Best Softball Sunglasses: Look Cool While Playing 2023

Are you looking for the best sunglasses for softball? Then you have come to the right place. Here we will talk about the best softball sunglasses. Moreover, we will provide you with some expert tips to find the best sunglasses for softball.

When I was a youth, I never limited myself when I played sports, and I was into more than just baseball. In fact, I also played softball. Due to me playing softball, many of my friends teased me, and later in high school, I was bullied for it. But that is another story for another time. But it gave me a glimpse into why females or girls play softball, not baseball.

Back to the matter at hand during baseball and softball, one common thing that irritated me was sunlight. Looking at the sky for those fly balls can quickly become painful if you don’t wear the right pair of softball or baseball sunglasses. To be honest, I was more interested in wearing the best youth batting gloves during my youth instead of the best baseball sunglasses. Because of that, I suffered needlessly, but not anymore.

To keep my eyes safe from the sun’s harmful UV rays, wearing the right pair of sunglasses is a must. More to the point, since softball is a summer sport, it is a necessity. Therefore sports sunglasses, or to be specific, softball sunglasses, are mandatory accessories for baseball and softball players.  

10 Best Sunglasses For Softball Players

Baseball and softball have some tactical differences, but the sun stays the same for both sports. Whether you play baseball or softball, you have to wear sunglasses to save your eyes from the harmful UV rays and get a clear view of the ball.

Here is our list of the 10 best sunglasses for softball players.

Best Softball Sunglasses Review

1. Oakley Baseball Sunglasses Flak 2.0 XL

If you are a softball player, you might have heard about sunglasses from Oakley as they are the most recognizable sports brand. The flak series has been a fan favorite for many days now. And this particular model is better and bigger than previous models of their lineup of softball and baseball sunglasses.

The XL has a taller design than the regular Flak 2.0, and glasses can contain larger lenses. As a result, baseball and softball players can protect more of their field of vision from glares and distracting sunlight.

Even though the lenses of Flak 2.0 XL are larger, both models come with the same chassis. That is to say; you are getting any extra weight except the frame’s weight or any kind of obstructions for the added field of vision.

Oakley shades used their “O-Matter” material to build the body for extended durability and to provide the comfort of a lightweight design. Furthermore, the nose pads and ear socks come with a 3-point fit system for a perfect fit when busy in the field. With that fit, you can be sure that the softball sunglasses will not be dislocated even when sweating or running hard in the field.

Moreover, if you need it, you can use this model with prescription lenses, and that is why these sunglasses are one of the best softball prescription glasses.

But why is this model considered one of the top Oakley sunglasses?

The most important reason is the Prism lens. Those lenses are incredible for softball or baseball players as you can track motion in the sky. In addition, the lenses of Oakley shades 2.0 XL models are interchangeable, and you will get a carrying case for each pair to protect your sports sunglasses while traveling.

One last thing for those committed to being fashionable in the field is that you can purchase this model in customized colors, design, and style options. Additionally, you can put your team’s logo or your name on the lens.

Best Seller


  • Clear & wide vision
  • Shared comfort, perfect fit, and functions
  • Attractive appearances
  • Multiple design options
  • Specially engineered lenses


  • Not ideal for ‘budget buyers’
  • Can be a bit bulky for players with a small head

2. Marucci MSNV108-MB-BK Softball Sunglasses

When it comes to sports sunglasses, Marucci is a famous name in the industry. This model from Marucci is specially designed for softball players. The on-field lenses of this model have Carl Zeiss vision which is a highly reputed name in the eyewear industry.

The lenses are efficiently manufactured for color recognition and advanced visibility, especially in broad daylight when the Sun is shining and the sky is blue. Besides, you can choose from multiple lens options, and each option is articulately based on the softball.

The green lens is ideal for observing the ball’s direction against blue sky or grass. Again, the violet lens provides an excellent view with no obstruction during any lighting condition. And, if you are playing in extreme conditions of daylight, you can choose the orange lens.

