How To Throw A Drop Ball In Softball? Softball Pitching Guide

Do you know how to throw a drop ball in softball? Before we outline how you can get this done, you need to know that softball has two types of drop balls. 

When it comes down to the softball world, the drop ball comes in two types which are: 

  • The turnover drop ball 
  • The peel-drop ball

Irrespective of the one you are interested in throwing, four major components in your form will determine whether you can successfully pull it off. 

These components are your spin, release, follow-through, and posture. Keep reading to find out more. 

Throwing a drop ball in softball 

In learning how to throw a drop ball in softball, we will touch on the two types of drop balls. It goes thus:

Throwing the peel drop ball

The steps involved are: 

Your spin 

In throwing your peel drop ball on softball, you must make the softball spin forward. When you do so, it will make the ball break downwards as it spins against the air at an increased velocity. 

You will need to hold your ball across the four seams and ensure that your fingertips touch the seams all the time. If you are a beginner, ensure your fingers are spread evenly. 

And if you are used to throwing the peel drop ball, you need to push the middle and forefingers together so they will create the V shape with the ring finger. 

Your posture

While learning how to throw a drop ball in softball, the correct posture is to stand so that the body weight rests on the stride foot. Here, the stride will be shorter than it usually is when you want to throw a fastball. 

When you release the softball, you are to lean the entire body forward and not only your waist. This is done, so the body stays at an angle. It is facing the ground and where you need the ball to go. 

Remember that wherever your head goes, your body will obediently follow; where the body goes, the ball will follow immediately. You must angle your body forward, so the ball moves in one direction. 

Your release

As you release the ball at this point, allow it to peel off your fingerprints so that the thumb gets to release first while your middle finger releases last. 

You will not be snapping up the fingertips as it would put a spin on the ball but will send it upwards, not downwards. 

Instead, you will only be angling the fingertips downwards toward the catcher’s glove. This will allow the ball to peel off and place a forward spin on it. You are to pull your elbow backward as the ball is released. 

Thus, it would be best if you jerked it back as the ball left your hand. Therefore, it is advisable to release your ball earlier. 

Your follow through 

As you follow through, your arm will be at a hundred-degree angle while the fingers will slightly point downward the catcher’s glove. 

Now that you have learned how to throw the peel drop ball, we can proceed to the next one. 

Throwing a turnover drop ball 

As you learn how to throw a drop ball in softball, you will need to learn how to throw the turnover drop ball. It goes: 

Your spin 

The turnover drop ball aims to spin the ball forward. And this means you will need to keep the fingertips at the four seams of the ball as you did in the peel-drop ball. 

You can also use the other middle finger and index finger with the ring finger technique to form a V shape. 

Your release

The release brings all the differences between drop ball types, as you will need to place your wrist in a specific way here to ensure you get it correctly. 

Interestingly, your wrist must snap around swiftly so that the hand changes course from underneath to over your softball. In other news, the insides of one’s hand will have to face right up during the release. 

Your posture 

This is vital if you want the ball to go in your desired direction. So, your whole weight will be on your stride foot, and you must lean forward as your body forms an angle with the floor. 

As you do this, your head must be in the right direction because it is that direction your body will follow. 

Your follow through 

While you prepare to release the ball, your entire body should be at an angle forward and toward the catcher’s glove. In doing this, the ball will spin right off before it gets to the catcher. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What exactly is the drop ball in softball? 

In more precise terms, it is a highly effective lowball strike used when a pitcher needs the ground ball to be out. 

Is it ever too late to learn how to throw the drop ball? 

It is never too late, but better when you are in shape and can maintain the proper posture. 


You can now learn how to throw a drop ball in softball, as we have outlined all you need to do to make it happen. Whenever you are ready to learn, ensure you keep practicing so that you can get better at it. Along with drop ball learn how to throw a rise ball in softball as well.

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