Best Baseball Glove Conditioner and Oil: Top 10 Picks of 2022

As I stated in a previous article choosing a glove that fits you and allows you to play at the peak of your game is a daunting task. The same applies to selecting a conditioner that will help you keep your chosen glove top-notch. The best baseball glove needs the best baseball glove oil and/ conditioner.

In fact, the simple reasoning behind choosing a conditioner carefully is because the conditioner needs to match the glove. Different gloves need different treatments to keep working correctly. Some might need oils, while other need conditioners to break in the gloves or tune them up.

Therefore we made sure to do our analysis to complete the task of finding the best baseball glove oils and conditioners as quickly and effortlessly as possible. Each of the picks in our list has been thoroughly vetted to do what the manufacturers advertise. At the same time know that there is no perfect baseball glove oil or conditioner.

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Best Baseball Glove Oils and Conditioners of 2022

So please read onwards. And know that whichever one you decide to purchase, all ten baseball glove conditioning oil is, in fact, the best in the market currently.

1. Wilson Pro-Stock – Best Baseball Glove Conditioner Economically

In my opinion, Wilson always makes the best products for baseball. Their Pro Stock leather conditioner for baseball gloves is no exception. This is the best conditioner for all kinds of glove reviving. At the same time, the conditioner is an excellent choice for moisturizing those stiff gloves you might have purchased. Do you know which gloves I am talking about?

Notably made in the good oil USA, and it’s made for easy application. The conditioner works well for tuning old baseball gloves and break-in new ones. Simply put a bit of the product on the glove and use a soft cotton cloth to rub it everywhere evenly. 

In spite of it working pretty well in many areas, it has its faults. It isn’t able to restore a glove to brand new status. And we have noticed that the Wilson Pro Stock glove does tend to cause gloves to discolor somewhat. It makes the gloves darken a tad bit. It might not be an issue for some, but we like to inform our readers about everything before they make a purchase. 

On the plus side, the usage of Pro Stock glove conditioner will give the old gloves their leathery smell back. Alongside you will see a massive change in the performance of a conditioned Wilson Pro Stock glove.  

Why Should You Pick this?

The Pro Stock glove conditioner has a mixture of both positives and negatives that works remarkably well. While not restoring glove leather, it does bring back the glove’s leathery smell. The conditioner can cause discoloration, but it increases the glove’s performance by moisturizing it in all areas. In conclusion, it’s a Wilson Pro Stock glove conditioner with both faults and positives. 

Best Seller


  • Made in the USA
  • Gives back a new leather smell
  • Gloves become more flexible


  • Causes some discoloration
  • Packaging may not be flattering
  • Comes in a jar

2. Nokona NLT Classic Leather Conditioner – Best Baseball Leather Glove Conditioner 

With over 30 years under their belly, Nokona is a household name. Numerous MLB professionals swear by the Nokona NLT Classic Leather glove conditioner. And why wouldn’t they?

Making their conditioner with their tried and proven formula. As a result, the product does a remarkable job of maintaining and softening the gloves. Also, some amount does a lot of good. With its natural ingredients, the product is truly non toxic.

You can use Nokona NLT on other leather products on top of gloves due to its petroleum jelly. In addition, the NLT has the added benefit of working almost instantaneously. Meaning no more waiting for days or even hours before using it in games. 

While we listed some excellent points, we also need to record some faults to keep the review fair. The most obvious one is less of a fault more of a reminder. That reminder is that users need to be careful not to use too much of the product, or less unpleasant patches might form. 

Why Should You Pick this?

While Nokona doesn’t have as long a career as some other products, such as Rawlings and Wilson, they have loyal fans and multiple products with positive reviews and likes. NLT leather conditioner contains Nokona’s tested and successful formula that provides soft leather and longer-lasting maintenance. 

Small amounts of the Nokona glove conditioner did all we needed to do, but we used a larger amount on few unneeded gloves to see what might happen. Even though it wasn’t that visible, we could pick up that some areas had patches forming.

Best Seller


  • Trusted brand with years of service
  • Little will go a long way


  • Comes in a small tube
  • Petroleum jelly will cause the glove to gain weight

3. Hot Glove Cream Conditioner – Best Baseball Glove Cream

Now let’s go from glove conditioners to baseball glove oil. For more information on the difference between the two, please read below. In this case, Hot Glove Cream Conditioner is ineffective in breaking in gloves. 

