Best Outfield Baseball Gloves: 12 Hottest Picks of 2022

Here are our 10 picks for the best outfield baseball gloves you can take to the baseball field. When it comes to Baseball, each and every position has its own tasks. And to complete these tasks effectively, the baseball players are required to use specific equipment. In particular, we are going to looking at and talking about the outfielders. 

For those that need a refresher, an outfielder is one of three defensive positions. Their main task is to catch either fly or ground balls and return the ball to the infield for an out or stop a baserunner from advancing. 

To catch those fly or ground balls, an outfielder needs to wear outfielder gloves. These gloves are manufactured to help in catching fly balls in mind. Also, they need to allow an outfielder to move quickly without hindrance, 

While I am a catcher myself, I have had some experience in outfielding during my youth. In those times I myself also had some bad experiences with finding a youth outfielder glove. Using those experiences of not finding youth baseball gloves alongside advice and inquiries from friends, I have compiled a list that will help get any outfielder out there the glove that matches them. The best outfield baseball gloves are made to be worth all this research.

Of course, nothing in this article is concrete, but all the products are tried and true. Therefore reader read on and see if there is a glove that matches your preference. Each can stand as the best outfield gloves in the market.

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12 Best Outfield Baseball Gloves 2022

The product review will mention the glove features and overall usefulness. The baseball glove features will act as some sort of positives of the gloves that may impact your gameplay. So if you are in the market for the best outfielders glove for high school, for 10-year-olds, or Spring training, then read on!

1. SSK Z9 Maestro Outfield Baseball Glove – Best 2022 Baseball Gloves for Outfielders

I imagine that those that play baseball for a long time are always looking for an edge during game time because they know that skill and equipment go hand in hand. Therefore, I present to those experienced baseball outfielders the SSK Z9 Maestro outfield baseball glove.

This isn’t just some outfield glove that anyone can wear and take to the field. This is a glove that is professionally handcrafted with the approval of the Japanese glove masters themselves. Each of these gloves wears the SSK Shokunin Stamp to show how good these gloves really are.

Due to the usage of premium Japanese Nameshi Leather which is way better than the rawhide leathers used by other companies, these gloves provide outstanding comfort. I can tell you that if you bought one of these, they come with a 25% break-in which really increases the performance value.

The overall design of the glove was for providing outfielders with more than they wanted. From the depth of the pocket to the support SSK gave the players with one of the best outfield baseball gloves of 2022.

In terms of both color variation and size variation, the SSK Z9 Maestro has more than enough options to satisfy anyone. Additionally, the glove can be worn on both right and left hand.

Fit & Feel:

After rounds of rigorous testing, SSK came up with a design of top grain leather lacing that provides extended-lasting time with peak tensile strength. This meant that the glove performed above the best.

The leather palm shell overlaps in the Z9 Meastro for added pocket stability and retaining shape over time. Combining the leather palm lining with the smooth finger lining gives the outfielders a comfortable glove fit and feel when they are on the field.

SSK built-in conventional back with wrist liners that are soft for even more comfort. I couldn’t believe that I wasn’t wearing a glove on my hand because it was so soft and comfortable.

Best Seller


  • Well tested glove patterns
  • Comes with a free SSK branded glove bag
  • Super comfortable
  • Both hand variants
  • Budget-friendly
  • Long-lasting


  • Not available for beginners

2. Rawlings Mike Trout Pro Glove

Similar to Wilson products, the Rawlings sports goods company delivers in every release top-quality products. This top of the line best outfield baseball glove is meant for both intermediate and expert baseball players. 

The design of the glove combines both high end materials and peak game ready web patterns. Together the outfield glove gives an exceptional performance as well as an unmatched quality glove. 

The outfield glove was able to knit together the leather for a versatile design seamlessly. The sheepskin leather used is high quality which makes the glove quite breathable. In fact, the ventilation of the glove makes it, so zero moisture gathers.  

