Best Wiffle Ball Bat: Ultimate Buyer’s Choice (2022)

You might have heard a lot about the best Wiffle ball bat but didn’t know what it really is? Well, then you have come to the best place for all your Wiffle ball bat knowledge and buying options. As a result of this reason, you should continue reading and be well informed.

As summer rolls in, more and more of us will, in general, be going to the picnics. Out of all the picnic game choices, you know that the Wiffle ball game is, in fact, the best. To really enjoy the game, you will need the best Wiffle ball bat in the market.

For just that, we at bestbaseballreviews have scoured the internet marketplace to find you the best Wiffle ball bats. Moreover, each of these ball bats will help you to have fun in the picnic field.

History of Wiffle Ball Bats

Best Wiffle Ball Bat_History
Best Wiffle Ball Bat_History

The history of the game and the namesake Wiffle ball is an example of ingenuity and simplicity. It came to be in 1954 when David Mullany the first, a businessman in between jobs, saw his kid David Mullany the second playing makeshift baseball with a golf ball and broomstick.

David the second said to his father his arm hurt playing with a golf ball, and David senior created the “whiffle ball.” Later the name became what we know today as the “Wiffle ball.” 

For the last three generations, the Mullany’s have kept the same factory as their headquarter. The popularity of the Wiffle ball has been on the rise as the newer generation learns its enjoyment. 

The best Wiffle ball bat is made out of plastic but can also be wooden or aluminum. Originated in 1957-1958 by “Wiffle King. Curves and sliders come easily, While hitting and catching are difficult. So, ideal for the kid to have a fun time while learning the basics. Extremely portable due to Lightweight. A perfect companion for traveling and picnic activities.

How are Wiffle Ball Bats made?

In terms of how the best Wiffle balls are made, the process couldn’t be any simpler. Over the last sixty years, the Mullany’s in Shelton, Connecticut, has been making them with their fifteen employees.

As I have said above, the manufacturing process is quite simple to understand. Firstly the manufacturers create the two halves with one side smooth solid side and the other with holes. Lastly, each of the halves is put in a machine that presses them as one.

Similarly, the Wiffle ball bats can be wooden, aluminum or plastic; thus, manufacturing them in bulk is easier. Once these are made, all that is left is to package them as single pieces or as a set.

Differences between Wiffle Ball Bats & Baseball Bats

The difference between a Wiffle ball bat and a baseball bat or even the best t ball bats is quite different if you overlook their appearance. Even though the bats kinds of look identical, they swing differently.

The most significant difference between the two bats is the handle diameter. In baseball bats, due to the need for speed, the diameters are modest. On the other hand, Wiffle bats slope and curve more so the diameter is thicker. 

From the original Wiffle ball bats in 1957-1958, Mellany’s decided to manufacture the official Wiffle bat called the “Wiffle King.” The bat came to be 31 inches long with only an inch barrel, and overall the bat looked more like a broom handle than a bat.

The classic yellow plastic Wiffle bat that most of us know about first came to be in 1962. But in 1991, with the ever-increasing popularity of Wiffle ball came the collaboration between the Mullany’s and Adaline bat manufacturers. Following the partnership, the first adult aluminum Wiffle bat was called the “Wiffle Pro.”

Benefits of Playing with Wiffle Ball Bats

By and large, we have learned a lot about Wiffle ball bats. But you need to understand what are the benefits of playing with the best Wiffle ball bat. Since I played with Wiffle ball quite a bit when I was younger, I know some benefits.

At the same time, some of the benefits of a Wiffleball bat are unique and unexpected even for me. Also, I went to a Wiffle ball competition for a better idea about playing with Wiffle ball bats benefits. 

When I was there, I talked to some of the players who also played baseball. Comparing the two sports, I found some transferable benefits. So here are the three benefits that I personally agreed with and saw.

Better Hand/Eye Coordination

By playing Wiffle ball, it is more likely that your kids will become better at catching baseballs when they grow up. They will have an easier time catching baseballs because of how hard it is to catch Wiffle ball at a younger age.