Where it shines, though, is maintenance. The cream/oil is easy to apply, safe and effective in protecting the glove. In addition, the oil contains Vitamin E and Lanolin. Both the key ingredients have made the proven oiling formula of Hot Glove great for preservation.

For one thing, this is another product made exclusively in the USA. Also, using natural ingredients has made the products non toxic. Both of which are great bonuses in my book when it comes to glove products. 

Also, the product has proven after testing not to put any additional weight on the glove even though it’s an oil-based oil or conditioner. And there is more; the Hot Glove Cream Conditioner made it so that when it’s put on gloves, it’s protected against the weather.

Why Should You Pick this?

This one was a proper surprise since we had no idea that it would work as fast as it did. We heard the rumors surrounding it about how fast and effective this product was, and we also saw numerous positive reviews on online marketplaces. Thus we knew we had at least test it out once to see for ourselves if it lived up to the hype. 

And it did pretty well. We also had to include the fast-acting Hot Glove foam since they are a package deal in most cases, but it ranked slightly lower than the cream/oil. The cream includes ingredients such as Vitamin E and Lanolin, which are part of Hot Glove’s patent formula that continues to deliver a practical glove conditioning experience. While the product is placed under conditioning, many think that it can help break in a baseball glove, so we tested that theory out. But the result of using this cream to break in can be summed up in a few words, which are “Its the worst”. 

Best Seller


  • Non-Flammable
  • Have natural materials like Vitamin E and Lanolin
  • Repels rain and other liquids


  • Worst product for breaking in new gloves

4. Rawlings Gold Butter – All-Round Best Baseball Softball Glove Conditioner

For some, the Rawlings Gold Butter is the ultimate glove conditioner, but we aren’t some. Instead, it is an efficient restoration, maintenance, and preservation conditioner that is, in our opinion, an all-rounder. 

The Rawlings Gold Butter is mainly made from the highest quality conditioner that comes with some unique features. For example, it can restore and speed up the break-in of most gloves in the market currently. In addition,  it also improves the shade color of gloves. 

Another key point is the red covey cloth comes with help in applying the cream. In addition, the fabric makes it easy to apply the glove conditioner in areas of the glove that are somewhat hard to get to. 

Consequently, the host of natural ingredients used in the making of the cream has other benefits. One of the easiest-to-spot benefits is the repellent quality. In particular, the cream makes it so that dirt and stains are easy to wipe off from the glove.

Why Should You Pick this?

As a long-time baseball fan and former baseball player, I can safely state that I had the chance to use many gloves and glove conditioners/oil. Out of all the ones I got to use, the ones from Rawlings always delivered. Due to Rawlings’s consistency and effectiveness in their products, I became a firm supporter. 

Rawlings Gold Butter is one of those products that does what it says it will, and it does it quite well. Many other products say they include natural ingredients, but you can never be too sure. However, with Rawlings, you can be sure that they are using natural leather-friendly ingredients of the highest quality when manufacturing products such as glove butter. 

The glove butter in question worked remarkably well even with a small amount, especially as water and dirt repellent after spreading it with the red covey sports cloth.  

Best Seller


  • Easy and Versatile
  • Good bang for your bucks


  • Needs specific storing 
  • Melts too quickly

5. Pecard Baseball Glove Conditioner – Best Glove Conditioner/Restorer

Using Pecard will extend the life expectancy of your glove by a large margin. In addition, this conditioner is only made using all-natural ingredients so that no harm will come to your glove. Also, the cracks will form, and the glove won’t harden like less reputable conditioners.

To emphasize, it has proven its effectiveness on gloves through numerous positive reviews from satisfied customers, both recreational and professionals alike. In addition, it works remarkably well on old and hardened gloves. 

For one thing. this product is a good stain and dirt remover. Also, using this restorer will enhance the appearance of your worn-out glove. It will bring back the natural scent of gloves we like so much. Furthermore, it also provides excellent protection from the weather. All you require is some soap and water to mix with it, and you’re golden.

Why Should You Pick this?

