Best Baseball Glove Conditioner & Oil: Which Should I Use In 2022

Those who play baseball know that the more you play, the worse the condition of the glove. So if you want your baseball glove to stay in top shape, then you must condition the glove regularly. And to do so you will need the best baseball glove conditioner on the market.

However, it isn’t that easy since you can’t just pick up any old conditioner from the shelf and put it on your glove. Different conditioners impact your glove differently, and some of them might even need different application methods. So to make your life easier and help you choose a baseball glove conditioner we have made a list.

On our list of the best glove conditioners you will also find some glove oils and we will talk about the difference between the two in just a minute. Each of the products we chose is the best at what they do and we have tested them vigorously just to be sure.

What’s the difference between conditioner and oil?

Even before we review the best baseball glove under 100 or not conditioner and oil we need to talk about the difference between the two. Thankfully, the difference between conditioner and oil is both subtle and clear cut so it will be easy to understand. 

A baseball glove oil is primarily used to break in the baseball glove. On the other hand, a conditioner is used to maintain the quality of the baseball over multiple seasons. Most young and adult players use love oil as soon as they buy a glove.

Some say that using a conditioner is enough to break in the glove and it’s true to some degree but the oil is much more effective. Also, the use of conditioner will help in keeping the weight of the glove consistent.

Best baseball glove conditioner

Wilson Pro Stock Glove Conditioner


  • Made in the USA
  • Dimensions: 3.6 x 3.6 x 1.3 inches
  • Good for baseball and softball

If you are looking for the best conditioner for baseball or softball, then you need to look at Wilson since they make some of the best baseball products. Wilson is known for making their products with only the best ingredients; as such, this conditioner works really well in preserving the glove’s condition.

This conditioner is said to be able to do it all, meaning it conditions, cleans, and restores the glove’s leather simultaneously. Wilson pro stock glove conditioner is quick and easy to apply or store meaning you won’t need anything extra when using it. An added benefit you will find when you use it is that your leather glove will have a more pleasant leather smell.


  • Simple packaging
  • Contains Lanolin and Vitamin E
  • It makes the glove more flexible


  • Might cause discoloration

SARNA Baseball Softball Glove Oil


  • Made for pros
  • It has a cleaner formula
  • Safe for all users

You might not know this but most glove oils are used for both baseball and softball. And the SARNA glove oil is meant for professional baseball and softball players. The oil formula from SARNA uses ingredients such as neatsfoot and other essential oils for a quality blend.

This blend ensures that your glove will have a better break than all the others on the market. Here is a tip on how to get better use out of this oil; you should heat up the oil so that it penetrates deep into the glove. But if our testimonials aren’t enough, read what Brad Irwin, the Oklahoma Sooners Baseball equipment manager, had to say about SARNA.

“SARNA Baseball’s Glove and Mitt Oil is superior to any name brand glove oil. It helps our players to break their mitts’ in faster while not compromising the integrity of the glove’s leather. SARNA Baseball understands the important of a well

Brad Irwin, the Oklahoma Sooners Baseball equipment manager,


  • A small amount works well enough
  • Improved softening and conditioning
  • Usable of all leather mitts and baseball or softball catcher’s gear


  • Glass bottle so it might break

Glovolium Baseball Glove Oil Breakin Kit


  • Complete break-in kit
  • Includes a cleaning cloth
  • It has many useful ingredients

While breaking in your glove doesn’t require anything extraordinary, you will need a few basic things. In that regard, Covey sports goods came up with their Glovolium baseball break-in kit. The kit includes a spray bottle with the glove oil as well as an application cloth.

This application cloth from Covey is a microfiber cloth measuring 14 by 14 inches. Thanks to the fiber’s microfiber quality, the cloth really helps with cleaning the glove and conditioning it simultaneously.

Alongside the cloth, the kit also comes with a 4 O.Z. bottle of glove oil which might seem like a small amount. However, you will only need to use a tiny amount every time.


  • Complete kit
  • You only need a small amount every time
  • Oil doesn’t increase glove weight


  • The bottle contains a small amount of oil

Nokona NLT Classic Leather Glove Conditioner


  • Unique formula
  • Used by pros
  • Gel-like feel

Nokona is a brand name well known by both MLB players and beginners alike and the reason for it is rather simple. Over the last half-century, Nokona has proved itself by selling products that are top quality regularly. And the NLT leather glove conditioner is just another one of their amazing product.

The formula used in this glove conditioner was thoroughly tested and has proven to maintain and soften the glove really well. This petroleum jelly conditioner is known to work near instantly; thus, it’s a popular choice amongst many players.