The perforated Wiffle balls make the ball’s curve by a large margin, so catching them is harder. Therefore the more you train your kids, the better their hand-eye coordination will be.

Even though my dad only used a cheap Wiffle ball bat when he played with me. In fact, my skill with tracking ball improved quite a bit. In fact, it improved enough that I was able to impress my coach during my first baseball tryout, along with the tips I followed.

Excellent Tool for Teaching the Basics

Before playing with a wooden bat on my school team, I needed to learn the basics. For something like this, I also found using a Wiffle ball bat to work the best. Since the Wiffle ball tends to curve much easier with less speed, it makes hitting them harder. 

But the lower speed makes it easier to learn to hit them, which in turn will help you understand the basics better. Back then, my father found that using a Wiffle bat was the best tool for teaching me about strike zones and timing. 

Sadly, he thought I would train to be a hitter, but my heart was set on becoming a catcher. Nevertheless, the timing aspect and strike zone I learned with that Wiffle bat still helped me a lot.

Learn How to Hit a Baseball

As you might know, learning the basics of baseball also includes learning how to hit a baseball. For those who are still a kid learning to hit a baseball can be easier if you use a Wiffle ball and bat.

The Wiffle ball can, in general, easily emulate curves and sliders, which are some of the harder pitches to hit. Therefore practicing by hitting those Wiffle ball pitches, I and anyone else will learn to hit a baseball better later on.

In the same fashion, learning to pitch those sliders and curves with the Wiffle ball will teach you the throwing mechanisms of a baseball.

Buying Guides for the Best Wiffle Ball Bats

Before you purchase something, you need to find the best version you might need. This is something that is true for not just baseball products but also many other products.

This is true for Wiffle ball bats as well. Those of us here at bestbaseballreviews have put our heads together to give you some guidelines to follow. While some of the criteria we will mention are basic, some are unique to the Wiffle ball bat, as you will find out.

Best Wiffle Ball Bat_Buying Guide
Best Wiffle Ball Bat_Buying Guide


When it comes to any kind of product or tool, they need to pick one with the highest durability. That is especially true for something like sports equipment such as Wiffle ball bats.

With a Wiffle ball bat, you are looking for something that can go on hitting for a long time without damaging. In most cases, these bats may be made with plastic, so they can be damaged.

However, the best Wiffle bat will have better plastic, so their durability will be better than most. At the same time, pay close attention to the weight of these bats.


As I have said above, the original Wiffle bats are around 31 inches long. Yet both adults and kids alike can play the sport. Furthermore different lengths of Wiffle bat may be necessary for individuals. 

For kids, there are, in fact, specific lengths needed for their Wiffle bats. On the other hand, adults will require longer bats. 

Be careful that you don’t buy a bat that isn’t of the incorrect length. WIth an incorrect length Wiffle bat, your timing will be incorrect, thus messing up your play.


For the most part, you know that most Wiffle bats are made using plastic. Additionally, they will be lightweight. However, if the bat you choose or like is too light, then you might want to skip that one.

This is simply because if the Wiffle bat is too lightweight, then its durability will be shot. Furthermore, you have to make sure that the weight of your choice matches your skill level.


As you are holding onto a bat of any kind, one of the defining characteristics of the bat that you might like will be the grip. Unless the grip of the bat is superb, you won’t want to use that bat again.

To avoid the chance of the bat slipping from your hand, you need a bat that provides a tight grip. Additionally, you will need a Wiffle bat with a knob in its gripping area.


As your kids learn the basics of baseball, having a bat with a larger barrel will help them immensely. By understanding the basics through playing with a Wiffle bat in order to learn how to hit the Wiffle ball.

Set Package or Individual Bat

A unique aspect of Wiffle ball and bat is that you can buy them either as a set or as individual items. Lastly, the decision on which article or set you want or need is all up to you.

Top 10 Wiffle Ball Bats

After much research and testing, I have narrowed the list down to only ten Wiffle bats suitable for Wiffleball. Some of the bats I have mentioned below might not be called bats for Wiffle, but no worries.