If you didn’t know, preserving glove leather and restoring a glove isn’t the same thing doesn’t matter what some people on the internet say. In the case of consistently and adequately restoring the leather of a glove, Pecard Baseball Glove Conditioner does a fantastic job. 

By using a variety of all-natural ingredients, Pecard can successfully restore glove leather to its former splendor. We took into account large amounts of positive and negative reviews to determine whether a product is worth testing or not. 

Pecard, in that sense, had a large number of positive reviews, many of which came from professionals and not just people that played recreationally. Pecard Baseball Glove Conditioner isn’t just a good leather restorer and an effective stain and dirt remover. By removing the stains and specks of dirt on one of our baseball gloves while restoring its leather conditioner, the final result was a glove that looked remarkably like a glove right out of the bag.    

Best Seller


  • High-quality product with excellent efficiency
  • No damages on the stitching 
  • Improves leather quality and stitching


  • Excess usage will cause discoloration

6. Wilson Premium Baseball Glove Oil – Trusted Baseball Glove Oil

The name Wilson is a trusted sporting goods company. From baseball gloves to baseball glove oils, all their products use the best materials possible when manufactured. Wilson Premium Baseball Glove Oil is no different!

Notably, it has a specially made applicator bottle that is easy to apply. This easy-to-use function allows for better usage of the glove oil by consumers. Additionally, Wilson helped make us a product that is widely recognized. So that we can now easily stay away from products that will do damage to our gloves. 

Important to realize that the oil has multiple ingredients in it that will have beneficial effects on the glove. One of those effects is the extension of the glove’s life span. Using this oil will allow using a glove for over half a dozen seasons. 

With attention to the positive effects like these, the Wilson Premium Glove Oil has proven to us that it’s worth its cost. More than that, the oil has effects and ingredients that some other brands don’t, showing how beneficial the product is. 

Why Should You Pick this?

Alongside Rawlings, we have Wilson, who have since the early 1900s made sporting goods that catered to the needs of the players and fans alike. Even though I am a fan of Rawlings and not Wilson, I won’t say anything negative. The product Wilson distributes are effective and generally has positive reviews. 

The premium oil, in this case, is a well-made product that contains many beneficial ingredients such as neatsfoot, all of which works to preserve and extends the glove’s lifespan. Alongside the ingredients, the bottle itself works well through its spray applicator feature, which provides better coverage. 

Wilson Premium Glove Oil can condition rather well by mixing beneficial ingredients, a unique feature, and branding.

Best Seller


  • Neatsfoot and other beneficial ingredients
  • Helps to preserve the leather condition
  • Non toxic so safer to use


  • A small amount per bottle
  • 4 ounce

7. Rawlings Glove Oil Conditioning Kit – Easiest to Use Baseball Glove Oil

Baseball mitt conditioner manufacturers should attach some kind of applicator for our benefit, don’t you think so, readers?

Well, one does, and that manufacturer is called Rawlings. The Rawlings Glove Oil Conditioning Kit comes with a microfiber cloth. This cloth measures 14” by 14,” and its size is highly convenient for cleaning gloves, even 12” in size. 

Rawling spared no expense when they came up with the idea for the glove oil conditioning kit. With this in mind, the oil has multiple ingredients that work together to help make the breaking in of the glove as best possible. 

The oil helps make the glove leather softer while keeping the amount of damage done to it as low as possible. Also, the glove oil does wonders in making the glove’s durability exceed expectations.  

It comes in a compact size; therefore, carrying it around is relatively easy. In addition, the smaller size makes it so that you can take it to an away game like Boston to New York without any fuss. 

Why Should You Pick this?

Rawlings has always made unique and efficient baseball products that deliver consistent and positive results with nearly two centuries under their belt. From a personal point of view, Rawlings stayed with me since the start of my baseball career and is still with me. Not one of their numerous products that I bought gave me any negative issues. 

Like the glove butter above, I knew it would work just as well when I tested this product. At the start seeing the 8oz bottle might cause you to question whether it will last you long enough but know that the small bottle has more than enough use in it. The biggest attention grabber for me and any other buyers will be the red 14 by 14 inches cloth that it comes with. 

After applying the product and wiping with the applicator cloth, we saw the result of the conditioning in a reasonable amount of time. All in all, it’s another fantastic product made by the folk at Rawlings.