The lace binding of the Rawling Mike Trout Pro makes for a better adjustment and snug fit. As a result of the fit, baseball players can have better ball control. Also, the deep pocket of the Pro helps to secure any caught ball quite well. 

Fit & Feel:

While the Rawlings Mike Trout Pro isn’t for those 7 to 10 year old players, it is still an outstanding outfield baseball glove. The glove design merges high quality leather with a top of the line functionality. 

Making the leather glove permeable allowed players to play the game longer without tiring. When wearing the glove, players don’t have to worry about the glove slipping since it comes with a laced binding. 

A deeper pocket of the Mike Trout Pro makes catching fly balls so much easier and comfortable.  

Best Seller


  • Versatile glove
  • Moisture reducing ventilation


  • Has only one web pattern

3. Rawling GG Elite Outfield Glove Series

If you are looking for a top-of-the-line outfield baseball glove inside everyone’s budget, then the Rawlings GG Elite series is the one. This glove is an outfielder glove only. While it may be a budget baseball glove, it doesn’t skimp on quality so it’s one of the best outfield gloves. 

In fact, the glove is for both hands also uses the proprietary Rawlings Pro patterns. The Pro Stock leather used in making the Rawlings GG Elite includes American made laces. The leather laces in question are full grain leather that is of pro grade quality. 

Also, the palm lining of this glove has deer tanned cowhide that increases the comfort and durability by a significant margin. Due to the glove’s padding being moldable, the pocket is customizable for any position on the field. 

Fit & Feel:

For an affordable outfield glove, Rawlings GG Elite is a winner’s glove. Though it’s usable only by outfielders, Rawlings ensured that it is one of the best outfielder gloves in the market. 

By utilizing Pro Stock leather, GG Elite glove has both comforts and fits well-taken care of. Also, the American made laces, from full grain leather, help fit the glove to the right and left hand of players snug. If leather laces and all that wasn’t enough, Rawlings used tanned deer hide for the palm lining, making the glove’s padding moldable and resulting in a customized fit.      

Best Seller


  • Pocket can fit any desired position
  • High quality for a low price tag
  • Budget-friendly


  • Only for outfielders

4. Rawlings R9 Outfield Glove

In our research to find the best baseball outfielder gloves, Rawlings R9 came to be recommended the most of the lots. To spell out the increased amount of endorsement, making it easier to get game ready. When purchasing this glove, you have to choose between three premade colors and the option for name customization. 

This outfield glove is especially advantageous for 8 to 15-year-olds. One last thing to mention is that the glove is usable by either hand. The Rawlings R9 is a fantastic baseball glove at a low price with all these designs and features.

Fit & Feel:

R9 is still rather new, but its affordable price point is making it a favorite of most people, fans, and players alike. With its all-leather hard shell and reinforced pads wearing and using the R9 is a zip in accordance to both many satisfied customers online and us. 

Furthermore, these Rawlings baseball gloves have an 80% factory break-in which gives players a more custom and comfy fit in their hands. Since this glove is best suited for beginners and intermediates ease of use and comfort were the designers’ main focus. 

Best Seller


  • Durable all leather glove shell
  • Able to absorb high speed impact
  • It comes with a padded thumb loop


  • 80% break in isn’t always advantageous

5. Marucci BR450 Outfield Glove

For utility and pitchers players, Marucci BR450 is our current top recommendation. But outfielders are also encouraged to pick this one up for themselves. For those at the intermediate and expert levels, this glove is a sure choice. 

It’s an outfield glove that is usable by both hands. Also, it comes in multiple colors and sizes. Another critical point to remember when it comes to the Marucci BR450 is that each and every one of these gloves is handmade individually. Can you believe it? On top of that, the materials used to make each of these handcrafted gloves are top tier steerhide leather shells and not Pro Stock or Kip leather.