Best Wiffle Ball Bat Review

1. Best Wiffle Ball Set Choice


  • Helps with swing speed plus hand-eye coordination
  • Thin aluminum build
  • 30″ in length
  • 1⅛” bat barrel
  • Additional 5½” mini balls

Franklin MLB Pro-Elite Wiffle ball bat is comparatively one of the best Wiffle ball bats for playing Wiffleball currently in the market. With its alloy build and colors, it is nice to hit with in the field or backyard.

The handle of the bat is another plus in my books because it allows for a strong grip. Also, the bat barrel is adequate, so you teach your kids to hit the ball accurately. At the same time, the alloy body of the ball ensures that the bat will last a long time since it’s rather durable.

Furthermore, all the features that I have mentioned above work to help make this bat ball combo a great tool. I mean that it is, in fact, a good tool for teaching your kids the basics of baseball or softball.

Why Did I Choose It?

At the time I gave this bat and ball to my colleague’s kid, he immediately told me that it felt good in his hand. Given that alone was a good indicator to me that the bat was a good choice. 

After he took his time to get used to it, we did some hitting drills good for kids, and the bat performed in both our eyes.

Best Seller


  • Durable
  • Strengthened build
  • Proper bat handle
  • Comes with balls
  • Good bat barrel
  • Fast swings
  • Hand-eye coordination


  • Only comes with gold balls

2. Least Expensive Plastic Wiffle Ball Bats


  • Set of multiple bats
  • Uses ultra-tough polyethylene plastic
  • 30 inches in length
  • Plastic grip handle
  • 6 colors
  • 6.5 pounds

Champion Sports Lightweight Plastic Wiffle Ball bat is a great choice, even though it’s just a set of bats with various colors. While the bats are plastic, they still hit really well since their build is solid.

The grip handle is also plastic, but you will still get a solid grip that will allow some fast and powerful swings. With its 30 inches, bat length matches the criteria for a wide range of kids, also the bat weighs perfectly.

Altogether, while being cheap, this bundle of bats will help your kids have fun. Either playing among themselves or with a team of their own.

Why Did I Choose It?

In addition to the previous product Benjamin(my colleague’s kid) again said that the bat grips really well. Even though the bat uses plastic, he said the weight and feel are balanced.

Once he heard that the set comes with 5 extra bats, he was even more pleased. His explanation was that he had less fear about denting one of them now.

Best Seller


  • Strong build
  • Multiple color choices
  • Proper bat length
  • Comes as a set of bats
  • Weight is perfect
  • Strong grip


  • No provided balls

3. Third Place Winner for Wiffle Ball Bat


  • Made with plastic
  • 9 inch long
  • 0.4 pounds
  • Comes with an eraser board and marker

In my opinion, Champion Plastic Bat/Poly Ball Combo is an average choice; thus, we are calling it runner up. Yet again, we have another plastic model bat ball combo. But no worries because this Wiffle ball bat is a simple design with a durable body.

During my research, this bat is one of those really lightweight ones that I came across. Also, the length of the bat is really short as well, but the performance was still fine. Since the bat and ball are so small and lightweight, it is a perfect tool for teaching younglings.

Why Did I Choose It?

Upon seeing this bat and poly ball combo, Benjamin was rather miffed. He knew that this set was meant for kids much younger, but he relented.

After hitting a few pitches and doing some swinging drills, he was still displeased, but he said that it was a good choice. According to him, the design was simple but good, and you could get some decent speed even if you were a kid.

Best Seller


  • Durable body
  • Simple design
  • Great for kids
  • Easy to Use
  • Great tool for teaching


  • No Wiffle ball included

4. Top tier Wiffle Ball Bat


  • Durable plastic construction
  • 30-inch length
  • Set of bats
  • 6 unique colors
  • Game ready
  • 1 pound weight

The Champion Sports Ultra Bat set has an ultra in its name, so you know that it has potential. In fact, its durable build and weight make it a good contender for a premium Wiffle ball bat.

The body of the ultra bat set is designed to mimic the baseball bats rather closely. Also, the weight of these bats matches what a young kid might need. Therefore it is a solid pick as a teaching tool for kids around middle school.

