How To Wear Baseball Stirrup 2023

You must be aware of baseball stirrups if you are accustomed to the baseball uniform. For those unaware, the baseball stirrup is regarded as baseball socks and makes the sport unique. But, understand that styles have changed these days. So, the baseball stirrups that the youth baseball players wear are a tad different from those worn by veteran baseball players. Nevertheless, let us take a quick look at how to wear baseball stirrup.

Wearing the baseball stirrup

While you may think that wearing stirrups is easy since they are simply sanitary socks or white socks, understand that there is more than meets the eye with these long socks.

In the world of baseball, you either wear knickers or you wear long baseball pants. Furthermore, two things will heavily determine how you wear stirrup socks.

These things that will determine how you wear stirrups are the length of the baseball pants or knickers and your preferential style statement.

In learning how to wear baseball stirrup, the process includes:

Step One

In wearing stirrups with baseball pants, you must fold your pants upwards to your knees or take them to your waist before folding them above your knees. However, if you will be wearing knickers with stirrups, skip this step.

Step Two

You can learn how to wear baseball stirrup in this step by putting on the white or colored socks first and pulling them to get as high as they can. If you want everything to be in place, ensure you pull the stirrup socks over the hem of your pants.

Note that the stirrup socks are considered sanitary socks because they were crafted to protect the player’s skin from the dye of colored stirrups.

Step Three

In this step, you must wear the baseball stirrups over your white socks. So, understand that the side with a lower-level hole in the stirrups will be at the front. At the same time, the higher hole is to be positioned behind.

Note that the top of the stirrup socks will need to hit below your knee while pulling your stirrups as low or high as you want to display fewer or more socks. Furthermore, place your toe via the smaller hole.

This will bring stirrups underneath the arch of one’s foot. Once this is done, place the heel and ankle through the giant hole to the stirrup back. Then, with your foot, all set in your stirrup sock, begin adjusting the length of your legs.

This adjustment is made so that it looks neat without bumps when it is worn. No matter how you want your stirrups to be when you have worn them, ensure it remains on your calves. Position them, so they stay upright, as no one wants to pull their socks when playing.

And if you feel the stirrup sagging, replace them or use a rubber band to keep it in place. This is vital because if it falls while you play baseball, it will get caught up in your cleats and make you trip.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do I need to wear baseball stirrup?

The primary purpose of baseball stirrups is to showcase your team’s colors and logos. They are meant to mimic those one-color tone socks, and if you want to wear them properly, you need to know how to wear baseball stirrups from us.

Do pro players wear baseball stirrups?

Yes, MLB players or players from teams do still wear stirrups. Specific teams have their own stirrups, a combination of socks and stirrups. However, we have seen that most Pro players like the old-school sock and stirrup combo. So, read our how to wear stirrup to know how to put them on properly.

What size are baseball stirrups available?

Both men and women baseball players will need a different stirrup size. When buying stirrups, you will also need to pay attention to the cut length. We have found that stirrups come in three cut lengths; 4”, 7”, and 9”. But these might differ from brand to brand or store to store.

How much is a baseball stirrup?

If you are learning how to wear baseball stirrups, you will most likely buy a baseball stirrup. But before you do, you need to know how much they might cost. On average, you can buy a baseball stirrup for 10 to 20 USD.


It does not matter if you choose to wear your team colors; the important thing is that you have an idea of how to wear baseball stirrup. In the soccer cleats vs baseball cleats debate, you will see that baseball players must wear stirrups properly.

We have highlighted how to wear baseball stirrup; please ensure you read through it.

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