Specifically, the gloves are made by hand to make them custom fit. The baseball glove has an internal finger lining along the index finger and others for better protection. It also features high end inner padding for enhanced breathability. Altogether the glove delivers exceptional performance and superb comfort. 

The glove’s design is also worth mentioning since it has a luxurious feel to it on top of its unmatched performance. So you can see why we said it is one of the best baseball gloves for outfielders.  

Fit & Feel:

Another glove for those of intermediate and professional level, but its built top condition makes it one of our top choices. Since we first laid eyes on the BR450, we knew it was built to impress. And we were quite impressed with it. 

Due to each of the BR450 being individually made, comfort and fit are relatively unmatched for us. The steerhide leather shell gives the glove both functionality, comfort, and flexibility in equal measure. 

Moreover, the inner lining of the index finger and other fingers increases breathability and offers additional protection. Add all of these functions together for a guaranteed top choice outfielder glove.

Best Seller


  • Comes in multiple colors and sizes
  • Designed with various points of protections


  • Not meant for beginners

6. Wilson B212 Outfield Glove

Another Wilson product and this one is part of their 6-4-3 line, which previously delivered some excellent products. Specifically, the success of this product line is due to the combination of affordability and quality.

Even though this glove is a middle end level one. Still it’s made using high end construction and materials. As a result, this glove suits everyone. And by everyone, I mean seasoned players, beginners, and even coaches who need something that will hold up nicely.    

The Wilson B212 layout had pitchers in mind, but outfielders can use them quite effectively. In particular, the design of the glove used the Wilson deep pocket along with the signature webbing including dual post. Overall the design works and is the best gloves for comebackers. 

After all, the B212 also includes Double Play leather in the glove’s shell, palm, and lacing. All of which makes the glove much softer at the same time, enhancing its sturdiness but sadly has no dual welting. While the gloves’ softness makes it wear out faster, proper glove care with baseball glove oil and conditioner will make sure the glove lasts for a long time.  

Fit & Feel:

Even for a middle end outfield glove, Wilson doesn’t skimp on quality and performance. The make of the glove includes durable signature and leather webbing, both of which aren’t seen on most other baseball gloves on the market at similar price points. All parts of the glove, including the palm, lace, and shell of the glove of the B212, have double play leather, which enhances the comfort and softness of the glove. However, for continued top-tier performance, make use of a glove repair kit and conditioner.

Best Seller


  • Meant for everyone
  • Affordable
  • High quality


  • Made for pitcher mainly
  • No dual welting

7. Nokona WB-1275M Walnut Baseball Glove 

A classical look glove with a lightweight walnut color. This handcrafted glove comes with all the needs of an outfielder in mind. The top quality steer hide used for making this glove is amazing. 

Another key point to remember is that the lightweight of the glove makes it so that the glove is both speedy and flexible. Also, the web pattern of the Nokona WB-1275M Walnut is quite popular amongst the outfielders. 

Notably, the pattern of the web makes the glove much faster as well as more maneuverable. Furthermore, the glove has an additional wide leather strip that adds more support and stability to it. Altogether the glove is game ready right out of the package, making it more appealing to most. The feature of being game ready makes for break in the glove null. It is ideal for those who don’t know or like to break in gloves. 

Fit & Feel:

When we come to the fitness and feel of the Nokona WB-1275M glove, there isn’t much to say other than that it fits outfielders well. These handmade steerhide leather gloves feel top quality without breaking the bank. With a lightweight design, the 1275M allows outfielders to make quick throws to the base for an out. If you want to become a better outfielder getting these gloves will give you improve your game. 

Best Seller


  • Lightweight glove
  • Has added support and mobilitys


  • Game ready status has drawbacks

8. Mizuno Pro Baseball Outfield Gloves

If you are looking for a glove that you can break in yourself for a custom fit, then Mizuno Pro is for you. This glove uses kip leather, the most luxurious and soft leather currently in the market.