Why Did I Choose It?

After Benjamin tested this bat, he said to me that it could, in fact, give the Franklin MLB Pro Elite some trouble. Since the material used to make it give it the right feel without messing up its weight and feel.

The color choices for this product also appealed to Benjamin, so, in summary, I can say that it is an all-around solid choice.

Best Seller


  • Durable bat
  • Plastic body
  • cool Wiffle ball bat designs
  • Good for competitions and training
  • Helps with a swing speed
  • Teaches hand-eye coordination
  • Meant for kids
  • Lightweight bat model


  • Only a bat set

5. Wiffle Ball Bat with Large Foam Handle


  • 24’’ Foam bat
  • Molded inner core
  • 3.5-inch soft ball
  • Soft foam grip
  • Designed for kids

Franklin Sports MLB Oversized Baseball Bat & Ball Set can be the choice for those that require a Wiffle bat with a large bat barrel. While it might not be something that you or anyone might need but there will be some that require it.

As such, I felt that I should include a bat with a larger than average bat barrel. Out of the multiple choices that I came across in my search, the Franklin MLB oversized bat and ball set came out to be the best one.

The set is specifically meant for those around the age of 3 and up, so it considers certain measures. One of the most significant ones is that the product is really safety conscious. 

Why Did I Choose It?

When I gave this to a five-year-old, she found the toy to be really fun to play with. Both the ball and the bat are really soft and easy to handle. The grip is soft as well and won’t leave any marks; it is gripped tightly.

Overall it is a toy any 3 to 5 year old will love to have as a gift.

Best Seller


  • Oversized bat
  • Bat and ball combo
  • Large bat barrel
  • Easy for kids
  • Comfortable grip
  • For age 3 or up
  • Multiple color option


  • Very large

6. Wiffle Ball Bat for Children


  • Ball and bat combo
  • Lightweight
  • Washable
  • 4 color options
  • Carry bag included

CeleMoon Super Safe Kids Foam Baseball Bat Toy, as the name suggests, is more of a toy rather than sports equipment. As such, it is meant to be used as a toy, but at the same time, you can use it to teach the basics.

Why Did I Choose It?

Surprisingly an added benefit that really took my attention was how easy it is to wash it. In fact, washing this toy after your kids are done mucking about in the mud will be the least hassle of your day.

Best Seller


  • Soft foam material
  • Multi-color option
  • Keeps kids safe
  • 21 inch durable body
  • 0.3 pounds lightweight
  • Beginner level


  • Only for young kids

7. Customizable Wiffle Ball Bat


  • Bundle pack of bats and balls
  • Fully extended
  • Multiple colors
  • Teaches hand and eye coordination
  • 27 inches length
  • Works as a gift

Liberty Imports Pack of 6 Baseball Bat and Ball Combo Set Telescoping Bats is a great bundled set for kids. Since the bundle also includes balls, the kids can have a fun time playing with them. 

The barrel and length of the bats are, in fact, fully extended, meaning kids will have an easier time hitting those regular Wiffle balls. The multiple colors are another key point because kids are always like colors.

Why Did I Choose It?

Benjamin liked these when I gifted them to him last year because of the colors plus their length and weight. Since he also got the balls along with the bats, he started playing right away.

Best Seller


  • Durable bat and ball
  • Great tool for teaching
  • Perfect for kids
  • Both for training and for fun
  • Usable everywhere
  • A better alternative of wood and aluminum


  • Might need to buy alternative balls

8. Most Durable Wiffle Ball Bat


  • Rugged plastic bat
  • Good for t ball and soft pitch
  • 26.5-inch length
  • 4 separate colors
  • Usable with any plastic balls
  • Large sweet spot

MAC-T Heavy Duty Plastic Giant Bat is another great choice for those who are really young. This is because the bat has a really large bat barrel which makes hitting that pesky Wiffle or softball balls.

The length of the bat is perfect for anyone young since the bats are balanced in the weight department. The multiple color options are a great benefit for us. As I have said above kids love colors.

