How To Hit Home Runs In Slowpitch Softball? Learn Pro Tips 2023

A vast number of youths focus on softball games for two reasons. Firstly it’s a fun game, and secondly, it provides better career opportunities. But how to hit home runs in slowpitch softball?

A slowpitch softball game requires hitting the ball slower. It’s not just that someone will throw the ball at you, and you have to hit it with all the strength you have in your body. One must follow many rules and basic rules to know how to hit home runs in slowpitch softball. 

The first secret of a successful softball batter is to know hitting the ball in a chopping motion. Do you want some more tips? The rest of the tips are discussed below; look at the listed points. 

How to hit home runs in slowpitch softball? 

Learning the basics is essential to become a better hitter in slowpitch softball. Do you have any idea or know the basics of hitting home runs in slowpitch softball?

Below mentioned list will help you have control over the force. Read them out with total concentration and make the right swing. 

Choosing the ideal bat

Those playing softball and wishing to hit some good home runs will first need the right equipment. Mainly a solid softball bat, preferably composite or aluminum. It would help if you got a 34 inches long aluminum bat; thus, the bat will help you hit home runs. 

Place your hand and the bat in a proper position

Don’t EVER hold the bat tightly like a cricket. The first rule of playing softball like a pro is to hold the bat as lightly as possible. Just make sure the bat doesn’t get slipped away from your hand. 

Find a suitable position where the bat can hover over your back and the rest of your shoulders. 

Aim for a particular area

One must focus on a particular area to hit home runs in softball. Always focus on the ball’s dead center. Hitting the ball’s dead center will stop the ball from flying higher. 

Bat swinging

Batters do not need to contact the ball to take home runs. They need to go with the flow. They should start the process once the pitcher throws the ball. 

Don’t swing at every ball

One of the biggest mistakes that every softball player makes is to hit every big ball. They try to hit every ball, which is the only reason they get out faster. Also, remember to conserve your power and not hit each pitch with 100% power.  

Focus on accurate time

Players should be able to measure the distance from the bat to the ball. Most players can’t do it on time and fail to hit home runs. Pick and choose which pitch to hit and when. Your best bet would be hitting the pitches down the middle or over the inner field.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What angle do you need to hit for a home run?

The launch angle of hitting a home run is 20-30 degrees.

Is there any secret to hitting home runs?

Strength is the only secret of a successful home run hitter. In order to be a pro home run hitter, the batter should strengthen all of their body parts. They should be simultaneously on their legs, forearms, hands on the bat, and core.


No luck works out. There is not any secret or luck that can make you a good hitter. Only your passion for the game can make a difference. Just focus on the basic things and play the game by loving it from your heart. 

That’s the big secret on how to hit home runs on slowpitch softball.

Those starting to play softball and baseball ask if you can use a baseball bat for softball quite often.

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