How To Throw A Screwball In Wiffle Ball – Learn With 4 Easy Steps

Kids just getting into baseball will be playing with Wiffle balls, and here is a cool fact for you. You can throw a screwball in Wiffle ball. But how to throw a screwball in Wiffle ball?

The fact remains that a screwball pitch is regarded as an off-speed pitch that is used to combine a slider or curveball. 

After this combination happens, it breaks either towards the glove hand of the outlier or straight down. It is a special pitch as it does the opposite when one throws it correctly. 

Players are known to throw the screwball for the sole purpose of making the hitter miss. While some throw it too so that there will be weak ball contact. 

Throwing a screwball in Wiffle ball

An easy step in throwing a screwball in Wiffle ball is to make the holes to face right and then cover all three of them using your middle finger. 

Furthermore, you are to position your index finger right next to the middle finger leaving a tiny gap. When all these are done, embark on snapping your wrist while throwing the ball. 

As you throw, aim for the knee level of the swap so that it will rise straight into the strike zone. 

Here are the steps on how to throw a screwball in Wiffle ball that anyone will understand:

  1. Get ready to pitch
  2. Move your wrist inward
  3. Let go of the ball
  4. Move the finger down the inside of the ball
How To Throw A Screwball In Wiffle Ball _ Rules
How To Throw A Screwball In Wiffle Ball _ Rules

Step One: Leaning into your pitch 

Regarding leaning into your pitch, it entails shifting your body weight over the front leg while leaving the pitching arm to trail behind you. While your arm keeps moving forward, brace yourself.

Note that your palm must be in a position where it continually faces the batter. This is vital because it helps keep the ball lined up for accurate pitches. As for your hips, you will have them rotated to some degrees. 

The hips will be rotated in the direction you will be throwing so that extra power will be added to your pitch. Understand that screwballs do not need to be thrown with plenty of force like other pitches. 

It means that your back foot will need to remain rooted to the ground for more stability. 

Step Two: Turning your wrist inward

To do this step, you will have to bring the arm down in the position of a tight arc. Then when you get to the complete extension, start rotating the forearm and wrist so that the tops of your knuckles become pointed toward your body. 

You will have to use some torque to get your ball to break correctly to one side. Here, right-handed pitchers need to pronate their wrists in a counterclockwise motion, thus leaving left-handed pitchers to turn theirs in a clockwise motion. 

In successfully getting the hand of this motion, lots of practice will need to be done. 

Step Three: Releasing your grip on the ball

For this step, you must let go of your ball immediately after the arm gets level without a face. As you learn how to throw a screwball in a Wiffle ball, you will have no choice but to allow the ball to leave your hand easily.

And your fingers must be kept out of the way so they do not delay this release. But it would be best to leave your pointer finger as needed to begin the spin. It must be noted that if the releases happen too soon, the pitch will likely travel higher.

And when it does this, it neutralizes some rotations and makes it simpler to hit. But when the release happens late, there is a good chance that the ball will not get to the plate. 

In other news, the last part of your pitch will have to be snappy and nice. A screwball properly placed and thrown at high speed will be nearly impossible to see it coming. 

Step Four: Allow your pointer finger to run down the ball’s insides

Before you break all contact with your ball, you must drag your finger’s inner edge downwards. This move will produce rotation and let the ball break in an opposite direction. 

If this is correctly done, the pitching hand will end up directly pointed at the batter when the ball is released.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How to pitch a screwball in baseball?

The first thing to remember when pitching a screwball is that your grip needs to be perfect. The pointer finger must be on the seam.

When moving your hand, you should move like you are throwing a fastball, but when you release, you need to pronate your hand for the best curve.

What are the rules in playing Wiffle ball?

The following are some of the fundamental wiffle ball rules that will make the game even more difficult:

  1. A single is scored on any ground ball that lands in front of the single line.
  2. All balls caught in midair are outs because there is no infield fly rule.
  3. The pitcher must release the ball with at least one foot on the rubber.
  4. Any illegal pitch will be considered a ball.
  5. Games will go on regardless of weather.


Have you been trying to learn how to throw a screwball in a Wiffle ball? You have nothing worries anymore, as we have outlined the steps you need to take.

Those that follow our steps properly will find that even batters with the best Wiffle ball bat won’t come close to hitting your ball.

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