Best Seller


  • Ideal for both old and new gloves
  • Comes with a blister pack for added protection
  • Keeps the glove in peak condition for a longer time


  • Excessive use will cause leather damage

8. SARNA Glove Oil – Best Baseball Glove Oil

Its been called the best baseball glove oil by many and numerous times as well. It comes in a squeeze bottle top for easier usage. 

Surprisingly the oil formula contains neatsfoot and other essential oils that contribute to a better break-in of gloves. Best oil like SARNA penetrates deep into the leather and softens them exceedingly well. 

Once the leather comes into contact with a high enough temperature, the oil will pass the outer leather layer. Due to how well the oil seeps into leather, the oil needs to be applied sparingly. 

Therefore add the oil twice a year, and your glove will be good to go. The best times to apply the SARNA glove oil are the Spring and Fall season.

Why Should You Pick this?

This glove oil was one of the most anticipated products we wanted to research and test when we started this article. SARNA glove oil is a product that was and still is relatively well known amongst those that use baseball gloves and softball gloves. It is a well-made softball glove conditioner as well. 

They have always created glove oil and other products that benefit baseball players and others. So when we tested this glove oil, we made sure to put it through its paces. We applied the oil on baseball and softball gloves that were dry and wet and checked how well it worked. The results spoke for themselves, and it said that it worked well.

Not only did the glove oil soften the leather of our glove to a remarkable degree, but it also helped to oil to break in the baseball gloves by reducing the time taken. The performance of the glove conditioned using SARNA glove oil was noticeably better since it was more flexible and fit better after a break-in. But if our testimonials aren’t enough, read what Brad Irwin, the Oklahoma Sooners Baseball equipment manager, had to say about SARNA.

“SARNA Baseball’s Glove and Mitt Oil is superior to any name brand glove oil. It helps our players to break their mitts’ in faster while not compromising the integrity of the glove’s leather. SARNA Baseball understands the importance of a well made glove oil and continues to separate themselves above their competitors.”

Best Seller


  • Gives amazing results
  • Use a small amount for best results
  • Glove weight doesn’t increase with the use


  • Over usage will lead to leather damage
  • The bottle has broken during shipping 

9. Hot Glove Cream Treatment Conditioner  (Instant) Baseball Glove Break-In Kit – Fastest Working Baseball Conditioner

We all love an instant solution to our problems, and that’s a fact. Likewise, it is also true for sports equipment maintenance. The treatment conditioner is the answer to all baseball players’ requests. 

Hot Glove baseball glove treatment is the fastest working cream that breaks in gloves, both old and new. Its ingredients such as vitamin e and lanolin or others do a fantastic job of penetrating the leather to restore it to peak conditions. 

Using natural parts while making the cream, the final product is entirely harmless and totally safe to handle by hand. Which is another plus in the column in my opinion.

Why Should You Pick this?

When they said instant treatment, we were skeptical since we heard it numerous times before. But after using the Hot Glove Treatment Instant Glove Break-In foam, we weren’t skeptics anymore. The foam did precisely what it said it would do if we followed the instructions printed on it. 

Of course, the instructions said to heat the glove in the oven, which might scare some people since leather and oven don’t match. However, we followed the instruction correctly and were careful, so nothing went wrong; the glove came out free of burn.

After the first heat treatment of a glove in bad condition, we could manipulate it enough that the glove was nearly done being broken in. So we used the foam again and put it through another heat treatment which got the job done. Hot Glove mentioned that some gloves in lousy condition might need a second treatment, so it was alright.  

Best Seller


  • Works instantly
  • Soften stiff and rigid gloves


  • Will degrade leather if used excessively

10. Obenauf’s Leather Oil

Either by cleaning or leaving a glove wet and out in the elements, you have dried out your gloves at least once. In those situations, you need an oil that is guaranteed to bring your glove’s condition back to its peak performance state. 

Obenauf’s Leather Oil is the answer to your queries when your glove is either a bit wet or too dry. It’s made using a mixture of beeswax, propolis, and natural oils, which help preserve and extend the usefulness of a leather glove. If you apply glove oil for the added benefit of absorbing fast through the leather layers, so all you need is one coat.