  • Works fast
  • Little goes a long way
  • Trusted brand


  • Overuse may form patches

SARNA BASEBALL Glove Conditioner Cream 


  • Non darkening
  • Non dying
  • Made by expert

Before we start, remember that this is a glove conditioner and not a glove oil even though they both come from SARNA. As we said above SARNA is well known for making glove products that work really well and provide top results. Experts make this glove conditioner and they have tested multiple versions.

As such this final version resulted in a unique formula that works well for both baseball and softball. Multiple people have commented that this conditioner also works well to restore moisture and flexibility of the leather glove. A unique benefit of this conditioner is that it keeps the pores of the gloves open thus keeping the glove from deteriorating.


  • Well known brand
  • Really effective
  • Safe on all leather


  • It comes in 4 O.Z. container

Rawlings Gold Glove Butter


  • Best for softball
  • Clear colored butter
  • Quick conditioning

Alongside Wilson Rawlings is the other most popular brand name for baseball and softball. Rawlings has continued to make some of the best softball and baseball equipment and accessories since they started. The Gold glove conditioner is one of their top glove conditioning product.

Due to the quality of the product and the host of ingredients used, the glove butter has become the gold standard amongst players. Since the product comes as butter, it has glove oil and glove cream properties.

So it works wonders when using it to break in a glove as well as keeping the glove in tip top shape. Another unique benefit we saw when we used it is that it gives the gloves a good repellent quality. Because of this benefit, dirt and stains are really easy to wipe off and only require a cloth to do it.


  • Enhanced restorative property
  • Fast acting glove conditioner
  • Gold standard for players


  • It comes in 2 O.Z. container

Hot Glove Cream Conditioner Kit


  • Break in kit
  • Contains natural ingredients
  • Safe to handle by hand

Another popular choice for baseball glove break in and conditioning is a product that doesn’t come from a popular brand. The Hot Glove break in value bundle kit has all you will need to make your glove game ready in a matter of minutes. This product is well known for how fast it works and how well it breaks your glove.

Thanks to natural ingredients such as Vitamin E and others the glove works well to maintain the shape and quality of the leather. Also, the cream penetrates the leather glove fully so it will moisturize the glove and make it more flexible.


  • Best for stiff or rigid gloves
  • Works fast
  • Revitalizes gloves


  • Leather discoloration may happen

Meister Glove Butter


  • Works on all leather products
  • Includes natural oils
  • 3X bigger container

Are you tired of looking for a conditioner that actually lasts for a long time or comes in a bigger container? If yes, then the Meister glove butter is your best choice. This natural ingredient, including glove conditioner, works well on pretty much every leather product. 

One of its best benefits is revitalizing old leather gloves and making them practically brand new. Thanks to the natural oil included in the glove, your athletic gloves will be softer than ever while also giving them a clean look. The bottle also includes simple and fast instructions, so you will only need a few seconds to apply it properly.


  • Unique formula
  • Fast acting
  • Good for glove break-in and conditioning


  • It might be watery

Franklin Sports MLB Dr. Glove Conditioning Glove Oil


  • Non drying formula
  • Made for break-in
  • Works on all athletic leather

This 3 O.Z. glove oil comes from a brand that produces other excellent baseball gloves and accessories. As such they are highly desired by both youth and adult players and are reviewed to work well. One of its key features is that this glove oil works well to soften the leather of all baseball and softball gloves. 

It softens the glove by rejuvenating the leather and making those gloves go from dry and worn out to practically new. Also, players have commented that their gloves recover their old color once they use this glove oil.


  • Usable of all leather gloves
  • You can use it for a break in or conditioning
  • It makes old gloves look new


  • Small package

Pecard Baseball Glove Conditioner


  • Unique formula
  • For oil tanned gloves
  • Provides weather protection

Using Pecard will significantly increase the life of your glove. Furthermore, this conditioner is composed entirely of natural substances, ensuring that your glove is not harmed. Also, unlike less reputed conditioners, cracks will emerge and the glove will not harden.

Several favorable evaluations have demonstrated its effectiveness on gloves from delighted consumers, both recreational and professional. Furthermore, it performs admirably on worn and tough gloves.

This solution is effective at removing stains and dirt. Using this restorer will also improve the appearance of your worn-out glove. It will restore the natural aroma of our favorite oil-tanned baseball gloves. Additionally, it provides good weather protection.


  • Highly efficient
  • Preserves stitches
  • Improved formula


  • Excessive usage damages gloves

What to look for when buying the best baseball glove conditioner

Before you buy the best glove conditioner for baseball or softball you will want to check some elements to ensure you do pick the best one. But you might say that there are many factors to look at, but there aren’t really that many. To better help pick one, we have made a list of these aspects and explained them to you.

