How To Customize Baseball Cleats? Color Your Cleats 2023

Do you know how to customize baseball cleats, or did you never think people customize theirs? Its one of the things you hear about in soccer cleats vs baseball cleats debates a lot.

For whichever category you fall under, having to customize your baseball cleat shows the kind of personality you have while on the field. 

However, as you customize, you should always have your design, color, and cleat material at the back of your mind. 

How can you customize baseball cleats? 8 colorful steps

The steps you can take in learning how to customize baseball cleats are as follows: 

How To Customize Baseball Cleats
How To Customize Baseball Cleats

Step One: Prep the leather with acetone 

We assume that you will be customizing your leather cleats, so it is best to take off their factory finish. This allows the paint to blend correctly with the leather without cracking or flaking. 

Doing this, you should put on rubber gloves before soaking the cotton balls in acetone. Then, rub the acetone-soaked cotton balls on the cleat when it soaks up to take out the factory finish. 

This should be done within forty minutes, and as the finish starts looking pasty, its leather will begin to turn grayish. 

Step Two: Search for design ideas

Doing this step should be easy if you follow our how to customize baseball cleats guide. Using our guide, you should be able to figure out which baseball cleat you want to design. 

The design you choose can be a picture showing your move for baseball or a message that reflects your love for the sport. Some people will prefer to use assorted colors in a geometric design.

Step Three: Using masking tape and an X-ACTO knife

You can only proceed to the next step when you have gotten a design. So, if you are here, draw your design on masking tape and then cautiously cut it out before placing it on the cleats. 

More so, you can save the pieces of tape that you take out as you can use them for other colors later in your design. Meanwhile, we ask that you use masking tape because it will give you the cleanest lines between the colors. 

However, you can avoid using masking tape by painting on the shoe in a free-hand fashion. Although, the problem you may get here is that the lines will need to be crisper. 

Step Four: Mixing your paint color 

To do this, you can use leather paint like Angelus plus a tiny container to mix the colors until you get the color you need for the first segment of the design.

Step Five: Painting the cleats with thin layers

Now that you have your desired color, quickly take your brush and the mixed color to paint the design. Note that you will paint the tape on the cleats with a light yet thin layer. 

Sometimes you will have to get multiple layers done to color the exact way you want it. However, take your time as you let the paint dry fully between the layers. 

The paintbrush for this job is a small craft brush and tiny paintbrushes for the tiny details. 

Step Five: Drying the cleat using a hairdryer 

In the sixth step of learning how to customize baseball cleats, you will need to use the hairdryer to dry any paint you complete. This will allow the paint to dry swiftly before you begin another layer. 

Step Seven: Use another masking tape to switch the colors

Since you began using masking tape for the clean lines, you are to cut out new pieces to add new colors to the cleat. But if you did not use tapes earlier, allow the shoe to dry thoroughly before adding any other color. 

Step Eight: Spraying the dry cleats 

And when the customized cleat is completely dry, it is advisable to spray it with a matte finisher lightly. The aim is to completely seal in the paint and make the shoe look like you got it that way from the factory. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Is there a particular tape I can use in customizing my cleats?

You can use elastic adhesive tape if you are not using masking tape. 

Do cleats damage the floors of homes?

Like stilettos, their spiky points can damage your wooden floors, especially when you balance your weight fully when walking on the wood. 


As it stands, we have provided you with steps on how to customize baseball cleats; it is now up to you to get the job done with little to no mistakes.

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