While using Obenauf’s Leather Oil, be sure to use only a slight amount as it has been known to darken your leather color. Yet using this oil will significantly help you reduce the time needed to break in your brand new glove. If you are done using the oil on your gloves, you can use the oil on other leather products such as shoes or boots.

Why Should You Pick this?

While most people might not know the name Obenauf, it is still an excellent glove oil. Through our research and testing, we have found that this product does what it advertises. Due to the mixture of ingredients inside, the oil has properties that help preserve your glove leather quickly and for an extended period.   

We tested the oil on both slightly wet and dried gloves, as mentioned in Obenauf’s advertisement, and the results were quite noticeable. After using the glove oil as per instruction and it worked remarkably fast. 

But no product works completely fine. The same is true for Obenauf’s Leather Oil as well. Like some of the other products we talked about, Obenauf’s Leather Oil sometimes causes leather discoloration.       

Best Seller


  • Made in the US
  • Includes a dauber for easy application


  • May cause leather discoloration

Difference Between Best Baseball Glove Conditioner and Oil

Let’s cut to the chase. First, you might be inquiring on what the difference is between glove oil and a glove conditioner. The simple fact is that oil is good for breaking in a new glove, and conditioner help in glove maintenance. 

While in the product reviews above, I have said that some conditioners can do glove break-in. However, I haven’t been told that any of them are especially good at that. Glove oil is only made to break in a glove. It must be remembered that all new gloves need breaking in so that they can perform at their best.  

Conditioners, nevertheless, make sure that no glove experiences weight gain. We all know that excess weight gain is inadequate for the body; the same is true for gloves. Also, many like us admitted that conditioner is easier to spread than oil. 

So the main or only difference between baseball glove oils and conditioners is that one is mainly used to maintain the glove’s peak performance. And the other one is only used for breaking in a newly purchased glove. It is essential to break in a new glove; otherwise, it will be hard to use in the field.

What to look for in your baseball glove conditioner?

Whether you are breaking in a new glove for the first time or making sure that your old glove is well maintained, you will need a baseball glove oil or conditioner. Buying the best glove conditioner or oil will require you to figure out some preconditions. In addition, different gloves with their additional material need other treatments. 

While the product checks most of the preconditions, some will need the buyer’s opinion. Below I have listed some of the points I look up before buying my baseball glove oil or conditioner. 

Each one of the criteria may seem simple, but they are essential in their own ways. For example, they will help you select the baseball glove maintaining product to give you the best results. 

Keep in mind that these are criteria I use when I buy my baseball glove oil or conditioner. Others will have different ones, so use mine to start out at first. Then, as you become more and more comfortable, create different specifications that match your buying habits.  

1. Lotion or Aerosol

Straightaway, I will say that there isn’t much of a difference between the two. While some swear by the lotion version since it’s the old-fashioned way of doing this, so it has to be the correct way. For the sake of convenience, the spray applicator is practical. 

The old fashion lotion version has so much support due to the comfort it provides. Another factor to consider is the nostalgia that most feel when using the lotions. It reminds most of the past and how they did it in the past. 

On the other hand, the spray applicator bottle is getting more supporters. With its ease of use and no-fuss application, more and more buyers are looking for it. Moreover, the spray applicator is made in such a way that it makes using it more convenient. 

Both the lotion and aerosol/spray applicator softens the gloves; it still has some differences. The biggest drawback of the lotion is that it needs to be thoroughly rubbed down. However, the spray applicator bottle only needs to be lightly sprayed. 

Sill the lotion is more popular since the balm helps maintain the glove’s softness for a more extended period. The aerosol can be easy to carry around in travel bags for away games, but it isn’t that big of a positive. 

After much testing and deliberation, we concluded that neither one is that much better than the other. So pick whichever one fits you the best. 

2. Leather Color

Like leather boots and leather shoes, leather baseball gloves can be easily ruined if not properly cared for. Pros use mostly leather baseball gloves, so they need conditioners or oils that work best on leather gloves. 

Yet, some oils are pretty horrible on leather gloves. The popularity of oils that don’t work on leather baseball gloves is because they work on other materials. 

We have included many of them in our list because they perform better in other leather items, such as synthetic leather products. 

Discoloration due to oils in leather items is commonly expected, like a leather baseball glove. However, while it may bother some, others can still use that glove if the leather is soft. 