Therefore the glove is both durable and lightweight at the same time. In general, the glove comes in different types of web patterns to suit individual preferences. The overall design of the glove reduces fatigue, improves precision, and enables faster glove to hand transfer. 

By making the pocket depth customized for your preference, Mizuno Pro Outfield Glove gives you a chance to play differently. Firstly by making a shallow pocket, baseball players will be able to make faster ball transfer. Secondly, you can make a deep pocket for an easier time catching the fly balls. Additionally, the regular pocket will allow for adaptability and versatility. 

Finally, the glove also has split webbing for reinforcing the edges and increasing its durability. The vertical leather strip adds maximum pocket stability to the overall glove design. 

Fit & Feel:

Mizuno made their outfield glove one of the top picks for most outfielders by using kip leather in manufacturing the glove. Thus Mizuno was able to make the fit and comfort of the soft leather glove excellent. It allows for varying sizes such as 12.75 inch pattern.   

With the customizable deep pocket option, this Pro Outfield glove fits any player’s preference on the field. If you need extra stability while playing, Mizuno got you covered by way of a vertical leather strip.

Best Seller


  • Customizable break in
  • Kip leather for better force absorption


  • Webbing lowers visibility

9. Louisville Slugger TPX Series Outfield Glove

For your information, the proper name of the glove is Louisville Slugger Omaha Outfielders Baseball Glove; wow, that is a mouthful. In general, the glove is reasonably priced. 

Another key point is that the glove uses cowhide leather pretreated in oil, so requires a minimal break in. Louisville Slugger TPX has the ideal size food for all your outfielders in the field. And the perfect webbing as well with its substantial pocket for fly ball catching. All in all, the Louisville Slugger TPX has both the functionality and vintage look. 

Fit & Feel:

With its minimal break-in requirement, Louisville Slugger TPX is a mighty fine choice for outfielders. Louisville Slugger is synonymous with great baseball products for over 100 years, so that you won’t be disappointed with the Louisville Slugger TPX. 

This Omaha outfielder glove is an excellent web pattern and deep pocket, both of which increase the functionality and comfort factor for any outfielder. 

Best Seller


  • Has an old school look
  • It comes at an affordable price


  • Only meant for outfielder though

10. Rawlings Heart of the Hide Glove Series

To maximize the comfort factor Rawlings Heart of the Hide spent years and a whole lot of dedication. It is no secret that Rawlings always makes durable and comfortable sporting goods, but Rawlings Heart is genuinely unique. 

In the first place, Rawlings Hide baseball glove is straightforward to break in. From the get go the manufacturers provide a 30% break in option. Only the top 5% of steer hide leather is used during glove manufacturing, meaning they use the cream of the leather crop when making this glove. Due to the leather quality, the grain of the hide remains since it’s both soft and consistent.

Additionally, the glove also has padding for peak shock absorption and comfort. The durable webbing of the glove is ideal for fly ball catching. It is one of the best trapeze outfield gloves out in the market currently but also has pro h web. Moreover, the glove comes in different sizes with different durable webbings such as open web. And if more break in is required, you can do so to match your individual preference. 

Fit & Feel:

The Heart of the Hide is a definite comfort glove made using only the top 5% of steerhide leather, not kip leather. Also, Rawlings provides a 30% break-in option that allows any player to fit the glove to their hand quickly. 

By using top-tier hide, Rawlings Heart of the Hide can maintain the grain of the leather, thus keeping the leather’s natural softness, which increases the overall fit and feel of the glove. Additionally, the padding in the thumb gives extra comfort and shock absorption, which is another bonus.   

Best Seller


  • It has a padded thumb sleeve
  • Only the best quality steerhide used


  • Each size has its webbing

11. Easton Professional Hybrid Baseball Glove Series

I know there are those who are looking for a baseball glove that is sort of an all-rounder however having a hard time finding it. Easton’s professional hybrid glove series is, in my opinion, one of the few that comes close to checking all the boxes for an all-rounder glove.