One more crucial thing about the structure of this MV108 is its Ri-Pel technology. The glasses come with polycarbonate, which protects them from water, oil, earth, or scratches. As a result, while on the ground, you can focus more on your game instead of taking care of your precious sunglasses.

This model is exceptionally fittable, has excellent nose and earpieces, and is flexible. If you are a softball professional or take softball seriously, this model from Marucci is definitely worth a chance.

Best Seller


  • Designed specially for softball players
  • Various color availability for different field positions
  • Affordable pricing
  • Fits well and is flexible alongside the hat with its TR90 frames
  • TR90 frames are flexible and fit alongside the frame shape


  • Not for the prescription lenses
  • Only three lens styles

3. Easton Ultra-Lite Z-Bladz Junior Baseball Sunglasses

Softball and baseball are popular sports in schools. Therefore, we decided to add one youth softball glasses for junior softball players. If you are a guardian or a junior player reading this article on the best sunglasses for softball, then this could be the product for you.

For junior softball players and children, Easton ultra-lite Z-Bladz junior sunglasses could be the best choice. Though these sunglasses lack many features of a grown-up, they still have enough advantages that can help the juniors, even professional softball players.

Besides, this model comes with an attractive design, and junior players will look cool on the softball field. Harmful ultraviolet lights are one of the top concerns of guardians when they put their children on the softball fields. But with these models, your children are 100% protected from UV rays.

These sunglasses come with two options: orange lenses with dark edges and dim smoke lenses in dim frames.

Our expert suggestion for junior softball players is the orange one. The orange model comes with outstanding shading, which is excellent for protecting the eyes from the sun glare.

Both the models come with a cushiony earpiece which is pretty comfortable and fits perfectly.

Best Seller


  • Lightweight glasses
  • Ideal for both boys and girls
  • Affordable
  • Perfect for any position in the softball field
  • Ultimate protection with shatter-resistant lenses
  • It comes with 100% UV protection
  • Shatter-resistant lenses for ultimate protection


  • Both the models are built for young players
  • Limited colors – only two colors available

4. Duduma Polarized Sunglasses (TR62)

When talking about the best sunglasses brands, you cannot ignore this one from Duduma as it is one of the highest-rated sports sunglasses on Amazon. This piece is so popular that the brand had to announce that there are duplicate versions of these sports glasses, and people should buy only from the authorized Duduma store.

This model is a combination of performance and style. It is super stylish and durable. The polarized filter produces a clear vision even in sweltering conditions. The UV400 lens can protect against harmful ultraviolet or other dangerous rays with a clear vision.

Now the coating is more robust and it protects lenses from scratches, water, oil, or other vulnerable materials. Oh! One more thing, you will get a lifetime warranty!

Best Seller


  • Compatible for various sports alongside softball
  • Fashionable design
  • Various color options for both lenses and frames
  • Impact and scratch-resistant with polycarbonate lense


  • Some complaints about falling off while running

5. Rivbos RB831 Polarized Sunglasses

When it comes to athletic sunglasses, Rivbos RB831 is an unbeatable choice. These sunglasses are not only built for softball bat also for any outdoor sports where players face trouble with the hot Sun. These polarized sunglasses are also an excellent option for softball players.

Though these athletic sunglasses are designed for most sports, the gray lenses are ideal for sports face high-glare issues. The lenses produce exceptional clarity and provide 100% protection against UV rays.

Rivbos RB831 fits perfectly on the player’s face, and the wrap-up construction of glasses ensures the sunglass won’t slip while players are on the move or doing some acrobatic stuff.

When it comes to durability, the Rivbos RB831 beats cheap sunglasses and many of its rivals with the same price range. The sturdy construction and TR90 material withstand the pressure with its elastic properties.

Another important thing is that these sunglasses are not too fancy, meaning you cannot just wear them on the field but also outside the field. Nobody wants to see a player with a fancy outfit when he is not playing, right?

