brand shows their level of trust in their manufacturing process. If you want to know the details about the gloves’ warranty, simply contact the brand’s customer service department.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Which outfield gloves do the pros wear?

For outfield gloves, there are a number of brands that are top choices for anyone, from beginners to adult pros. Even pros wear gloves from some of these brands. However, Mizuno has been in recent years, one of the top choices for many MLB pro players. Some of the other top choices for pros are:

  • Rawlings
  • Wilson
  • Louisville Slugger
  • Easton
  • Marucci

Is there a difference between infield and outfield baseball gloves?

The primary difference between the gloves of these two positions is pocket depth. Outfielders are required to catch fly balls and throw them back over long distances so they require a deeper pocket.

On the other hand, infielders need to do fast transitions between catching and throwing the ball to different bases thus requiring a glove with shallow pockets. With different pocket depths, the sizes of the gloves are also different. As a result, outfielders have bigger gloves than infielders.

Can I wear a slowpitch softball glove for baseball?

You could play recreationally or for fun, but the rules say no for tournaments and competitions. This is because of the difference in the size and weight of the gloves. Softball gloves tend to be heavier and bigger than baseball gloves, making players awkward when playing.

What is the average price of an outfield baseball glove?

On average, the price of an outfield baseball glove could be between $50 to $200, depending on the material and brand. Of course, some gloves are more expensive, but the performance of those gloves isn’t that amazing.


I have stated that I find the Buckler ‘Core’ series outfield glove to be the best outfield baseball glove currently on the market. However, the other ones mentioned in this list are also quite good. When picking a baseball glove, try to make sure that the glove’s size, fit and feel match all your preferences. So get a glove from us and play like a pro outfielder!

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