First of all, this series of gloves will work for all positions, including the outfield. It comes in multiple size options and color choices. An area where it shines is Easton’s choice of using chrome tanned Horween steer hide leather palm and lining with lightweight Japanese tanned Professional Reserve steer hide shell back.

While they might use rawhide leather in some series here, Easton used to for most people like us who are looking for the best of both worlds.

Fit & Feel:

Easton is known to use rawhide, and they used it in the laces to give it that extra durability for the pocket. The rolled leather welting provides more stability for you while you are playing on the field. And the steerhide bindings will keep the glove’s shape for a long time.

Overall I can say that the glove feels awesome on hand without any issues.

Best Seller


  • Sheep wool in the wrist lining
  • Multiple sizes and color choices
  • Specific patterns for different positions
  • Lasts a long time
  • Budget-friendly


  • Stiff out of the box
  • Takes time to break-in

12. Wilson A2000 Outfield Glove

In the first place, Wilson is a company that has always delivered baseball gloves and other quality gloves. Wilson A2000 outfield glove is a baseball glove that is another crowd pleaser. 

Specifically, a six finger palm or web in this glove allows for easier opening and closing. Wilson A2000 comes in both hand variations, so no need to worry. The soft leather is Blonde Pro Stock and usage ensures that the glove can soak up high-speed ball impact and fit the hand of most players. 

Moreover, the Wilson A2000 design of the glove is credited to the Hall of Famer Kirby Puckett. Furthermore, the Wilson A2000 has multiple color choices to pick from. The specifically designed durability of it helps to keep players in the game for longer periods.

Also, it has dual welting that helps in keeping the glove shape steady over time. Additionally, the double palm construction of the glove has increased glove stability. No wonder it is in the top outfield gloves position.  

Unfortunately, it’s not easy to break in. Thus to break in the glove you will need a professional. On the other hand, the Drilex wrist lining of Wilson A2000 makes sure that the hand doesn’t overheat too quickly.

Fit & Feel:

From my perspective, Wilson is one of the leading manufacturing companies of baseball equipment in recent years and will continue to be one for the foreseeable future. While building each of their product the players are in their minds.

Like their other gloves, the Wilson A2000 is another top contender in comfort and usability. By using the best leathers in the market like Pro Stock, Wilson created another glove that fits everyone and can take a hit.

The double welting for consistency and double palm construction for glove stability is added to the grand design. Finally, the embroidered logo is also a plus. 

Best Seller


  • Available for all position
  • Both hand variations
  • Customizable colorwise


  • Price tag of Wilson A2000 is above average
  • Not for all hand size

Let’s watch the video to learn more

Buying Guide for Best Outfield Gloves

Now that I have ended my review on the best outfield glove of 2022, it’s now time for me to point out some crucial factors that will help you buy one of the gloves I mentioned and take to the baseball field. 

Keep in mind that the factors I talked about aren’t set in stone. Each of you listeners is allowed to have the factors that you look at when buying. So miss and match characteristics, and if you don’t have any to start with, use mine for now. 

Before we start, please remember that there is a specific tool you need to have for each position on the field. And that comment wasn’t only for baseball; it was for every sport imaginable. For the sake of baseball, though, let’s just say there are reasons why you don’t go to the outfield with infielde gloves. 

Enough chit-chat; let’s start the next portion of the article on the buying guide for outfielder gloves.

Easy to Open and Close Outfield Baseball Gloves 

In general, all players want is a durable chair that will both last a long time and give good performance. However, a glove’s durability will mean nothing if the players aren’t comfortable wearing it. 

To begin with, make sure that you are picking a glove that you will be comfortable with even in a long game. Also, check the flexibility of the glove when you are testing it out. Another critical point to remember is that don’t take someone’s word; instead, try something out and make your mind. 

