How To Break In A Baseball Glove Overnight? Ready For Play

Is it possible to break in a baseball glove very fast, and do you know how to break in a baseball glove overnight? 

Most people know it takes weeks and sometimes months to break in a baseball glove. However, there is a way to get it done overnight. Keep reading to find out. 

Break in baseball gloves overnight

In the world of breaking in baseball gloves, plenty of methods are being used. Though some work, others do not.

Interestingly, all these methods take up days and weeks of repeated attempts before one smells success. 

However, while there is no specific or straight-line answer on how to break in a baseball glove overnight, one can blend all methods to get it ready before the next game day. 

The way to break in your glove overnight is to begin slowly. In light of this, keep your fingers extended while you wear the glove on your hand. And as you apply it on your hands, add some pressure while the glove subtly changes shape. 

Some people wear the glove for about one hour to keep applying the pressure. When this is done, you should soften the glove as you would in any break-in method. 

You must complete this by filling a pitcher or bucket with hot water. However, as you learn how to break in a baseball glove overnight, you should not use boiling water. 

Hence, make use of hot water that you can touch without having to burn yourself. Meanwhile, please do not submerge the glove in the bucket of hot water, as it will end up being oversaturated. 

You pour the water over the glove and start working on the material using your hands. By working, we mean folding and bending it at its hinges. It would be best to focus on the hinges, as it is part of the stiffest locations. 

How To Break In A Baseball Glove Overnight
How To Break In A Baseball Glove Overnight

As much as you need to pay attention to the hinges, remember other parts of the glove. However, to focus on all aspects attentively, use a blunt object to work on the glove. 

Note that you are not to deliver heavy blows to the glove but go between soft to moderate blows. Also, understand that the hinge must be thoroughly worked on as it is the part wherein the padding runs underneath the thumb key. 

If the hinge areas are not flexible, it won’t be easy to completely wrap your glove around a ball. 

As we stated earlier, the best way to get your break in overnight is to use all the techniques you know. Moreover, some people will advise that you steam the glove and follow it up with various steps to make it malleable. 

You can also speed up the breaking-in process by applying leather conditioner before you steam the glove. 

Although you will have to work on shaping your glove with time, adhering to these instructions will have you with a fully functional glove by the following day. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Can hot water be used to break in the baseball glove?

It can be used, but you do not submerge the glove in it. Instead, you only need to saturate the part of the glove you want to soften with little hot water. Follow our guide on how to break in a glove with hot water for more info.

Can I run over the glove to break in overnight?

No. This is unacceptable, and no one will advise you to do this. We have outlined all that you can do. 


This article lets you quickly learn how to break in a baseball glove overnight before your next game. It works; you can try it out by following the steps we have explained.

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