Lastly, this model comes with a basic cleaning kit and a hard case which makes it easy to clean and transport without damage.

Best Seller


  • 100% protection from harmful rays
  • Sleek design
  • Affordable price


  • Five lenses to choose from limiting choice options
  • The design is not focused on softball only

6. JiMarti Sunglasses JM12

Typical perception about softball is that girls play softball and boys play baseball. But that is not entirely true. We will not enter into this conversation now, but if you are a girl playing or want to play softball and looking for sports sunglasses, here is one only for girls.

If comfort is a big deal for you, this model might be made for you. Because most people claim that these are the most comfortable sports sunglasses they have ever used.

The weight is only .60 ounces, which protection, but is lesser than many other glasses in the market. Polycarbonate lens and T90 materials not only bring excellent protection but also provide vision enhancement.

Your eyes will be protected from harmful UV rays and any other harmful rays of direct sunlight. This piece perfectly fits on your eyes, and the nose piece gives you the comfort to wear this all day long.

JiMarti Sunglasses JM12 come in three colors: smoke silver, black smoke, and ice blue. This model is durable and nearly unbreakable. Moreover, it comes with a lifetime breakage warranty.

Best Seller


  • Exceptionally lightweight
  • It fits perfectly and doesn’t fall off on the field.
  • The nosepiece doesn’t tie with the hair
  • Affordable price compared to other sports sunglasses.
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Some complain that the glasses are not large enough to fit bigger heads

7. Ewin E11 Sports Sunglass

These sports sunglasses are built for not only softball, but also various other sports such as Volleyball. Besides, you can use those athletic sunglasses and do cycling and similar tasks.

Though not specially designed for softball, players find some features of these sunglasses quite appealing. Another critical aspect of these sports sunglasses is that they are universal, meaning both men and women can wear them.

One vital feature of this model is its three interchangeable lenses, and every lens is unique with its special properties.

The multicolor lenses are well protected from harmful UV or any other dangerous rays from the Sun. Therefore, these sports glasses are handy for softball players, especially while batting with wooden bats.

These polarized sunglasses are capable of removing glare and provide protection against UV400. And those glasses are considered one of the best sports sunglasses.

The TR90 material is flexible and makes these athletic sunglasses lightweight resulting in comfortable to use and long-lasting.

Best Seller

Ewin E11
Check Today’s Price


  • Three lens options
  • TR90 material
  • Durable and flexible
  • Competetively affordable
  • Better fitting


  • Fewer customization options

8. Under Armour Changeup Sunglasses

Why do people wear softball glasses on the field? There are many reasons, but getting a clear vision of the field is the foremost demand of every softball player. And if that is the case, under armor changeup sunglasses are exceptional because of their ability to deliver a clear vision.

Softball players can pick up the movement of the ball even under the bright sun quite efficiently. And when it comes to protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays and other harmful rays, these glasses are more than capable of doing that.

The frames of these sports sunglasses are specially engineered with top quality materials along with polyamide injected inside those materials. As a result, you can bend the athletic sunglasses as much as you want without breaking them.

The design gives softball players comfort on the field, and players don’t need to adjust the glasses after completing a run or tackling a run.

Best Seller


  • Softball players’ speciality glasses
  • The ArmourSight technology provides unparalleled protection to your eyes
  • Comfortable and secure fit


  • Price is a concern
  • Limited color and lens options

9. Marucci Omero Lifestyle Sports Sunglasses

Marucci Omero lifestyle sunglasses are ideal for easy-going athletes. These athletic sunglasses are suited for a wide range of sports or public events. The manufacturer of these models did not focus on baseball or softball only while designing these models. However, they look outstandingly trendy.

Apart from the outlook of the Marucci Omero lifestyle, sports sunglasses are lightweight and come with an appealing structure supported by a whole edge. The elastic temple tips of these models are strong enough to tackle any external pressure such as squeezing. The nose pad is also very comfortable and sturdy.