Do you choose the conditioner or the oil?

From the very beginning we have stated that you have two choices for maintaining your baseball glove; glove oil or conditioner. Therefore you need first to choose which you will be buying since both do work similarly.

Glove oil for baseball and softball is mainly for breaking it in but it can condition them when used. While conditioners are mainly for maintaining the quality of your gloves but if you wanted to you could break your glove in with a conditioner. So choosing either of them will work for you so you need to make a choice yourself.

Which type is the best?

If you have read our reviews above properly you will know that conditioners for gloves come in two forms; cream or butter. Now neither of them has any advantages over the other except for which one a player prefers. Some believe butter works best, and many popular brands such as Rawlings Gold glove butter have glove butter.

Glove creams like Nokona NLT are also said to work really well, and some people prefer to use them. So you need to figure out which one works well for you and go from there.

Will it affect the leather color?

Using conditioners or oils excessively may result in the glove being discolored and there is nothing you can do about it. Even the most popular brands of conditioners such as Wilson or Hot Glove tell their users only to use the bare minimum and not to use it frequently. Therefore when you choose the best outfield baseball glove conditioner ensure you are picking one that doesn’t require a lot of conditioners to get the job done.

What ingredients are inside?

Glove conditioners are made using both chemicals and natural ingredients. But you need to pick one that has more natural ingredients and chemicals. This is because a conditioner that has more chemicals may cause patches to form on your glove after multiple uses. On the other hand, a baseball glove conditioner with more natural oils and stuff will rejuvenate or restore the glove.

Best way to condition your baseball glove

Just buying the best conditioner for your baseball glove isn’t enough; you need to be able to apply it properly. For that reason, we have created a step by step guide that will explain that process neat and cleanly. So here is how to condition a baseball glove:

  1. Loosen the glove’s leather with hot or warm water
  2. Use the best baseball glove mallet to hammer the pocket of the glove
  3. Put your hand inside the glove and hammer it for a custom fit
  4. Dry the glove with a cloth if wet
  5. Apply conditioner and let it dry

Tips for when you condition your glove

As you condition your baseball glove you need to know some tips to make the process easier and more effective. Also, there are certain things you might not know, and that’s where our tips will be helpful for you. So here are some tips about the best baseball conditioner and how to use them:

  • Too much conditioner or oil on a new glove will hurt it and make it last less long.
  • Give the glove oil 24 hours to soak into the leather in a warm place.
  • Every day, play catch until the glove is ready to use.
  • You can always add more glove oil if you need to.
  • At the end of the season, put a little bit of oil on your glove to keep it from getting hard.
  • Keep your glove dry and in shape by putting a ball in the pocket.
  • There is no easy way to break in a glove. The best way is to play catch.
  • Do not put the oil on the glove directly because it will be too strong there. Instead, put it on a cloth and then put it on the glove.
  • Good leather will probably be the hardest to break in.
  • Don’t leave your glove outside or in your car because someone might try to break in.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Which should I use? Glove conditioner or glove oil?

There isn’t a big difference between glove oil and conditioner, but they are used mainly for different purposes. Glove conditioners are best for maintaining and restoring the glove and its leather while oil is best for breaking the glove in. But you could use them for the other purpose but it just won’t work as well.

Do I need a conditioner when I repair my baseball glove?

Yes, you will need it when your repair a baseball glove. Even with the best baseball glove repair kit, you should recondition your glove just to ensure it works as well as it did before.

What happens when I don’t condition or break in my baseball glove?

You should condition your baseball gloves regularly because they maintain the quality and performance of your gloves. If you don’t, they become stiff or rigid and the color of your glove deteriorates. Over time without conditioning the glove will become unusable.

Are there any alternatives to using the best baseball glove conditioner or oil?

There are certainly some alternatives to baseball glove conditioner or oil but remember that these are alternatives so they won’t be as effective. Here is some alternative we have found and tested:
lanolin oil
shaving cream

How to clean a baseball glove?

To clean a baseball glove, you will need a few basic and readily available items. You will need a cloth, some warm water, and liquid soap. Soak your glove in the water and soap mixture for some time. While soaking you can clean the dirt and stains from the glove. If needed, you can use a piece of cloth but your hands also work. Once the glove is cleaned correctly you need to let it air dry for upwards of 12 hours or so. Ensure to keep the glove in the air to get plenty of sunlight and air circulation.


To find the best baseball glove conditioner or oil, you will need to check the products out on the market because it’s not something to choose lightly. Maintaining the quality of your sports equipment is a vital part of any player, regardless of their skill level. The Wilson Pro Stock Glove Conditioner and Rawlings Gold Glove Butter are our best recommendations for glove conditioners or oil.

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