3. Ingredients

As the saying goes, the devil is in the details. When it comes to a glove, you will need natural ingredients. A versatile product like a baseball glove needs things like vitamin e to function at full speed. On the other hand, mink oil or neatsfoot oil is not beneficial oils for baseball glove oils. 

Studies have shown that vitamin e is a crucial ingredient that makes gloves soft, keeps them clean, and prevents loss of integrity. So when buying a glove oil or conditioner, pay closer attention to what is in them. 

Many of these oils and conditioners are saying that they are the next best thing. But they aren’t publicizing what makes their products. So, just like how you won’t use soap or shampoo without knowing what’s in them, you shouldn’t use oil or conditioner on your glove without knowing what’s in it. 

How to Apply our Best Glove Conditioner? Or How to Use Glove Conditioner?

How you apply your glove conditioners or glove oils makes a difference. For the best results, properly use the product to break in the new or old gloves. 

Best Baseball Glove Oil
Best Baseball Glove Oil.jpeg

Here we have separated the way to apply glove conditioners or glove oils in a series of steps for your convenience. Also, in the end, there is a video for better and easier understanding. 

Oil the new Glove:

Step 1: Oil the Pocket

First and foremost, make sure that the glove pocket is well oiled. The pocket is the most crucial area of a baseball glove. For oiling purposes, the best oil for baseball gloves is SARNA glove oil.

Step 2: Thumb and Forefinger

After the pocket comes the thumb and forefinger. These two fingers help catch and trap the ball in the pocket, so they need to be flexible. 

Step 3: Let it Dry

After the oiling process is finished correctly, it’s time for the oil to dry. Before the drying process can start, make sure no globs of oil remain. If there is, then that part will stain and weigh down. 

For the glove to dry out, all you need to do is leave it in a cool, dry place overnight. Then, the next day wipes the glove and that it. 

For a more effortless and less messy oiling process, use a soft towel. How to dry out a baseball glove is an often asked question and the answer to it is rather simple. 

Step 4: Glove Break-in

For the break-in, just play catch every day for a few weeks. The break-in helps to make the glove more comfortable to use in the mound. 

Glove Maintenance:

Step 1: Clean after every game

After every game and/or practice, make sure to clean the glove properly. Using a soft cloth or towel, wipe down the glove. Clean all dirt and grime in between the fingers and the pocket. Keep the glove in a cool and dry place. 

Step 2: Use some conditioner 

For continued performance, apply glove conditioner. Pay close attention to the pocket, fingers, laces, and webbing when using the glove conditioner. 

Don’t go overboard with the conditioner. Little goes a long way when using conditioners. 

Step 3: Dry the glove properly

To dry a glove, use a damp soft cloth or sponge. It will be easier to remove excess oil from the glove. After the first few times, the glove won’t be too stiff; instead, it will become softer.  

Finally here is a simple and quick video that takes you through how to condition a glove before baseball season. Enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is the difference between the best baseball glove conditioner and glove oil?

The main difference between a baseball glove conditioner and oil is that the conditioner is a rub while the oil is a spray that helps to break in a glove.

How often should I use a baseball glove conditioner?

You shouldn’t have to use a conditioner more than a few times to keep your glove at peak performance.

Are there any alternatives to baseball glove oil?

There are multiple alternatives to glove oil such as shaving cream, Vaseline, mink oil, and saddle soap. However, these alternatives aren’t as effective as glove oil.

Is it possible to over condition a baseball glove?

As long as you follow the steps outlined above, you won’t be able to over condition a baseball glove.

Conclusion on Best Baseball Glove Conditioner

BaseBaseball players of all levels need a baseball mitt conditioner or oil so that the glove break-in is successful. In addition, new gloves and stiff gloves need to be correctly treated to get the best use out of them. 

When catching a ground ball or fly ball, the glove needs to be flexible enough to close quickly. So use a conditioner to soften them up. At the same time, be sure to use it sparingly because even conditioner breaks gloves sometimes.

Of all the conditioners or oil I have talked about, my favorite is the Pecard Glove Conditioner. While it isn’t at the top, the conditioner is only made of high-quality natural ingredients. Also, it does an excellent job of bringing back the natural scent I love, and its new leather look. 

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