Marucci Omero Lifestyle sports sunglasses are built with Carl Zeiss Vision lenses which always confirm perfect optical vision. When it comes to lenses, these models won’t let you down. Softball players can face dazzling light while playing. But that won’t be any problem with these models as they have energized focal points.

Talking about durability, these models are well protected against soil, water, scratches, oils, and everything you can encounter as a sportsman. They are sturdy and guarantee you can wear your sunglasses in some of the upcoming seasons.

Best Seller


  • Can be used both inside and outside the field
  • Clear vision with Polarized Carl Zeiss vision lenses
  • Very much comfortable
  • Promises a secure fit


  • Price is a bit in the higher range

10. Nike Hyperforce Elite Sunglasses with Three Interchangeable Lenses

Nike is a famous sunglass brand, especially for athletes. Their hyperforce elite sunglasses feature models for both adult and young players. This model from Nike comes with a one-piece lens and softball players will get a complete and uninterrupted field of view with these sunglasses.

If you do not want to carry too much weight on the field, these sports sunglasses are built for you. The manufacturer of these glasses removed some weight. As a result, softball players could easily rest them on the nose and ears without facing any discomfort.

Let’s talk about the one-piece lens a bit more. It is enhanced by Nike MAX optics and is carefully angled and curved for maximum field view. Therefore, it doesn’t matter from which angle the ball is coming from. You will be able to see that clearly with the Nike max optics.

The ventilation property of these Nike Hyperforce Elite Sunglasses is also quite impressive. The nose pads and the temple arms come with airway channels to produce excellent airflow and to remove sweat. A handy feature on a hot sunny day!

This model from Nike comes with three interchangeable lenses and you can use the color best to suit the weather you are playing under.

Best Seller


  • Excellent wide angle view 
  • Better grip from the built-in ventilation process
  • Various lens options to use in multiple weather conditions


  • Expensive
  • Some softball players do not like the single one-piece lens

Things to Consider Before Buying Best Softball Sunglasses

So, now you know the top softball and baseball brands. But if you are a new buyer, you need to know the essential factors you should look after before purchasing softball sunglasses.

Best Softball Sunglasses Infographic
Best Softball Sunglasses_Info

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If you are a softball player, performance should be your primary concern. And, lenses are mainly responsible for picking the ball’s movement in the sky or on the ground. Besides, lenses protect your eyes from harmful rays such as UV and others.

Top sports brands use contrast enhancement technology, which is very useful for picking up the texture difference on the field and tracking the fly ball quite easily. Thus, having this technology in your lens, you can assess the incoming pitch and measure the speed of ground balls.

In softball, a split second can make a huge difference and impact the result of the game. Therefore, having a sunglass with contrast enhancement technology will help you boost your performance on the field.

Best sunglasses for softball are not cheap. So, very few players can afford to buy multiple sunglasses. To overcome this problem you can purchase a sunglass with transition lenses which is also known as ‘photoelectric lenses.’

Photoelectric gets darker when exposed to UV rays and provides more protection. You can also purchase sunglasses with interchangeable lenses and use whichever lens suits the playing condition.


Frames are the most crucial part of any sport sunglasses, in fact. Make sure the frame is built with sturdy material and sets on your eyes perfectly. In addition, you don’t want your sports sunglasses to fall off while running in the field.

But one important tip that most people miss while choosing the frame. You must identify the rating standard of the frames. For eyewear, there are two types of rating systems – ANSI and ASTM F803.

ANSI deals with regular eyewear, not with sports sunglasses. But ASTM F803 deals with only sports and athletes’ eyewear. So, make sure your frame has ASTM standards.

Field of vision is a crucial factor while choosing your frame. If you can not see the entire field you will not be able to play with your full potential. So, choose a frame that allows you more viewing area.