In particular, you want a glove that will open and close exceptionally quickly, and for that, you need a flexible glove. All the products I have mentioned pass this flexibility test except for the Wilson A2000. While the A2000 doesn’t pass the flexibility test, it passed the test with flying colors. 

Glove Lenght/Size

As mentioned before, every position in baseball needs different gloves. One of the reasons for different gloves in different sizes is because the size allows for various plays. An easy way to pick apart players in baseball is by their glove sizes. 

Infielder will have smaller infield gloves than an outfielder. The larger glove of an outfielder lets him have an easier time catching fly balls. Also, with a larger ball, the outfielder will be able to open and close the glove more quickly. 

For those between the ages 11-13 and those over 14, we here at recommend a glove length or size between 12-13. Those around 8-10 should look for gloves in the 10-12 range. And finally, players under the age of 7 should be comfortable with glove sizes between 9-10.5. 

Be careful when picking out youth baseball gloves. For more clarity on glove size, please look at the picture of the glove size chart attached below. 

baseball groves size chart
Baseball Glove Size Chart

Materials Used

If you were wondering about the baseball glove material, wonder no more. In general, there are only three primary materials used in the making of gloves. And those materials are leather, synthetic, and mesh. 

To begin with, leather is the best material, period! Since the beginning of baseball glove making, this material has been around and is still the preferred choice of all top baseball glove manufacturers. It lasts for a long time, and the performance of leather gloves speaks for itself. 

Next are the synthetic gloves, and there isn’t much to say about them. While synthetic gloves weigh less and look the same, it just doesn’t compete with leather. Finally, it’s the mesh gloves. These outfield baseball gloves are the same as synthetic since they weigh less, and the mesh has a bit more flexibility. 

In fact, some have compared mesh with leather shells, but that isn’t accurate. To sum up, leather lasts longer and provides better performance; thus, it’s the best material for baseball gloves. Furthermore, don’t get your glove in too much water since leather suffers if it gets too wet.  

Adjustable Strap or Not

When it comes to baseball designs having some additional features is always a bonus. Therefore adjustable straps, while not being a critical factor, is something we look forward to. 

The purpose of the strap is to either tighten or loosen the glove until it fits your desired level. This additional feature is not present in most glove designs; thus, we have listed it as unique and uncommon. 

We have talked about the need for a proper fit a few times already, which is why. When you search and select a glove according to your hand size, there isn’t a need for a strap, is there?  

Pocket Depth and Comfort

Indeed two of the most significant factors in deciding on the glove you want to buy. Both help a lot in improving and deciding how good of a player you are. One of the primary roles of the outfield baseball gloves is to absorb the majority of the impact of the hit ball. Therefore the comfort of the glove tells us how well it can take in at once. 

Another role of a glove can secure the ball properly once it’s in the glove. The depth of the pocket determines how secure the ball will be. For these reasons, all the gloves we have reviewed are comfortable and have deep pockets that fit the players’ preferences. Either right from the start or after the glove gets a break in. 

Easy to Break In or Not

To break in a glove is an essential task for all players. When you buy a new outfield baseball glove making sure to break in the glove is a top priority. Without a break in most gloves will not perform at optimal condition. 

While some gloves out there that will work without a break in. The top of the line ones requires a break in at some level. Then there are gloves like the Wilson A2000 that need a professional level break in, the money for which comes from your pocket. 

Hand Variations

No matter how skilled you are at baseball, you will need to buy a glove for your non-throwing hand unless you can adequately throw with both hands. For those that didn’t get it, I will explain. If you throw with the right hand, get a glove for your left hand and vice versa.

With this in mind, glove makers need to ensure that the outfielder glove or any other glove is usable by both hands since there are left and right hand throwers. 


Whether we like it or not, brands play a role in buying and selling products. This is especially true when it comes to sports equipment such as outfield baseball gloves. By picking an item from a well-known and trusted brand would not only get something good but there might be extra benefits as well.

