How To Reshape A Baseball Glove – For Improve Fit and Fill

It is pertinent to note that baseball gloves are meant to have a curvy shape. This is so that you can perfectly catch the ball; problems occur when it begins bending backward after long-term usage. 

For this reason, people have been searching for a quick-fix solution. And we can offer a solution for you to learn how to reshape a baseball glove. 

How to reshape a baseball? 4 Quick steps

Understand that the glove bending backward does not mean it is condemned to be thrown away. Instead, you can reshape it to keep using the glove. 

Some of the steps to follow in learning how to reshape a baseball glove are: 

Using glove oil to soften it

As you learn how to reshape a baseball glove, the first step to follow is to break in or soften the structure of the leather. And one of the best ways to get this done is by applying oil on its surface. 

However, you must use oils that are leather friendly. They are relatively easy to find, as you will discover plenty of them on Amazon. But it would help if you avoided those low-quality conditioners, as they can spoil the glove’s durability. 

You will soften the glove by spraying the oil on a clean cloth and rubbing it on the flat palm and thumb of the glove. 

Inserting a ball in the pocket

By the time the glove gets malleable after softening it with oil, you will subtly stuff the pocket with a ball. Note that this is where the actual reshaping begins. The ideal ball to place in the pocket is the baseball. 

Remember that if it is a softball glove you want to soften, you are to place a softball into its pocket. 

Tying the glove with rubber bands

With the baseball intact in the glove’s pocket, you will need to speed up the reshaping process by tying the gloves with roughly three to four rubbers. 

The aim of the rubbers is that they will press the gloves, and the entire process will take twenty-four hours. 

Allowing it to dry 

The fifth step in learning how to reshape a baseball glove is to let the baseball glove dry before your next game. Again, you can use a fan or allow the natural breeze to do its work. 

Do not dry it under the sun because the sun can damage the leather. And if you place it in the oven like you do when breaking in, it can damage the oven. 

Difference between break-ins and reshaping 

If you never knew, the process you will follow to reshape your glove differs from the process you will take to break in the glove. 

This is because while breaking in will soften the inner leather while the glove is still brand new, reshaping will let the glove return to its curve shape for re-usage.  More so, you can embark on reshaping your glove every time the shape gets lost, as the process will allow the leather to rebound and make catching easy.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Can I use vaseline to reshape the baseball glove?

Yes, you can, but you are to streamline it to just petroleum jelly. And you are to use only a little since too much will make the glove sticky. 

What is the fastest method to use in softening the glove?

The fastest method people have claimed to use is hot water. Then, they pour a little on the glove to make it soft. 


We are at the end of our article on how to reshape a baseball glove. Hopefully, our steps and guide are simple and easy to understand for those just getting into baseball. For more on baseball gloves and their maintenance, read our other articles.

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