The Color of The Lenses

What is the color of your lenses and which color to pick? That is a question many softball or baseball players ask. Well, there is no specific answer to that question. Which color to wear entirely depends on the condition you are playing in.

Choosing the color of your lens could be tricky as the condition you are playing in could vary. Typically neutral colors such as rose or brown lenses provide better contrast. Darker lenses will let less light through and a lighter one will let more. However, pitchers should wear clear lenses.

Lens’ color also affects the view of the ball in the sky. Some softball sunglasses come with interchangeable lenses, and softball players can change the lenses according to the lighting condition.


For the most part, earsocks stay at the end of the temple arm and are responsible for resting the sunglass comfortably on your air. Additionally, the best softball sunglasses from top brands come with adjustable and sometimes removable earsocks.

Nose Pads

Softball sunglasses should fit on your nose perfectly as you will be on the move all the time. Most nose pads of softball sunglasses are made of rubber. Rubber has a unique property and does not move too much when sliding or rolling on the ground.

Temple Arms

Sunglasses for softball can have a straight or curved temple arm. These rubber temple tips are the extended parts of the glasses. Most players prefer a straight one because they provide a tighter grip. But some players are okay with curved temple runs also.


Last but not the least, you should also consider the accessories that sunglass brands are providing. Accessories like protective hardcovers, additional lenses, or cleaning cloth are, in fact, always helpful.

Also, accessories are essential for carrying your sports sunglasses safely and taking proper care of them and the best softball sunglasses always come with necessary accessories.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What are the Top Softball Sunglasses Brands?

When it comes to sunglasses for softball there are many sporting goods brands that tried their hand in making them. Yet there are only a few brands that really make good quality sunglasses, especially for softball. Here is our list of the best softball sunglasses brands currently in the market:

  • Oakley
  • Nike
  • Rawlings
  • Easton
  • Rivbos
  • Ewin

What are the Best Softball or Baseball Sunglasses for different Positions?

As you might have learned different positions on the diamond might need different sunglasses. From outfielders to pitchers each position requires something unique with their sunglasses. Therefore we have listed each position and what type of sunglasses they might need.

  • Outfielders: For those playing outfielder you might get a orange, one-piece type sunglass for a greater field of vision while catching those fly balls.
  • Infielders: For an easier time during turn twos and ground balls infielders will need a lightweight, fitted sunglasses colored either black or gray.
  • Pitchers: Usually pitchers opt out from wearing sunglasses but if it’s a must due to the sun they can go with gray or black.
  • Hitters: Color wise hitters can go with black or green but the important thing is that the sunglass provide peak clarity.
  • Catchers: Catchers like me choice between blue or black. Blue is my favorite since I can see the easy on the sky while black is universally good choice.

How to Change Nose Pads on Softball Sunglasses?

Here is an instructional list on how to replace a nose pad for sunglasses:

  1. Measuse the size of your sunglass’ nose pad
  2. Buy a replacement set that matches your measurements
  3. Gently remove the old or damaged nose pad using a screwdriver
  4. Place the new pads using tweezers with care
  5. Insert the screws in the mount
  6. Screw nose pads in with care using a screwdriver

Best Softball Sunglasses – Final words

Softball is a kind of game where split-second matters. Whether you are saving runs or catching the ball, a split-second misjudgment can even cost you the match. That’s why every softball and baseball player should wear sports sunglasses specially built for softball or baseball. Additionally, unlike the differences between baseball and softball bats the sunglasses don’t have that many glaring (pun intended) differences.

But performance is not the only reason to wear a softball sunglass. Instead, that is a short time necessity. But the main reason for using softball sunglasses is to protect your eyes from the rage of the sun and protect your eyes from harmful UV and other rays. Staying a long time under the sun without any protection can have a long-term effect on your eyes. 

Softball is a tough game and sunglasses make this challenging work easy for the players. We hope this softball and baseball sunglasses review will help you to find an ideal one for you. Therefore pick one that suits your budget and needs.

Best of luck with your next softball match!

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