To keep up the brand’s image, the makers will make sure each product is top quality. For this reason, we have listed below some of those top quality brands for you:

  • Wilson(The Big Dog)
  • Rawlings(The Second Big Dog) 
  • Mizuno
  • Marucci
  • Nokona
  • Louisville


Do you want to rob a bank just to afford a glove? No, I don’t think so. Whether we like it or not, gloves aren’t the cheapest thing to buy if you care about quality. But at the same time, they aren’t supposed to cost an arm and a leg. 

In fact, there are top quality gloves at a reasonable price, but you have to look for them. Thus I wrote this article. We have made sure that this article reviews products within everyone’s budget while keeping the quality first in our mind. We sincerely hope we have given you guidance to pick your best outfield baseball gloves.

Warranty Factors of Outfield Baseball Gloves

Warranties are all about a manufacturer showing off their confidence. A warranty will remind buyers that there aren’t any corners cut when manufacturers built the product. At the same time, it will give players a guarantee of money return if something does happen. 

Difference Between Infielder Gloves and Outfield Baseball Gloves

The most compelling difference between the two gloves is their size. In general, an infield glove is smaller in size than outfield gloves. 

An Infield glove can go from 11’’ to 11.75’’.m 11’’ to 11.75’’. On the other hand, an outfielder glove goes from 12’’ to 13’’. The reason for a larger sized outfield glove is to allow the outfielders to catch a flying ball with more ease. Also, the larger size of the outfielder glove helps the outfielders to look through them without the sun hurting their eyes. 

Since outfielders are there to catch fly balls and line drivers, they need a deeper pocket than infielders. Additionally, their web needs to be tight enough to catch the ball and hold on to it. Some pitchers also choose outfield gloves for their deep pockets to hide the ball from the batter so that they can’t predict the pitch. Outfielders are always on the move because they have to cover a lot of ground. They need to move right after a hit pitch because it can go anywhere. During the entire time, they have to look up so the sun might glare at them. Using the web and a good pair of baseball sunglasses, they need to track the ball in the sky.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Which is the best rawlings outfield glove?

Amongst the large selection available from Rawlings, our picks for the best Rawlings outfield gloves will be: 

  • Mike Trout Pro
  • GG Elite
  • R9

Who makes the best baseball glove?

There is no definitive answer to best gloves manufacturers, but we can give you a list of our top manufacturers, all of whom made top outfielder gloves:

  • Wilson 
  • Rawlings
  • Mizuno 
  • Lousiville Slugger
  • Marucci
  • Nokona 

Which should you buy, Wilson A1000 outfielders glove or Wilson A2000?

If we chose between Wilson A1000 outfielders glove and Wilson A2000 outfielder glove, our pick would be Wilson A2000 since it is a newer model with more functionality, has an embroidered logo, and better fit and feel. However, you can use the A1000 model since it is still a good baseball glove, and Wilson isn’t known to make bad gloves.  They also make for one of the best baseball gloves under 100.

What is the best price range for the best outfield baseball gloves?

There are many choices for the best baseball outfield gloves in 2022 at different price points. There are baseball gloves under 100, but you need to be sure about them because they can be of lower quality. Our choice of under 100 gloves is fully vetted, so you can trust them. At the same time, there are gloves above 150, and these also need to be chosen carefully because you never know if they are the right fit for you.


In summary, one of the best outfield gloves of 2022 is SSK Z9 Maestro. While it may require some personal break in, the benefits it gives afterward are worth it. The durability of the product is worthwhile as well. 

If budget is an issue for you and you can’t afford the A2000, then turn your attention towards the highly recommended Rawlings GG Elite series glove. With its customizable pocket and lacings, you get something that will last a while without any issues. The Elite was another one of the best outfield gloves out in the market in 2022.

I hope that this article was everything you required to make an excellent purchase while saving some money for something else. Genuinely finding the best outfield gloves for baseball and Spring training is not an easy task.

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