Its larger bat barrel size means we have a larger sweet spot, making it easier to hit further.

Why Did I Choose It?

I couldn’t personally test these bats, but I have an acquaintance who has this set. He had positive things to say. According to him, the set is solidly built since his kids play rough with them, yet no dents are on the bat.

Best Seller


  • Very durable
  • Lasts a long time
  • Multi-color option
  • Easy to use
  • Simple design
  • Great teaching tool
  • Usable anywhere


  • No balls included

9. Metal Wiffle Ball Bat


  • Composite bat
  • 27-inch length
  • Unisex model
  • 0.9 pound bat
  • Synthetic leather grip
  • USA Baseball Youth standard

Wilson Sporting Goods Louisville Slugger Wiffle ball bat 2018 Vapor is our adult Wiffle bat choice out of all the ones in the market. The bat uses composite alloy material, which, in particular, makes for a balanced weight meaning adults could really hit them.

Additionally, the Louisville slugger bats are all unisex, so boys and girls can both use them without any issues. On top of that, the bat comes with a synthetic leather grip, so you can really swing the bat get some great hits. 

Why Did I Choose It?

This is the bat that I have had for a year or two. In fact, I take this with me whenever I go out for picnics. The bat in particular also meets the USA baseball youth standards meaning youths who play baseball can use it. Benjamin also said it matched one of the best youth batting gloves he had.

Best Seller


  • Durable model
  • Fully extended bat
  • Usable by male and female
  • Solid grip
  • Uses 7 series alloy
  • Balanced swing
  • One-piece body


  • No ball given

10. Most Iconic Wiffle Ball Bat Set


  • Iconic product
  • Simplified model
  • Ball bat combo
  • Plastic body
  • Unisex
  • 32-inch bat

Best of Best Wiffle Bat and Ball Combo is a Wiffle ball plastic bat icon that has been in the market for a while. These yellow Wiffle ball bats are, in fact, the standards for Wiffle bats since the Mullany’s had the idea to make a bat.

From the materials used to the design, the entire bat is made with Wiffleball in mind. The structure of the bat is such that both sexes can use it when they play Wiffle ball.

Why Did I Choose It?

As I said above, this bat from Best of Best is iconic as such when playing Wiffleball. Using this bat should be the norm. While it might not be the first or best choice or even allowed in competitions, it is the best choice for those backyard games.

Best Seller


  • Extremely easy to use
  • Very well known
  • Durable
  • Has in floor display


  • Very lightweight

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How to choose the best wiffle ball bats?

As I am sure you have read the best Wiffle ball bats buying guide, you will know what you need to be on the lookout for. However, if you need a refresher, then here are the criteria that you should keep in mind:

  • Durability
  • Lenght
  • Width
  • Grip
  • Barrel
  • Set or Individual

Which is the best wiffle ball bats?

For those that have read multiple articles on our site, you should know that Rawlings is my favorite company. Sadly, I couldn’t find any foam or Wiffle bats from them. Thus I had to find an alternative from another company that is both trusted and consistent. My choice of bat can handle perforated Wiffle balls with ease. As such, I enter the Franklin MLB Pro-Elite Wiffle ball bat as my choice for the best Wiffle ball bat.

What are wiffle ball bats made of?

Multiple materials are being used for Wiffle ball bats, but the most common ones are wood, aluminum, foam, and plastic. Personally, I am partial to plastic and foamed bats because they are the best materials for teaching kids.

How to play using a wiffle ball bats?

Since you are most often playing Wiffle ball to teach your kids the basics of baseball, you can play with just two people, the mentor and a student.
When you are teaching with Wiffleball, set certain distances as a means for scores. But when you are playing with friends, you can make up your own rules to make the game your own.

Where to buy a wiffle ball bat?

Our top choice location for buying a Wiffle ball bat is Since they are known for always having reliable products.


There are many choices out there for all ages regarding the Wiffle ball bat, even though the game was meant for kids. The fun of making up your own rules and trying to hit crazy shots all make the game much more fun in general.

So my hope is that we could include the bat off your choice in our list that will make those backyard games more fun.

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